Tale of a Human like animal

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  1. Many years ago their once was a whole colony of mystical creatures that had cat like ears and a soft fur body. A tail that stretches out to a good 5 feet long, bodies that is so gorgeous even to the naked eye to most humans could never resist them, in a way they were called “Incubus” but the way the acted were very different, the rarity of them were so high that if caught, you could instantly be a millionaire if sold in a black market. After most were finally caught and sold, they would die out without the right emotion treated towards them. They require specific love; they must have the right attention with no hate towards them.<o:p></o:p>

    Once night, a man went out for a hunt to feed himself, he was a very good shot in marksmanship, and he had been in the military under the Marines Branch for the Swat. He’s ways were the best of the whole team he was in, able to track just about anything on the planet he lived on.

    Well one night out in the woods, he came across strange foot prints that he had never seen before in his life, the foot prints were like human, but the toes that it left were only 3, just behind the trail of feet was a stretched out mark, as if it was dragging something behind it…<o:p></o:p>
    This is the story of the “Unknown Creature”<o:p></o:p>
  2. One mornming just before sun rise, the man known as with a nick name of "bonez" would wake up early in the morning, his alarm clock going off at 4 in the morning. with out a problem, he slide off his bed and walked out in the kitchen already wearing his hunting outfit as if he had it planned that he was going out tonight for food. Picking his rifle off the front table, he'll sling it around his back to have the strap support it on him. just before walking out of his house he grabbed his coffe cup that had "time to go hunt" written on it with a blood like font to it. He held his palm to his mouth for a long yawn to escape just before taking a jog out in the woods so he could begin setting him self up in the tree to spot any signs of animal trackings.

    "Another morning for a fat deer I hope"

    He said with a low tone to his voice
  3. Blaise felt the wind whistle through her bright orange ears as she hoped from tree to tree. Her hands grasped firmly around a branch then swung to the next. tail out flapping in the gusts behind her as she jumped. Letting go of one of the trees she jumped up and landed on her feet. lifting her head and swivling her ears one way then the other she sniffs the air for prey. "hmmm, human." She mutters as she started to sprint to the edge of the woods towards the scent
  4. Crouching down within the branches of the tree he rested in, he held the rifle barrel outwards and the boot against his shoulder pad waiting for any signs of quick movements by any signs of animals, or dinner in other words. His breath was low and slow, he acted as if he were still in the military sniping out intruders. Though it wasn't the military or war, it was just him alone in the woods wanting to feed on something.

    "Sure is quiet out tonight, not alot of movements going on"

    He reached down in his backpack that was already out in the tree that he placed just a few nights ago to pull out a bottle of water.
  5. Landing silently above the man she grins. There would be no water in there, she had taken it the night before. her tail flicked eagerly behind her accidently knocking some branches. "Shit" She curses and hops to the next tree over and looks at him. Jumping to the ground she disappears into the near by bushes to watch him.
  6. Examining the bottle of water being empty he'll place it down and clicking the safety off of his rifle. Moving his position just a little in the branch he felt the branch from above him twitch, but not really caring for it due to it might being the wind, he quickly swung around pointing his rifle towards the voice that he heard from above. noticing a glitch in the right side of his eye he swung his rifle back down towards the ground to search for what he just saw.

    Wh-what the faq' was that..

    He softly whispered but with eager in his voice. Placing the rifle down along the branch, he took hold of his 10 inch winchester double edge blade and took a leap down on the ground, he landed on his feet like a silent mouse, hoping to leave no trace of a thud impact.
  7. Watches him land with a blade drawn, "thats how this is going to be." She mutters to herself as she reaches to her waist and pulls out two daggers. "Lets dance." She says as she stands with a smirk and starts to run through the woods making sure he could see her tail flash as she runs away. Jumping through and over bushes with ease she gains distance in front of the bulky man until she stops to listen for his approach.
  8. As he caught a glimps of her tail heading towards a trap he had set up before coming out tonight. He took a crouch and began slowly walking around the trees to lose the contact of them 2, hoping she had run into the wire to releasea cage, meant for a rabbit. Quielty without a sound, he took the long way around to hopfully get behind the unknown creature.
  9. Stepping back she curses again as she feels the trip wire. Falling back she hears the cage start to fall. Flipping backwards it lands with a loud clang, "Very smart huntsman." She mutters turning in circles as she waits for him to hop out at her.
  10. As he heard the cage crashing down on the ground, he hid right behind a tree bark. Poking his head around the tree he'll notice that the cage was empty and that she was still out loose. Scrubbing the soul of his foot against a rock upon the floor, he'll tap the tip of the rock so it skipped across the feild and makes a stepping like noise in a pile of bushes just a few feet away from himself.
    "Come on out, I know your around here somewhere..."
  11. Flicks her ears to the sound and turns her back to him. "You know, youre very clever." She mutters as she steps hesitantly towards the sound. Her ears twitched in every direction listening for another movement as she stepped forward. her tail flicked axiously behind her as she walked.
  12. The male hears her walking towards the rock that he had just kicked with a grin crossing his mouth.
    "Wow.. shes beautifull, but no matter how beautiful she is, I gotta capture her and find out what the hell she is and what shes doing out here."
    He whispered quietly to himself. Kicking another rock at the exact same spot, he took a quick sprint directly behind her so he was only to be a few feet from the tip of her tail.
  13. Hears the second sound and takes another step forward.hearing the voice her ears flick back but she continues walking forward. Hearing the footsteps behind her she turns swiftly and points a knife directly at his throat. "Sit it was you then?"
  14. "Hmm.. your good, and your hearing is remarkably good. Just who are you in fact?"

    Just before she had noticed till she leaned in, he held the point of his own blade pointing at an upwards angle by her rib cage. His right foot slightly twisting for a swift take down if needed to.
  15. Feels the blade in her side and hisses. Stepping back she glares at him, "and give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you now? You wiped out my kind!" She snarls and the ears atop her head laid back angrily.
    Swiftly she drops Down on one leg and kicks out with a twist on the other, sending him crashing to the ground. Se then springs off her planted foot and lands on top of him pinning him with a knife to his neck.
  16. For one, I never seen your kind before.. I don't even know what you are.."

    He took a step back shealthing his blade in the holister next to his waist. With a second to remain, he jumped a back to avoid the downwards kick to his feet, with a dead stop he brought him self down to the ground so his right palm was the only thing keeping him up from the floor.

    "That's a decent side kick you got there."

    At the split second when the word "There" slipped out from his lips, bonez took a dive forward in a tackling position, In a clean twist in his body, he convered her back ontop of his chest, swinging his right arm around her neck so the crease of the insdie elbo cupped her neck, his left arm curved up to lock the arm bar around her neck, un ableing her to use in short of weapons against him now.
  17. Snarls and squirms on the grip. "Why you!!" She hisses pulling back against him. Planting her feet beside him in an awkward manner she pushes back but is still unable to break the grip. Using one arm to hold herself above him but still the grip she growls down at him. Slowly her body encased in flames and what was left was a flaming panther.
    Now in a different form from before she yanks free easily and steps back glaring at him as she shifts human again. "What do you want?!"
  18. The more she squrimed to get free the tighter his grip had gotten around her neck, but the second she transformed into the flamming panther, his gripped quickly released around her neck, putting the soul to her back so he could kick her off of him before he could get burned if possible by that type of flame. Standing back to his feet he slung his blade out towards her for a quick counter incase she charged back at him.

    "What do I want..? You mean what do you want? You came after me, I was minding my own business trying to hunt for food"
  19. "Hmm..." Stands completely relaxed in front of him. "Look if that's the case I'll just be on my way, I'm worth nothing to you." She mentions hoping he didn't know she would fetch a fortune on the black market. Turning her back to him she starts to walk off.
  20. Wait! Just tell me.. what are you?

    He slid his blade back in his holister showing that he isn't armed any more