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  1. ~Welcome to Kinsley Prep~
    It was another day of fall. The sun was shining, a soft breeze wafting through campus. Noise seemed to echo
    from every corner. Some from students who already had their soul mates from last year, to newbies finally
    coming into the college campus for the first time. New or old, everyone could feel the certain magic that seemed to float through the air. The grass seemed to dance, and so did the leaves. Everything looked bright.

    And like any other student, Nova was enjoying such a time out in the wilderness. She had arrived like most dream walkers, walking out from a random direction with purpose. Wildlife seemed to flow through her, and she accepted it. Most of the aura's around her were a nice shade of green, or happiness, some a little yellow since it was their first year. It was the one day of the year most people were happy, and she could feed off all the good energy. She had received her dorm in the mail that weekend, Carver Hall. One of the smallest dorms on campus, but big enough to fit a large group of males and females.

    Carver hall, even in the day, was perfectly groomed, the grass freshly cut, and the flowers glowing. With a grin, Nova passed the club stalls, waving at a few others. After all it was the day all the clubs recruited freshman and others. But Nova already had her clubs all figured out. But it didn't hurt to look. Her bags floated lazily behind rolling on their own. The only way she could get away with such blatant magic was because of the tight security that locked the campus together. Magic was only allowed inside the walls, which were heavily guarded to prevent any teenagers from getting funny ideas.

    Walking inside Carver Hall, Nova took a glance around before heading straight in. Carver hall was as roomy as always. There was less of a buzz inside, but there were still plenty of people. Student officers stood guard around the halls, making sure no males entered the female side of the dorm, and vise versa. Nova waved to an old friend of hers, Angel, who was standing guard by the female dorms. Heading down the hallway, Nova's bags followed her cheerily, as the first day of school started.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Interactions: Elroy {@kryptonicangel}
    Location: Home -> Campus -> Walking through the club fair
    Mood: Content -> Flustered
    Outfit: Converse, Blue Jeans, Long-sleeved silver button-down shirt

    He floated on the bottom, hands behind his head as his tail gently waved up and down. The sun was high in the sky and it's rays shined above him, distorted by the gently flowing currants around him. It was silent under the water, peaceful. Here he didn't have any worries or responsibilities. He wasn't Kamon, he was one with the water. It floated over his scales, causing them to shimmer silver-blue, dancing and sparkling. He let out a sigh of content and was about to shut his eyes when he noticed someone was peering down at him from above the water. Kamon sighed and pushed off from the bottom, swiftly breaking through the surface. He pushed his wet hair out of his eyes and looked up at his older brother Kane, who was holding a towel and a pair of shorts. Kamon swam to the edge of the pool, crossing his arms and propping his chin on them as he gazed up at the man. His family's pool sat in an enclosed yard with such a tall fence that no one could look over or peek through the planks. This was because their pool wasn't like an ordinary one; it contained salt to keep their Ena healthy. And the pool had a deep bottom which allowed them to swim about with tails freely. His parents had suggested he take a swim before leaving to make sure his Ena would last the trip to his new college campus. He assumed Kane was here to collect him.

    Using his arms and a quick splash of his tail, Kamon hoisted himself onto the edge of the pool and closed his eyes. His blue-green tail began glowing, before it began to shrink and split into two parts. When the transformation was over, Kamon was left with a pair of humans legs that had a swirling scale pattern starting at his hips and spiraling down both legs to end on the top of his feet. The coloration was the same blue-green of his tail with the blue starting out near his hips before fading ombre-style into the green starting at his knees. With humans, Kamon can pass it off as a simple tattoo but if one were to look very closely, you could see that the pattern was apart of his skin, not simply inked on. The boy looked up just in time for a towel to be thrown at his face. He pulled the cloth down and shot Kane a disapproving look as he dried off. He was then tossed the shorts which he glared at with disgust. But he put them on because if he walked into the house in nothing but a towel his mother would go into a two-hour rant about decency. He had witnessed such a rant aimed towards his oldest brother Klaus and he did not want to suffer such wrath.

    "Dad says it almost time to leave so go get dressed."

    Kane said before disappearing into the house. Kamon sighed before following suit and heading up to his room where he got changed. He then made sure he had everything packed before carrying his bags down to the front door where his father began loading them into the car. His mother, five months pregnant, was staying home with Klaus and Kane while his father was going to drive him up to the campus.

    "Do you have everything? Plenty of salt for your water? Enough sunscreen? Your hat? Toothbrush? Underwe-"

    Kamon quickly cut his mother off before she could get too far, knowing if he didn't now, he would still be standing there ten minutes from now as she listed off every little thing he could possible take.

    "Yes mom, I promise I have everything."

    His mother smiled before pulling him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around her in return, however he quickly found out his mother wasn't planning on letting go after several moments. Thankfully his father came to the rescue, gently prying his wife's arms away from their youngest.

    "Honey, he's just going to college, not off to war or out to sea. We'll see him again soon."

    Kamon nodded, hugging his mother once more as tears filled her eyes. He gave his brothers a hug and climbed into the car, waving to his family who stood on the front porch, his brothers both smiling while his mother sniffled, mumbling to herself about her baby growing up. His father started the car and off they went, Kamon looking at his house once more before facing forward. The drive to the campus didn't take very long and before Kamon knew it, his father was pulling up next to curb. The young merman gasped in wonder, staring around before facing his father and giving him a smile.

    "Bye dad, take care of mom."

    "Bye Kamon. Have fun and stay out of trouble okay?"

    Kamon nodded and exited the car, grabbing his bags before facing the campus. It was beautiful and there was something in the air that caused him to smile. This was it. Excited yet a little nervous, Kamon hitched his bags up and began making his way towards his dorm, located in Carver Hall. He had received the map in the mail and he checked his route before stuffing it into his back pocket and enjoying the sights around him. He passed through the club stalls, stopping every now and then to peer at a pamphlet. He was so caught up in his surroundings that he didn't notice the person in front of him until he ran right into them. He squeaked, tumbling to the ground as his bags spilled next to him. He laid there, stunned for a few moments before he pushed himself into a half-way sitting position, one hand bracing against the ground while the other reached up and pushed his wild white locks out of his face, cheeks tinted a bright pink as apologies tumbled from his lips as he peered up at the person he ran into, bright blue orbs wide.
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  3. Taking the last bite of his grilled cheese sandwich, Alexis munched a couple of times before swallowing and licking some cheese he hand on the fingers of his right hand. It was 6:00 AM of the morning and it was totally unusual for him to be awake so early, but today was the day that he had to attend that college. He was sitting in a chair across a small table in the corner of his apartment, which was big enough for him. A baggage was standing tall and still beside the door, waiting for Alexis any time he wished to leave now.

    "Ah, is this really a good idea?" he thought with a slight sigh, looking down at the school letter that was laying on the table, some of his red hair hanging loose in front of his forehead, almost reached his eyes. Out of the blue, he began to remember he received this letter from a mysterious man the last month. Alexis was walking by through the shopping district, looking around the different shops by curiosity. Then, he lightly bumped with a hooded man dressed in a red robe. Just when Alexis looked at him to apologize, the man quickly took out an envelope from his robe and held it out to him. "This college will definitely change your life!" he said, a big grin visible from under his hood. "Why don't you enlist this year, mmh? All the information you need to know is inside this envelope, my dear." Alexis picked the envelope just by instinct, but he was totally confused about what was wrong with the man.

    Sighing, Alexis looked down at the container, noticing that it had a curious seal from a college. "Um, sorry, but I'm not interested at all, mister," replied Alexis and when he looked back at the man for return him the envelope, there was nobody. Alexis blinked in confusion, looked around and even turned around in an attempt to find the man, but to no avail. It was as he simply disappeared. Not giving much care to that subject, Alexis looked back at the envelope, kind of curious to see what was inside. After all, he was actually planning to finally do something for the sake of his life.

    And so, that's how Alexis Akima, a street renegade and criminal, ended up enlisting to Kinsley Prep. Shaking his head to wipe out those memories, Alexis sighed and stood up from his seat, picking the empty plate where a sandwich laid once and walking toward a sink to wash it. After that, he wiped his hands with a towel and turned around, taking out his phone from his right pocket after feeling it vibrating. Looking at the screen, he noticed that a text message just came in and its sender was Ayumi Casablanca, his ex-girlfriend since a week ago after finding out she was cheating on him. A scoff od disgust escaped Alexis' mouth but swipe the screen to unlock the phone and read the text, kind of curious to know what she wanted.

    "Alex-kun, I know you're totally angry with me because of what happened and I don't blame you for that. But, please, let me explain you everything, alright? This is not what you're thinking. Let's talk, my Prince. I can't live without you!"

    After reading the text, Alexis clicked his tongue in annoyance and quickly deleted the message. "Can't live without you? That's bullshit," he mumbled and locked the screen of his phone before returning it to his right pocket. He sighed deeply and looked around his place, a slight frown on his face and his bicolored eyes glistening. Deep inside he was still hurt for everything, but he wanted to be strong and move on, the correct thing to do. "You'll be fine, Alexis... You have been alone all of this time, so why bothering about been depressed of such triviality?" He was hoping that talking to himself would make him believe everything will actually be alright. A couple of minutes later, the horn of a taxi in front of his apartment honked around his place, ready to pick him and brought him to the college. Not losing more time, Alexis walked to the table to retrieve the school letter before heading to the door to leave and start a new life.
    Half an hour later, the taxi finally arrived at Kinsley Prep. After paying the driver and giving him the thanks, Alexis took out his only luggage and exited the vehicle, which drove off once Alexis closed the door. Turning around, he faced the enormous campus, his expression serene like always. He felt something strange coming out from it, but he didn't mind it that much, thinking that it was all in his head. "Alright, the letter said something about my dorm been in a building called Carver Hall," he mumbled, taking out the school letter from one of the back pockets of his pants. Reading once again the information, Alexis proceeded to walk into the campus, passing by some club stalls.

    For now, Alexis wasn't interested in joining none of them. He also ignored a small accident that involved two individuals which Alexis didn't recognize at all, but felt something strange on them. Something that didn't felt... Human. He scoffed, just looking at his path while dragging with himself his luggage. "I can't believe I'm already acting all paranoid..."
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    ■■■ MOOD: MIND = BLOWN

    "Yeah, Mom. I'm fine. Made it here oka--- Well, no... technically not there yet, but I can see it." The phone was burning hot on Seth's ear as he spoke to his mother. He had insisted that he would be alright during the hour trip to the new campus, but his mother wasn't having it. This was the third phone-call he had received in the hour and he had only changed buses twice. "Look, Mom, the bus is stopping and I've got to go. I'll call you tonight after I get settled in. Love you. Bye!" He hung up the phone with a sigh and looked out of the passenger window as the bus slowly crept to a stop outside of a massive gate.

    From a glance, the college looked obnoxiously rich, hiding behind its thick walls with a fancy gate permitting entrance to the few it allowed and to be honest, Seth secretly hoped they turned him away at the door. As he gathered his few suitcases, he couldn't help but think that he didn't belong, definitely not in a place like this. Still, it was his mother's wish that he attend this campus out of all the ones he had been accepted to. "It will be good for you," she had said to him before he had left the house. "Trust me."

    Seth carried his two suitcases off of the bus and walked toward the entrance, nodding at the security as they let him in without question. "So much for security," he muttered to himself as he walked on through. The two men hadn't even asked him for his name before opening the gate. Maybe the suitcases had given him away. It was move-in day after-all. Once inside, the boy put down the suitcases and slid a piece of paper out of his pocket. His room was in Carver Hall apparently, a small campus map printed on the back helpfully pointed out the dormitories to him. Content, he picked up his suitcases again and made his way to the dorms.

    And that was when he saw it. Magic. It was all around him and for a moment, his mind broke. His suitcases dropped to the earth with a thud, one of them popping open on the impact. Where had his mother sent him?!
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  5. Lavender Rose Richmond
    21 | Nymph | Bisexual
    Location: Campus Lawn Outside Carver Hall
    Interactions: Seth Maynard (The Mad Squeen)
    Color Code: #228b22

    Seated in her black limousine, Lavender looked out of the window and sighed. Her father didn't even bother to say goodbye. In fact, he wasn't at home at all when she left for the university. She had hoped that maybe, just maybe, her father would bid her goodbye but that didn't happen. He was in a business meeting once again. Well, not like she cared. She had expected it and was used to it. After all, she grew up with her father being away. That's why she became like this in the first place, right?

    "Kingsley Prep, huh?" the redhead whispered with a knowing smile, brushing off all the negativity and forcing herself to look at the brighter side of things. Today is the day she's going to a new place and she was beyond excited! She's going to have a new playground and tons of playmates! Oh, the toys she's going to play with! The people who are going to warm her bed! Her imagination was starting to run wild and she hasn't arrived at the campus yet! She thought of her dorm mate, her classmates, even the professors. Oh, I'm going to have so much fun! I better get the list of students enrolled and make a list of the people I want in my bedroom. Well, not that I'm picky~ Ooooh! I cannot wait for this school year to start!

    "Miss Richmond, we've arrived"

    Lavender was soon pulled out of her thoughts when her handsome driver spoke, her smile only growing wider before heading out of the door. It was a bright sunny day and there were already a lot of people in the campus! Just the perfect time for her to arrive.

    Black designer pumps clicked against the pavement as Lavender walked around the campus, her handsome entourage in crisp, black suits diligently following her behind while carrying her luggage. It seems like most people around her stopped and stood still to watch her walk like she owns the place. Heck, some people even stood out of her way! Who wouldn't stop and stare when there's a nymph walking by? It's inevitable for people to drool and stare at her. Besides, her arrival definitely caught people's attention but she didn't care. In fact, she loved it.

    "Gentlemen" she called to her entourage while looking at them sideways, her vibrant green eyes covered by sunglasses "Go put my luggage in my room. You know where it is right? And don't forget to feed Cleo and decorate--" Lavender didn't even get to finish her sentence when she suddenly bumped into a man! Her entourage quickly dropped her luggage and stood in front of her like a wall, asking her if she was alright.

    "I'm fine." Lavender said while waving her hand, signaling for them to get out of the way. She was beyond pissed. She thought she's going to have the perfect day and the perfect entrance but some nitwit had to ruin it for her! She wanted to know who had the audacity to stood in her way and punish him greatly.

    Her entourage quickly followed her order and stood behind the culprit, caging him like her prey. Oh, he's going to definitely pay.

    "You there! Four-eyes!" Lavender called out, removing her sunglasses and placing it atop of her head as she crossed her arms. She wanted to tell him off but she somehow got distracted by him. She's a nymph after all so she easily gets distracted by physical appearance. "Hmmm, not bad. You look kinda cute.. in a geeky sort of way. My guess, a virgin. Fresh but inexperienced." she said as she unconsciously voiced out her thoughts, looking at him up and down before focusing in his pants and squinting her eyes. "You got quite the package there. Oh, wait. I think its just average. Nah, less than average."

    One of her men cleared his throat to interject, glaring and somewhat feeling jealous at the attention given to the culprit. Who wouldn't when all of Lavender's entourage has a special connection to her? All of them are always fighting for her attention.

    Snapping out of her observation, Lavender smiled seductively and walked towards him. It wouldn't hurt to have a little fun with him.. right? Besides, he deserves punishment after all

    Lavender stood in front of the culprit with their faces incredibly close, her chest pressing against his as she rested her hands on his shoulders. "Look, I'm going to let this slide.. for now. But if you dare bump into me again.." She closed the distance even more when she leaned in and whispered, her hot breath fanning against his ear as she spoke in a low, sultry voice "You'll find yourself tied up in my bed, begging for me. Do you understand?"

    And with that, Lavender stepped away from the guy and walked away, her entourage giving the guy one last deathly glare before following behind.
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  6. 2016-08-09_01.19.23.jpg
    21 |Human/Host | Bisexual
    Location: Entrance - Club fair
    Interactions: N/A
    Mood: Enthusiastic/Nervous

    Teara was a bundle of nervous, excited, and more than a little curious as she exited the taxi she took to get here. Wearing her favorite black and white outfit (in pic) the bluenette had her hair down as usual, the silky waves falling just past her buttocks. Her bright blue eyes slightly shaded by the military-esque hat she wore but they still shone with excitement as she gazed up at the awe inspiring Kinsley Prep laid out before her. 'I can't believe I'm going to such a prestigious school!' She mentally shouted before taking her luggage which consisted of 1 large roller suitcase and 1 medium sized duffel bag that she slung onto her shoulder so it rested at her hip. After paying and thanking the driver she took a deep breath for courage, and strode onto campus.

    Tear made it through security without issue beaming the whole way. It wasn't until she was further onto school grounds that she felt movement in her breast pocket right before Elektra poked her little blue head out. "I was beginning to think you fell asleep in there." Teara remarked with a smile. Elektra looked out at the landscape with great curiosity. "This place is pretty fancy shmancy, how is it a bumpkin like you got in here again?" The little imp quipped with a smirk. Scowling the young women shoved the little demon back down in her pocket which resulted in a very unpleased protest from Elektra. "Hmph at least I'm not a Imp like someone I know...." She retorted playfully. Elektra grumbled some not so nice things about her heritage and humans in general that Teara decided to ignore as she came upon a large row of booths and people handing out flyers.

    'Hmm this must be for clubs...' Ever curious she wandered through the various booths, contemplating which clubs she would join this year. All the while lugging her suitcase and duffel, which seemed to be what a lot of the students were doing. 'Well it is move in day...' Flipping a lock of sky blue hair over her shoulder Tear pulled out the paper that held a map of the school and instructed her how to get to her dorm.
    "Carver Hall..." She mumbled debating on checking some more clubs out or making her way to the dorm.
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  7. Elroy Ronson
    Location:: Campus Fair
    Mood:: Irritation - Calm
    Interactions:: Kamon Demore [@Wingless_Angel]

    "Wake up you'll be late if you don't!" His mother threw a pillow at his face causing him to sit up groaning. A wide grin plastered her face as her son proceeded to grumble and make faces. "All of your things are already packed into the car. Hurry up so we can leave." Despite how ecstatic the woman sounded Elroy knew that the moment he steps onto the campus grounds she would breakdown in tears. It happened the first time he went to sleepaway camp and there was no chance of it not happening now.

    "Yes mother. I'll be ready soon." Elroy flashed a brief smile before his mother departed from his room. It was a bit of an exaggeration to say 'soon' but there was no time to dawdle. He got out of his bed, stretched, and continued on with his morning routine. Since today was more rushed he didn't take his time during his shower or while eating breakfast. In no time the young lad was fresh and ready to head off to the beginning of his new life.

    The car ride was filled with laughter and reminiscent stories of his boyhood endeavors until they arrived to the campus. It felt like such a short ride even though it took a little over forty-five minutes. "I'll still see you on vacations.. Take care of each other." Elroy said as he pulled out his belongings from the trunk. It wasn't all that much since he didn't want to clutter his new room but it was everything he needed.

    "Don't forget to brush your teeth and wash behind your ears. Oh and eat at least three meals a day and-" She cut herself off knowing she could go on forever. Seeing her little boy growing up was something every mother envisioned but was never prepared for. His mother pulled him into a long embrace, giving him a kiss on the cheek before wiping her eyes. "I know you'll be fine. You're not a kid anymore." His father said proudly as he also gave him a hug before the two got back into the vehicle and pulled off yelling goodbye and good luck.

    Elroy waved until the car was out of sight before facing the field of opportunity before him. First things first, getting rid of the luggage in his arms. He remembered that the letter said Carver Hall but finding it was another story. With the help of some random upperclassmen, he succeeded in doing so. It would take too long to complete unpack all of his belongings so he simply tossed them all on his bed when he found his room and proceeded to the fair. That was were all the students were and that was were everyone signed up for clubs.

    The boy was minding his own business, looking at all the colorful posters and wondering what club he would actually get into when someone ran straight into him. He had been here for not even twenty minutes and he already had people bumping into him. "Hey you should watch where you're going." He said as he pushed himself up into a sitting position annoyed that he was even knocked down in the first place, that was until he saw the other boy on the ground saying apologies faster than they fell. He felt bad knowing that was probably just a nervous new guy that was caught up in the moment. "Sorry... It's fine." The raven haired boy stood up and held out his hand to the boy to help him up. "I'm Elroy by the way."
    Helena Malarke
    Location:: Carver Hall
    Mood:: Intrigued
    Interactions:: N/A

    Helena woke up bright and early as she usually did, completing her yoga set and taking another shower before breakfast. Her father was also awake, loading her luggage into the back of their car. After she prepared and ate her meal she went up to her room to grab her little purse with her personal items in it. "We can leave now." She stated as she walked back downstairs. Today was the day that she could finally do something with her life and get out of this house.

    "I wish you'd change your mind and stay. We can rule over the others with your abilities." Her father frowned as she brushed past him. "Yeah well I want to actually do something with my life. Get in the car." She growled as she slid into the front seat. The only reason she brought him along was so he could take the car back after she unpacks. Her father was more like an annoyance in her head rather than the loving father humans had. She didn't resent the man because what he does is in his nature but she didn't find amusement or comfort in him either. "We should be there in about an hour and a half. Wake me when we arrive will you?" Helena gave more of a command rather than a question as she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

    In what felt like minutes because of the nap she took, Helena arrived at the campus ready to see what it has to offer. Her father did as she asked and awoke her from her slumber so they could unpack her bags. Seeing how there was no way she was going to carry all this by herself, she enlisted the help of a few random students who happened to be willing after a bout of charm. "Don't get into any trouble while I'm gone." She smiled happily as left with the group of helpers.

    What was the name of that dorm again... Carver I believe..? She paused looking around the buildings for the one that had Carver on it. "Ah yes." She smiled as she walked past the stalls of excited freshies and upperclassmen promoting their clubs. She wasn't the least bit interested in the clubs at the moment as her only task was to put her valuables safely into her room. The girl walked down the rather noisy halls of the dorm building, her summery dress swaying behind her alongside her pink hair. Soon she found her room, currently vacant, and had her little helpers lay her luggage on the floor next to the bed she had chosen before thanking them. Of course they were all happy to help and departed promptly after assuring her of that.

    Now should I explore or stay and put my stuff away? Helena giggled knowing she was going to explore before she began to make herself at home. Thus the young lady ventured out from her room and around the hallways of the building.
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    Location: Campus lawn//in front of Kingsley Prep --> Club fair

    Interactions: Teara (@Whispering~Melody )
    Mood: (Extremely) Nervous --> Awkward + slightly embarrassed

    Outfit: OOTD

    Come on, Mizushima. You'll be fine! Everything will be... fine. Great, really. Haruna stared up at the school, biting her bottom lip. Her over-sized ears were pinned back nervously as her tail occasionally twitched. The female looked around at other passing students, tensing up whenever she thought one would come near her. Figuring it'd be good to actually move from one spot, Haruna began walking somewhat aimlessly. Her gaze never remained on one thing. There was so much to see! It was frightening, really. She suddenly missed her parents, despite having no contact with them for years. The kemonomimi could actually hear her heartbeat clearly now, and it seemed so loud to her that she thought everyone around her would be able to hear it, too. Her chest ached and she had to stop walking, bending over just slightly to take a few deep breaths and setting her bags down momentarily.

    After a minute or two, Haruna picked up her two duffel bags and suitcases again. She frowned as she realized that she probably hadn't needed to bring so much, but just shrugged as she adjusted the bags on her arms. Even after her little panic, she still looked around curiously. She found herself stopped at the club fair, where she really did need to look around. She took long strides as she walked, hoping no one really noticed or cared about her rabbit-like feet. It always bothered her that she couldn't cover them with shoes or anything. But then again, the shoes would most likely be expensive, irritating to wear, and would look just as odd as her bare feet. Suddenly, as she was distracted by the other students and offered clubs, Haruna bumped into someone, dropping her suitcase and having it pop open. She cursed under her breath, blushing slightly. "Sorry, sorry! I didn't see you there! Jeez, I should really watch where I'm going..." The kemonomimi bent down to close her suitcase and pick it up, not making eye contact with the stranger once. Her large ears had perked forward in the commotion and her tail wrapped around her calf.

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  9. Julian


    |]MOOD: Dread |&| Excitement
    |]LOCATION: The Shop -> The Freeway -> The School
    |]INTERACTIONS: (me |&| myself)

    Julian laid his face on the countertop. He heard the flapping of papers being slapped up and down beside his head, then felt those same papers start slapping on top of his head now that he became an extension of the table's surface.

    "Come on!" complained the assailant. "You said you wanted to get out of this dumpy shop!"

    Julian rolled his head to the side to see the strange lilin-demon standing there, waving a pile of college acceptance papers around while making a big fuss about it. The creature called itself Shay, and at the present time, it adopted a fully male form to try to appeal to the brooding shopkeeper.

    "What the hell, man?!" Shay was not so much raising his voice as he was whining. "What are you -- just gonna wait here, hoping that the kidnappers'll come back and get you again?! How 'bout I just stuff you in my trunk then?! You want so badly for your life to light up with magic? My god, man! Come with me to Kinsley Prep; there is gonna be magic ALL over those school halls -- you might as well call it Hogwarts!"

    All Julian could think about was how Shay looked like one of those bug-eyed dogs with his big, glistening black sclera, which seemed to be ever expanding, encompassing all except a small circle of bright red in the middle of the black abyss, widening in hope and staring relentlessly into Julian's soul while he showed a hopeful smile.

    Sheepishly, Shay asked, "...humans like Hogwarts... right?"

    Lifting his head, Julian groaned. "Ughh... You caught me on a bad day, Shay." He propped his elbows up on the countertop, set his face into his hands started a slow smearing motion, making his skin mimic melting sludge as he drug his cheeks and lower eyelids down lethargically. He wasn't cut out for college. It was a stupid idea to have even applied for it in the first place. He didn't have the kind of dedication it took to attend any kind of courses without falling behind. So maybe the school was magical -- like Shay kept saying to push the main selling point -- but unless they were going to teach him, hands-on, actual magic, he wasn't interested in just seeing otherwordly students sitting along side him in a lecture hall, listening to a centaur speak about better buisness management.

    "Your days are only going to get worse the longer you don't get laid, my friend." Of course this was the kind of advice an Incubus would offer. As an addition, Shay patted the sad shopkeeper on his mop of messy hair. Maybe it was meant to be patronizing. Julian couldn't tell, nor could he care.

    Somewhere, the cat was watching, only coaxed out of his hiding place when he saw that head petting was happening, and obviously the fat orange tabby wanted in on the action. The pudgy butterball hopped up on the counter, mowing loudly and soon shoving his furry face underneath Shay's hands to start him scratching those sweet spots. The demon did as the cat demanded.

    "Come on, close up shop. No one's coming. Especially not you at the rate your love-life is plumetting. It's like the stock market crash of '29 in your pants, man. Makes me sad just seeing you."

    Julian snorted -- he was offended, but he had to laugh because it was the sort of stupid humor he appreciated. It was weird how just one laugh could lighten a man's mood by a whole lot.

    The next thing he knew, he was strapped into the passenger's seat of Shay's car and they were flying down the freeway, his cat digging it's claws into his pants to hold on for dear life at the speeds they were going. Shay occasionally kept adjusting the stick-shift, sending the vehicle into a forward burst which lurched and made Julian feel like his body was being pressed into the seat by a poweful force and his brain smacked into the back of his skull repeatedly the whole way.

    When they arrived -- rather shortly, because of Shay's speeding -- in front of Kinsley Prep at last, Julian had to peel himself out of the seat. His cat continued to cling, so he was forced to cradle it on his shoulder to give it comfort after that terrifying ride.

    "Alright, um..." Shay consulted his stack of college papers, the same ones he'd been whipping Julian with at the shop. "I have... no goddamn idea where to go, so..." He stopped to scan the campus for any sign of significant people. "Let's just go... you know, around or whatever. We're bound to bump into somebody."
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  10. 2016-08-09_01.00.48.jpg
    Location: Entrance - Campus
    Mood: Groggy, anxious, frustrated
    Interactions: Julian & Shay @-Vesper-

    Zarek didn't arrive at his destination until a little later in the morning. Stopping in front of the gates of Kinsley Prep he shut off his motorcycle and slide out the kick stand before unbuckling and removing his helmet with a relieved sigh. Using his forearm to wipe a few beads of sweat from his forehead he gazed up at the rather intimidating building in front of him. 'Guess I should of left earlier...This sun is so dam hot.' He thought to himself while hopping off his bike and grabbing a pair of sunglasses from his pocket and sliding them on. 'This is what you get for sleeping through your alarm." He mentally chided himself, ever the night owl he only caught a few hours of sleep thanks to his mind refusing to calm down about today.

    Shedding his biker jacket he tossed it over his seat, the black leather had a black wolf howling at a red moon on the back, something he found rather comedic. Retrieving his large duffle bag from where he had it strapped behind his seat, Zarek swung it over his shoulder to rest against his back the strap diagonally across his muscular torso. Slipping his keys inyo his pocket he grabbed his jacket and swung it over his shoulder holding it there with 2 fingers then his helmet with his other hand before. Turning toward the entrance he took a deep breath 'Whelp...Here goes nothing.' He thought as he strode through security with ease. Without his jacket Zarek was in a black T-shirt and blue jeans, both of which showed off his tone form quite nicely.

    Once on campus he moved so his helmet was tucked under his arm then pulled out the letter got in the mail from his back pocket and unfolded it. "Alright then wheres my dorm....Ah there!" He mumbled to himself as he spotted Carver Hall on the map. Problem was...Zarek sucked at reading maps, even one as simple as this. With a frown he tried to figure out which way led to Carver "If only I had some sort of scent from it..." He mumbled hating that he couldn't use his tracking abilities here. Glancing up he noticed 2 guys were standing just a little ahead of him 'Guess it can't hurt...' Shoving down his pride he approached the 2 with a friendly smile. "Excuse me, sorry to interrupt. But I was wondering if you could possibly tell me how to get to Carver Hall?" He asked politely while pointing at the dorm on his map, his voice was deep and a bit husky.
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  11. ~Ann~
    Mentioned- Lavender
    Mood- Nervous

    Ann wasn't having the best day. It was moving day for everyone at Kinsley Prep, and Ann was no excited. She had the muscle to move the things in, but the amount of people around was concerning. First off, there was some rude ass bitch right at the gate heckling some guy with glasses. From the looks of it, she was rich. No surprise there. She might have been some sort of forest person which was odd. She usually got along with those kinds of people, but not today.

    Ann pressed a very nice black painted nail against her lips, which were colored a nice flushed pink color. She was feeling very girly today, so she had put on an off the shoulder shirt, which hung off on the left shoulder. She had a elaborate sports bra on underneath that, and a nice skirt with little fox faces on the ends. She wore thigh high's with a cool striped pattern underneath. She just felt like she wanted to twirl around and around and around to show it off. But considering what it had been like for her leaving last year they would assume she had lost it. Last year she left so bare faced and loaded with sweatpants most of the time guys didn't even realize she was a woman.

    Looking around, Ann took a deep breath and started lugging her stuff into campus, her long dark eyelashes blinking with every movement of her eyes.
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  12. [​IMG]

    20 | Warlock | Androgynous | Homosexual
    Interactions: Shay, Julian, Zarek (@-Vesper- @Whispering~Melody)
    Location: Montague Mansion ------> Kinsley Prep
    Mood: Excited ------> Embarrassed
    Color Code: #FF69B4

    ------------------- ♥ -------------------

    It's early morning, and time for a brand new day. The sun is shinning brightly down on the Montague Mansion, and their family estate. The birds had done a well enough job at waking the only heir to the Montague name. Before his help could even arrive for their morning duties of prepping the young master for the day, the cheeky green haired young man was already up and about. He had thrown back the curtains, letting sunshine filter into his extravagantly furnished room, and immediately ran into the closet to pick out his attire for his first day at college. Obviously he went with a classy, yet modern, look with a checkered mid-sleeved blouse, tailored vest, and a matching pair of shorts that made the whole ensemble look almost like it was a romper. When it came to footwear, he managed to find a pair of thigh high socks of the same color and decided to add a splash of color with some pink shoes with blue bottoms. To tie everything together, he accessorized with a pink bow, and the traditional magician top hat.

    "Master Peyton? I came with your morning tea." The voice of his personal butler chimed cheerfully as he quietly entered the room. To his surprise Peyton had already dressed and readied himself for the day. The elder man set the tea and some breakfast. The man turned to Peyton with a loving smile, and it was safe to assume by that smile alone that he held a lot of pride for the young man. "You're already dressed and ready for the big day. I am going to miss you young master."

    "Oh bubba! I almost didn't hear you come in. Ohhh breakfast smells amazing. Tell Anne I said thank you." He flashed his caretaker a cheeky smile as he approached the table. Sitting down he ushered the elder man to sit with him while he ate. The two talked about many things while Peyton had his morning meal, and eventually it was time to get ready to go. Peyton had already packed for this new adventure the previous week, so all they had to do was get in the car and make their way to Kinsley Prep. One chapter of his life was finally coming to a close, and he just couldn't wait to flip the page and start a brand new one. His parents were to busy to see him off, but fortunately the entire staff decided to send him off with well wishes and good bye hugs. Climbing into their luxurious 2015 lexus, Peyton watched as the Mansion became smaller and smaller until he could no longer see it. The trip there was only around three hours, and they arrived with plenty of time to head over to carver hall. Unpacking was easy for Peyton, as all of his suit cases and boxes simply floated behind him as he made way for carver hall. When the driver was no longer in view, Peyton took out his wand and blew into it. As he did so, a round ball began to expand from the tip almost like a bubble from a bubble blower. When it was large enough Peyton pinched it off from the wand and then tapped his finger on it three times.

    The round transparent bubble then quickly solidified into that of a large yellow ball, with one solid green stripe and a red star on both sides. It resembled one of those balancing balls one would find while visiting the circus. Much like the clowns that ride them, Peyton did not hesitate in climbing on top of it and balancing on the ball. With ease he began to travel across the campus by rolling the ball with his feet. Every now and then if he passed another student, he would do a quick magic trick by having a random piece of candy appearing "out of thin air". He seemed to get a lot of positive feed back, especially from people who had a sweet tooth. He pressed onward for his final destination, which was on the other side of campus, the carver hall with his bags and boxes leisurely floating behind him. In the distance he found three men who seemed a bit turned around, and decided to offer his assistance.

    "Hey! Do you guys need any he-" though before he could even finish his sentence, someone passing by had kicked the ball out from underneath him, causing Peyton to fall forward right into the man with dark hair with red highlights. The offenders laughed at his misfortunes as the two of them tumbled to the ground, Peyton mindlessly clinging onto him for dear life due to his panic. The ball had rolled away some distance before finally poofing in a small sparkly cloud of smoke. "I-I'm sorry." he quickly mutters out an apology, for something that wasn't even his fault while the jerks casually walked away laughing.

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  13. [​IMG]
    Location: Campus lawn
    Mood: Surprised - angry - protective
    Interactions: Julian & Shay @-Vesper- | Peyton @Vio

    Before either of the 2 men in front of Zarek could answer his question there was a voice from behind that caught his attention, in mid-turn to see who the newcomer was he was suddenly glomped out of nowhere. Thrown off kilter the dark haired man tumbled to the ground with something heavy on his back, his helmet dropping to the grass along with his glasses at the impact. "Oof!" Frowning Zar started to get back to his feet, not even struggling with the foreign weight on his back. A weight which he soon found to be a person as his silvery eyes glanced back, a boy by the looks of it, who was sufficiently clinging to him like a gum to a shoe.

    Rubbing the side of his head he looked down at the boy on his arm. "Huh? What happened?" He asked in confusion to the stranger's apology. But that's when he heard a group of guys laughing and making jeering comments toward them as they walked away. 'Oh those people.' He thought at the same time his normally bright eyes darkened and his aura grew more than a little intimidating. Gently pulling the boy's grip off him he immediately walked straight for the group. "Hey! Did one of you do something to that guy?" He demanded, his voice an octave deeper than before and stone cold. The group turned to him and one sneered "So what if we did? You gonna go cry to the princip-" The boy's words were cut off when Zarek's fist suddenly connected with his face in a punch hard enough to send him flying into his buddy behind him. An evil grin crept onto Zar's lips as he straightened up and cracked his knuckles, a dangerous glint in eyes. The Werewolf had moved in such a flash of speed that nobody had time to react before his punch connected.

    "Now why would I go and do that when we're just getting to know each other?" He responded with enough sarcasm to kill an elephant. The other 2 of the group came at him, the one he hit already down for the count. "Heh..." exactly 10 seconds later the entire group was groaning on the ground and Zarek was hauling the one that kicked the ball out from Peyton by the back of his shirt over to the 3 students. Setting the bully onto the ground at Peyton's feet Zar glared down at him. "You were saying?" He prompted chillingly. The bully started bowing like mad "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!" He apologized. Letting him go Zarek straightened up rubbing the back of his neck with a sigh while the guy ran away. And like a switch the Werewolf's intimidating aura disappeared replaced with a welcoming one as a friendly smile came to his lips. "You okay?"
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  14. [​IMG]
    21 | Human | Heterosexual
    Clubs Fair near Carver Hall
    Interactions: Helena Malarke (kryptonicangel)

    Mood: Annoyed - Slightly Excited - Curious
    It took Alexis a couple of minutes to reach his dorm inside Carver Hall, thus he felt it took him an eternity, probably because his room was the last one, right on the 3rd floor of the building. In consequence, he was kind of annoyed and just wished to punch somebody to release all of the stress. "Well, I wonder who the hell was the genius that decided to assign me the damn last room of this place!" he mumbled with a growl, frowning as some veins popped on the right side of his forehead while climbing the last steps of the stairs, dragging his wheeled baggage that had a small backpack on top of it. "And what kind of 3-stories building has its elevator out of service!? Ugh, this is fan-fucking-tastic!" Alexis was also offended after a pair of female security girls glared at him with suspicion as he almost, and by accident, entered the Girl's Dorms Section. He was lucky that a kind, but weird guy with some kind of "Neko" ears and tail jumped in to help him and told him where to go. Alexis simply thought that he was the type of guy that love cosplaying.

    "I guess I need to repay him later," he thought after a sigh escaped his mouth, walking through the right hallway of the 3rd floor. "See? This is one of the reasons why I hate to have debts with people." As Alexis walked by, one of the doors on his right opened, a tall and muscled guy with cute wolf ears jumping out from the dorm. By instinct, Alexis startled and jumped back, letting go his luggage before raising his arms in a defense position, his fists ready to smack somebody. The "wolfish" guy was wearing only his white boxers and turned around, looking inside his dorm. "Yo! Looks how I can flex these babies!" he shouted and quickly began to flex his arms, his muscles popping out and his abs appearing on his abdomen. Laughs and awes came out of the dorm afterward.

    After seeing that the guy mean no harm, Alexis sighed deeply and grabbed back his case. "Dear God, what the fuck wrong in this place?" he asked himself as he proceeds to walk, moving as quick a possible to reach his destination. "First, the Neko cosplay and now a Werewolf one? I swear to God that if this place is one of those weird places where weeaboos reunite, I'm so fucking leaving." As Alexis was about to pass by the Werewolf, the guy quickly turned his head to look at him, a big smile that exposed his sharp canines adorning his face. "Hey, hey! Welcome to Carver Hall, young human," he said, this time with a calm voice, but his voice was still kind of deep and raspy. When Alexis looked at him with confusion, the guy chuckled and turned to face him completely, crossing his arms. "No need to hide that you're a normal human. You can't do that with me, anyways. Nothing can't trick my sharp smell sense. After all, I'm a Werewolf."

    As the Werewolf kept talking, Alexis finally realized that the strange sensation he felt right after passing through the entrance gates and the aura around some people wasn't something inside his head. This place indeed was a no ordinary college for special beings that the society just doesn't accept. More surprising was the fact that Alexis wasn't scared either surprised at all, thinking that seeing unhuman beings weren't that shocking. "This is a big world, so I guess that it's more than obvious that humans aren't the living creature around," he thought with a slight nod and awkwardly smiled at the friendly Werewolf that didn't seem to shush about his muscularity and other things Alexis didn't care about. He just wanted to go and reach his dorm once and for all.

    "Yeah, you have a really impressive sculptural body," he said after a while. "Now, if you excuse me, I'm kind of busy today. I just arrive here and haven't 'checked-in' my enrollment. I'll be glad to talk with you in another moment, okay?" Alexis said all of that in the calmest and friendly way possible and it worked because the tall guy smiled widely and nodded in understanding. "Alright, I get that, man. Before you leave, I just want to let you know that I, my roomie and a couple of friends are throwing a party. So, feel free to join us tonight if you wish." As Alexis nodded, obviously lying about accepting the invitation, the Werewolf waved his hand as a farewell and stepped inside his dorm, shouting with excitement as he closed the door behind. Letting go a sigh of relief, Alexis continued his long stroll toward his dorm.
    After leaving his luggage in his dorm, Alexis returned left Carvel Hall and was now heading toward the Clubs Fair which kind of caught his attention. Besides, there wasn't anything better to do, so he thought that going there would be a good way to kill some time and maybe join an interesting club. Reaching the fair, Alexis once again was faced with a big crowd of people walking to once place to another, looking at what the different clubs had to offer. The members of the clubs were also moving around, giving some speeches or doing some examples of the activities of their clubs in an effort to impress people to make them join them.

    As Alexis looked at the clubs that caught his interest, most of them related to Sports, he accidentally bumped into a girl that had pink hair in front of him. Realizing what just happened, Alexis slowly looked at the back of the girl and gave a slight bow. "Sorry about that, miss. I got kind of distracted, so I didn't saw you there." He hoped that he didn't piss the girl or made her cry.
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