The Elemantals (Andy & Moon)

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One look around the room told her William had stepped back outside. As she threw her hair up into a messy bun on the top of her head, she walked the short distance to the door. Leaning against the frame, she crossed her arms and looked at William for a minute. Not wanting to startled him, she stayed quiet as she thought about their powers. It been a while since she had actually thought about all her questions she had. And she was still no where near close to figuring it out apparently.
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Will could sense she was behind him. He could feel the change in the wind. He didn't say anything at first electing to stay silent. After a few more moments passed he turned to her and gave a small smile "..we need to find our answers before we both go insane
Ember quirked an eyebrow up at his statement. "Speak for yourself. I'm just fine, far from going insane." She gave him a half smile. "But you're right. We need answers. If you don't have any and I don't have any than there's only one place I know to go and it's a long shot." She said. She uncrossed her arms and massaged her temples. As much as she didn't want to, she knew that a day would come that she would have to ask him. That day had finally come. She dreaded it, hated it, but there was no putting it off any anymore. Sighing, she looked at William, her smile now gone. "It's time to make a visit to my Father. But not today. Today I think I've had all the... excitement that I can handle."
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He nods a bit and stands up straight and let's out a small sigh as he stretched. When he saw her rubbing her temples he raised an eyebrow "have a headache or something?. I could help if you want.
She gave him a weak smile. "It's nothing." She said quietly as an explanation, not wanting him to know how much she wasn't looking forward to going to her Father's and how just the thought of it had brought on a headache. They needed answers and since her mother was no longer with her and his parents weren't around either that left going to her father.
He watched her for a moment before he walked over to her "um..can I try something? I've never had the chance to try this with my powers know if I tried people would freak out"
Hesitatingly, Ember nodded slowly, biting her lip in nervous anticipation. Her hands fell from her head and back to her side. "Umm... okay." She whispered as her eyes closed on their own. She took a deep breath and waited for him to try whatever it was he wanted to try on her, hoping she wasn't being stupid for allowing him to do so, especially with her eyes shut. Absentmindedly, she fisted her hands at her side.
He nods a bit and walks around behind her. He swallowed hard and gently set his fingers on her temples. Using his powers he warms up his finger tips to a warm massaging temperature and starts rubbing her temples. She would immediately feel all the tension run from her body as he gently massaged her temples
Ember let out a small gasp at the suddenly warm heat against her skin. She sighed as her body began to relax little by little, almost leaning back without realizing it. The headache that had started when she mention going to her father's slowly receded back until it was gone completely. "Mm that feels good." She murmured softly. "I think you have a magically touch... a healing touch."
He blushed a bit at her words and swallowed hard "thanks..i honestly didn't know if this would work or not but..i thought it wouldn't hurt to try"
Ember turned around to face him slowly and gave him a small smile. "Well, it worked. What made you think of doing something like that though?" She asked curiously.
He rubs the back of his head and lets out a small sigh "My mom..she had a lot of problems with her back due to all the work she put it..she would go in frequently for massages and they helped but they took up much of our money..she didn't like spending that much money on the massages but without them she could hardly work due to the pain her back caused her. I had wanted to try doing that in the past but...if I had she would have known about my abilities and..I didn't want to make her worry even more about me then she already did."
She nodded but said nothing. There really wasn't anything she could have said. It was what she had done; stay quiet about what she could do and then lost her chance to tell her mother. "Well, now you know it works. That's something right?"
He gives a small nod and looks up at the sky "yeah..I suppose I's too bad I couldn't have used it to ease my mom's pain a little bit.."
Ember took a step back. She wasn't sure what to say to that. Instead she stayed quiet, going back out to the railing and leaning against it as she looked up at the sky. It was getting later. She hadn't realized they'd talked for so long, or rather, that they'd hung out this long.
He looks up at the sky and sighs a bit "is it that late already? seems like we just met and found out we had powers..I didn't realize a whole day had gone by."
Ember glanced back at him briefly, nodding in agreement. "Yeah. It does seem like it. I guess finding out we're alike made time seem to fly. It obviously wasn't because we talked the whole time." She gave him a weak smile. "I'm guessing you're more of the quiet type too."
He looks at her and gives her a small smile before giving a small shrug "i'm not really that quiet of a person just...a lot has happened to me in such a short period of time it's just kinda..overwhelming that's all."
Ember gave a slight nod before turning back around. The sun was finally setting and it was quite beautiful. It had gotten late pretty fast or so it seemed. She guessed it had been an overwhelming and exciting day for them both. To finally meet someone who was like them, to finally learn they weren't alone, or a complete freak. Ember sighed, glad to find out she wasn't alone anymore. Even if they didn't find out much about what and who they were, or find anyone else like them, she would be content on just knowing she wasn't alone anymore.
Will looked over at the girl and rubbed the back of his head. It was still hard to believe that they weren't alone anymore. The two of them had each other now even though they came from different worlds the two of them were going to need each other if they were going to get through everything. He looked up at the sky again and gave a small sigh. The sun was going down he should get home soon. But a part of him didn't want to leave yet. He felt there was still much the two of them could learn from each other. He knew it couldn't be done in one night but he knew they could get started sooner then later.