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  1. Tanaria, after many years of war, death, and suffering, has finally reached an era of peace... At least as close as that is possible.

    [​IMG]The kingdom of Palarta. the city build itself from a small fishing community, to the strongest kingdom in the known land. Another reason for its current status, is because it houses one of the most beautiful women in nobility, and her position as a princess, adds to that reason. Many noble Lords and Princes rush to the land, spending more and more gold in an attempt to win her over, simply adding more wealth to the city. Palarta is separated into three districts. The castle, and the buildings surrounding it, The district of Light, where the nobility and wealthy live. The center, and the main market, The district of Stone, the general housing of commoners, inns, brothels, all trade and craft. And finally, toward the southeast of the city, the District of Water, where the cites Docks are located, along with other, non civilized individuals are housed. Palarta, is located in the center of Tanaria, and generally welcomes all races.

    Surrounding the northern, and eastern kingdoms, is the forest known as "Deaths Shadow" Nicknamed by its unique tendency to constantly remain dark. It is infamous for housing most of the worlds bandits and rouges, and the occasional Dark mage. There are few towns, and those few are heavily fortified into small City-State like castles. They generally serve as market areas, a place for travelers to stop and rest up, with the occasional house or two. Each city state is governed by its own set of laws, and its own Ruler, but are strictly loyal to the Kingdom they are currently resident in.

    The Plains of Hallan. Is by far the most peaceful land in all of Tanaria. It is believed that it is in fact the celestial burial ground of a long forgotten god. The plants that grow here are among the rarest in the world, and naturally cannot be picked. The 'Flowers of Dreams' are a rich purple color, with a glowing pollen that erases all thoughts of violence. Not much is known, as the flowers simply cannot be touched, an unnatural aura simply pushes away any attempts to harm the plant. But few who have touched its petals, described it to be the most heavenly feeling on this world. The plains of Hallan, are between the western kingdoms, and stretch to the borders of Palarta.

    Sunaria, is the kingdom of the Elves, otherly known as 'The Palace of Water'. It is located West of Palarta, just outside The Plains of Hallan. It rules under a public law, having no king or queen. The city is rich in Mithril ore, and Sunstone, the second most rarest gem in the world. It glows with a spiritual light, which alternates from white, to gold. The Elves here are kind, and welcome all travelers with open arms, but do not allow them to stay forever, and usually require them to leave within a few years. But all Elves, even mixed with other races, and allowed to stay as long as they like. The town is equally balanced, and is only separated by water, its residents generally able to easily survive.

    Toward the north, is what is simply explained as "Hell". Not much is known, as few people have ever returned, those that did, claim its impossible to live there, but have found strange, glowing buildings embedded into the land. Generally, the only life that allows itself to be seen is the occasional lava, or fire dragon.

    Located deep inside 'Hell' is whats known as the "Devils doorstep'. Nobody has ever ventured this far, but have only seen glimpses of it far miles away, during brief clearings in the volcanic ash. It is covered with demons, and is the only area where even the Dwarves refuse to travel, under no circumstances.

    The Mountains of Tornavan, are nearly the opposite of 'Hell'. Equally unforgiving, but much, much colder. Featuring general polar wildlife, ice dragons, and Witches of the White. Its infamous for its large count of feral undead, for it borders the Leayth. It generally makes up the southern, and far east side of Tanaria, stretching far back into the unknown world.

    Far into Tornavan, is the land of the Leayth, the world of the Undead. Skeletons, Gargoyles, Vampires, Wraiths, anything that is living a non-living life, resides here. Only one man has ever made it back alive, and has never spoken a word since that time.

    The kingdom of Almular, is the homeland for humans. Unlike Palarta, Almular's King, Josavier Devona, sets his greedy eyes on every opportunity for wealth, and is often at war with itself. Though despite its troublesome king, was once the star of Tanaria, and produces many kind hearted Humans, who want nothing more than peace. Located southeast of Palarta, bordering the Tornavan mountains.

    Gro'deshir. Is the industrial capital of the world. Located northwest, along the Plains of Hallan, and the mountains of Hell. It houses the lands Orcs, Goblins, and Dwarves, having formed a rather stringy alliance in an attempt to bring science to the world. Due to each race's grump nature, the alliance is thin, and few travelers stay for long.
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  2. Name: Marina De'Cluse
    Race: 3/4 Human. 1/4 Elf.
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Black hair, Dark chocolate eyes. Soft, quite voice.
    Picture (open)

    History:Marina, is part of the Noble family of De'Cluse. Limited in everything she does, has little experience of the outside world. Her only skills are dancing, singing, and a small amount of sword work, from private practices. Having heard tales of ancient heroes, evil villains, and powerful dragons. Wants nothing more than to break her self away from this life of nobility.

    The only family she has ever known was her father, who had always told her of these tails, showed her around the castle grounds, and privately trained with her. He was always there for her, and she thought him to be the greatest man in the world, despite being an Elf. Her mother, died a week after her birth. All she knows, as that the castle was once raided, and her mother killed. She was human, and is who she gets her looks from, but the chocolate eyes are her fathers.

    Personality:Mostly, Marina is a very shy, and very lonely girl. Keeping herself locked in a shell in the presence of other people. When around people she trusts, is a very open, very giggly, and very rude to a 'kindly' extent, mostly with flirting, crude remarks and behavior.
    Misc (open)
    She's not great with love, having no actual relationships through her entire life, and still being a virgin, is often afraid of large and rough natured men. But, if they are kind at heart, she is usually more rougher than them.She mostly wears white, and will always wear a white dress if available, having been fascinated by the color because of her fathers hair.Its rumored, that she can easily tell a persons general personality by just looking at their eye movements. Depicting if they are good by nature, or evil.
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  3. Name: Edward Jackson
    Race: Shape shifter (of the cat family)
    Age: 23
    Appearance: [​IMG] Primarily Chestnut Brown hair, Deep Green eyes. Mischievous/Playful voice.
    Edward, was born to a family of travelers who played for the masses to get money. He learned he was special when he grew agitated and turned into a Tiger to protect his family from robbers and thieves. He had been gravely injured in the attack and still has a scar on his abdomen. At first the travelers had feared him and would have left him to die had it not been for his kind hearted mother. He had received the gift of shape shifting from her though she’d learned to hid it through training and discipline. She had told them she would teach him to control his power and that he would never use it against them. He could take on the form of any animal apart of the feline race. His abilities would match that of the animal in which he took. Most of the time he loved to roam around as a cat, it made slipping away much easier when he wanted to be alone. His father had helped as much as possible but could do little to help the woman and son he loved.
    Edward is a mischievous type and can get into trouble doing some pretty silly things. He mostly gives in to his curious nature which also gets him into trouble though he is not, in fact, a trouble maker. He lives on instinct and does what he feels he must though it would seem odd to most. He is sneaky when he has to be and can be the most charming person in the world on very rare occasions. (not that often) He is outspoken and not shy at all. Gentle and kind to anyone he trusts and will protect them with everything he has. Shows little to no mercy to anyone who would dare hurt those he loves but that is his only ruthless quality.
    He does not understand women, though he wishes he could. (like most men) Like most house cats he does not like water that much and avoids it if he can. Has many catlike tendencies and can “communicate” with cats when he wants to. Though that is more he gets their mannerisms and things like that, nothing psychic. Loves to play and laugh and climb. He usually wears green linen shirt, brown hose, brown jerkin with braded ties, tall brown boots and sometimes a cloak made of various shades of greens and browns.
  4. Edward lounged on a branch in the tree a short distance from his tent, arms folded behind his head as deep green eyes stared up at the stars. Trees always brought him a sense of comfort from the time he was a small boy. It was easy for him to climb, though when he first started he fell a few more times than he would care to admit to anyone. The bark was a smoother one, not like the pine trees form the forest a few days travel from there. His chestnut brown hair moved a little with the breeze, blocking out the stars for a moment before returning them to perfect clarity. One knee was bent while the other dangled over the edge swinging until he felt something begin to bat at his bare foot. Carefully adjusting his position he looked over to see a small reflective eyes looking up at him from the trunk.
    “Hello.” He said his voice calm and a little playful. He did not want to scare the poor thing away.
    From what he could tell it was a small white kitten. She must have gotten lost. He thought tilting his head as she tilted hers at him. She had very pretty yellow eyes and she looked like she had a nice shiny, healthy coat. He began to feel himself shifting and quickly closed his eyes, telling himself to resist the change. As slowly and unthreatening as he could he lowered himself until he was hanging by his arms on the branch and lightly dropped the short distance to the grass.
    The kitten watched him carefully and when it felt safe enough it began its own decent though it was much more awkward than Edwards had been. It was still learning the fine points of climbing and fell the rest of the way into Edwards hands. She struggled a bit at first until he looked her in the eyes, showing no intention of malice or harm.
    “We will be leaving early Edward, you had better get your rest before then. The rest of the men will not appreciate your unruly attitude when you have not.” He heard his mother call from her own tent to the right of his. She was silhouetted by the glow of the fire behind her.
    “Yes mother.” He said holding the kitten close to his chest feeling the purring rather than hearing it. Looking down at it he smiled and noticed movement from the corner of his eye. A black cat walked out from behind the tree and stared at Edward and the kitten in his arms. He slowly set the kitten down and though it complained a little at the feeling of weightlessness before it was on the grass she recovered the moment she saw her mother.

    Standing he smiled and turned and walked to his tent. Sitting on the “bed” made of one large wooden crate padded with blankets and one covering of fur. He did not like the fur but it was warm and he didn’t want to be a problem to those who still allowed him to be among them. They were heading to Palarta, more specifically, the district of Light, in the morning and he needed to be awake for festivities. It was still a couple hours travel but when they got there it should be well worth the journey, at least he hoped so. He was getting tired of all of this. His last thought before he faded into a deep sleep was how thankful the mother cat was to have her kitten returned to her.
  5. Marina, gazed out from the patio and sighed.
    Today was her nineteenth birthday, the legal marriage age for women in Tanaria.​
    She had already received hundreds of gifts from other Lords and Princes, the occasional wrinkly old King. But now that she was legal, that would grow to thousands.
    She didn't care about gifts, she didn't care about love notes, birds, money, any of it. All she wanted, was to get out of this freaking castle and go.... Go live with a farmer.

    'Maybe not a farmer...'

    She sighed, disappointed with her boring life. And with a flay of her dress, spun and began to walk back inside of the castle, yearning for something interesting to happen.
  6. “Get up you lazy boy.” Shouted one of the men of their party.
    Edward groaned and opened his eyes. Narrowing them he hissed at the man causing the guy to jump a bit before retreating to his business. They were already almost done by the time he was up. Like always his mother shook her head at him and he shrugged as if to say ‘I can’t help it’. She laughed and helped him take down both his and her tents. Finished helping the others Edward and his mother ate breakfast quickly and began after the troop which had started leaving without them. It was a normal process and the troop had gotten used to it. He cleaned up for their breakfasts as his mother got the horses ready. IT didn’t take either of them long to catch up to the rest of the group.
    The city was enormous. Edward’s eyes lit up at the thought of exploring each and every aspect of the place. As if reading his mind his mother lightly flicked his ear. “There will be no exploring.” She said scowling. He flinched and rubbed his sore ear but got the message. Somewhere in the back of his mind though he thought of different ways to get around his mother. He was twenty three and he should be on his own but because he was, different, and still under training form his mother he could not leave just yet. It had been four years since that incident with the thieves and since that day he had been taught to control his gifts and learn to understand what it means to be this way.
    The city was overwhelming and through each level they went through to get to the district of Light the more he came to appreciate living out of a city. From all the different districts they passed before the one of Light was amazing. Throughout their journey they entertained the onlookers with various tricks and things. The main event was for the noble Marina De'Cluse for her birthday.
    When they reached the De'Cluse home Edward whistled and smiled a big Cheshire cat like smile. There were so many things to climb should he be given the chance he felt as if he would jump off the horse he was ridding right then and there. Unfortunately there was protocol and he had even had to dress for the occasion though he did not like the attire. It was a form fitting acrobats costume which had cream colored pants with a matching top that was pretty much just a vest. He supposed it was because the troop attracted more females to the performance if they had someone like Edward to look at. He thought it was all just stupid. They approached the front doors and waited.
  7. The front doors of the keep were wide open, the only things of interest were two, fancily embroiled knights standing nearly motionless at a large staircase. Barely audible, and getting closer. Was the pitter patter of feet, the clamping of boots, and what seemed like squeals from a women, and the occasional loud boom of a mans laugh.

    Marina burst into the main entry way, oblivious that the carnival troupe was there, and came after her was her father. Dressed in a pair of black boots and pants, a red coat, and clamped to his belt so he would not loose it, was his crown. His hair was white, his eyes blue, his face rather square, but otherwise had little wrinkles.

    Marina however, was less appropriately dressed. Wearing her usual white dress, but she had no shoes and was running around bare foot. Quite literately. Her hair flung about her like a cape, and her chocolate eyes were alight with glee.

    It was unclear what they were doing, but it was obviously entertaining for the both of them. And still not noticing, Marina practically jumped down the stairs, feet only hitting two of the thirty two steps. Her father right behind her. She was about to turn when she saw the group at the door way, and letting out a surprised yelp, tripped, and slid to a stop on her back, staring at them wide eyed, completely unsure on what to do.

    Thankfully, her father was less shocked, having expected the group, but not this early. He jogged over to her and helped her up, whispering something that sounded like "Go, look royalty". She did the exact opposite, letting out a snort of a laugh, then trotting back out the room.

    Her father sighed. "Excuse my daughter, she just excited about he-" A yell came from the hallway she went to "No I'm not!" He let out another boom of a laugh, "If only she was like this all the time. Uh.." he cleared his throat. "I, hadn't expect you to show this early. Quite impressive I have to admit. P-please... This way." He swayed an arm toward the stairs he came from, leading the troupe to where ever it was that they were going to stay.

    Marina however, was still watching. far down the hall, she looked completely different. She looked scared, unsure of what to make of the group, eyes darting to the largest member when ever he moved. Hiding behind the corner, her hair is what gave it away, her eyes now pinpoints.
  8. He was getting a little restless when the king and princess walked toward them. Her shock brought a small smile to his face though he tried to hide it since it was rude to laugh at a princess. He assumed she was the princess since the man who had been walking beside her had the crown. It was definitely an interesting first impression. He would have to learn more about her, she piqued his curiosity. Shy yet when she was away from people he noted how the chemistry between her and her father were stronger than her feeling toward being around a group.
    They were early, though he had not known that at the time. If it were up to him he would have been sleeping still by this point. His mother was close to him, almost as if she expected him to slip away at any moment. If he could have gotten away with it he would have. Though considering the small commotion that transpired with the princess he had taken a few small steps back to be a bit more hidden. Luckily his mother had not noticed otherwise he would have been in trouble. She would notice when he did in fact leave the group to go explore but that wouldn’t be until they were all on the move and she would be forced to continue on instead of disciplining her stubborn and free spirited son.
    The leader of their band stepped forward and bowed low, the rest of the troop following suit. “We apologize for our early arrival but we felt it was better to be early than late. We had tried to send a runner to inform your highness of our early arrival but it seems he did not make it.” For a moment he leader wondered why but figured it had to do with something unimportant. He would have words with the runner later for not doing his job. “We thank you for your hospitality and will begin setting up as soon as your highness wishes.” Straightening from the bow the leader followed the king to where they’d be staying. The rest of the troop followed after though Edward was slowly fading into the background. As he slipped between his fellow group he slowly knelt down and changed into a black cat with green eyes.
    What he loved about his transformations, they were not bright or flashy, he simply had to kneel and focus on what cat he wanted to become and his body did the rest. Satisfied he was in the clear he slipped into the shadows under the guards noses and began to explore the castle a bit but he paused and looked around. He could smell her, she was close. If that was the case she could have seen him change. He felt a bit panicked, what was he going to do? If she had seen him then he thought she might call a guard or something and then…well he didn’t know what but he figured it might be bad. Or for all he knew it could just be a figment of his imagination. Either way the pull to explore was just a bit stronger than trying to figure out if he would be in big trouble for what he’d done.
  9. She waited there for what seemed was half an hour.

    Believing that the troupe was gone, she slowly came out from her hiding spot, etching down the hallway at a slow, but generally normal pace. Poking her head through the hallway, and looking for any signs of life, bedside's the guards. Lifting the hems of her dress, trotted toward the open door at a quicker place, and began closing the door.

    Due to her small, and otherwise skinny body, it took her longer than she hoped, and consumed more energy than she expected. The door closed with a slam, but she didn't mind. Nearly everyone in the castle knew it was probably her. She slid against it into a sitting position, leaning against the large, mahogany piece, then turned her gaze to the knights.

    "Richard, Darrel. How can you stand there that long like that? Its freaky." The one on the left laughed, the only sign of life he made within an hour. She made a shooing motion with her hands toward them. "Go home, you know you're family's been waiting for you all night." The one on the right began to protest, but she hushed him with a 'spkeest' noise. And did the waving motion again. "Go! Skeet!" He let out a sign and began to walk away, but it was clear he was relieved to go and rest.

    The one on the left, Richard, spoke again, his voice now noticed as a deep, and British accent. "How did you know it was me? M'lady." She snorted out another laugh. "Because your an ape" pointing to his chest. And what went completely against royalty, pounded his chest, and walked out of the room in a very, animistic matter. It only set her into a fit of giggles. She liked Richard, he had been her fried since she was a child. But she couldn't view him more than that, thinking if he was something more than her friend it wouldn't be as fun, ad he was married. She couldn't, and wouldn't separate them.

    She had to admit... Marriage was all over her mind.

    She let out a sign, and drew her knees to her chest, hugging them, resting her head on them as well. Retreating back into her sad shell, eyes stuck to the floor in thought.

    She never noticed the cat that was watching.
  10. He had followed her when she had come out of her hiding position. The curiosity was offset by the movement he saw in her. From the way she was acting, she had not noticed him at all and that gave him an idea. At a small sort of trot he went after her, keeping as close to the shadows as he could he followed after her. Right before she was able to slam the door he slipped through and hid behind a potted plant watching in amusement the interaction between her and the guards.
    Settling back on his hunches he licked his paw and began to ignore what was going on. The longer he stayed a cat the longer he had trouble changing back but it wasn’t bad yet. The worst was when he stayed this way for an entire day. Looking toward a window he saw his mother staring out and quickly ducked deeper into the crack between the plant and the wall though it caused him to knock it over. He winced as any cat could and then pretended it never happened by licking his paw and walking a small distance away.
    The pot was cracked and the plant that had been inside was strewn over the floor. Dirt had spread out further than he had realized and he had completely forgotten the reason he had come out there in the first place until he saw her. Standing he started to walk toward her, curious about her. His mother did not see him and he was thankful for that but all pretense of hiding had vanished the moment he accidentally knocked over the plant.
  11. When she heard the pot break, she nearly jumped out of her skin.

    She practically did jump, and was on her feet almost a second after the initial sound. She looked back toward where Richard had disappeared, waiting to see if he would come. Thankfully he didn't, she knew she would get blamed for it.

    Slowly, she began to relax, and was baffled by the reason of the pot tipping over. But when she saw the cat, was caught between chasing it away, or allowing her curiosity to take over, due to her Elven nature, it did.

    She got back down on her knees, her head tipping to the side in confusion. 'How did he get in here?' She glanced toward the windows, and then the door, figuring it had to be that.

    Her chocolate eyes locked onto his, and she put her hand forward, beckoning the feline toward her. But withdrew her hand at the last moment. Her face, was now curious, gazing deeply into his eyes.

    She was caught out of her thoughts by the clamping of boots, armored, probably Richards. 'Maybe that wasn't so quite after all'. Before he could react, she scooped up the cat into her arm and practically sprinted toward the stair case, only to go around it and through a already open door on the left side. She always had an escape route planned. And gently closed the door with her free hand.

    Turning through a maze of rooms, corridors and hallways, finally reached a small, garden like room. There was no roof. It was the size of the average King sized bedroom, a hedge surrounding the walls. A large pine tree, with a rope dangling down it in the middle. She gently plopped the cat down, adjusting her dress so she wouldn't sit on it, sat next to the tree and leaned against it, thankful for this little sanctuary.

    Only to go back to staring at the cat, Brown eyes widened, as they always were when she was in thought.
  12. Looking into her eyes felt like he was drowning in a pool of chocolate. He liked it and was curious as to why she was allowing him to stay. Cautiously he took a few steps closer to her beaconing hand, head lowered, eyes watchful. He did not know what to think, she was not what he had expected at all. It surprised him that she would be so comfortable around animals, or that she would tolerate one, a wild on at that, in her home. He was going to meow at her but was distracted by the sound of someone heading toward them.
    He had been about to turn and bolt when she scooped him up in her arms. Shocked he let out an involuntary little yelp before bouncing along for the ride. He attempted to cling to her without scratching her and through some miracle managed it as they wound their way through a maze. Each part of it he tried to memorize but there was no way he would be able to. Giving up he let himself be taken to a very lovely garden room.
    When he was set down he was tense ears back slightly and eyes looking around. He was leaning a little on his front paws and it looked like he might bolt should anything jump out at him. Sniffing the ground he looked up to see her staring at him again. She was an interesting woman to say the least. He lowered his gaze as he began to explore his nose sniffing at things here and there before deciding it was an alright place. His feline form was longer than most house cats but that was just because it was easier to do that than have to try and get even smaller.
    Stretching he needed the ground, elongating his claws and then pulling them back in with each push against the ground. Glancing over at the princes he thought about what she would do if she ever found out he was a man, well a young man but still a man. Shaking the thought away he licked his paw a bit and then headed over to her as nonchalant as he could. When he reached her he wiggled his tail a bit and pounced on the tree and began to climb up to the first branch so he could see more of this garden paradise.
    He was sure his mother would be worried about him by then but there was nothing he could do about it now. If he should change the princes might feel inclined to chop off his head or something. He really did not like that thought at all. A part of him wondered if she could tell anyway but then pushed that thought aside.
  13. She knew very well she was in trouble.

    For keeping a cat inside the keep, and running off instead of taking responsibility of the broken pot. But she didn't care, if it was a way to keep the pestering proposals off her even a little bit, it was worth it.

    She loved the garden, it was the closest thing to the outside world she had, and the main reason for her bringing the cat here was to let it go. It wasn't the first that had wandered into the building, and hoped it to be the last. She loved animals, but couldn't let anyone, not ever her father know.

    So she sat there, watching it. It was... Different, at the least. She didn't know why, but she felt strange when looking at it. Like it was a reincarnation of someone, but they still had their memories... If only she were so lucky.

    She closed her eyes and relaxed, it had been forever since she last slept, having been up the entire knight, nervous about this very day. It was funny to her, how she used to hate waiting to reach the age of marriage, to go with a prince, make a kingdom... But, story's are just story's, and learned that the hard way, while being told a story about her mother.

    She missed her, even though she never knew her.

    Her breathing became more and more even, eyes dropping lower and lower. She could sleep if she wanted, and if she got in trouble it wouldn't matter. A pot was something small, and a scolding was just for show, not to be taken to heart because each time her father winked at her. And he would wait until she left here, it was her thinking place, her private area. Never allowed anyone into here, and not anyone.

    And with one last sigh, fell asleep before she even knew it. Thoughts jumbled up as always, even as she slept. 'Why did she die? Why am I here?... Whats wrong with that cat?'

    Her hand drooped to the side, before eventually falling to the ground.
  14. Lying on the branch he had taken in everything he felt he could at the moment and glanced down at the princess. She was different and he liked that about her. Normally it took him awhile to make friends, well not that they were friends, but he felt if things had been different he could be friends with her. Stretching again he dropped lightly to the ground his front paws hitting first followed by his back. It was one of the things he loved about being a cat, they could land pretty much ever time on their feet. There were some instances which he wished to forget because he’d embarrassed himself by attempting to jump on something and landing on his side.
    He knew she had fallen asleep, she looked exhausted and he felt he should just leave her bee but a part of him couldn’t do that. Inching closer he sniffed the air, trying to get a fell for her but that never worked no matter how hard he tried. A moment or two of that before he decided it would not do anything. She was not like most people, she had another race feel to her, not just human but he couldn’t place it. He was almost about to touch her with a paw as a way of thanks when a loud noise came from inside the keep.
    Someone was yelling and he had a feeling it had something to do with him. The troop was bound to know he’d left them by now. If he had to guess someone was sent out to look for him. Hopefully they were not told he could change shape because if he were found there alone with the princess he was sure there would be trouble.
    Carefully he slipped out of the room and attempted to make his way through the maze but so turned around he felt dizzy. He could hear boots and footsteps from people searching but they were coming from all over the place he could not pinpoint exactly where they were coming from when he felt a strong grip on the nape of his neck. Uh oh. He thought when he saw the face of a guard. His body was curled into a ball and his face was stretched from the fur being pulled back. In his mind he was going over everything he could say to remedy the situation. Nothing was helping. He just hoped the king would be forgiving when he learned the cat was actually the missing acrobat.
  15. She woke again, due to the sounds of boots and yelling. 'Can't I just get some goddamn rest for once?' She blinked the weariness out of her eyes, stood, and brushed off the small bit of dirt and fur. Which reminded her, she looked around for the cat, and was thankful she didn't see it. 'Must have figured out how to get out...'

    Walking out into the hall, she was too busy stretching too notice the commotion, until she bumped with into one of the guards. And, seeing the cat, blurted out without even thinking "What the hell is going on?" Noticing her outbreak, her face flushed the smallest bit of red, but used it to her advantage.

    Taking up the position of an aggravated princess, and the red making her look ever more. "And what are you doing with my little friend here?" Pointing to the cat. She tapped her foot, waiting with her arms crossed, for a reasonable answer.

    Again, sorry about so little details, trying to be one of the main people, while keeping her in a mystery at the same time can be difficult. =w= So I tend to put less in than I want, but don't worry! As it goes on I plan on making my posts more and more descriptive about her, since its slowly going into her own state of mind, and less people to worry about at the same time.
  16. The guard had no answer for the princess other than, “I was supposed to be looking for that acrobat boy when I found this creature wondering around. Animals are not allowed in the walls of the keep, or so I had been told.” The guard said regretting it the moment he said it. He was not one to speak in such a manor to the princess. He was new, only having started three days ago.
    Edward looked from the princess to the guard with his eyes since he could not move his head. It was beginning to bother him being held that way and he squirmed a little bit to make it known.
    The guard looked down at Edward and sighed handing him over to the princess. “I beg pardon, I did not mean to offend and I will keep this to myself if that is your wish.” To afraid of what could happen the guard quickly retreated feeling he is going to be fired in the morning if not sooner.
    Edward relaxed a bit and shook his head as he sat in her arms his green eyes looking up into hers. He needed to get out of the maze though he had no idea how. Tilting his head he playfully batted at her a little bit a small meow like noise coming out of his mouth as he jumped down looking behind him. He wanted to get out and she should be able to help him, at least he hoped she wouldn’t kick him out.
  17. She smiled slightly, having learned the way guards behave. He was new, though she did not know how long. And his eyes wavered when she looked at him, he was a good kid. But hardly a kid since he was most likely older than herself.

    When the cat batted at her, she let out a small suppressed giggle, then squeaked when it jumped from her arms. She looked after him, her posture now taking a bored, yet curious girl. "Whats the matter kitty?" Her head tipped again, which was strange for people. And she knelled again, watching.

    Her Elven part of her now finally showing. Her ears, were pointed every so slightly it was hardly even noticeable, but to an extent that showed it was not a normal defect, and her eye and color. The deep chocolate was rare for humans, usually only to those with Elven nature mixed into them. And the pupils, as they adjusted, the brown of her eyes began to point to the edges, every so slightly, which was common for elves but a more noticeable affect. And the only way to tell that she was to share the same breathing space with her, which was rare.

    She stared again, even longer. "You're not really a cat... Are you?" She thought it stupid herself, but couldn't go by if she did not ask that question. It was mostly by accident, having blurting out things in her curiosity for as long as she knew. "You want to get out?" in a disappointing tone, added, while pointing to the pine tree in the garden. "Should be easy for a cat."

    She thought she was crazy, talking to a cat. So hoping that it would follow her, walked back into the garden. Taking the rope in her hand, began to climb up the tree to her secret patio, where she could look at the entire city in peace.
  18. It seemed she did not get his meaning though when she asked him of he wasn’t really a cat startled him and he tried to plead his case with his eyes. He had figured she was different and the longer he stared into her eyes the more he realized she was part elf. Her ears confirmed it when he began to study the rest of her. She was quite beautiful and he felt anyone would be able to fall for her and marry well should she chose to let them. She did not seem to be the type to just marry anyone. At first it made him even more curious and he thought to ask her about both her Elven traits and the fact that she was still single later when he had to reign it in. She was a princess and from the look of things that had transpired before someone he should not mess with.
    He felt he should tell her the truth eventually he just had to find the right time to do it. When she turned away and pointed to the tree telling him that it would be easy to get out he let out an un-cat-like sigh though he was sure she had not heard it. Following her he quickly and skillfully followed her up to her secret patio. He had no intention of just leaving her there without finding a way back to the troop first. She was his only means of getting back without getting lost or caught by another guard. He might be good at hiding but when he was lost, that was a different matter.
    Edward sat on the edge and meowed again before he batted at her arm. He wished he could speak human while he was in cat form but he could only convey things through doing what cats do, though occasionally he was able to do something different. If anything her father would call for her soon and then he would just follow her to the main room where the troop was setting up and get yelled at there for being late.
    There was still a bit of commotion and he thought he heard his mother pleading with the leader of the troop from there. Twitching his ears for a better sound he listened to what was being said not far from where the princess and he sat hidden o the patio. The walls must act like a sort of sound system or something because though he could hear them he could not see them.
    “That boy is trouble, he is constantly running off and is continuously frightening the men with his little stunts. You promised me you would be able to train him four years ago and he is still a menace.” Edward heard the leader say to his mother.
    He felt the hairs on his back stand on end and he felt a growl escape his lips at the mans words.
    “He is doing much better. It is a difficult thing to control and though he has his faults he always pulls through for you. He does whatever is asked of him and all of it without complaint. If it wasn’t for him we would all be dead or worse.” His mother said her voice stern and defiant.
    There was a loud smacking noise as the leader slapped his mother. Edward was on his feet and a hiss escaped his lips, the hair was standing on his back and his tail was completely fluffed out. His body was turned toward where he though the voices were coming from. The thoughts of the princess had left him and the thought of going after the man who was harming his mother had rushed in.
  19. "You... you're that boy" Piecing it together from the cat's behavior to the beginning of the conversation. She stood, her eyes no longer curious but afraid. 'How as this possible? A cat shapeshifter?' She had to get out of there, frantically looking for any kind of way out. Always heard tales of assassins and the sort, gave her a childish fear of them.

    But, when she heard the slap and the womens yelp, gasped on her own. Slowly, her eyes turned down to the 'cat' and was actually surprised. He looked like he had absolutely no interest in her now, and she guessed by his movements wanted nothing more than to leave, she guessed that the women that was slapped. Had to have been his mother, or his aunt.

    She felt... Wrong, thinking he was just another freak. Now that she thought about it, anybody would likely want to explore the inside of an castle and share space with one of the most important people inside of a kingdom. She guessed that he was looking for their group, which was most likely inside of the guest's chambers.

    Her voice was shaky, still frightened. "Turn left out of the garden... Take the first right."She paused to swallow, thinking of the right way. "Wait until the last door on the left and you should be in there just... Don't... Don't touch me! I'll never speak a word of this I swear!" She thought that he was probably going to kill her, but couldn't think straight on what to do. So she just sat there, cowering behind her hands.
  20. His ear twitched in her direction and he looked at her almost as if he were seeing her for the first time. Though he was angry he felt a small pang at having scared her. The yelling below had gotten worse and after she had rattled off the directions to him he took off though he gave her a small apologetic look before he did. He hoped she knew he meant her no harm but that was the least of his worries now.
    Moving as quickly as he could he zoomed passed guards and anyone else who got in his way. Most of them actually jumped out of his way because he shocked them. When he finally reached where his mother and the leader was he transformed into a panther, eyes still green, and leaped on the man who was about to strike her again. He did not scratch or claw at the man just pinned him to the ground and growled.
    “Edward!” His mother cried out in surprise when he pounced backing away from him slowly. She was not necessarily frightened of him but of what would happen should he be caught.
    The man’s eyes had gone wide and when Edward felt he’d gotten his message across he got off the man and was shocked to see there were guards around. They were all armed and ready to attack. His ears went down and he looked frightened. Tail lowered he slowly tried to back away from the guards putting himself between his mother and them. He should turn back into a human but it wasn’t working like before. He was still angry and that anger was fueling his current change. It wasn’t allowing him to revert back just yet. Opening his mouth he let out a sort of whine in fright as the guards got closer to him.
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