Small Town with Big Changes

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  1. [[Liva Witlock and Shadowuv98]]
    Four unlikely souls all meet up in a small town called Kalvinsten. One soul is the sister to Jason Aldean. Her name is Tinley Aldean and she has lived there her whole life and is waiting for a new student and changes in how she is treated at school. The new student is a fallen angel named Rile. Who is a ladies man but not all is the same when gets transferred to a small town called Kalvinsten when he gets the attention of a lot of girls except the one he falls head over heels for. There is also a girl who ended up in this small town when her tour bus broke down and they are forced to stay in a hotel there because there bus driver left with the keys knowing he would not get his money. This band tries and find places to sing around town when the lead singer Tina Manchester starts falling for a photographers assistant. His name is Kai Strovonza and he is the assistant to his dad's job for Time magazine and an editor for the stories his dad take pictures for. They are sent to this small town where Jason Aldean grew up and where he falls for a punk rocker who is stuck in this town as well. Everyone is just trying to find there way to survive in this town and embrace the changes in their lives.
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  2. *Nods* Nice.

    Tinely ran down the street, laughing like a manic, her Brother's hat on her head, her pale right hand ontop of her head. She squealled, as her brother ran out of the house, and jumped off the porch, their mom watching with amusised brown eyes, her brown hair pulled back. "TINELY DON'T BE LATE TO SCHOOL!" she called.
    "I won't, Ma'ma!"
  3. "Rile just be your cool self and you will have ladies at your feet as usual," Rile's big brother Max said smirking at him.
    "I know looser now hand me my jacket,"Rile spits back at him. Max tosses him his jacket and he heads out the apartment door and to his new school in this small town and thinks to himself remember who you are don't become one of them.
  4. Tinley laughed, and ran onto school property, "CAN'T CATCH ME, LOSER!" she smiled, "I'M THE GINGERBREAD MAN!!"
    Jason laughed at his little sister, "Oh, and who has a record deal, Loser?"
    She laughed again, "Well, who has your hat?"
    He rolled his eyes, "I'll get you after school!"
    "Whatevs!" She winked, and bolted into the school, smiling, but it soon dropping, as horrible names filled the halls.
  5. Rile heads in the structure they call a school and heads to the main office. "Hi, I am Rile the new student just hand me a schedule please and I will find my way," he says to a lady behind a desk.
    "Ah yes,here you are and welcome to Kalvinsten high,"she says with a smile handing him the paper. Rile returns with a subtle smile and walks to his first class just down the hall and the bell rings. He thinks great I am late
  6. Tinely rushed into my first class, looked as the new kid walks in, looking a little lost. she rolled my eyes., she knew that posture. It's a player. Great.
  7. "Sup y'all my name is Rile and the pleasure is all yours to meet me. Wait I mean the pleasure is all mine to meet all of you. Especially all these gorgeous ladies,"Rile says smirking and glancing in the eyes of every girl when he catches the one who is trying to avoid his.
    "Nice to meet you now take a seat in the back. Here is your book," The man Rile assumes is the teacher and he heads to the back.
  8. Tinely shifted uncomfortably, as he headed to the back. Head right, head right, head right. She prayed silently, to a god she didn't believe in. She scotted as far away from him as she could. She didn't want to get involved. Don't even go there, Tinely. Remeber what happened last time, She reminded herself.
  9. Rile heads straight next to the girl who tried to avoid his eyes. "So, you gotta a name or should I call you Miss Aldean you must be his little sister you look like him."
  10. I didn't say anything, hoping maybe he'd just leave me alone. I reached into my pocket, and turned up the music on my I-pod, trying to drone out the rude names and his voice.
  11. silent treatment classic oh well she will get over it just give her time I think to myself. Instead of thnking of her I flirt with the girl next to me on the other side of me and of course she is drooling over me. "Whats ur name sweetheart and whats the girl who is ignoring the worlds name?" I ask with the slightest smirk.
    "You can call me whatever you want sweetheart. Her name I think is Tinley but whatever she is a looser. "
    "Do you know her?" I ask seriously.
    "No," She responds immediatly.
    "So what gives you a right to call her a looser," I say and she turns away from me still smiling.
  12. I rolled my eyes, I hated when people talked about me behind my back. I mean, Hello, I'm right fucking here you bitch..
  13. I decide to not talk for the rest of class cuz I don't want people to get sick of me on my first day.
  14. I was silent, and sleepy. I had been up all night waiting for Jason.
    *Schools out*
  15. I was able to get all the girls but one and I feel so incomplete. I head back to my home in silence staring at every small building I see.
  16. I smiled at Jason, sweetly, and gave him back my hat.
    "There's a party tonight, wanna go?"
    "Hell yeah."
  17. Before Rile gets in the door one of the girls he was flitting with comes up behind him. She says "I never told you my name is Anna. By the way there is a party at timesquare and you must come it starts at 4:30 sharp be there it will be lots of fun and you do not have to dress up."
    "Alright, Anna count me in and my name is Rile by the way. I will see you at the party,"Rile smirks at her and walks off.
  18. Tinley went and got ready
  19. Rile heads into his house and puts on cologne and trades his hoodie for his black leather vest. His brother asks "You hear about the party."
    Rile responds smartly"Why do you think I put cologne and my vest on looser?"
    "Whatever,"Max says with a smirk and they both head out the door.
  20. I was already sittin on a tail gate, wearin this> my feet swingin, flirtin with one of Jason's friends, drinking. Hardly anyone fromm my school would be here, nah, this was a grown up party.
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