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  1. I have some ideas and plots I want to try out. Please no FxM romance, anything else is fine. Please read my whole post, and adults only. Not because I want to write any smut, it's just that it feels a little weird writing with someone that much younger.


    About me / Expectations

    + I'm usually on every day and respons fast, but I don't expect other people to do the same. Take you time, just please tell me if you suddenly get busy or something. I live in Europe, so our time difference may make replying slower.

    + English isn't my first language, but I think my writing is ok. Feel free to tell me if I make the same mistakes over and over. I write several paragraphs, but like to keep it shorter when there is a dialog or a lot of action. Please do the same. I suck at describing things, but I'm working on it.

    + If you’re getting bored with the rp, tell me, then we can try fixing it, or at least I know you won’t be responding anymore.

    + We can write in thread or via PM. I want a separate PM where we can talk about our plot and ideas. We can even talk about other things if you want, I’m always up for a chat about anything. I love to brainstorm the plot and ideas with you along the way. I don’t want to be the only one coming up with stuff.

    + I write all genders and I’m up for any pairing - but not FxM if it's going to be romance. I'm just really bored with it atm.

    + Romance? I like it, but it have to develop naturally, and can't be the main plot. That I find boring. I’m not that into libertine/smut. I’ll can do some if it has character building or something to do with the plot, but mostly I prefer just skipping it.

    + I don't mind writing darker themed rp. Kidnapping, human research, serial killers, psychopaths etc. It's just fun to mess with characters! And I can play the bad guy as long as the character is well developed. They cant be evil for noe reason.


    Cravings / Ideas

    PLOTS that I have a craving for

    + Anything with non binary characters!!! I'll even do a slice of life with romance!!!

    + A modern/urban setting with a fantasy twists. Either the humans knows that other creatures exist, or not. Preferably something else than vampires, but I’m up for that too.
    (Have a character idea: A guy who is some kind of merman. So he lives in a city near the ocean, and I was thinking that his body changed when in contact with water. Not necessarily that he would get a fin. Obviously a good swimmer, and can either hold his breath for crazy long or even breath under water. Don’t have a plot though.)

    + A modern world were everyone has an animal companion, that they can communicate with in their thoughts. I have a male character for this setting that I would like to use. It's set in a large city.

    CHARACTERS that I would like to write, but don't have a specific idea for. Let me know if you get any.

    + blind character
    + any non binary character
    + someone who can turn invisible
    + merman/woman
    + photographer (so I for once can write something I actually know, haha)
    someone norwegian, then we can have some language fun​


    I've never done a fanfiction role play, but I would like to try. OC only! And the setting can be switched in some. Don't have any plot for these, so we would have to discus that.

    + Mistborn (!!!)
    + Firefly (!!!)
    + The Walking Dead
    + Avatar the Last Airbender
    + Psycho Pass
    + Tokyo Goul
    Favorite genres/themes - to give you a better idea of what I like

    + Sci-fi / Low-fi
    + Action and adventure
    + Dystopia
    + Fantasy, especially set in a modern world
    + Supernatural
    + Post-apocalypse
    + Science/research facility/human testing
    + Clones and weird things like that​
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  2. Updated. If anyone wants to try one of the plot-ideas, I would be super happy.
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