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      Light Saber:
      Her first ever light saber was her grandfather's blue saber, but that broke on one of her first missions and she after word constructed a purple saber. Later on she upgraded it, making it into her dual bladed saber.

      As ironic as it is, she fears the dark. She is also very claustrophobic and hates enclosed spaces. Those two things coupled together is her worse nightmare.

      She is very knowledgeable when it comes to other planets, different species, and with languages. She also pays strong attention to the Force and tries to listen to it every chance she gets. This has made her able to work off of her instincts very well and make quick decisions as well, though her critical analysis makes her far from street smart and lacking in that sort of thing, her having to lean on Ben and Master Skywalker in that area when needed.

      Odette was born to the son of a once great Jedi. And that Jedi was Obi Wan Kenobi. Her father had told her many tales about him, even though she herself had never known him, seeing as he had died quite a few years before she was born. Still, she found herself feeling close to her grandfather somehow. It was as though through those stories she actually did know him, and she looked up to him. She used to wonder what it was like to be a Jedi, fight the Sith, and live such a life of adventure.

      And, she got her wish. She would know what such a thing was like.

      When she was just seven years old, a great attack had befallen her home planet, her mother killed and her father gravely injured. Yet, though the man was dying, he had managed to drag himself and her aboard a ship, where he had a pair of droids take them to a planet not too far away. And on this planet was none other than the great Luke Skywalker. She had heard of the man in man stories, but to think he was real? It was a shock for the little girl, and even more so that her father knew him. His dying wish told to Skywalker was for him to care for her and train her.

      Her father died and on that day Luke Skywalker became her Guardian. He was her Jedi Master and she his padawan. Anywhere eh went, she followed closely, watching his every action and learning from it, soaking in all the information her young mind could. The little girl trained with him, growing better and better each day. But, things were sort of lonely. All the company she had was Master Luke, and though he wasn't bad company, she missed the socialization of having other people around. Especially those her own age. That was why when Master Luke told her his young nephew, a boy just a few years older than herself, she was estatic.

      Yet, meeting this boy was just the beginning of the two young Jedis' long journey.

      Her fear of dark enclosed spaces comes from the initial attack on her home planet that had killed her mother and many of her people. Her mother had hidden her away in a small hidden room. Enclosed off from all light in this cramped space, she had been able to hear every scream outside of her safe place, including those of her dying mother. Her father had released her from the hidden area shortly after when they went to escape, but to this day it has scarred her and being in a similar situation of darkness and cramped spaces sends her into a panic.

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    It had been six long years that young Odette had become apprenticed to Master Luke. It had been a very long and trying few years, where she had to learn many traits of the Force and how to handle herself in certain situations. Of course, the way to handle herself was always the same. With a calm and careful approach. One where she thought on and calculated what each outcome woudl mean for her those around her. But, as trying as it was, it was all worth it and had helped her grow as a person. She was kind and compassionate just as any Jedi should be, though still had a bit of spunk in her all the same that the average twelve year old might have. Not that she had anyone to use some of that spunk on. There was the occasional moment where she would say something smart to her master, but that was rare and most of the time it when she did it was in a light and joking manner. Other than that, well, who else did she have to smart off at when the only two people hidden away on this planet was herself and Master Luke?

    But, she knew this was about to change. For Master Luke had told her of someone coming to them that very day. Someone to join them and stay with Luke just as she was. He would train along side her and learn the ways of the Force. She was rather curious to see what this new padawan was like. Would he be someone she could be friends with? Or would he be someone she wouldn't get along with? She was anxious and excited all in one just to have someone so close to her age, give a few years, coming to stay with them.

    She happily followed behind her master as they headed toward the meeting point on the planet where the ship as to land, her long blonde hair, which was pulled back into a poneytail, and clothes blowing in the light winds as they climbed over rocks and over tree stumps, the adolescent girl speaking the old man as she went along, "So, this boy...he's your...nephew?"

    There was a chuckle, "Yes, Odette. My sister's son."

    "And he's coming to train with us?"

    "That is correct."

    "But isn't it a little...late for someone at such an age to start training to become a Jedi?" She inquired, looking over at him as she pulled herself over a rather large fallen tree trunk, "I thought one was supposed to start training at an early age to become a Jedi?"

    "That is true by tradition. But," He used his saber to cut back some low branches to make a path for the two of them, "If we were going by tradition, you would have not been trained either. In the past years, long ago, Jedi were trained starting at the ages of four and five. You came to me when you were seven. If one is strong enough in the Force, age will not stop the person from being trained and becoming great in the ways of the Jedi."

    "And this boy is very strong with the Force, Master?" She asked, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

    He nodded in response, "Yes. My family tends to be very strong in the Force. And young Ben is no exception. This is why my sister and his father wish for me to train him." He stopped in his walking as they came to a large clearing and nodded to himself once again, "Ah, here we are. This is where they should land. Now, we wait." Luke sat upon a rock while young Odette sat in the tall grass of the clearing, sitting cross legged and taking in the nature around her. It was quiet and peaceful. A perfect place to mediate for a bit.

    Which is what she did. She closed her eyes, taking deep and slow breaths as she sat there, tuning in with the best of her ability to the Force, reaching out and feeling everything around her. She did this for a short while, in her own little world, until the sound of a rather loud ship came to her ears, breaking the peace of the surrounding land as, what looked like a rather old ship, landed. Luke stood up and so did she, standing beside the old man with curiosity in her gaze as she waited for the people to come out.​
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  1. "I still don't understand why you're sending me away."
    "We've told you this already, son. You're going to see your uncle for a little while."
    "But I don't see why that's necessary. Can't we just have him over to visit for a little while and then send him off on his way when all is said and done?"
    "Way to uphold your manners, kid..."
    "You're one to talk. And stop calling me by condescending names like that; it's annoying."

    Han Solo took in and let out a deep breath through his nose while busying himself with piloting the Falcon, flying overhead the surface of the planet that they had just arrived at while his son sat tensely in the co-pilot seat with his hands tightly gripping its sides. His mildly heavy breathing also served as a more emboldened reflector of what he was currently feeling, as did the blank yet acerbic gaze that settled upon his eyes when he had looked away from his father and turned his attention to the greenery of the environment that they were now travelling through. There it was again... The strange biting sensation in his veins. The one that made him taut all over as well as strangely hot, inside and out. Subtle, but somehow overwhelming. At this point, Ben knew what it was; he just didn't feel like saying it out loud. He wasn't exactly keen on finding out how his father would respond if he did.

    "... So what am I supposed to do when I get there?" Ben went on to inquire, in a voice a little softer than it had been a few moments earlier.
    "Just follow Luke's instruction. He knows his way with the Force; he's going to help with finding yours."

    "So that I don't turn out like my grandfather." The abruptly blurted reply was met with another deep breath from his father, who was becoming mentally worn out from his son's poking and prodding. It was obvious that both of them knew why Ben was being sent away to Uncle Luke's 'training grounds'. The young boy exhibited way too much of the more shadowy end of the Force's spectrum, and his parents were looking to have it rid from him altogether. That was too dangerous a territory for him to delve into. His mother especially knew that firsthand, for a reason that she wasn't comfortable going into depth about with Ben... which was also for another good reason that she never felt like openly mentioning. She felt like it would likely serve to open a can of worms that wouldn't be able to be closed if she even bothered to speak to such an extensive detail about the Dark Side of the Force.

    "Ben. You know that we're not doing this to hurt you," Han stated plainly, turning his head to look at his son for the first time since he had told him that they were leaving their home to take him to Luke, "but you're right. You're... quite similar to him in a couple of ways. Some good, some bad. We want to fix all the bad stuff, 'cause... you know. It's bad. No one likes bad stuff."

    "Way to explain it flawlessly, Father."

    "You should start calling me 'Dad' already. It sounds funny when you call me by that other name." Ben merely scoffed in reply, and soon enough, his mother and a certain furry-looking creature dropped by the cockpit to check up on the two men.

    "How's everything going between you two?"
    "Everything is going fine, Mother."
    "It's like you didn't even hear what I just said," Han sighed with an exasperated shake of his head, prior to the Wookie behind him letting out a brief growl.
    "Don't encourage him, fuzzball. You're not helping the problem."

    It wasn't much longer before the old freighter finally touched down at its destination, and Ben first shared a hesitant parting hug with his father after the two had gotten up from where they were seated.

    "Are you not going to go and greet Uncle Luke before you leave?" Ben asked once the two had broken away from their shared embrace.

    "No, we don't want to waste any of your time. Your mom and I think it would be best if you went to him on your own as soon as possible." Han's son gave a single nod in reply with his gaze lowered towards the floor, and the older man gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder while also offering him a smile. "Be good out there for all of us, would ya'?" Ben curtly nodded once more, then shared quick parting hugs with his mother and Chewie before exiting the ship via the landing ramp, and almost immediately spotting his uncle standing in front of a nearby rock with a young girl remaining planted beside him. Funny; he wasn't told that there was going to be anyone else here in this place... Was she here for the same reason as him, perhaps? Eventually finding it in him to move his legs once more, he strode through the grass until he stood more directly in front of the man and his female companion, pausing for a moment before offering a slight bow.

    "Hello, Uncle. It's nice to see you."
  2. Odette continued to watch in curiosity as the ship landed. Soon the ramp to the ship was down and the expected boy began walking out. She looked up to her master and standing on her tip toes went to ask him something quietly, "Is his family not going to come out to greet you, Master?"

    Luke chuckled and placed a hand on her shoulder, "No. It has already been discussed. We wish to get the boy settled in quickly so that tomorrow his training can begin. That wanted a quick goodbye to allow him to do so and that means leaving now." The old man approached the boy, meeting him half way and drawing him in a hug, smiling down at him, "And it's good to see you as well, Ben." Luke said to the the boy with a smile and a nod. He could tell with one look at his nephew that the boy clearly didn't want to be here. But, he understood his sister's worries and why she wanted her son to stay with him and be trained. He was sure that sooner or later the boy would grow use to all this and hopefully come to enjoy training. After all, training at first and leaving everything behind was never easy. It hadn't been easy for him when he had left Tatooine and it hadn't been easy for young Odette to be left here either. Yet, after the initial sadness and worries, he had come to enjoy his Jedi training, and so had Odette the longer she was here.

    Thinking that reminded him. He hadn't introduced the girl yet, had he? He supposed his sister nor Han would have told Ben of the other padawan that lived here as well. He glanced over to the girl, who at this moment was still standing where he had left her a few feet back, looking between Luke in the boy in curiosity. This made him chuckle a little. The girl was so sheltered here, having living here with him for most of her life, she hadn't seen another person besides himself in many years, so seeing another person was probably intimidating and exciting for the girl all in one, "This is Odette Kenobi." The girl blinked in surprise, drawing her attention from the looking between the two of them to look to her Master and slowly and hesitantly make her way over, "She has been training here with me for a few years now." The girl by this time made it over to them to stand beside him and Luke placed a hand on her shoulder, "I have a feeling she can surely help you get adjusted here and maybe even help you to understand some of the basics of the Force in your time together."

    Odette looked up to her master in confusion, as he hadn't mentioned that to her before. She was going to helping with this boy? But, she was still in training herself. Yet, she supposed what he was doing here did make sense. She was close to the boy's age so perhaps he would be more comfortable that way. And it wasn't like she was actually going to be teaching him. More of a peer tutor she supposed. Either way though, when introduced the blonde looked to the boy, giving a polite nod and a small "Hello" in greeting to him.
  3. Ben was too wrapped up in his own world to notice the comprehensive glint in his uncle's eyes as he now shared an embrace of welcoming with him, attempting not to be too tense throughout its short duration. But it wasn't like the boy needed to catch sight of it, anyway; he was apprehensive enough as it was during this present moment. Once he had backed away a step or two afterwards, he found himself subsequently being introduced to the young girl he'd seen with Luke, who was now a little distance away from the two of them. Presumably, she'd been giving them some space to allow for a little familiarization.

    Odette... Kenobi... Ben vaguely recognized the surname, and made that the temporary focus of his thoughts after being told that she was in fact a disciple of his uncle's for a couple of years who would apparently be helping him out a little during his time here. He remembered being told something about how both his uncle and grandfather were once under the guidance of a Jedi Warrior who went by the name of 'Obi-Wan Kenobi', and had clashed with the latter at least twice before falling by his hand while going through the guise of 'Darth Vader', the once feared Sith Lord who had helped Emperor Palpatine maintain control of the Galaxy for a period of time with the Imperial Empire. Those numerous years were dark times for any remaining Jedi and they abided by a code, and yet he apparently had time and made the decision to pass on his family name... It was a source of genuine intrigue for Ben, and he figured that he'd touch down on the subject with the girl later once they were on their own- provided that she was comfortable with discussing it, of course.

    "Hi. Pleased to meet you, Odette," he replied with a courteous nod of his own, forcing the smallest of smiles upon his lips to try and make himself seem less intimidating. After all, experienced pupil to Luke Skywalker or not... she was still younger than him, and just simply young on her lonesome. He wasn't older by all that much, but his stature was still quite imposing for someone of his age. He didn't want to frighten her, regardless of how interested he really was in learning how to be more attuned with the Force.

    "... So. When and where do we start, Master?" Ben asked as he turned his gaze back towards his uncle, forcing the last word onto his tongue as he closed off his sentence. He supposed it was a formality that he was now supposed to use while under the older man's guidance, and as strangely foreign as it was for him to address a relative by, he figured that he might as well make the most of the experience and address him as such.
  4. At the slightest hint of a smile from Ben, Odette smiled back slightly, though she could see the sadness in his eyes and his fight internally as he stood there with them, and she could understand at least to some extant what he was going through. The day she had been left here was oh so clear in her memory, forever etched into her mind. Of course, at the time her situation had been quite different than his. Her mother had been dead, back on their home planet, and her father had brought her the short flight here to Master Luke, begging him to keep her safe and train her so she woudl be able to protect herself. And it was then and there that she watched her father's life fade and he passed on, her whole like changing in a matter of moments, just like Ben's life was doing now, turning upside down so that he couldn't rely on all he had ever known, having a stranger to watch over him for now on.

    When Ben spoke, asking where to begin, Luke placed a hand on the boy's shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze, "We will start with training tomorrow young padawan. Today we will rest and allow you to get accustomed to your surroundings." He looked to Odette and nodded to her, "Lead him to our home. I will go fetch some things for dinner tonight."

    "Yes Master." She said, giving a nod and then looked to Ben, nodding for him to follow her, walking back into the woods, hopping over the fallen trees and ducking under branches, just as she had done on the way to the clearing. It was very silent between the two. She wanted to say something. To make him feel better. But...she just didn't know what. Maybe it was best to just let him silently work through his thoughts and sadness and then talk to him and encourage him later. She supposed she would have to because no helpful words were coming to mind as they drew closer and closer to where they would be staying.

    Soon they had come upon a clearing small than the one the ship had landed in. In this clearing was a small hut of a house and on the side of the house was a small garden where they grew their food. It was a simple and self sustaining life, one that had done she and Master Luke well. And now would be the life Ben would live until further arrangements were made by Luke, "I know it's small and not much." Odette stated, glancing over at Ben, finally speaking since they had left Luke in that clearing, "But it works at keeping us safe and healthy. Luke spoke off possibly building another place, not too far off from this area. Where we could have more room to have other padawans come. We will have to one day after all, if we are to re-establish the new Jedi Order. But, until then, this is home."

    Despite what anyone else thought of this simple life, Odette enjoyed it. It was peaceful and gave her plenty of room to mediate and focus on the Force because there were no distractions. Not in a life like they lived anyway. She wouldn't trade this way of life for the world.

    Walking into the small home, she made her way through the halls and to one of the few rooms in the home, opening up the door, "This will be your room. My room is next door. And Master Luke stays down the hall." She gestured to the back of the home, "That way is the kitchen and dinning area. As well as the sitting room." She looked back to him and gave him her best smile, an attempt to cheer him up a little bit, "It's not so bad here. I think you'll come to like it in time once you get used to things. For now, if you have any questions and Master Luke isn't around to answer them, you can ask me. I may not have all the answers, but maybe I can be a little helpful at the very least."

    She shrugged slightly, "I guess that's really it for now. I'll let you go rest. Unless there's something else you wanted to know or see?" She asked, giving him the option for now to choose what he wished to do, whether it be to just be alone or see more of the surrounding areas, learn more about the Jedi, or anything else that might come to mind. Whatever it might be, it was up to him and she would do her best to be a good host until Master Luke returned.
  5. "We will start with your training tomorrow, young padawan. Today we will rest and allow you to get accustomed to your surroundings." Then, a crane of his head towards his other student. "Lead him to our home. I will go fetch some things for dinner tonight."

    Ben offered a slight nod in response to his uncle's answer to his earlier question, shifting his eyes toward Odette before trailing behind her as she began to lead him through the wooded areas close-by. 'Padawan'... The name for a Jedi in training, he managed to recall. He didn't have an extensive knowledge of much regarding the Order prior to its collapse when the Empire rose to power, but his mother had still told him enough that he at least had a basic understanding of what it was when it had once existed so long ago in the past. Keepers of the peace who were capable of harnessing the power of a supernatural element which guided the way of life itself... It was a topic that could be studied into a great amount of depth, but ultimately, he'd never decided to discover much more about it on its own. It just didn't manage to captivate him enough for him to really be drawn to it. But, perhaps... there'd still be something for him to find.

    The travel with Odette to the residence was almost utterly quiet, save for the crunching of a few leaves and branches strewn about here and there. Figured that it had to be that way; what was there for either of them to say? It wasn't like Ben very much felt like talking, anyway. Feigning genuine excitement for what he had to come would simply be a waste of both of their time, and as such, no words were spoken. It probably wasn't hard for Skywalker's student to tell that he wasn't comfortable with his current predicament in the first place. In fact, he felt quite bitter about having to be a part of this in the first place; were his parents really that worried about him going bad that they had to send him away to an uncle he barely knew for an indefinite amount of time so that he could be 'reformed'? 'Perfected'? Just how bad had his grandfather been that they felt the necessity to put him through that? It wasn't like they discussed him much; in fact, they often avoided speaking about him... so why were they so fearful of him becoming like the Fallen Jedi?

    Ben was at least able to stop thinking about the subject for a little while when he and Odette finally arrived at another miniature clearing where a small building was situated, focusing his attention on the younger girl when she told him that while it wasn't much, this was still a suitable enough place for them to stay while Luke sought out for possible expansion for his inevitable reconstruction of the Jedi Order. Amazing how every single member of the previous one had just vanished, really... Why was that, exactly? Another fact that the boy never had explained to him in detail, for whatever reason that was. Apparently, his parents very strongly disliked opening up about what the past had been like. Maybe he'd never really come to know just what those days were like back then.

    His room, Odette's room, Luke's room, the kitchen, the dining room, and the sitting room. A standard introduction of the place's interior that wouldn't at all be hard for Ben to remember, given the condensed size of the place. It could have been better, but... it really wasn't all that bad, in the grand scheme of things. It was still very livable-looking, and for that, he was at least grateful for. He nodded his understanding when Odette told him that he could ask her any questions he wanted to if Luke wasn't around, regardless if she really knew the answers to them or not. She really was a humble young girl; then again, he didn't know what else he could expect. Especially when she had been training under his uncle's guidance for years. When she ended off by giving him the choice of either going to rest, or asking her about something, he eventually decided that he'd go with the latter option and see if he could learn more about what he would be doing, and maybe a little bit about his new companion.

    "... Uncle Luke mentioned that you've been training with him for a few years, now. What was that like? What was there that he taught you in that time that he'll be teaching me?"
  6. Odette had to think about on Ben's question before answering, trying to think of the main things she had been taught throughout the years, "Well, Master Luke trains me constantly and there usually isn't much time for breaks other than the times he gives me for meditating and sleeping. Though there are the rare moments, such as this, when he will give me a break. Though that's probably just because you arrived, other wise I would likely be training right now. It will be the same with you if I am correct. It's a lot of hard work being a Jedi and so much effort and time must be put into training to become one." She moved to grab the two something to drink and then sat down at the small table in the sitting area of the small home, placing the cup for him across from where she sat, getting comfortable as she spoke, "Surprisingly, it has just been Master Luke and I all these years. You're the first person to come and train with us. You can imagine its good to have some company after so long of being left alone without anyone my own age. I've been here since I was seven years old, so..." She paused and counted in her head for a moment, "Six years. I've been here for six years."

    Taking a sip of her water, she paused in thinking before speaking once again, "Master Luke will be teaching you many things. Some of the first things he will likely teach you are the basic laws of the Jedi. The 'Jedi Code' as it is called. It is very important to follow the code, because if you stay from it and try to go against it, it could lead a Jedi down the path of the Dark Side. Something no one wants." She looked back up at him, giving a slight smile, "Aside from that, training is simple fit to the person. What needs to worked on for me, may be something completely different for you. And Master Luke be honest is very unpredictable. He doesn't just act in one certain way like most people do. You may think he would react to something one way, but then he actually reacts completely different than what you might have thought. But, he is very kind and compassionate."

    She shrugged slightly and continued on, "There were times, when I was a little younger, that I would try to run away into the forest, just to get away from all the training. But, after realizing how hard it was out on my own, I would always come back, expecting to be yelled at or reprehended. Yet, he never did. He was always so calm and very forgiving, talking to me and trying to understand rather than making me feel bad about myself. He always tells me that compassion is the heart of a Jedi and that he tries to model that in everything he does. I guess what I mean to say is, that he's very wise. And whatever training he will have for you to do first is what he feels needs to be worked on the most."

    Turning her gaze back to him, she smiled a little, "Tell me, what do you know about the force so far? Have you discovered anything on your own?"
  7. Well, that's certainly very flattering, Ben thought distastefully to himself when Odette informed him that she trained on a very rigorous basis with minimal breaks being involved in between her 'schedule', also making sure to tell him that he would likely also be training with her right now if it hadn't been for the fact that he had just arrived here on these grounds. He allowed himself to at least heave a deep breath in and out through his nose as he followed her into the sitting area and sat across from her at the table that was present there, nodding his thanks as he took the water-filled cup that Odette had poured for him into his hands with his eyes remaining fixed on his female companion all the while. It was odd for him to find out from her that she had actually been his uncle's only student for the past few years up until this point; there wasn't even a single other padawan who had come and went. Wasn't the old man's objective to attempt to rebuild the Jedi Order from the ground up? If so, why had he remained so focused on this one girl and no one else during that long passage of time?

    Ben supposed that would be a question to ask the Jedi Master himself at a later point in time. He listened again to Odette when she told him specifically about the 'Jedi Code' that he was meant to follow, and how if he didn't abide by those guidelines then he would end up falling victim to the Dark Side. There were so many hushed whispers about that aspect of the Force; no one truly alluded to it directly and they warned of the great danger that could arise from being consumed by it... but he failed to understand what was so frightening about it, even with a name as self-explanatory as that. Didn't everyone have some form of darkness residing in them somewhere? Couldn't that even be a source of power for people who had nothing else to fall back on? He had heard absolutely nothing explicit about it, and the only things related to the Force that he'd heard in detail only had to do with the Light Side of the Force, and the ancient Jedi warriors that used it. So many questions and so few answers... If there had been no reason for him to become invested in these kinds of strict practices, there was one present now.

    But other than that code, Ben still wasn't given any real details on how exactly he was going to be training (beyond Odette's earlier mention of meditating), only having it stated to him that the training would all be particularly tailored to the needs of the padawan being attended to. A funny thing for him to hear, considering that she had been the only padawan under Luke's guidance until his parents had brought him here. Apparently his uncle was also untellable in the way of interaction, as well. He wondered how that was going to turn out, and how Odette had managed to deal with that for so long on her own, without a single other person to talk to besides her teacher. It must have been incredibly hard, even with whatever training she'd undergone to become an experienced Jedi one day in the future and regardless of how forgiving Luke had been to her. Then she suddenly asked what he himself knew about the Force, and he realized with discomfort that it was his turn to speak.

    "... I can't say I've done much exploration into the topic on my own," Ben confessed, though his head never lowered and his eyes never wavered in their placement. He was far above feeling bashful. "Most of what I know about the Force comes from my mother, Uncle Luke's sister. I know about the old Jedi Order, how that collapsed shortly after the Clone Wars had come to an end and how my uncle eventually rediscovered the Force through a Jedi named Obi-Wan many years later... He shared the same surname as you. From my understanding, Jedi were not permitted to have families, and yet you are here... I wonder if you happen to know anything about that." He paused for a moment, lowering his gaze for the first time and narrowing his brows as he thought about something else for a bit before speaking again. "Come to think of it... my grandfather was a Jedi as well. Or, at least... he was..."

    Ben wondered whether or not it would be wise for him to speak about the fact that his grandfather was said to have fallen over to the Dark Side during one point in his life.
  8. At him mentioning her family name, she laughed when he spoke his understandings that Jedi weren't allowed to have families, "They aren't. At least, by Jedi code anyway. But, if that rule had been followed, I wouldn't be here and neither would you. You see, Obi Wan Kenobi; he was my grandfather. And, from what my own parents told me and what I have heard from Master Luke, he trained Anakin Skywalker, your grandfather." She shrugged, "Marriage by the traditional Jedi Code is forbidden, and even Master Luke has strongly abides by that, seeing as he hopes to re-instate the order. But, you see, back in the time the order had been destroyed and the only two Jedi left were himself and the old Master Yoda, Obi Wan Kenobi met my grandmother. He had been living on Tatooine at the time, watching over Master Luke when he was an infant and in the care of his Uncle and Aunt. It was during him staying there that he got married and had a child. After all, no one was to know he was a Jedi. He was in hiding from anyone who might find out. So, I suppose it made sense for him to live a life of a normal person in that way because everyone already viewed him as such."

    Brushing a strand of hair back from her face she continued, "They had my father just a few years after. My father was just three or four years younger than Master Luke. My father left Tatooine far before Master Luke did, though he fought in the Rebellion along side him. It was during the Rebellion that he met my mother and a few years after the Rebellion they had me on my mother's home planet and the rest is history." She gave another small shrug, purposely not getting into any more details, as doing so would mean she woudl have to explain to him the attack on her home planet and her reasons for being here with Luke, which was something she didn't want to do. It was painful to talk about and brought up bad feelings that a Jedi should refrain from feeling. She so, she left it at that and continued talking, "But, all that aside, it is technically forbidden to have any sort of relationships with another person other than friendship. Dating. Marriage. Those sorts of things distract from the Force and would cause trouble within the Order. It used to be that people would be expelled from the Jedi Order if relationships were discovered and that rule will likely be reinstated, along with many others, once Master Luke gets the Academy going."

    She looked up to him now, a curious look on her face, "Tell me, if you wish to that is, what you know of your family past. There are...some things I know about my own grandfather and yours as well, but...I felt some things were missing as well. I don't think I've ever been able to put the whole story together. I was thinking perhaps what you know about to might be able to fill in some details I might be missing." Most of what she had heard was before her grandfather's padawan turned to the dark side. Of before Vader was in existence and before the Old Republic had been destroyed. She wanted to know more of the history after all that, though had always been hesitant to ask Master Luke about it, unsure if it would trouble the man and bring up upsetting memories of his father.
  9. ... Hm. Odd that Odette seemed to refrain from offering any vivid insight on her parents after explaining how Obi-Wan had started a family of his own after hiding out on Tatooine and watching over Luke, no longer seeming to live solely by the Jedi Code. Ben would have thought that she would at least explain to him why she was brought here to train under his uncle's guidance, but not even that was something she did. Why was that, he wondered? Running over all the possible reasons for that in his mind was all he did, because he figured that perhaps probing for an answer would be a big mistake on his part. The smallest details of things were not something he overlooked, but they were also things he didn't do any digging into if he knew that they could result in undesirable consequences. He was smarter than to deliberately cause trouble in any given circumstance.

    Storing this thought into the back of his head like he'd done with several others over the course of his conversation with his uncle's first padawan, Ben couldn't help but slightly cringe a bit when she further enunciated how Jedi were forbidden by their rule set to be engaged in any kind of relationship with someone beyond a friendship, especially when contemplating how he and Odette came to be in the first place. Just how exactly could something like that be so easily restricted? Was falling in love with another person not a natural kind of emotion for all humans and human-like beings to feel and act upon at least once in their lives? Especially when knowing how two well-recognized Jedi of old eventually made families of their own despite the respective causes of their abridgement of the laws that they were initially expected to follow, how easy could it really be to inhibit such an occurrence of nature? This was where he knew he'd been right to be wary of the good that could really be coming out of his uncle's teachings; already he was asking more questions than he was coming to understand certain aspects of the Order, and didn't know how much of its structure he could really trust.

    Another thought that he was forced to abandon, Ben looked back up at Odette when she turned the focus back over to him again and requested that she tell him what he knew about his family's history, elaborating that she wished to fill in some missing blanks regarding her grandfather's story and in turn help him fill in his by having him tell her about his own old relative. He swallowed hard, pondering for a second on what little Leia had told him about the man who fathered her, Anakin Skywalker. A name that was held up in an honorable light, yet one who nobody- especially his mother, who was the only person left besides Luke who knew him well- wanted to fully discuss. Obviously there was much about him shrouded in darkness, which he wasn't sure why since it was already common knowledge that he had been a 'Sith Lord' for some passage of time while he was still alive. Just what exactly had happened for people to shudder at the very mention of his name?

    "... There really isn't much I can tell you about my grandfather," Ben admitted regretfully, taking a quick sip of water from the cup in his hands. "My parents don't seem to like talking about him much, and I have yet to ask my uncle about him and see what he himself says. All I know is that he was a Jedi named Anakin Skywalker, who trained under your own grandfather's direction and was discreetly wedded to Senator Padmé Amidala while in the Order before turning over to the Dark Side for a period of time, with Amidala dying shortly after giving birth to my mother and uncle. It was around that time that the old Jedi Order was disbanded after the Galactic Empire grew to power, and some years later, he found the Light again and brought about its collapse. My mother- Leia Organa, who fought with the Rebel Alliance in opposition of the Empire's rule, was the Princess of the once-existing planet Alderaan before wedding Han Solo; my father, who was once a smuggler who also joined up with the Rebels. They eventually had me, and now, they've brought me here because..." Ben had to pause for a moment, and fight not to look away from Odette as not to show his moment of weakness, pressing his tongue hard against his cheek for a few seconds before continuing. "... They told me that I may have too much of my grandfather in me. That I'm being pulled towards the Dark Side of the Force. That I may become like... whom others call Darth Vader."
  10. Darth Vader. The name held such horror, and yet at the same time such sorrow. She had heard some stories from her own parents, as well as Master Luke, about this man that had once been a great Jedi. It was sad that someone so strong with the Force would have turned against all that he ever knew and destroyed everything. And even though in the end Darth Vader turned back to the light side just before his death, that still didn't take away all the damage he had done. All the lives he had destroyed. She supposed that was why most people tended to avoid speaking about him, or his former life as Anakin Skywalker. It was a touchy subject, one that only reminded others of the grief and sadness that had once had its hold on the galaxy so many years ago.

    "From what I heard of your grandfather, he was a good man before he was seduced by the Dark Side. He helped many people and was one of the most powerful Jedi the Galaxy has ever seen. But, something about his marriage to Padme Amidala brought about his main reason for turning to that side. Fear of loosing her. Fear leads to such feelings, as well as attachment. He must have joined the Dark Side to save her, but in the end she died at child birth anyway." She said quietly, looking to him, "My father told me stories my grandfather had told him. Of sensing Anakin's slow descent to the Dark Side. How it wasn't so much noticeable at first, but over time, it grew more and more prominant. The fear of loosing his wife tipped him over the edge. The grief of loosing her anyway cemented his stance to stay on the Dark Side. Until Master Luke changed his mind."

    She shrugged slightly, "I never asked Master Luke much though. I figured it was too touchy a subject. After all, Anakin Skywalker...Darth Vader...he was Master Luke's father. But, perhaps you have more of a right to ask him than I do. After all, while he was Luke's father, he was your grandfather as well." She looked to him, trying to give him a reassuring smile, "I can say though, I don't think you will became like him. Anakin was overcome by fear and hate. It ruled his life. s long as you don't do the same and learn from his mistakes, you won't ever have to go through what he did. You are your own person after all, despite what others may tell you."

    She paused for a moment, and then opened her mouth to speak again, but didn't get the chance because by that time, she turned her attention to the door, "Master Luke is returning." Sure enough, within moment, the old Master walked in and Odette stood up, going over to help Master Luke with meat brought in that Odette would cook for dinner. She went to preparing the meal while letting Master Luke sit and rest. It wasn't as though he forced her to cook. It was just something she had always done as appreciation for all the times he had done so for her as a child before she got old enough to do so herself. And so, she working quietly and quickly to prepare the meal. Soon, within an hour, it was done and she set the table for the three of them to sit and eat.

    It was rather quiet as they ate their meal, though Odette supposed she shouldn't be surprised. They were practically strangers to Ben and so it made sense not a lot of talk would be done between any of them at this moment. And so, she continued to eat and once everything was done, she looked to Luke who spoke with a nod, "I'll clean things up out here. You two get some rest."

    And so, she walked with Ben back to their rooms, making sure he remembered where his was before she walked back in to her own room, sitting with her legs criss crossed on the floor, her eyes closed and her breathing deep and steady as she tried to meditate.

    But emotions were thick in the air.

    Anger, bitterness and fear swarmed the house and it was hard to focus. Normally her times of meditation were peaceful and filled with pure feelings. But these feeling that surrounded everything at the moment were no where close to that. And it wasn't coming from her, meaning it was coming from Ben. She didn't blame him. After all, there was bond to be some bad feelings after his parents left him here. He must have felt betrayed in that way. She tried to respect how he felt and tried to ignore it and let him go through his emotions on his own. But the feelings were hard to ignore and were suffocating, making her meditation time far from peaceful.

    Finally, after what felt like a long time, Odette opened her eyes, making her way to where Luke sat in the sitting space of their home. She approached him, opening her mouth to speak her worry, when he spoke first,

    "I sense it too, young one."

    Odette stopped in front of him and frowned, "Master, these feelings of anger and fear...even hate. They aren't good. If he continues to have those feelings something terrible could happen."

    "Fear and hate, " Master Luke began with a nod, "Are not good at all. You are correct. Master Yoda himself once said that fear leads to anger, and anger leads to hate. And hate leads to suffering. And all of those things lead to the dark side." At the girl's wide eyes, he chuckled and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Relax, my young padawan. Ben is far from the Dark Side. Those feelings he has right now are merely effects of the sudden change. It will take time, but such feelings will pass." He told her reassuringly, "For now, have you tried to go someplace quieter? Perhaps the trail? It would help to calm your nerves."

    The trail was indeed peaceful and always filled her with serenity any time she went on it. It would do her some good if she took a walk up it. She nodded and gave a slight bow, "I will try that. Thank you, Master." With that, she was walking back to her room to grab her saber, and once she had, walked out, only to pause. Perhaps...she should invite Ben? If the trail, with its scenic route and fresh air, tended to help her with her own emotions, then surely it could help Ben at least a little bit? Perhaps. But the only way to find out was if she invited him and he accepted.

    Walking up to his bedroom door she paused before knocking lightly, speaking up, "Um...Ben? I'm taking a walk. Up a trail. It's very nice and peaceful. If you would like you could come along?"
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