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  1. Welcome to the world of Elym...
    ...a world that has for aeons struggled vainly in an endless fight for existence. The very laws of his world are being torn apart, while its inhabitants sit unaware. Distracted by their own petty politics, the mortal races of Elym are separated and spread thin. They fight daily to ensure the survival of their ideals, but none are conscious of their true enemy, an enemy erased from time itself, and enemy that prepares to consume them all.

    These are the heroes destined to stand against that evil. They are special mortals, chosen by the God's to wield the only power capable of striking down the hidden threat that tears at the walls of existence and prepares to absorb Elym into itself in a quest to create an eternal void. However, these heroes do not know of their destiny, for their journey is a young one and not all has yet been revealed to them..

    Greetings, I am Ner0, creator and Gm to the Role play you have just now stumbled upon. This role play is detailed and extensive. It will be long lived, well written, and beautiful in every way. This is its official sign up thread and will operate as an introductionary platform to the characters of this world. I will not be accepting more than four players, one of which will fill a co-gm position. I have currently tentatively filled 2 of those 4 positions. I originally intended for this role play to be by invitation only, however, the release date inches ever closer and the pressure of that reality has made me cave. Sign ups are now open. Again, 2 slots are available (one of them is the Co-Gm position), so please, venture forward as I explain the premise of this Roleplay:

    Chapter I: Beyond The Mountain

    Elym is a large world with many continents, terrains, and cultures dotting its surface. Long ago this world was scorched with the fires of war. Dragons, beings created by the God's were pitted against one another in a 100'000 year struggle during a time of youth and ignorance for both the God's and this world. The lesser mortals, beings given life without godly intervention, were driven to the edge of extinction. In an attempt to save the lives of these beings the God's collaborated to create a land far from the fiery shores of Elym proper. This land was separated from the rest of Elym by the power of the God's and a small amount of diverse mortal beings were moved to it. The named it Caer'Htoma. It operated as a compacted Elym and in the many hundreds of thousands of years that have followed since arriving the mortals her have developed a complex culture that is forever evolving.

    The Humans and their allies control the western half of the continent. They are locked in a seemingly endless religious struggle with The Orcen, a collection of diverse tribes that hail from the Eastern half of this land. Both sides have their justifications for continuing this conflict and neither could be dubbed as good or evil.

    Between both powers lies The Lotys State. This nation sells its military as mercenaries to both sides as necessary. It is a place where all are accepted and where your worth is decided by what you bring home in your pockets for the nation. All races have those who view this as an opportunity to strike out on great adventure and you are one of these hopefuls. For whatever reason you do not see eye to eye with your people and now find yourself striking out to Join the Lotys State military in hopes of fame, splendor, and adventure. All of which can be yours, only you can make that a reality however, and it will be your decisions that shape the future of Caertohma as you know it..

    Note: This is simply a vague explanation of the premise of this role play, once your interest is expressed I shall approach you and reveal to you everything you need to know upon acceptance.


    Out Of Character
    In Character
    Chapter Summary
  2. No, the buttons do not go anywhere yet.
  3. By the by, I've already been "accepted". No character yet so that's why it's in quotation marks. Anyways, I shall be the local red panda for this rp. Feel free to say hello.
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  4. I chose him mostly because his amazing avatar. I mean, he's a fine writer, but that Panda.
  5. Pft. I ain't done nuffin on her yet. Speaking of, I still have to show you a sample of my writing. One sec, I should be able to find one real quick.
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  6. I'll express interest here
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  7. I meant to say "here yet." Oh well, got a rating out of it.
  8. Thankyou for your interest :) I'll contact you as soon as I am able :)
  9. *walks in* Oh! This seems interesting! Can I join?... And what duties will you require of a co gm?
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  10. I'm interested !
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  11. Oh how I would love to thank you accept you based on your interest... however I cannot. Due to the sexual themes of this role play I am unfortunately only accepting adult applicants. It is not a smut role play by any means, however I do wish to have the option to use those types of scenes for story telling as they can, in the proper moments, offer realism and depth to relationships in a story. Again I apologize :) I hope you find yourself another roleplay to participate in though :)
  12. Lovely expect a pm in your future :)
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  13. Hello, long time no see.

    Glad to see this is still a thing. I'm still interested in joining despite my recent hiatus.
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  14. Fantastic to hear Persona I'll send a pm out to you asap
  15. I would like to just let everyone know that Persona has been with this roleplay for what is close to a year now, that means that he will be automatically accepted.
  16. Sign ups will now be temporarily closed.
  17. Alright, update:

    Registrations are officially closed for chapter 1 all hopefulls that were accepted, congratulations. Of those who were accepted I am. Now looking for a Co Gm. Whichever of you is willing to step up to that plate please inform me. On top of that we will be having an Ooc thread very soon. The Op for that thread will be a collaborative work so upon real ease it will be in a WIP state, but never the less please get yourselves hyped.
  18. Update: Persona wolf is now officially our Co Gm. Don't ask him any questions however he is embarrassingly misinformed ;P
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  19. Greetings to all participants.

    Tags please: @PersonaWolf @Bie @Beowulf @DreamingMoon

    Firstly, a sincere apology for my absence these past weeks. While not entirely unavoidable, a dire situation has developed that will be preventing me from releasing this RP in any notion of a near future. Truthfully this reality could have been avoided through studious action on my part and I do not wish to make excuses. Elym is, as of now, suspended for the foreseeable future. Do not be disheartened however, Elym has always been an in-development project. This decision was not made lightly and I assure you that Elym will open at one point. I however refuse to approach that moment unprepared. Doing so would be a crime against both you players and the world itself. As such, my own unpreparedness is what is to blame for this.

    Again, my apologies, however do keep your ear on the winds. I will most likely be contacting some of you in the near future about world development and immersion.
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