searching for a male character.

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I like long posts.
I do like plot, but smut scenes are welcome.
I need a knight. Personality do need to be yandere.
For this rp i really want a medieval setting.
Send me a pm if you are interested :3

Long time ago, in a kingdom far away there lived a princess. At the age of 6years old, the princess was already very quick on her feet. She managed to run pass all the maids and the nannies, out to open fields beyond the castle walls. She wasn't allowed to be there, but she liked the flowers way to much to stop coming there. It was a free place, where she could do as she wanted. One day at the flower field, she met a boy. The boy was crying. Kindly and gently the princess placed a flower crown on top of his head. She began to cheer him up and ever since then, the boy stuck to her. He was always waiting in the flower field for her to come and play. He didn't know that she was a princess at first.. So sometimes he had to wait a looong time before she arrived. He would sometimes get a little angry (mostly worried) when she didn't show up. But when she came, it was all fine again.

They always played together and the boy promised always to protect her. Soon enough she could no longer hid that she was a princess, of course the boy was shocked. But he had promised to protect her, so he became a knight. The princess thought this was fine, as she thought that the boy just wanted them to be together like old days. But that wasn't completely true. The boy have deeper feelings for her, to the point where he have a yandere-personality. Nobody else can have her.. She is only his.. Only his.
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