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  1. This is the IC for Starlight City.
    Here is the ooc where you may submit more characters or submit things out of character.

    Known Locations at the moment ( For now, there will only be seven main locations, as the forum grows, I will add more)

    Starlight Academy- The school Academy where students can enroll and take classes from daycare all the way up to and through college. This will consist of the dorms, the connecting bridge between dorms, classrooms, houses for the teachers and the school's boiler room and adminstration office and medical wing

    Police Station- This consists of the station and the meta-human task force for the city and includes the jail.

    Starlight Graveyard- This is the graveyard where there is a certain god who you can make deals with to bring your loved ones back from the dead or visit the dead.

    Glistening Lake/Rainbow Forest- It is a rainbow lake and it shows you your favorite colors at certain times of day. The lake can give you powers if it deems that you are worthy. There's a guardian sprite of the lake. The forest is the area that surrounds the lake and holds the cities worst creatures

    Downtown Starlight City-- This consists of the park, plaza, town hall, hospital, the hotel, orphanage, harbor, bar, resturant/ brothel, apartments and Superior Genetic Modification Industries.

    Mirroredge Pantheon- This is where the gods of the city reside.

    The portal- This is where people from other worlds can stumble into here. (limited to 2 per person)

    Starlight Crevice- Recently formed by the breaking up of the church, it now holds a stairway to Heaven and Highway to Hell.

    Shining Stars- The most ritzy hotel in all the city. It often hosts parties and rich events.

    Arch 1 is completed.

    Arch 2: Harboring Some Dark Secrets is finished

    Arch 2.5: Take Me to Church is also finished.

    Arch 3: Chaos at The Fall Ball is finished.

    Arch 4: The Cryptic Calm is finished

    Arch 4.5: B4 is thee current arch
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  2. Moving day. It was both a great yet terrible day for the twenty-year-old. Great because it’s a day of adventure and laziness. Terrible because it meant the next day school would start. Nevertheless, she continued to smile as she went out of her cab and paid the driver with a generous tip – she had the money so why not let others benefit as well? – saying, “Have a safe trip, sir!” as she closed the door and watched the car drive away. She tucked strands of her short hair behind her ear, revealing an earbud from the earphones connected to her phone. Bringing out her phone from her pocket, she sent a quick message to her guardian – despite being an adult, she still had a guardian constantly pestering her about what she was doing – that she has arrived in school. Once the task was done, she pocketed her phone but continued to listen to what she had been listening since a while ago. Many would assume she was listening to music and she never bothered to correct them. After all, it’d be pretty awkward to say that she was listening to the police talking. ‘It’s pretty quiet today. Then again, all days start out quiet.’ And she wasn’t talking about the school.

    Before she walked inside of school and headed to her dorm, she removed the red and black cardigan she wore which left her with a sleeveless white blouse. She loved black but during the day, she preferred to wear white since it wasn’t as warm as wearing dark colors. Dark colors absorbed heat, after all. Yes, she listens to class from time to time. “Much better,” She said, mostly to herself, before she headed inside. As she walked, she pulled a red suitcase. She didn’t wasn’t to settle with a bag since her things are relatively heavy. Books, gadgets, clothes and shoes. She was proud to say she was an extremely fit person, jogging and exercising daily, but if she could avoid carrying a heavy bag then she would.

    Giving a smile and wave to those she knew, Emilia continued to walk through the school grounds, stifling a yawn while she did. ‘Man, I’m beat.’ Her nightly activities were the reasons she had shadows under her eyes. Naturally, she covered them with makeup. Many would assume her sleep deprivation was due to studying. After all, they were in college. It was the time where sleep is a myth. Eight hours of sleep would be utopia. Some would assume she was just partying. Both assumptions were false. Why? Because for starters, she didn’t party. Well, she did. But she never stays for long. There would be pictures to prove she was there but if anyone came to look for her at the end of the party, she’d be gone as if she had simply vanished. Of course, she would send a message later on and giving whatever excuse she could muster for leaving.

    No one would believe her if she said it, but at night, she roamed through the city and fought crime. The first time she told her friend, her friend laughed and Emilia just played it off as a joke. She liked to joke around often so it was easy to turn it as such. It was the last she ever mentioned it. But it was the truth. At night, she donned a black cloak and a mask. Honestly, she seemed more like a villain the outfit. But she didn’t change the design – she changed the material to something sturdier than simple cloth - mostly because it was what she wore when she first helped someone out. She continued to help out people while in the mask and the news of her heroism soon spread. At first, she was afraid that she might be found out. After all, she knew her guardian would be angry. Especially with her history. Even if she did good, heroes could still be turned to villains. It’s why not everyone accepts them.
  3. Moving day. It was one of Matthew's favorite day of the school year. It was great because he could easily charm the ladies on that day and get to know some of the other guys who could have been his enemy by becoming their BWFL ( Best Wingman For Life) and he had done that to so many people and he was great at it. He however hated how his father insisted on driving him ever since good old Nick had pulled him off for speeding and still wouldn't give him his license back, despite the fact that he was a good person. He bit down on his tongue as he scrolled through the school feed and shout a text to one of the guys he had befriended early last year and waited for him to reply as he sat in the car bored. He wished his dad would put on some tunes or at least give him some headphones, but he wouldn't because of the fact he had broken something early in the year. The car finally stopped and Matthew quickly took out his keys for the dorm and stuff for the year that hadn't been shipped here ahead of time. " Bye Pops, see you later," he said, pulling out his earbuds and put on the hacked line for the police. What the head of police didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

    Matthew wasn't one to shy away from undressing randomly, but he hated removing his coat because of how cold or warm the dorm rooms were. He never understood the point of making them so hot and so cold in there. It was one of the many things he didn't get about the school that was meant to help aid young heroes/ young villains who applied as heroes in combat. He wondered who he was going to run into today. He did have a few friends in the strangest people here. They didn't question him too much and he was fine with that. He didn't have to explain what he did on the side to anyway because it would get him into trouble. He had already enough problems without having to deal with the police arresting him for his superhero identity.

    Matthew passed by some of his friends and gave a friendly high five or wave as he entered the school and smiled. It was nice to make friends and he could easily do that without looking tired. He was very tired though and it showed in his slow work. Most of the people would simply make his sleepiness due to partying too much and being drunk but they wouldn't have guessed that he had been studying and checking the places where villains could appear. It had been a quiet summer for all the villains. Chase Hunter hadn't been seen, not since he had bitten him and activated a dormanent werewolf gene in him. There was no sign of Lucifer Junior, Cerin, Dark Matter or even Living Lightning in the large city and that worried him a lot. He wondered what plans they had now that the school year had started for him and he couldn't easily stop him.

    Nobody would believe him easily that he was one of the greatest heroes that the city had next to his own father, Shadow. They would simply scoff off Matthew Harris for being drunk or playing another practical joke on them. Very few people knew that he was secretly Twiggy and the ones who were in the loop were watching him too. His father, his combat teacher, the principal of the school, the chief of police and chief of medical staff knew due the times he had accidently wound up there and a select few that he choose did know. He had wondered about the new girl or rather the mysterious hero in the papers who wasn't him but he simply shrugged it off. He wasn't watching where he was going and he bumped into the girl who was so quiet in his class, the one who always seem to vanish from the parties like him. He had taken note of it and looked at her. " I am so sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going," he said.

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  4. Nicholas stared at the mountain of paperwork that he had to deal with. Well, he could go to doing that or he could get one of his officers to do it in his place. He wasn't lazy at all, but he had to get someone to escort the offiicer and his brother refused to do it anymore for some stupid reason. He sighed as he got ready to go out as he took off his gun, locked away his AK-47 and sighed. This was going to be a long day indeed. @Crysodic
  5. Emilia stopped in her tracks as she thought about the single most important thing at the moment. Her dorm key. Without it, she wouldn’t be able to go into her room and sleep. Well, she could if she were to pick the lock. But she’s pretty sure that’s not allowed in school. Same goes with entering through a window. Her guardian would explode if she tried to do such a thing in public. The idea of seeing her guardian’s reaction almost made her do it. Almost. She was finally given the freedom she wanted, she didn’t want it to be taken away because she wanted to irritate her guardian. Which she found unfair since the latter often annoyed her.

    Back to the problem at hand, she couldn’t remember if she brought the small object, and if she did, where she placed it. Her pockets? Nothing but her phone. Her bag? Maybe but it’s such a hassle to have to remove everything. Besides, the inside of her luggage looked as if there was a mini tornado that occurred since it was around one in the morning when she arrived home and began packing. It was only natural that she was half asleep when she did, practically just throwing clothes into her suitcase with the plan to mix and match later. The only pieces of clothing and items that she neatly placed inside a hidden compartment of her bag were those she needed as ‘Midnight’. She definitely did not want to check that hidden pocket while in public.

    The thought of going back home came across her mind, but it was too time consuming and tiring to go back and forth. Especially since she knew that tonight would be another late one. She planned to patrol the city but this time, she set a time on coming back to the dorm and getting at least five hours of sleep. It’d be terrible if she fell asleep in class during the first day. Honestly, what she does might not be necessary since there was another hero present in the city. ‘Twiggy, was it?’ She had to stop herself from laughing – unless she’d want to look crazy - but she couldn’t help the amused smile that formed on her lips. ‘What kind of name is that? Twiggy. Although I guess it sounds pretty adorable.’ Although the city was quite large and she’s never met the other hero with the adorable name. Although she did do actual research on the guy. After all, she’s said it before. Heroes can turn to villains. She’d like to know what she’d be dealing with in the event that they met.

    Focused on her thoughts – which has shifted priority – she didn’t hear the footsteps of someone coming towards her. Normally, she would and the following event could have been completely avoided. She was trained better than to let her guard down. However, she wasn’t Midnight nor anyone else at the moment, she was just an ordinary college student so she thought it was excusable. Besides, she didn’t really think she’d be so lost in her thoughts while thinking of her dilemma on her key. Which, returned to her thoughts just now. Although her focus was on the male who bumped into her. She knew the guy, not personally, of course but she’d hear about him from time to time. “Well, I was just standing here and spacing out so let’s just say, it’s both our faults, kay?” She told him with a friendly smile before deciding to introduce herself unless they fall into awkward silence. Awkward silences were terrible. “I’m Em, by the way.” She told him in a cheery tone before extending her hand towards him. It was always nice to meet new people.

  6. Matthew always kept hs dorm key close to him as he didn't need a reason to call his father and be lectured on the responsibility of keeping his things in order and to not get in trouble for picking the lock for the fifth or so time this year. He couldn't help it that the key was easy to forget in his room and was next to impossible to keep track of. He wasn't going to mention the fact that he had a bad habit of also destroying the key when he was holding it when he was fighting crime. And damn that key was expensive to replace, it cost him most of his allowance, it was better if his leg or even his hip was broken, as compared to his phone or key.

    He was so thankful for the fact that his father had packed his bags and he knew that the key was indeed in the front pocket of his suitcase, behind his textbook for the class he had failed about seven or so times. He was also greatful that his suit was one of the types that he could use a simple button to press on and off without having to worry about losing it or having to hide and lose himself in the darkness of a secret compartment or something crazy like that. There were some perks to having a scientist dad who loved him so much and wouldn't make him forget things easily. He was also grattful that sneaking into the school was easy and didn't give his enemy a chance to figure out who he was and try to ruin his normal life in a single instance.

    The thought of going straight to his dorm room seemed nice so that he could sleep for another long night. He was going to patrol at night and get a good four or so hours sleep and then have about three cups of cofee, one energy drink and one giant danish that would keep him going until the afternoon when he was sleeping too. He knew that there were many other heroes in this city, some easy to find and others a mystery to him. The OT ( Original Twiggy) was still around but had stepped down for him to take the mantle. The name of the new guy was Midnight or something stupid like that too and he had so many bad jokes. Midnight, did you forget the Cindrella dress costume? Guess when the time hits midnight, all the magic must happen. Midnight, guess it beats being 1AM. He may have read up on when the mysterious hero had appeared but he wasn't about to admit that aloud as he would not dignify the thought with something so trivial to him as it would seem.

    So lost in his own thoughts, he hadn't realized that he had bumped into someone until it had happened. He rarely let his guard down ( bedroom excluded of course) as he was paranoid that someone was going to kill him. It was always good to have your defenses up even if you were just being a college student who went to a school that housed all the grades. Of course, this was not brought up except when they had combat class where everyone was together. If you were 6 or 26, you all had the same set of combat classes or as he liked to call them more accurately, the levels. Level 10 was the one which he had been on since he had become a hero and nobody under 16 was in it yet. " Yes, I guess it was both of our faults, neither of us were watching where we were going and it makes sense to me. "He waited for the awkward silence that lasted when he met anyone at all, but it was indeed not there. She had introduced herself. " Matthew Harris, you can call me Matt. Not to be confused with Matthew Ryan Harris, my much older clone or Matthew Star, the actor," he said. He often prefer to forget about the 28 something look alike he had due to an incident in his past of vanishing.
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  7. woodcut.regular.png

    Moving day? Kent wasn't sure. He lost track of the days a long while ago, as he sat in his cell waiting for the fateful day to come. "Movin' day. Get up Burner." An officer told him as he knocked on Kent's cell. Must be moving day. "Burner? That's a new one. Shal I add it to the list?" Kent said in a teasing manner. "Sure kid. Turn around, putting the cuffs on you." The officer said back, pulling out particularly cold handcuffs that were placed in the freezer moments before. Kent turned around and placed his hands behind him, "Ah yes. The cold handcuffs can I presume?" Suddenly he felt a chill flow through his body and the slight hiss of the metal being slightly warmed. Kent's knees slightly buckled as the cold nulled some of his effects. The distinct smell of wood burning dissipated as Kent was escorted out of the cell and into a discharge room. "Ah Kent. Finally going to school?" The receptionist asked as Kent was re-fingerprinted. "Yes Judy, I'll miss you. Hopefully I will see you again under better terms." Kent smiled for the new photograph of him, and then resumed the smile towards Judy. "Alright Mr. Freed. Have a good year at school." Judy replied, typing up his transfer on the computer. Her voice was sweet and kind, even if she was in a prison. Kent secretly thought that she may have been a siren that calmed even the most hardened criminals. Shaking the thought from his mind, Kent was escorted into a SWAT van.

    Nicholas took a build in radio and pressed the speak button. "This is Carrier. Convoy start. Radio Silence until destination has been reached. Over and out." He put back the radio into the holder, as he received five "10-4"'s through the radio.

    "So much for, "discreet" guys. I want to make a good impression on my first day of school!" Kent spoke to the driver, and passenger through the bulletproof glass. With a thud, the glass slid shut, as expected. The passenger seemed familiar, Nicholas was it? Kent couldn't remember for sure, but Nicholas did book him for that one night. The van drove down the road, escorted by one other possibly empty van, three normal police cars (Lights on, sirens off), and one helicopter. For Kent, this is one of the more less security intensive convoys in his life time. The helicopter was so other meta-humans would not interfere, and the other road vehicles were just for intimidation to other possible gangs, or anyone possibly thinking about breaking Kent out. Kent himself did not expect anyone to attempt it and he was correct in his guess, as an hour later, they pulled into the side parking lot. The helicopter already pulled away as the vans and cars turned off their lights. All of the officers exited their vehicles, one squad car opening the side gates while the others armed themselves with their handguns. Kent himself positioned himself to step out of the van the moment the doors opened. "Alright Smokestack-" "Another new one! Keep them coming guys!" "Alright KENT. I'm going to open the door and your going to step out with your cuffs still on, and no smoke throwing." The doors opened slowly, and light flooded into the empty swat carrier. Kent squinted as he slid off the seat and landed on the ground.

    One of the new officers jumped, and started shaking once he saw Kent. Kent glared at the shaking man and shot him a devilish smile, before walking towards the teacher garage. As he practiced, or was forced to practice, Kent quickly stepped into the garage and changed into his normal clothes. He gave the prison jumper to a nearby vet of the police force that was tasked on watching him change. Kent then opened the door again, his powers fully functional, as the cuffs have warmed and have been taken off. "Now Kent. Your a normal student, and you haven't killed anyone within the last year. We have spoken to the principle and super attendant. Your to live here and lead a semi-normal life. Don't screw this up." Nicholas spoke to him as he stepped out. Must have stepped out while changing. Kent thought as he nodded to the mini-speech.

    Kent smiled and gave air handshakes to the officers that made a line towards the open side gate. "Oh its been good guys, i'll see you in a year. Possibly sooner! I'll miss you all!" Kent finally remarked as he passed the threshold of the parking lot, and stepped onto the rough path that lead to the main courtyard. Lights and sirens blared as the vans and squad cars pulled away from the parking lot and presumably headed back to the station. Kent fixed his tie and brushed his shirt slightly before heading towards the main courtyard. The yard itself looked beautiful, fresh cut green grass and brick walls ripe for graffiti. Somehow Kent would have to satisfy his itch for spraying, as rude old Officer Nicholas didn't give him back his spray cans.

    Kent strolled through the campus courtyard, glancing at a man and woman having a conversation. They look mostly normal. Did I get sent to the wrong school? Kent pondered, as he spewed smoke from his fingertips. As instructed many times before his actual trip here, Kent walked to the main desk with the quest to receive his key. "Hi, i'm here to pick up my key for the room." Kent spoke, expecting the receptionist to be as sweet as Judy. He was wrong. "Oh. My. God. Your the twenty-seventh person to ask for a copy of their room key. You already lost it? God I hate you kids." Kent was almost startled. Not only could he probably "accidentally" kill her, she could at least give him the time of day to look up. "Uh. No? I'm Kent Freed. I'm what you call..."special needs."" The receptionist forcefully opened one of the many drawers and picked up a key, and threw it across the room. "There is your key now get out."

    Kent looked back at the glass. Somehow, she managed to scratch the glass from a sitting position. Kent walked over and picked up the key, slipping it into his back pocket. His hands became enveloped in smoke, and a ball of ashes formed in one of his hands, as he placed the ball down under a seat. Kent quickly left after, and sprinted down one of the halls, towards his room. Seconds later, he heard a scream come from the room he was just in, and laughed manically as the room would have suddenly become covered in ash, and filled with smoke. Kent slowed down, as he was probably far enough away from the crime scene to look at where he was staying. The key tag marked 10-3 as the room number. Kent slipped the key back into his pocket and shivered as he walked down the hall. Even with his higher internal heat, the school's AC was too much for Kent. Quickly he found the room and inserted the key into the hole. Kent pushed open the door and was welcomed with a blast of heat, he half expected a storm cloud to appear over his head with the mixing temperatures. Either way, Kent slammed the door shut and was shown a room with nothing in it except for two beds, and a doorway leading to a bathroom. He sat down on the one under the heater and already started to contemplate his ways of screwing with his possible roommate.

    (I refrained from coloring Nicholas's words so other people are not confused if they use him.)
  8. Emilia withdrew her hand when the male didn’t take it for a handshake. She didn’t mind, perhaps he didn’t see or wasn’t the type to shake hands. She’s met people like those so she would understand. But if he intentionally ignored her, then that would be just rude. For now, she gave him the benefit of the doubt and continued to smile. “Yup, sure does.” She was glad that he agreed with her. Some would either continue to blame each other or take the blame themselves. In her sleep deprivation and lack of coffee at the moment, she didn’t have the patience to do such a thing.

    She rested her hand on the handle of her suitcase to ensure that it was still there. She’s lost her key already, there was no way she was going to lose her bag as well. Then again, it’s unlikely for her bag to disappear but you never know. Better safe than sorry, right? As for her other hand, she slipped it into her pocket, ready to press a button and change what she was listening to. It was just a security measure. Who knows, the guy might ask her what she was listening to. She found that being prepared beforehand would definitely be worth it in the long run. Take her packing for example. She crammed it this morning and now, she’s misplaced her key. ‘I really do have to find that. I think that lady in the office is going to be terrifying.’ She found criminals and villains on a daily basis since the latter part of summer. But the lady in the office? She’s heard that the older female was terrifying. It was primarily the reason she avoided going there. But oh well, nothing can be done now.

    When she heard the male’s introduction of himself – which was three times longer than her own – she gave a short laugh and an amused smile before giving out her comment. “Well, you’re definitely cuter than they are.” She told him playfully with a wink, although honestly, she had no idea who the people he’s listed are. They were familiar, she supposed but she was never good with names of actors and whatnot. She preferred to stick with books than movies. Some of her friends would tell her that she was missing half her life especially since most books have been turned to movies. Although for her, books will always be better than the movie version. Some are tolerable but most don’t have events that she liked or found significant.

    From the corner of her eye, she saw another student enter the school grounds and she decided to take a look at her watch before returning her attention to the male in front of her. ‘Guess it’s about time that students would be going in. Although I don’t think I’ve ever seen that guy before.’ She guessed he was new, or just someone she has yet to see before. The campus was quite large, after all.
  9. Lucas Star watched as they seemed to be moving one of his favorite people in the world, the smoke manipulator and they seemed to be dragging him to the school. It was kind of perfect in more ways than one for him. He knew just the place they would sent someone like him to go to school or at least the two possibilites that were there for the time being. It was only Starlight or Darklight Academy and he knew dear old Adam Knight would try to reform little old Kent to be a hero like him. Of course not everyone who went to the school was a hero and that made his life a little bit better as he could get one of his minions to get into the room with him and to try to keep him on the path of darkness for a long time and he could do it all from the comfort of his own desk without doing more than a text and if his brother or any of the noisy officiers that he had hired to work him he could simply use the business excuse of deals with some traders. His twin brother would believe anything he told him, his sister in-law would be more suspicous but she was at the hospital and wasn't an officer like her daughter and her husband and his dear old niece wasn't here today as she also went to college at the school. This wouldn't e his first time manipulating the system to his advantage or gaining something out of it. It was the seventeenth or so, the only thing he had to worry about him being stuck with the goodie two shoes or going soft on him in some way.

    Lucas groaned as his brother used the stupid police code to basically tell him to be quiet and for nothing to come up, that ruined all of the fun of the chaos he was going to cause and he sighed a little too closley to his mike but he wasn't about to admit that.

    Lucas was waiting for the time for his brother to leave and he may have listened to the conversation through the radio and the few bugs he had placed in all the cars, he just couldn't be too careful being the dark sorcerer and all of the city. He still needed some more time for his plan to formulate and that was saying a lot as he was usually good at making plans in advance but the summer had been dry and he had knew that the heroes had taken note and that meant he needed to up the heat and he had a place where he could do it, the harbor was do for another shipment, same as the one from another year ago but this time he wouldn't be foiled by any cop, hero or wannabe in a dress that happened to come his way. This time he was going to have entrances in and out of the harbor, an alibi that was easy to prove with a magic clone of his and if he planned it perfectly, two of him in the same place which would make anyone turn their head. He hoped that someone would be dying today or that little swaying he had done so the kid could get into the school was all for naught and that would make him pretty angry as he had did all of that for him and he could screw it up easily.He knew that Zane could handle it with the extra protection spells he had put on him due to all the weakness he had being only a meta-human and not a force that couldn't be broken and that was going to go well if he didn't get arrested or kicked out on the first day, but the school was known for its seventy plus strike policy on certain issues.

    Lucas had a few different ways of imaging how this was going to turn out and he knew that it was going to be funny too and that was saying something as he knew his brother too damn well it seemed. He had known that he was going to release him from his cuffs and give him this epic and boring speech which involved being normal and not trying to kill anyone since he had been good for the last year or so ( which was obviously due to the fact that he had not been near anyone who had annoyed me/ been in prison for many different things). He could bet that he would tell him that he was going to listen and then he would scoff it off as it was normal and leave him behind without giving him an escort around the school to keep his check for a long period of time and he could kill a person without meaning too and he was about to say something nice too.

    Lucas could imagine that the boy would wave them goodbye as if he was talking to some old friends and would probably pretend to be all mopey and stuff but it wasn't going to happen easily or simply as he might have thought. He imagined that the blaring would go off and then it was time for things to really start to happen. Of course, his good old brother would have not given the boy back his spray can and the boy would have an urge to do some grafiti which was impossible since he didn't have the tools anymore and then just like everything else he would have to go to the dorm room and he would need to fetch his key from one annoyed secretary who had to give them out for free on day 1 since everyone ' lost' their. ( They were all getting spares). Zane could tel him from this point.

    From the second that he entered the courtyard and watched the man and woman have a normal conversation which wasn't the least bit true, Zane would make note that the smoke was already coming out of his hand and it seemed that everything was going strangely perfect for some stupid reason. He watched as he got the key from the woman who was ticked off. She wasn't as sweet as Dorothy and that was because she had to replace her for over two years and hated the first day more than anything. He scoffed as he decided to not mention that she was human and by far the easist person to tick off and also to kill without losing your mind too. He expected the boy to do something interesting and he waited for it to happen as she handed him the key as if he was the one who needed to get a readjustment too and that was kind of funny too considering what was about to happen too if he was about right too.

    How the hell had the lady scratch the glass without getting up and he watched as he slid the key into his back pocket and that was quite beautiful too as he would see that to be so. He watched as he formed a ball of ashes and he decided that it was time to leave as he didn't want to be caught a scene of the crime, especially when it wasn't his fault for once n his life and he smiled the smoke and ashes which mean that dear old Griselda had left this world as she had asthma. Strangely, this was not the first time that a teacher/ student was killed on the first day. There was the time where some of the non-immortal creatures had died due to a prank on his part not that he would ever admit too it. He hated the fact that he had to room with the little psycho but it was the only way for things to go and well if it went south. If it did indeed go south for some funny reason then that meant he was going to lunge at the stranger too and then he would play shocky his favorite game with the idiot and that was saying something. He opened the door to the shared room and watched how things could go wrong and he was warry. He had been told many things about Kent and none of them were good but he could manage for once his life. He wasn't about to lose his mid yet as he watched what was going to happen for the time being as he would say to so many others.

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  10. Matthew hadn't noticed that she was going for a handshake as he hadn't been paying attention to the things that were around him for a little bit too and he looked at her and wasn't sure what there was to see. He just remembered something. He had that damn dorm key he had found while scouring the city and he wondered if it belong to her. She might have lost it when she was shopping or something, he wasn't sure how girls lost it. It wasn't like the city had any female heroes who could have lost his key and that was saying something about things too as he offered his signature grin.

    He would look at her for a moment and decided to see if she was indeed the one who had lost the dorm key on the ground. It obviously belonged to a girl as the key had a g on it while the boy's dorm had a b on it. He had learned that quickly when he had gotten lost and fought for things to do. He took a deep breath as he wasn't sure what to say at all. " I was just wondering something and now I know this is a strange question but did you lose your dorm key or something?" He asked, as he presented the key that he had found yesterday. If she answered yet, he could mention that he had found it before he had entered the school and was about to give it to terrifying Griselda ( he never thought he would miss Dorothy who was moody but usually sweet to the honest one) but the new lady was the worse as he could deal with Cerin and the other people, but her, hell to the no as it was something that he hated to do. He hoped that the old one would hurry up to show up too.

    He hadn't taken into consideration that his introduction was three times longer than hers. It was just normal for him to answer in this long way as he was used to people confusing him and noticed the playful wink and he couldn't help it, and he wondered if she even knew who he was- nope he didn't care if she didn't know about the people in bad westerns and great romance, nope, not at all as he would later admit to himself. He tilted his head and wondered what else he could mention as he was running out of things to talk about that would hold both of their interests which was rare but not impossible as it happened once or twice in his life and that was saying something and it was kind of perfect in so many different ways too.

    He looked over to the direction she was looking in and noticed the new student and was surprised. He knew everyone or practically everyone and he hadn't seen the student before. Who was he and was he going to make this school year more dangerous or more interesting as it would seem. " Looks like we got some new people moving in and that makes the school year all the more interesting to say the least," he said.

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  11. “Yeah, I did, which reminds me that I’ve got to go get a new one.” Emilia said with a sigh and followed by a small pout, she obviously didn’t want to go to the office. The question itself didn’t come off as strange to the young adult. But it did peak her curiosity as well as her paranoia. The question could be purely by chance but could he have seen her drop it as Midnight? She didn’t have to wonder long as the male explained how he found the small item. She breathed a sigh of relief, both for the explanation and the sight of the key. “My key! Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you found it.” She told him as she thought of where she could have dropped it and exactly how the male had found it. If she lost it as Midnight, then what would he be doing out so late? She rarely believed in coincidences. Everyone has a reason for being somewhere and doing something. 'Hm, maybe I'm overthinking. He might've just gone to a party or something like that.' Nevertheless, she stored the information to ponder on later.

    “I really didn’t want to go to the office. I mean, have you been there? That lady is terrifying!” She cringed at the thought of having to go there. “Seriously, you really saved me so thanks. I definitely owe you one.” She told him with a bright smile, talking comfortably as if they’ve known each other for years. Although she guessed it must be because of her talkative nature. Most people assumed she was a quiet person, often spending her time in the library and reading. But she only went there because what else was there to do during the break?

    When Matthew spoke, looking to the direction she glanced at earlier, she couldn’t help but wonder if he had some sort of double meaning in his words. ‘I might just be overly cautious.’ She thought, her smile never faltering as she responded, “As if it wasn’t interesting enough already!” Thinking at how odd her words might sound, she added, “I mean, just look at the news. I heard there’s a new hero, as if one wasn’t enough already.” Well, she mostly mentioned that just because she wanted to know what others thought of her nightly counterpart. “So much has been happening and it’s only the start of the year. I can only imagine what it’ll be like at the end of it.” As she talked, she noticed that people seemed to be rushing somewhere, ‘Huh, I wonder what the rush is. It’s not like there anything to be late for. At least, I hoped there isn't.’
  12. He wasn't surprised that she had lost the key as much as the fact of where he had found it. It had been far away from the school in front of city so there was no way that she could have dropped it easily unless she lived on the rooftops which meant that she must have had it stolen or perhaps- nah- that was a crazy thought that didn't make any sense to him too as he looked at the ground. He bit down on his lower lip and smiled too and wondered what to say. " Well, that certainly beats having to deal with grim old Griselda who seems to have as much charm as a snake hugging its prey," he said, as he stared at the ground for a brief moment too. He could have easily lost his key as Twiggy but it hadn't happened easily too. He stared at the ground with a sigh for a brief moment too as he looked quite confused on what else to say. Hopefully she didn't take too much thought into where he had found the key and just believed that he had found it at a party or somewhere else or perhaps even outside the school.

    Matthew smiled and nodded. " Well, it is a gift enough to help someone in distress and it would be payment enough, but if you want to help me, you could always take me out to dinner or we could do some studying or something like that," he said, trying to sound casual but came off as slightly flirty too as he was good at wooing people with a little bit of his charm. He had gotten many dates and sometimes a little bit more through it as if it was as natural as breathing air to him. Perhaps he could go spend time with her for a bit too. He stared at the ground too wondering what had happened.

    He looked at her for a moment and wondered if she had caught the double meaning to his words. Whenever the new school year started off, there was always some sort of insanity. There was always at least one appearance by the town's police force, one trip to the blind butterfly lady, one trip to revive a dead person at a price, one fight between a new hero or villain, seven lost teachers who quit or are killed, probably two to three explosions, one hostage scenario, probably a convoluted plot, and of course, there were always plans that involved the school that went from scary to downright comical. Of course the first day was nothing compared to the insanity of the rest of the year, if they had a calm first day, then the rest of the year was calm but if something went strangely ( it almost always did) wrong or insane, then the rest of the school year was balls to the wall all over the charts. He sniffed the air. " I smell smoke and ashes," he said, curious why that was.
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  13. “So true!” Emilia wholeheartedly agreed with Matthew’s description of the cobra in the office. She supposed that the male had his fair share of lost keys and trip to the office. Really, the school should make a key that’s easier to keep track of, ‘Or I might just place a tracker on it. That way, I’ll find it as easily as I lose it.’ Although losing the key isn’t exactly difficult with what she does at night. Doing a flip often made the key slide out of her pocket. It’s not as if she had anywhere else to place it. She definitely wasn’t going to place her key with her gadgets, ‘Because imagine getting something to use and bringing out a key instead. That’d just be embarrassing.’ It was what happened the first time with her house key, ‘And man was that terrible.’ In her excuse, she was still starting out then and she sort of still is. She may have been able to garner some experience but compared to the city’s other heroes, her time as one was quite short. Successful, but still short.

    ‘Focus Emilia.’ She told herself mentally, almost having missed what the male suggested. She had time to think of other things but for now, the male in front of her was what she needed to focus on. After all, it’d be rude if she just spaced out while he was talking, “Sure, it’s a date then!” Well, it was either a study date or dinner date, neither of which she minded. Although if they were to go on the latter, she hoped it would be a quiet night. She’d feel guilty if she had to ditch him because duty called, especially when she was the one who agreed on it. Besides, it’d be nice to hang out with someone. Naturally, the thought of their relationship progressing never crossed her mind since she always made sure it wouldn’t.

    Moving on from her somber thoughts, she heard his remark on the scent of smoke and ashes. Focusing, she could smell a hint of smoke in the air. ‘A fire?’ She wondered and guessed that it would be why students were rushing earlier on. It also made her curious if it truly was a fire. People with strange abilities – meta-humans – have been appearing in the city since long ago so maybe it was caused by one? Naturally, she wanted to go and see if someone needed help. It was easy to distinguish where it was coming from. Just look at the other students. ‘The office?’ And here they were, just talking about it moments ago. She looked to Matthew before looking towards where “Nothing like an incident to start the year off, don't you think?” She commented. The thought of a peaceful first day came to mind and she hoped it was going to be. But seems like she was wrong. After all, there’s always something happening in Starlight city. “I’m going to check it out, wanna come?” Whether he did or not, she would still go to see what had happened. She was actually already walking towards the scene of the incident with a quick pace.
  14. [​IMG]

    Kent glanced up at his new roommate as he walked into the room. He seemed analytical in his ways of looking around the room, and the way that he looked at Kent. "Holy shit, something is going down out front!" A student said, sprinting down the hall presumably to see what was happening. Kent gave off a slight smirk and scratched his cheek before pushing himself up off the bed and slipping past his partner for the next few months. "Hello, it was nice meeting you, but i'm going to see just what happened." Kent turned around and did a slight jog towards the scene.

    The event that unfolded before him was more than he even planned. A huge crowd, probably about one hundred students from what Kent could see, gathered around the office. The door to the reception area was wide open, even the previously scratched glass was now broken, allowing the smoke to flow through it. The lady Kent has previously spoken too stumbled out of the office and managed to catch her breath, inhaler in hand. After taking a puff of air, her mind must have finally snapped. "I quit! That's it! I can't deal with these motherfucking students in my motherfucking school! Find a new paperpusher!" The woman stomped off the property, coughing once or twice and having to use her medical device another time.

    Meanwhile, the smoke from the office seemed to flow endlessly. Some of the students seemed to become restless, maybe starting to think that there is an actual fire. Seeing that this is even more of an opportunity to do good and evil at the same time, Kent pushed himself through the crowd and into the office. "There may be other people in there, i'm going to check! Everyone else stay out, you may get hurt and might have to call for help." Kent said as he got swallowed by the thick black smoke.

    Once inside, Kent decided to casually look for others while thinking of his next plan, and possibly doing some minor looting. He weaved in and out of offices, being able to see more or less through the smoke, about half of the distance of his normal viewing sight. Kent ducked into one of the break rooms and grabbed a loose 10$ bill, before finally heading back to the front. Before he exited the whole building, Kent picked up his little endless ashbomb and absorbed it back into his power supply. The smoke started to dissipate and the ash starting to blow away from the open doors, but Kent had another trick before the day was done. As the smoke thinned, people with keen eyesight may be able to see the outline of a person, possibly the person that just walked in. But Kent put his plan into motion before any untrained eye could see him. Kent channeled the cinder ball once again in his hands, but letting it grow this time, to about the size of a beachball.

    Outside, more students and even some faculty has come out to see the smoking office. About two hundred strong, with a mix of students and staff members. Kent took his ball of smoke and ash and threw it out the door. As almost in slow motion, the ball flew through the air and landed in right outside of the door, blasting the immediate ring of people outside of office with embers, smoke, and ash. The people outside of the office and behind the first ring of people would be covered in soot and having the sweet smell of smoke. Many of the students were surprised some even screamed at the sound of the blast.

    Satisfied with his work but drained of energy, Kent turned into smoke himself and dashed back to the outer ring of people. "What the hell just happened! I can't see!" One student managed to say over the casual yelling and screaming of slightly panicked people. Heh, Whoops. I may have accidently blinded some people temporarily. Kent thought to himself, looking at the fruits of his labor. He turned himself back into a human form. Even though that Kent was supposedly very far from the blast, he was absolutely covered in ash, from his face being absolutely pitch black to his now probably stained white shirt. Kent ruffled his hair, more soot falling from it as it moved, and walked towards his dorm leaving blackened footprints behind him. He nodded to himself, pleased with his work and the possibility of no one even knowing. Most students started evacuating from the office area, only leaving the black footprints of Kent and a tiny ball of ash producing a thin column of smoke, staining the carpet the longer it is there.

    Once back to his dorm, Kent went into the bathroom and unclothed, taking a shower afterwards to wash off the excess ash and other junk that laid on him. Sure that was more of his power that he could take back, but the water from the shower was enough to empty him. Kent stumbled out of the shower and lazily put back on his ash covered clothes. He absorbed what he could from his clothes, leaving a few blackened dots on his white shirt before leaving the bathroom and flopping down onto the bed he laid claim to before. "Hmmmm. Today was a good day. And it's only four."
  15. Matthew was happy that she agreed with him as he wasn't afraid of talking about the cobra who occupied the office that most people had to go for to get the lost key. He may have had to go to the office about forty times or so, since he would leave his key in his door and it would be stolen and then it came to a changed lock and another visit to him too . He wasn't sure what to say about that and wondered if he should find a way to put it close to him. The last thing he wanted to do was pull out a key instead of a sword in front of his enemies and that had happened too. He may have had that had happen to him far more than times he would care to admit. He had been the laughing stock when he started but now he was famous enough that rarely happened as time progressed too. He wasn't sure what to say as he was a hero for a long time. He had been Shadow's unnamed sidekick once he turned 10 and went solo at about sixteen or so and had been ever since.

    Matthew was losing track of the conversation and that was bad when he was in front of a pretty girl who he could possibly get away with if she wanted to date him even if it was just something trivial to him. Those were his favorite types of dates as he didn't have to worry about screwing up and he could claim tiredness to escape to be a hero and not insult her hopefully. He doubted that she wanted to leave the date if he was going to pay or was helping her in some diffcult subject too. " Yeah, that is a nice thing to do together," he said, not wanting to sound too cocky as it might turn her off or make her feel insulted by him which was the last thing that he wanted to do to her. It was something briliiant to say the least bit about the matter of things too which made him quite curious too.

    He doubted that it was a fire since he had heard of smoke meta-humans and he may have been listening in earlier on Nicky's good old conversation with the meta-human who could control smoke and was coming to this school with some escort. He always caught things like that, but he wasn't about to admit that in front of her as it would give away his identity as a superhero too and he wondered if she was curious how he could smell so far away. If he hadn't been a werewolf, he had might have messed the smell of smoke descending in the area to be quite honest, but that wa snot the case at the moment. " Not the first time we started the school year with an incident to be quite honest," he said, as he was used to the days not being peaceful in this city and that was coming out of nowhere too. He wondered why she was curious to what was going on by there but he decided against asking her too. " Sure, might as well, go figure out what is going on here before things get too bad," he said. He didn't add the fact that it might be dangerous as that had become a given when you were living in the city or went to this school too.


    Zane looked back at him and wondered what else could be said about things as he paused and heard the student mentioning that there was something going on in the front. It seemed almost impossible to not know something when it was happening at this school and he looked at him and knew he was going to investigate his own handy work which was something that was too uncommon at this school as everyone could be so cocky and brave to see what could happened. He didn't say a word about her for a brief moment and wasn't curious to see what was happening too.

    The crowd that was gathered had all come to investigate from there. Not everyone there was a student, some of them were teachers, others were family members and aides who worked there and others were simply ghosts who had died and continued to haunt the school. It was half expected that when the asthmatic lady came out of the place and took an inhaler in hand that she was going to quit as she had enough of the school. She had made it a lot longer than most people had expected her too and some of the students and even teachers were exchanging bills that ranged from seventy five cents to seventy million dollars. Some would say that it would be inevitable as she was a mortal and not even ones withe powers either.

    Nobody questioned the new guy as they had seen people come out of the answers come from even stranger people and he could easily become a aide for Adam or someone else. Other people were quite skeptical of this boy and decided to go back to their dorm rooms to avoid the blast that might be coming if he was a bad or mischevious person who liked to cause trouble and they were on the recieving end of these things. Some of the teachers moved away from the area too and that was enough said.

    Watching from a safe distant was a security camera that showed what the boy was doing and worked through smoke and other meta-human pranks and belonged to one of the more interesting people at the school, the principal. It watched him as he took the ten dollar bill and then left with his giant ashbomb which he had put back into his room too and that was saying a lot. Ut watched as it seemed to wonder what he was doing and kept their eyes trained on everything. Everyone watching the footage might have seen a dark grin on his face and knew that he was up to something. As the camera adjusted, it simply saw that he was making a smoke ball and that it was growing in the size as times passed on to become larger and larger. Most people on the outside couldn't see this and the ones who had were already flying, teleporting or however they got out of their away and it was something to say the least bit when it came to incidents at this school too to be quite honest.

    Some of the students and teachers hadn't moved and weren't expecting for something like this happen and it seemed that the ball hit the people in the front or as they were more commonly to the rest of the school, the people who always got on the bad end of everything. Standing in the far back, Zane was watching him and even noticing that teachers like Robert Knight and Eros Valentino were clearing most of the students away from the area too, unaffected by the blast and the people covered in the soot too. Of course, some of the people were blinded by this and he watched as the boy turned to smoke and exited.

    Zane knew that poor sucker, he was the one who was always on the bad end of things when it came to things like this and he was stumbling away too and he wondered what else the boy had store for the school and why the police weren't letting him have an escort. Of course, the person who had last arrived were clearing away and he wondered what else was going to happen too. He walked back to the shared dorm room with the meta-human who had made the first day of school so damn interesting and he had a feeling that it wasn't just today that was going to happen as. He carefully passed by people, some fine and others covered in soot watching as some of the people covered in it, simply went invisble or vanished and others were gone too as he opened the door to his dorm room. Of course what he lacked in form, he certainly made up for in presentation. He muttered something under his breath and something started to clean the carpet and stopped the carpet from staining and leading to his dorm room. Ways to drive noisy people insane always worked.

    Zane sat back in the chair that he had left behind and simply tossed the electric ball that he made in his hand back and forth for the sake of boredom. He was waiting for him to come out of the bathroom so he could congurlate him on a job well done and he smirked. " Some chaos you made there, uncoordinated, but still kind of nice," he said, not looking up as he continued to toss the electric ball back in and forth. If the boy knew his villains, he would recogonize the electric ball as the supervillain Living Lightning too. " So, what do you have planned for the rest of the day?" He asked.

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  16. Raveen was contacted to kill a drug lord and destroy a shipment at a harbor he was also planned a bonus for any extra damage he did has checked the place for a couple days and knows exactly where his target will be and the drugs a warehouse in the middle of the harbor. Raveen turns himself into his metal body and blends in with shadows before planting bombs around the building where the drug deal will happen. "Easy job." Raveen says as he finish's with the warehouse and begins to plant more bombs around sticking on buildings ships and in little places that would cause more chaos and destruction.

    Riken arrived at a college and fixs his tie he dressed up in what looks like a expensive white suit with a white tie and white fedora on his head he also carried a suit case more for looks but he could turn that into a weapon if he needed to, he really did hate to dress like this but he had to look the part. He begins to walk through the college looking for the office for Mr. Solio, Riken then knocks on the door to the office expecting a answer and hoping he wouldn't have to wait long for one.
  17. Lucas looked at the water and was about to go to the harbor to make sure the drug lord was dead, as he didn't want his shipment staying at his port as he needed for other illegal things, such as guns and some illegal food that certain monsters like and things that would give powers to others that were meant to go to the science lab in town too. He did not need drugs on his harbor. He adjusted his disguise and assumed his Cerin form and his red contact lenses in to show the difference. He noticed the bomb maker and decided not to say a word and waited to see what kind of destruction he was going to cause.

    Lucien Solio was in his office, waiting for the mercenary who wished to discuss with him. It was easiest to do it in the academy as no one would suspect anything shady happening there too. He hoped that the man looked like someone who was either scholary or could pass as a student too. He took a deep breath and wondered if he would be surprised by his appearance. He was 2700, but could pass for 20 or so with the oldest he have been told was 27. " Come in," he said, his age showing his 20- something appearance.
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  18. Raveen looked around after planting some bombs but noticed a shaded figure off a ways a way so Raveen stayed still watching the figure if the guy wouldn't move Raveen would assume he saw him and have to tie up the loose end and then dispose of the body. Good thing Raveen had some acid back at his place he would just have to fill something up and dump the body in it he silently turns his hand into his sword shaped chainsaw he dosnt bother moving the blades around it even though it would make little sound since it wasn't connected to a motor.

    Riken opens up the door and walks in and bows to Lucien Solio. "Greetings am I to assume you are Mr. Solio the math teacher at this fine teaching establishment. Would you like the door closed." Riken was acting like someone he wasn't he would break character after the door was closed.
  19. Lucas looked at him and wondered if he had noticed that he had seen him. He assumed that he would try to kill him before he would talk to him. Strangely, this wasn't the strangest thing that had happened to him this week so it was kind of perfect too. He wasn't quite certain what to say before he noticed the blade hand. He muttered a spell under his breath for protection quite quickly. As much good it did, he still had a regenerative property and good old compromise if it had to come down to. He felt so strange that he had to resort to that strangely enough too.

    Lucien knew he had to keep this up for the camera outside and he ' accidently' sliced the wire from the camera in the office and it would take a while before he reported it too. " Closing it will be great. I don't think we should discuss anything with your grades or stuff until that door is closed," he said.

  20. The man didn't seem to be moving at all Raveen looked around and didn't seem to see anyone so he made the small blades on the chainsaw begin to move and he charged at the man hoping to take him down quickly so that no one else would see or hear what happened its times like this Raveen wished he had a silenced gun. He swings his blade for the mans head.

    "Oh my grades too bad that math has always been my worst subject." Riken closes the door and then takes the seat and the smile disappears from his face. "So you have a job for me I assume other wise you wouldn't have gotten my classified contact info and while we are on the subject how did you get it?"