The Elemantals (Andy & Moon)

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  1. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

    The alarm clock went off at exactly six in the morning. Ember let out a yawn as she stretched before pushing the covers off to the side. She slowly sat up in a sitting position as another yawn escaped her lips. She was never a morning person, but she always had her morning jogs before she started her day. After she got all her stretching out, she slid her feet onto the soft carpet and goggling stood up, rubbing the sleep crustiest out of her eyes.

    Ember made her way into her bathroom still not all the way awake. Once she flipped the light switch on, she went to the sink and brushed her teeth. When she was finished with that she splashed cool water on her face hoping it would wake her up. Then she dressed in a pair of jogging sweatpants and a tank top before heading out, stopping long enough in the kitchen for something quick to eat.

    It was barely light out when she stepped out onto the porch and a little chilly, but she knew that once she started jogging she'd warm up. After doing a few stretches, she took off in a slow jog and gradually picked up speed until she was at a steady paced. She took her normal routine around the block and over to the park to a jogging path. It was there she loved to go and jog because afterwards she'd spend a little time there and practice with her water and earth elements.

    Ember didn't know anyone who could manipulate the elements like her. Actually, if she was being honest, she didn't even know where she'd gotten hers from. She'd never saw either of her parents, that she was aware of, manipulate any of them. They never came to her and told her and she never asked them either. It was something she had kept to herself, never telling anyone. Though, she always wondered in the back of her mind where she had gotten it from.

    After running through the trail, Ember stopped by the pond and took a seat by the edge of the water. Crossing her legs in Indian style, she took a deep breath and slowly let it out. After taking a quick look around and seeing no one in sight, it was still early, she begun to manipulate the water in the pond. Slowly raising her hand up and moving the water from the pond and twirling it around before letting it fall back down into the pool of water. She continued to play around with the water, feeling a smile tug at her lips.
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  2. Will's sneakers slapped hard on the pavement as he ran through town. The young man didn't have much to do with his life at the moment except for work and exercise. His mother had died a few years ago and he was still trying to find himself. Trying to figure out who he was and why he was the way he was. He had a secret that no one knew about. He could summon and control fire and air at will. no one else he knew could do that. So why could he? He wasn't even sure if his mother had been able to. She never talked to him about it but he never asked her either. He never knew his dad so asking him was clearly out of the question. Although if he ever did meet his real dad he would turn him into a pile of ash for abandoning his mother the way he did.

    God even thinking about his father made his blood boil. The hair on the top of his head started to slightly smoke as his inner flames got a little wild. He quickly reached up and brushed a few small cinders out of his hair taking care of the issue. He came to a stop in the park and let out a few quick breaths before he used his power over air to catch his breath again. Man that ability came in handy when he needed it. He looked up at the sky and then sighed and rubbed his eyes. He didn't know what to do. He wanted to make his mom proud..but..he didn't know how to.

    The death of his mom still weighed heavily on his mind and his heart. Since she died he had been managing to take care of himself if just barely. They couldn't afford life insurance so when she died he got nothing in terms of money all he got was the few things she owned which wasn't much other then their small apartment and some clothes and maybe a ring or two.

    He looked around and smiled a bit when he realized he was in the park where his mother would take him to play often as a child. He started walking the old beaten trail and couldn't help but walk down memory lane in a way. He smiled when he realized when he was getting closer to the pond but then he saw a girl sitting near it. And she wasn't just sitting she was...doing something with the water..she was...controlling it?!
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  3. Ember sighed as she let the water fall back into the pond once again. There were times she wished she could just ask her mother if she could control the elements like her, but she knew even if she had the chance too she wouldn't. Although she could always ask her father about it, she never did, if only because he just wasn't the same. Not after her mother passed away. Things had changed for the worse since that awful night and Ember never really got over it. Apparently neither did her father.

    Finished with playing with the water, Ember moved on to her earth element. Making a flower pop up from the ground as she stretched out her legs. It wasn't anything special but it still gave her a good feeling. Ember reached out and gently touched a petal before her gaze flickered up and landed on a boy around her own age. Her eyes widened as she realized he must have been there long enough to see her at least make the flower pop up out of no where.

    Ember quickly stood up and dusted off her pants. She could feel her heart racing as she realized her secret was now out. How she was going to explain to this guy how she was able to do what he just saw, she wasn't sure. 'Great. Just freaking great, Ember.' As thoughts raced through her head, she crossed her arms as she waited for him to bomb her with questions she wasn't sure how, or if she should, answer. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to flee from him and the questions she knew he had.
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  4. Will continued to stare at her his eyes only growing wider when she made the flower grow. She could control earth and water?! She was just like him just with the opposite elements.

    When she suddenly spotted him he froze in place. He felt a bit guilty because he had been staring but at the same time all he cared about at the moment was that he found someone else like him.

    He didn't know what to say. He knew she was waiting for him to say something but he didn't know what to say. After staring at her for a moment he held out his hands and in one conjured a small fire ball and in the other a small tornado " me..."
  5. Just as Ember was beginning to grow tired of waiting for him to say something about what he just saw, (She knew he would. Any sane person would if they saw what he saw) he held out both of his hands; palms up. Eyebrows furrowed up in confusion, she took a hesitant step back, unsure of what this guy was doing. Before she could run like she had a very sudden urge too do, he conjured a fire ball in one palm and a small tornado in the other. A small gasp escaped Ember's lips and her eyes widened slightly as she watched him manipulate two of the elements, speechless.

    It was the two elements opposite from her own, but nonetheless he was the only person (besides herself) that she had ever witness control any of them. To finally find someone like her, it was something she had always dreamed of, but had long ago excepted that she probably wouldn't, was a miracle. Now that she had, he was standing right in front of her, she didn't know what to say. What she had wanted from the day she had learned what she could do and she was at a lost for words. Ember just stared at him like a complete idiot for a long moment as her eyes took him in.

    A hundred questions ran through her head that she desperately wanted to ask, hoping he knew more about what they both could do, but she couldn't voice any of them. Instead she stated the obvious. "You can control the elements too?" She said, though it sound more like a question to her. She felt somewhat relived that she finally found someone like her, that she wasn't the only one, which was a good thing to her. Now she didn't feel like a such a freak. It was getting to where she was beginning to think she was the only one who could control elements to her will. Until now that is.

    A small sigh slipped from her lips at realizing she wouldn't have too explain how she could do what she did. It was pure luck that it was someone like her who had walked up and saw her messing with the elements. If it was anyone else, she didn't know how she would have gotten herself out of that situation. As she began to relax a little, she uncrossed her arms and rubbed her temples before dropping her arms back to her side. "Who are you?" She asked, curious about this guy, who was so much more like her than anyone she'd ever met, standing in front of her.
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  6. Will continued to let the elements hover in his hands for a few more moments. After he let the elements die away he slowly walked over to her and offered her his hand to shake. "I'm..William Kaze Agora..what's your name" He didn't know what to say or think about this girl. For all he knew she could be the only other girl like him in the world. But..he didn't know what to say or do now that he had met her. For all he knew she could be some kind of psycho or she could be just as clueless about their..abilities as he was.

    He slowly looked her up and down she was very attractive he thought and from the way she looked he could tell she went running a lot and did what she could to stay fit. He could appreciate that since he did the same. But the way she held herself he could tell that she was from a higher up family. He was probably guessing but he had a feeling her father was extremely wealthy. A bunch of questions were running through his head. He wanted to know everything she knew about their abilities, he wanted to know where she got her abilities or where she thinks she got them from. He let out a slow breath. He was getting ahead of himself. Let's just get the introductions out of the way first that way I don't seem like a total creep he thought to himself. He looked down into her eyes and gave her a small smile and swallowed hard. He was sure he looked like a slob. His hair seriously needed to be cut and his clothes were kinda old and baggy. Pretty much everything about him screamed out that he didn't have a lot of money and that he was just barely getting by in life.
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  7. Ember raised an eyebrow as she watched him look her up and down before bringing his eyes back to hers. "Like what you see?" She asked, trying to keep from smiling but she ended up giving him a half smile. She didn't have room to talk since she had looked him over too, but she was only giving him a hard time. Usually that's how she was when she liked what she saw. She didn't really pay much attention to what he was wearing. Ember may have come from money, but she wasn't a stuck up like most wealthy people. No, she was quite different. Never the one to flaunt her prosperity. "Ember. Ember Throne." She said as she took his hand and gave it a shake before releasing it. Crossing her arms over her chest, just to have something to do with them.

    Ember wasn't sure what else to say, so there was a long silence as they both waited for the other to say something. It was so quiet that Ember had balled her hands into fist, while her arms were still crossed, to keep from fidgeting. There were so many questions she was dying to ask William, but she didn't want to bother him with them. Besides she had only just met him and knew nothing about him. Asking tons of questions to someone she had just met wasn't something she normally did, but she was curious to find out what he knew.
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  8. Will blushed a bit when she called him out at checking her out. He swallows hard and gives her a small smile "hopefully as much as you like what you see" referring to that he saw her looking him over as well. He gave her hand a firm shake when she took it but when it was over he puts his hands in his pockets.

    The silence between them was maddening and he didn't know what to do or say. Here in front if him was the only person he had ever met with abilities like his own and he couldn't think of one thing to say. After what seemed like an eternity of silence he let out a slow breath "look um...i know you probably have just as many questions as I do. So..why don't we just take turns asking and answering any questions we might have..because if your in the same post I'm've never met another person before either."
  9. Ember knew he was right, but it sounded like he didn't know much about where they could have gotten their abilities from either and that was one thing she wanted to know. Then again, she guessed it wasn't as important. Of course she could be wrong too. There was only one thing to do and it was what he was offering. It was what she wanted and was relieved that he had voiced it aloud. Maybe they could figure it out together, what they couldn't on their own.

    "You're right." She agreed with him, as she uncrossed her arms and ran a hand through her hair, sighing. Knowing that this could possibly take a while, she sat back down and stretched out her legs before crossing them at the ankles. "Okay so where do we start?" She asked, pausing briefly to think over what she wanted to know first. "When did you first find out you could control the elements?" She looked up at him as she asked the question. She figured that was something easy to answer, but she was also curious about how long he was able to do it.
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  10. Will let out a slow breath and looked up at the sky as he thought about his answer. He knew that he had these abilities for a long time but he couldn't remember exactly when they started. He rubbed his eyes a bit and then looked back at her "um..I honestly don't remember..the only time I can clearly remember having them was when I was around 5 or 6 but I could have had them before that and just not remember it." He really wished his mother was still alive to help him with this. He had so many things he wanted to ask her but she was gone and he had to figure it out for himself. "what about you? do you remember or recall when you could control the elements? oh..and do you know anyone else that could us? or am I the only one you've met that has abilities as well?."
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  11. Ember leaned back on her elbows and thought for a moment. She could barely remember when she first realized what she could do. She remember that she was to afraid to tell anyone, even her own parents, what she was able to do. Now though she regretted not asking either of them about it. "I was around four, maybe five years old." She murmured, still deep in thought as she remembered one specific day, smiling to herself. Snapping out of it, she glanced back up at him and continued, "You're the first person I've met. Actually, I don't even know if either of my parents can do what we can." She stated quietly, looking away as she briefly closed her eyes. When she thought about it though, her mother at least had to have known that Ember could control earth and water. There must have been several times she had saw Ember playing around with her elements when she was little. She was too carless about it back then. Actually, Ember was sure that there was a time she caught her mother watching her one day and that was when she started being more careful with it... but again it was to long ago and Ember was too little to remember clearly.
  12. Will sighs a bit and nods "yeah..i kinda figured I was the only one you had met." He rubs his jaw a bit as he thinks about it "it is strange though that we seem to both have realized we had our powers when we were around the same age..maybe that's when the powers of people like us manifest?" He shook his head. Man this was all so confusing. It didn't make any sense that they would be the only two that had these abilities. Where had they gotten them from to begin with anyway? "..I'm assuming your parents didn't have powers like ours either.." He sighs and sits down and rubs his eyes "man..I just wish there was like some kind of manual out there. I can see the title now "so you can control the elements? what does that make you?" Chapter one learning what you are. Chapter two realizing your not like anyone else. Chapter three keep it a secret or end up in some government testing lab." He sighs and gives a small chuckle at his weird sense of humor. "sorry about that..I tend to make bad jokes when i'm confused or upset"
  13. Ember couldn't hold back, she burst out laughing. It was pretty damn good and funny. She hadn't had a good laugh in awhile. She sighed when the laughing fit was over and took a deep breath before saying, "I don't know if either my parents had powers like us. My mother...She isn't around anymore. And my father, well he''s complicated." She mumbled, not really wanting to talk about it. "Maybe it's rare? Maybe that's why we haven't met anyone before now?" She mussed out loud, more to herself than to him.

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    Will smiles a bit as she laughed. He couldn't help but chuckle a bit more with her as she continued with her laughing fit. When she finished and told him about her parents he fell silent "..yeah..I wouldn't know either....I never knew my dad..he left when I was born mom just passed don't really have anyone to go to for help or advice about these powers we have." When she mentioned about it being rare he rubbed the back of his head "well..that's an understatement if it is the case..but..I don't know what to think about it even if it is rare the chances of us finding someone else are slim and chances are they'll be just as confused as we are"
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  15. Ember knew how he felt about losing a parent and not really having the other around much. The whole situation was something they had in common. More than she thought when she first met him. "I guess I could ask my father but..." She said, trailing off as shudder went through her at that thought, not really wanting to explain why she hadn't yet or why she really didn't like the idea of going to him. Pulling her knees up to her chest, she then wrapped her arms around her legs. "Well, at least we found each other. Maybe we can learn from each other. I'm assuming you know about as much as I do, and that my friend, wouldn't be a whole lot of anything."
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  16. He smiles a bit and rubs the back of his head. Friends? did she honestly think of them as friends or was that just a sarcastic remark. He couldn't really tell nor did he really care all he cared about was that he had found someone who knew what he was going through. He knew the trouble it was to keep the powers a secret. And also knew the frustrations of not being able to know where their powers came from "well..I suppose we'll figure it out together one step at a time. Friend"
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  17. Friend. Ember liked the sound of that and smiled as she made a friend who knew exactly what she going through. Now she had someone who she didn't have to hide what she could do when she was around him. That was one of the best feelings she had in a very long time. It was so tiring and frustrating hiding who she was, what she could do all the time. It made her feel a little freer, like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders, or a little of it anyway. "One slow step at a time." She agreed with a half smile.
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  18. Will smiled at her and nodded "that's the best way to handle this." He looks up at the sky and then back at her and smiled "so..I know what elements you can control but what exactly can you do? I mean..can you make anything grow instantly like that flower? could you create a mountain or grow a tree? I'm just curious as to what you can do with your abilities"
  19. Ember was quiet for a long moment as she thought about what all she could do. She couldn't help but smile as she let go of her legs and crossed the in Indian style. "I've honestly never tried to grow a tree, at least not a huge one, and I never tried making a mountain." She admitted softly with a shrug. She did however, hovered her palm, facing down towards the ground, and grew a rose. Smiling at the outcome, she looked back over at him. "But I can do earthquakes...or at least little ones. It happened a few times when I'd gotten mad. But I never intentionally tried to cause one." She shrugged again and added as a after thought, "Maybe sometime I could show you and....maybe you could show me?" It would be easier to do than to explain, she thought.
  20. He smiles and nods "agreed. Sometimes it's hard to put into words what you can do. So sometimes it's just easier to show people. Well if you ever want to go have like off moment kinda deal we can. I'll be a nice way to figure out what we can do and hey who knows we might be able to figure out things that even we didn't know we could do before."