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Hey everyone. I'm ScarletNova. I'm searching for some partners again for a couple romance rp plots I have. I'm also open to hear some plots from you if it sounds like we might be a good match but you aren't interested in the pairings I have listed. I'm pretty laid back when it comes to rping, so I'm sure we'd have a lot of fun together. To make it easier for you to see if you would be interested in rping with me, I've added some info about preferences and what I am looking for.

Here's some info for you:

- I prefer FxM pairings
- I prefer to play the female
- Thread or PM is fine
- I only use anime pictures or descriptions for appearance but my partner can use whatever they want
- I'm not particular on spelling and grammar as long as I can understand it
- Length isn't important as long as you give me enough to work with (which is easy for me)
- Please try not to disappear. Just let me know if you want or have to drop our rp
- Try to be an active poster as best as you can. That doesn't mean everyday if you can't though. I understand life and schedules and know how hard it can be sometimes

My preferred role is in bold

- The rebel boy X The good girl

- A guy X his best friend who is a girl disguised as a male: The guy friend is unaware of this.

- Villain X Civilian: Normally the hero gets the girl, but I want to do the story of the bad guy falling in love and getting the girl. The bad guy could either be just a regular criminal or we can go supervillain, it’s whatever my partner wants to do with this one.

- Nanny/Babysitter X Single Father

- Pirate Captain X Castaway

- Police officer X High school girl pretending to be older because of reasons that will be details in rp.

- Younger Person X Older Person Age Gap (Of age though): I don’t have anything specific for this. I just want to do an age gap between our characters. Although the age gap will still be legal and everything. It can be about anything else. I just want the age gap in it.

PM me or post here if you are interested!
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