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    • America has fallen into a Dark Winter...

      The day is November Twenty-Second, 2018. The United States of America no longer exists. Five days ago a virus swept through the nations cities, decimating the population. Directive 51 and the Special Homeland Division have been activated. Your mission is to assist the survivors in New York City, suppress violence, and restore order. To this end, I have composed a breifing for you below. It will contain everything you need to know to operate in New York.

      The Stratigic Homeland Division (open)

      The Division was created in 2007 after President George Bush signed Directive 51. We operate under the command of the President of the United States. Division agents are selected from the military, from law enforcement, security firms, survivalists, anyone who has the training to fight and survive in a dog eat dog world. Agents are self equipped, and each has their own special set of skills. They lay as sleepers in everyday life, going about normal lives until their country needs them. Division agents operate independently, but their effectiveness multiplies greatly when they work together.

      The Virus (open)

      It appears that the virus that started all of this is an airborne strain with high enviormental tolerances. Though the vector is unknown, it spread very quickly through the populace. Most areas are clean of the virus, while others, "Dark Zones" are not. Take caution when approaching civilians, animals, hostiles, or corpses. You have been issued a rebreather, use this when you enter an enclosed structure or a "Dark Zone." Also use when near other individuals, as they may be carrying the virus. Some symptoms of the virus include:


      Drowsiness and Lethargy

      Sore Throat

      High Fever



      It is beleived that once in the bloodstream the virus mutates into an airborne pathogen. The virus has an 80 percent mortality rate.

      Allies (open)

      Joint Task Force: This is a mixed group of National Guard, local and state police, fire and medical services. They lack the manpower to secure the city on their own, but they can hold what we take. Once we clean up an area, the JTF will move into secure it. They have set up refugee camps outside the city and hospitals in the city.

      Citizens of New York: They are the reason why you are here. You are to help, protect, and assist them in either leaving the city, surviving in place, or seeking medical aid from the JTF. They may be infected, so take caution in interacting with them.

      Survivng United States Government: While much of the government fell and died off, contingency measures are in place, and the U.S. Government still has power. They control the Special Homeland Division, the Joint Task Force, and lead the effort in curing the virus or developing an antidote.

      Enemies (open)

      Rikers: Escapees from New York's Rikers Island Prison, these men and women are violent thugs capable of great violence. Often heavily armed, they roam in gangs, attacking every living being they find.

      Militias: These are more varied. Some will be hostile to you while some will assist you. The militias are well armed and control strongholds throughout the city. Their views often differ, and can range from the extreme to the mundane.

      Burners: This militia is quite possibly the best known. They control many of the gas and fuel stations around the city. Their goal is total extermination of the virus. Anyone who is not a Burner is therefore a vector of the virus and must be eliminated. They are the most heavily armed group in the city. Afted killing, they torch the bodies of the deceased. Fire is their weapon. Tread with caution.

      Looters: This is the most numerous group in New York. Every day citizens taking advantage of the chaos to unleash their inner anarchist. Often poorly armed, they pose threats in large numbers.

      Zeroes: This is a group shrouded in rumor, if it even exists. The Zeroes are responsible for this catastrophe, and bringing them to justice is a high priority.

      Standard Issue Equiptment (open)

      The Division will equip you with the following equiptment:

      Ballistic Vest-

      Ballistic Helmet-

      Rebreather Mask-

      Laser temprature reader (For determining infected status)

      Radio with earpiece microphone

      Character Skeleton (open)


      Nickname: (If applicable)


      Appearance: (A picture along with a description, please. Pictures can be real or anime. Please leave pictures in link form. Also include clothing, scars/tattoos ect. If applicable)

      Equiptment: (Please keep this reasonable, 5-6 items, unless you can justify more. This does not include Standard Issue Equiptment. Do include pictures as well. Example:

      Primary Weapon

      -Ammunition for Primary [Does not count as item]

      Secondary Weapon



      Special Equiptment [Drone, motion sensor, laser temprature reader {For determining infected status}

      Survival Equiptment

      Survival Equiptment)

      Previous occupation:

      Strengths: (3+)

      Weaknesses: (Keep these even)

      Brief Biography

      Other information

      You are free to add information and sections as you see fit. If you need amy help coming up with weapons, I will be more than happy to help. I'm a little bit of a gun nut.

      Accepted Characters:

      1: Michael Foulke-ShatteredSkies

      2: Matthew Brett-Silverdawn

      3: Elizabeth Stark-Killako

      4: Michael Scott-ResistingTheEnlightened

      5: Angela Walker-Insomnant

      6: Aaron Watts-Akelto

      Once all six spots are filled, we will begin.
    • Standard Iwaku site rules apply

      No godmodding, powerplay, metagaming, hijacking, ect.

      Please wait for two or more posts before you post again, in order to keep the RP from becoming chaotic.

      Please be able to write 2+ quality paragraphs

      Spelling and grammar issues are tolerated, but if it becomes exessive then a problem will exist

      There will be mature content in this roleplay. See blood, gore, violence, some nasty stuff, charred bodies, foul language, possibly a torture scene or two

      Character relationships are fine, but if it drifts to a dirtier realm, fade to black.

      Please give input, this is our RP after all.

      If you are going to be gone for 2+ days, please let me know. I'll keep your character safe until you return. If you fail to post in two days, I will notify you, and after 2 more days of no replies, you and your agent will be removed from the story

      If you have read and understand these rules, please include a food or beverage item your character carries. This will not be counted as a piece of equiptment

      I will ask players to play other roles as need be
    • 1: Michael Foulke-ShatteredSkies

      2: Matthew Brett-Silverdawn

      3: Elizabeth Stark-Killako

      4: Michael Scott-ResistingTheEnlightened

      5: Angela Walker-Insomnant

      6: Open

      Aaron Watts-Akelto (Reassigned)
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  1. Name: Michael Foulke

    Nickname: Angel

    Age: 30


    6', 200 pounds of wiry muscle. He has brown hair and ocean-blue eyes. He wears black rubber-soled combat boots, gray cargo pants, a black balistic vest over a grey, black and white urban camoflauge-patterned shirt, standard issue helmet and a rebreather mask, also wears a white thermal balaclava. He has scars on his right side and right arm from an explosion years ago. He also has a set of angel wings tattooed on his back, between them is a sword wreathed in flame, and initials cover that sword. Over his heart is a smaller set of wings and the name 'Allyson' and a queen of hearts playing card on his left wrist. Has a gold wedding ring on his left ring finger.


    Primary Weapon: Kriss Super V. Suppressed, equipped with a holographic sight-

    -120 .45 rounds

    Secondary Weapon: SigSauer 1911 Nightmare-

    -32 .45 Black Talon rounds

    Blackhawk Nightedge combat knife-

    Flare Gun-

    Small bundle of Composition 4 with detonators


    Small thermos

    Bag of O'Boy Oberto Beef Jerky

    Special Equipment: Sonar Imaging Device-Provides real time imagery of a building's interior.

    Previous occupation: Firearms instructor


    Shredder: He is extremely adept and deadly at close quarters combat

    Hunter: As a pre-outbreak hunter of both animals and once, humans, he is a natural at tracking prey and moving in quietly for the kill

    Guardian Angel: Once he trusts or cares about someone, he will protect them with his life

    Unshakable: He is the kind of guy to laugh in the face of danger, before perforating it with .45 rounds. He can almost always be trusted to crack a joke.

    Heat Shield: If someone on his team makes a call, and it saves the team but higher up doesn't like it, he will take the heat for them.

    Krav Maga: He is profecient in the Israeli hand-to-hand art of Krav Maga.


    Haunted: Past experiences in his life can often come up to haunt him, sending him into a depression or into a killing rage.

    Show Your Face: Because of his equiptment loadout, he is vunerable to attacks from long range.

    Honest Abe: He is incapable of lying under any circumstance

    Paranoid: He finds it very hard to trust people

    Alcoholic: Because of the trauma in his past, he often drinks to excess when the offer is on the table.

    Biography: A former Army Ranger, he was dishonorbly discharged in 2009 after failing to testify against his commanding officer after he led them on an unsanctioned hit. This caught the attention of Irving Lambert, who recruited him into a secret NSA cell called Third Echelon. Though Michael washed out of training, he was still very much ingrained in black operations of his nation. He worked with the Private Military Company Academi (Formerly known as Blackwater), when he was approached again by Lambert. This time, he was recruited into the Division. Michael left Blackwater, and took up residence outside of New York City. When the outbreak began, he was out on a hunting trip with his wife and a group of friends. Once Directive 51 was put into place, he gathered his Division weapons and headed to the city.
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  2. Name: Elizabeth Stark

    Nickname: Liz

    Age: 28


    5' 8" Liz has long flaming hair and sky-ble eyes. Liz wears white sneakers, brown kahkis, a camo top over bandages, a rebreather mask, also wears a white medic overcoat when cold. She has a scar across her right eye. (Ignore the sword)


    Primary Weapon:

    -Ammunition for Primary 5.56mm, carrying 150

    Secondary Weapon:

    -Ammo .44, carrying 55 rounds

    Knife: Honshu Karambit,

    Survival Equipment:

    7 MREs,

    2 Canteens water,

    3-4 Bottles of Homemade Throwable Napalm:

    1 Med kit + one bottle iodine:

    Flint and steel

    Special Equipment: Medical Syringes, with one time use Rapid Regenerative Agent. In the field she carries 12 at all times, and has the capacity to make more when at a home base.

    Strengths: (3+): High Close combat skills, Highly-skilled medical technician, and advanced research techniques.

    Weaknesses: (Keep these even): Tends to be Depressed, Slightly OCD, is middle-low in almost all other aspects.

    Previous occupation: Bio-Medical Researcher

    Brief Biography: After graduating at the top of her class at Yale, Liz went to join the army as a field medic, where she loved, and she lost. An enemy sniper targeted her, but her love, Henry Stark, took the bullet for her. After failing to save her love, she was consumed in grief. Liz nearly tried to kill herself.

    After that failure, she tried to kill the enemy team. Her comrades told her that was not what Henry would have wanted. She didn't care. After taking a knife (the karambit) from the weapon stash, she snuck over there in the middle of the night and slit the enemies throat, one by one... The next day, she took Henry and her photo and put it into a locket that she wears around her neck. She went on to save as many lives as possible, often to the risk of her own, donating vast amounts of blood.

    Her valuable experience there for 4 years led her to returning to the United States to finish her medical degree with government subsidies. After her graduation, Liz went on to pursue a career in Research. Her ground-breaking research eventually lead her to being recruited into the Special Homeland Division as a field medic.

    While active in the areas of the mind, her body had slightly deteriorated, and she was forced back into basic, and refreshed and improved her skills. She was assigned as an all-rounder to the team, and as the designated field medic. Her close combat skills are very high over the others, as she has an intimate knowledge of the human body.

    She is an almost perfect tool. No matter how much she cares for her team, identify someone person as a threat, and she will not hesitate to take them out. However, she is slightly depressed out of combat and will become more and more depressed the more she kills.
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  3. Name: Mike Summers

    Nickname: Ghost




    Primary Weapon: Sniper​
    Sniper (open)

    -Ammunition for Primary: 45

    Secondary Weapon
    Pistol (open)


    Knife (open)

    Special Equiptment: Smoke grenade (2)

    Survival Equipment: Fire starter

    food or beverage: A pack of gum

    Previous occupation: Part of the SWAT team

    Strengths: Good communicator, Decisive, and Disciplined

    Weaknesses: Goes to far, cocky, and Dreamer

    Brief Biography: As a child, Mike idolized his brother. When his mother convinced his brother to kill their father, his brother locked Mike outside. Mike, wishing to save his brother from a grim future, took a rifle to shoot the gun out of his brother's hand. He was sitting in the tree branch when it broke and Mike accidentally shot his brother in the head. Mike inadvertently kills the brother he loves to save the father he hated. After the incident, Mike ran away from home. When he ran away from home, he ran into a police officer. The officer was going to take Mike back to his home, but Mike told him everything about his father, and his brother. The officer felt sorry for Mike, so the officer adopted Mike. Mike looked up to his new father, and wanted to be just like him when he grew up. 10 years go by, and Mike joined the swat team, but shortly after he became part of the SWAT team, the USA started to fall. When the Special Homeland Division were looking for recruits, they saw Mike's profile. The Special Homeland Division then went to Mike's house, and asked him join the Division. Without thinking about it, Mike took the job offer.

    Other information: He loves cats​
  4. Accepted
  5. Hello there!

    This is awesome; I've been watching the released content for the division for quite some time and I'm very excited about it. I'd love to do an RP in that world. I can post at least once a day and most likely twice a day, and I tend toward longer, multi-paragraph posts. I'd also be happy to assist you with the 'other roles' you mentioned, if you'd like (I have experience running games as well as playing them).

    I'll submit a character sheet tonight when I get home from work. I'm thinking infiltration expert with a flair for ambushes, wielding dual pistols and a sawed-off shotgun. And of course, a flask of vodka.

  6. Nice to see other fans of the game out there. I'll hold a spot for you.
  7. Sorry I was late with this! I fell asleep last night reading about exotic types of shotgun shells. :bsmile:

    Name: Angela Bridgett Walker
    Nickname: Cross
    Age: 27


    Description: Cross is 5'8" with a lithe yet muscular build. She has tribal tattoos on both her arms, with thicker bands marking her upper arms and ornate skulls on her forearms. She usually wears her blond hair in a simple ponytail and her attire is generally her combat gear, though from time to time (in more relaxed situations) she has been known to don a simple gray hoodie (with a vertical shoulder holster for her pistols). If- when in a combat zone- she is wearing anything beside her cargo pants, boots, combat vest, tank top, and fingerless gloves, it is her optical camouflage cloak.

    Primary Weapon
    Short-barreled Saiga 12 with vertical foregrip, side-folding stock, EO-Tech holographic sight, breaching compensator, and (not in picture) single-point sling
    -1 magazine of 10 Dragon's Breath shells (in chest rig pouches)
    -1 magazine of 10 tungsten flechette shells (in chest rig pouches)
    -1 magazine of 10 armor piercing incendiary slugs (in chest rig pouches)
    -6 magazines of 10 00 buckshot (3", copper-plated lead shot with flight-control wad) shells (1 in gun, 5 in chest rig pouches)
    -3 flare shells (in chest rig loops)
    -3 pepper blast shells (in chest rig loops)
    -3 rubber buckshot shells (in chest rig loops)
    -3 door-breaching shells (in chest rig loops)
    -2 additional boxes of 5 rds 00 buckshot shells (in thigh bag)

    Secondary Weapon
    Glock 22 with sound suppressor, tritium night sights, and tac light (with strobe mode)/laser (red and green) combo
    -7 magazines of 15 .40 JHP rounds (1 in gun, 6 in various pouches)
    -1 additional box of 50 rds .40 JHP rounds (in thigh bag)

    Knife: Cold Steel Jungle Machete (in back quick-draw sheath)

    Special Equipment: Optical camouflage cloak

    Survival Equipment/Small items
    • Portable ceramic water filter
    • 1 Roll of heavy duty duct tape
    • 200' Bundle of paracord
    • 125 yard spool of moss green 80lb strength trip wire
    • 1 Leatherman multi-tool
    • 1 blade sharpening kit
    • 1 basic weapon maintenance kit
    • 1 flask of vodka

    Previous occupation: Cash Management agent

    Athletic: She has been working out strenuously for the past four years, doing an hour or two of strength training a day plus another half hour or so of cardio. She can run for quite some time without getting tired and can handle a weighty pack and heavy gear.
    Rugged: She has been cut, punched, and shot before, and survived. She practices her resilience by forcefully stubbing her toes and hitting her ulnar nerve and making sure not to react or let it impede her.
    No Mercy: She views people as potential assets or liabilities with little regard to emotional considerations. This leaves her very well-suited to circumstances requiring the application of lethal force without hesitation.
    Strong Immune System: She's worked in the service sector for years and never used anti-bacterial soap. As a result, her white blood cells are quite adept at fending off infections and diseases.
    Hyper-vigilant: Between her own naturally heightened awareness of her surroundings and the tactical training she's undergone as first an armored car driver and then an agent of the Division, Cross is rarely caught off guard, keeping tabs on her environment and actors in it at all times.

    Directionally Challenged: While there are many things she is good at, finding her way around the city is not. If it weren't for her GPS she never would have been able to navigate her route in her previous job, and now that things have gotten chaotic she's even less likely to be able to figure out which way to go unless someone points it out to her.
    Can't Back Down: When antagonized, Cross has a very hard time letting go of her aggression. She responds very quickly to provocation and has a habit of escalating altercations to increasingly greater degrees of violence.
    Cynophobia: Healthy Respect for the Threat of Canines: "It's not a 'fear,' okay?! It's perfectly rational- they're fucking monsters that can rip your arms off!" She has a phobia of dogs and will try her best to either avoid them or dispatch them from a distance... immediately... before they can tear her throat out.
    Alcoholic: She can quit any time she wants... she just doesn't want to. Why would she, when everything is so much more... bearable when drunk?
    Prosopagnosia: Cross is considered "face blind" and cannot recognize or differentiate people based on their facial features. She can remember names (but can never 'put a face with a name'), clothes (unless changed, of course), voices (after enough time listening to someone speak), distinguishing features such as scars or disfigurements, even scents, but not faces.

    Brief Biography: Before she was Cross, Angela Bridgett Walker lived a life that could be summarized by the phrase 'recovering failure.' She'd gone off to college without any real motivation and wound up dropping out due to a newfound love of alcohol. She scraped the bottom of the social barrel for a few years, working at various retail stores and fast food joints, getting fired or leaving each one after several months for one reason or another. Finally- when she was 23- she realized she needed to turn her life around, and yet she still had no real guiding factor to prompt her to better herself. Instead, she was driven by a deep-seated hatred of humanity cultivated by her time working in service jobs. She began looking at the world around her, the big picture, the global economic and political trends and realized that shit would eventually hit the fan, for one reason or another. Maybe it would be World War III with the BRICS nations squaring off against NATO, or perhaps a dollar collapse that would render the US money supply worthless. Either way, she wanted to be ready- not to survive or prosper, but to be in the best shape to enjoy the resulting chaos and violence and anarchy. Four years later, she's in the best physical shape of her life after working out religiously every day and switching careers to a security firm where she was tasked with picking up cash deposits in some of the seediest parts of the city where gang activity had rendered previous operations impossible. And she thrived there, putting down three armed robbery attempts in eight months, with nearly disturbing brutality. Her accuracy and level-headedness under fire earned her the attention of the Special Homeland Division, and she signed on with the intention of further increasing her lethality for what she knew in her heart was the inevitable breakdown of the corrupt, self-obsessed culture that had taken over the country.
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  8. I don't have time to make my CS right now, but I'd love to reserve the sixth spot~ (I should be able to get my CS up tonight)
  9. Accepted. Her and Foulke are going to get along real well, methinks.

    The sixth spot is yours.
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  10. Just a warning to @Silverdawn and @Killako that I would like to have your characters within the next three days. Post or contact me if you want an extension and we can work something else out.

    That being said, after that three days, I might accept new players with ready made characters.
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  11. Now to everybody: Should I start the In Character thread now? The first few posts would not be very plot heavy, just allowing our Agents to meet and greet, just casual until everyone has a character, then we get the briefing and our first mission.
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  12. Well personally I'm all for it, though I do have my character all ready to go and am eager to get started, so I'm admittedly biased, haha.

    Although perhaps seeing the game up and running might serve as encouragement for everyone else to finish their character sheets so they can join in. :idea:
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  13. For interaction and casual RPing...

    Winter is here
  14. I don't have much left to write I'll have it done by tomorrow
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  15. cs posted.
  16. Accepted, nice to see some diversity. Feel free to post an intro in the IC.
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  17. Hey, I'm stuck babysitting tonight. I'll have my CS and intro up tomorrow. Sorry for the wait~
  18. Its fine, we all have things to do. We won't drop into New York without you, promise.
  19. Alright, cool! The team is really shaping up!

    So far, looking at our roles we've got:

    Michael "Angel" Foulke (ShatteredSkies): Team Leader (I'm assuming)- giving the orders
    Elizabeth "Liz" Stark (Killako): Medic- slinging the heals
    Mike "Ghost" Summers (Cats): Sniper- serving the long-distance pain
    Angela "Cross" Walker (Insomnant): Infiltrator- bringing the close-up mayhem

    We could still use an anti-armor role (rockets specifically, though mines could also work) though Angel does have his C4. We also don't have anyone with any technical skills, à la hacking or turrets or drones. (Here's looking at you Nikki and Silverdawn! ^_~)
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