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Hi, I’m Skylar and I’m 17 years old - going to be 18 in August. I’m new to this site, however I am not new to roleplaying so you don’t need to worry about me not knowing how to respond or start, etc. I’m interested in starting long-term roleplays with different people and would love to get to know others on here too if you like!

I’m quite an avid roleplay and like to emerge into the story, so I can get more descriptive as we go along into the roleplay! I feel mostly comfortable playing as the female in roleplay (like most people), however I am very open and happy to double up and try out with all sorts of characters - cis, trans, non binary, etc. I enjoy trying out new things and am more than happy to try out anything that you are interested in!
I generally prefer if we both write an equal or similar amount of lines and I vary how much I write depending on the situation. I never write less than about two or three paragraphs however - and it increases upward from there. I write mostly on my phone, which isn’t so much of a problem though I am never sure how much it transfers to on a pc - so if you’re unhappy with the amount I am writing please say and I will write more!

I will have times where I won’t be able to reply probably from 3 days to a week, so if this happens please do not spam me! As well as this, it is likely that we’ll have different time zones and so hopefull a minimum of one reply a day will be able between us.

I prefer realistic roleplay, so please do not use Mary-Sue type characters as it makes the entire thing less fun. As well as this, don’t make all the drama revolve around your character please - there will be times where one character has drama and the other doesn’t, but please try to not make it all about your character!

I will not be able to go into any crude/smutty roleplays yet as I’m under 18 - so, please do not try to do that with me yet as I don’t want to get in trouble or banned off of the site. However, once over the age of 18 I may change this - but, I want to avoid anything either roleplay partner are uncomfortable with! I will, however, be open to swearing an darker themes in roleplay as I find them interesting to include.

I will write below some plot ideas I am interested in and if there is anything you would like to try that is different I’m more than happy to try out! I may also add more plots in the future!
Plot 1 - Pirate Theme
I’m this plot, we are back in the time of pirates - though the style is more similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean rather than how pirates were actually like in the time. Our characters can vary from pirates to the Royal Navy or even regular people on land - we will set a story in which these characters cross paths and adventure ensues as our characters get stuck in crazy situations. Of course romance will be involved, but it won’t be a main factor as this plot is mainly focused on the adventure that our characters will go on!
Plot 2 - A Futuristic Theme
It’s far into the future in this theme, possibly the 3000s or maybe even later than that. Whether this future is a dystopian mess or a eutopia can be up to us depending on the direction that you wish to go! Our character could be humans, robots or maybe aliens if we want to incorporate some supernatural elements to this world! We can focus on how life is in this future and how technology has changed the world or ruined it. How this is played up is up to us when we discuss the direction we’re interested in going in for the roleplay. And, of course, romance can be included if you wish.
Plot 3 - A Supernatural Theme
In this roleplay we will focus on everything supernatural! Vampires, fairies, werewolves and more! We will focus on the lore of these creatures and may even incorporate humans to show how they respond to humanity and how it effects them. This can be set in whatever time era you want - past, present or even the future. We can also have the supernatural world be a secret or be public and we can discuss how this will effect our characters! Romance will most likely be included, and may effect major parts of our storylines depending on what we focus on.


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Hi, I love your second plot idea! Please let me know if you’re still looking for the roleplay as I’m dying to get back into it after a month away.


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Hi, I love your second plot idea! Please let me know if you’re still looking for the roleplay as I’m dying to get back into it after a month away.
Hi, thank you! I’d love to roleplay with you, please send me a PM and we can discuss further :)