San Andreas Fault

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    It was predicted by so many. The biggest threat that California could ever face. An earthquake that would split about a third of California from the rest of the country, killing millions, and leaving a devastating scene. However Dwayne Johnson isn't going to be in this story.
    A group of beings were chosen by a higher power to keep the devastation to a minimum, by saving the lives of those caught in their impending doom. This group of people will have no idea what's happening to them. Their bodies will undergo drastic changes to be fit for the challenge of saving the west side of California. They will be confused and a little scared at first, but once they meet up they will figure out what they have to do. That group of people is you!

    You will have a dream 4 nights before the earthquake. You will see images of the destruction and devastation of the area. You will also see different images of you using your newly acquired abilities to help save the lives of those who can only do as much as running for their lives.

    ((k so now that you know the setting and the plot it's time to make your characters))

    Char Sheet:


    Age: (Minimum 16)

    Occupation: ("Student" for younger aged characters)

    Origin: (Where you're character's from)

    Abilities: (Not anything to overpowering, but nothing that makes your character helpless)


    Weapons: (If any)

    History: (Optional)


    ((Feel free to go crazy with these characters! Just no one who can stop the whole earthquake with the snap of his/her finger))


    Post at least once a day, and if not then message me to let me know how long you'll be inactive. I'll just take your character along or you can tell me what you want me to do with him/her

    You can play a max of 2 characters.

    If you play more than one character please make sure each character's font color is different. It would confuse me drastically if you didn't.

    No godmodding/overpowering. Get hurt every once and a while.

    If you want to kill off any of your characters let me know ahead of time, but I warn you, you will not be able to make a new one and add him/her in.

    No Mary Sue's or Marty Stu's

    No underpowered characters

    (That's pretty much it. Create your character and get started when ever. I'll post my char sheet and first post after I get a taker for this rp)
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  2. Name: Brennan Asper

    Age: 23

    Occupation: aspiring cartoonist for a local paper

    Origin: He was born and raised in a rural south-central Pennsylvania, but after graduation he moved closer to his sister in western California a year ago. His parents had died in an accident almost 4 years before.

    Abilities: he gains illusion manipulation. He can change what other a people see about their surroundings. He can make it seem like he isn't there, or that he is actually something else. He he will not be able to use it to make everything a person sees false. Also, This only breaks when someone makes contact with him.

    Personality: a quieter, philosophical guy. He is friendly though and with the right people, like his sister, can be energetic. He has a confusing sense of humor. The type of kid who created his own language as a kid.

    Weapons: as a gift for his 18th birthday, his dad had given him this dagger

    Appearance: he has longer hair than most guys. It is super soft and is dirty blonde. He normally wears it down, But occasionally wears it up in a ponytail, because of a high school friend of his. His bangs are swept to the side and normally has a strand hanging down on either side. He is pretty tall but is otherwise normal. He does wear glasses sometimes, but rarely. His eyes are a very light blue. ( like this, but with the colors I gave. Sadly less purple. it is this long down, but blonde again ^_^' )


    Name: Sasha Asper

    Age: 27

    Occupation: store manager

    Origin: Also from the rural Pennsylvanian town. She moved when she graduated also, due to her fiance finding his dream job in CA. She invited her brother to live in the apartment next to her and her fiance's. Her fiance is on a trip with a few friends currently.

    Abilities: plant manipulation, in which she can instantly grow small plants from seed or cause already sprouted plants to grow to magnificent sizes and move to her will. Due to her plant connections, she also has solar healing, but she can only use it on small scrapes and scratches while the sun is still out.

    Personality: very friendly and outgoing. Loves joking around. The awesome older sister who discusses everything and doesn't judge.

    Weapons: in her house, she keeps a gun hidden but has never had to use it. Occasionally would visit the gun range back home.

    Appearance: she has a pixie haircut, dyed reddish-Brown. Her eyes are a beautiful Brown (not hazel like the picture). She is also tall but normal like her brother.She normally wears fandom items when she is out and about.


    The siblings sat on either side of the counter. A cup of hot cocoa sat in front of Brennan and a cup of coffee was in Sasha' s hands. They were both In their pajamas and Brennan had a blue blanket draped over his shoulders. Silence had been present for the past ten minutes since they both had barged into the hallway, scared witless. The only thing they both could spit out at that moment, in synch, was the word "dream". The time since then had been filled with the preparation of the soothing beverages.

    Sasha sighed, setting down her cup. Her brow was furrowed in concern. For them to have a dream at the same time, it had to be important. Through all their childhood it was. "What was your dream about?" She asked.

    Brennan took a sip of his Cocoa. He wiped the froth that remained after the cup had left his lips. He then stared straight into his sister's eyes.
    "Devastation and destruction. The thing that even our Pennsylvanian science classes taught, California's mega earthquake. The thing bound to devastate the land that we now stand on. Yeah. I've seen it. It's not pretty. But for some odd reason, like a test, I was approached by a person who had just killed someone, and I ran. I ran, then was trapped in a dead end. The person whipped around the corner seconds later, but looked straight at me and then left. I was away from the trouble. I looked at myself and realized I wasn't there. Instead, I was replaced with a box. And then I stepped forward. And I was normal. Then I focused on being a box. And I became a box. Then I-" sasha placed a hand on Brennan's mouth.

    "I saw the devastation too. But I wasn't a box. Instead, when I was approached, I focused on a plant, and it grew around the man's ankles and threw him to the ground. And..." She laughed."I sort of got carried away. I threw him around like a rag doll. Sadly, I got scratched during my fun. But it instantly healed. No clue why." She placed her chin on her Hand and tapped her jaw. "Hmmm... I wonder what it means?"

    "Maybe we should get ready for the earthquake?" Brennan suggested. "Like we go to the store and buy emergency survival stuff?" Sasha nodded in agreement. Though, she didn't want to seem too paranoid.
    "Tomorrow, bud. I'll get it after work." She rubbed Brennan's head so some hair came out of his ponytail. "Finish your hot chocolate now." She walked back to her room. "And don't forget to turn off the light and lock the door." She smiled and pointed at him.

    Brennan continued to take sips of his cocoa. He didn't have to work tomorrow, unlike his sister. He finished his drink, then followed his sister's instructions. He went back to his apartment and locked his door too. But he couldn't sleep. Not until He packed a few items. His treasured Dragon blade, some dried food, some blankets, an umbrella. Stuff like that. He also threw in his radio. Never had he been so paranoid, unlike his sister. He sat the bag on the foot of his bed, hopping in and pulling the sheets up and over his head. He fell into a half-sleep, where he was restoring his energy, but could hear every single sound of the city and see every movement the light made on the wall.

    ((The next post will be the earthquake :3 ))
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  3. Name: Miles "Songz" Parker

    Age: 23

    Occupation: Singer/Songwriter & Rapper

    Origin: Los Angeles, California

    Abilities: Songz has superhumanly powerful lungs, throat, and vocal cords could produce a sonic scream for various effects, in concert with limited, reflexive psionic powers which directed his sonic vibrations. He could hover or fly at the speed of sound, and could carry at least one passenger. He could overwhelm listeners with deafening noise, stun them with tight-focus low-frequency sonic blasts (effective even against shielded ears by penetrating the skull via bone conduction), plunge them into a hypnotic trance, disorient them, nauseate them, or simply render them unconscious. Using sonic waves, he could rapidly vibrate himself or other masses at will. He could generate sonic blasts which struck with tremendous concussive force, liquefying or outright disintegrating targets at his highest levels of power. By radiating sound waves outward and reading the feedback, he could locate and analyze unseen objects in a sonar-like fashion. By modulating his scream's harmonics, he could confuse most scanning equipment. He could instinctively analyze, replicate, and block sonic waves or vibrations from other sources. If these abilities are pushed too hard, he could seriously injure himself.

    Personality: He's very energetic, is a showman, but also very snobbish, due to his wealth

    History: Songz grew up in South Compton in a very poor environment with a very poor family. Being the only white kid to grow up in that area almost got him killed many times. When he turned 16 he was discovered for his talent by local gang members. He rapped his way to fame. By the time he was 18 he had gotten his first record deal with Interscope Records. It was there, he showed them his true talent which was the talent to carry a note. Yes, he was a vocalist as well. It was a talent he hid from others pretty much his whole life. Of course he'd gained respect in his home town by that time, but refused to go back home. Instead he moved his mother and father to Beverly Hill's with him, so he could scratch his childhood out of his memory, and forget all about South Compton. Now 6 years have past. He let the wealth and fame get to his head. He's been abusing drugs and his money badly, but due to his music being so successful, he's no where near broke. He barely pays any attention to his parents who live only a block down from him. He's lost contact with a lot of his old friends, and is with the wrong crowd of people. None of his fans or family has learned about this, and soon none of it will even matter.

    Appearance: [​IMG]


    Miles awoke with a startle. Resuming consciousness to what he called the "calming smell of sex." Two very attractive females lay next to him. One completely naked, and the other in one of his graphic t's. They lay on either side of him as he sat up, rubbed his eyes, and ran his fingers through his hair, trying to comprehend what he just dreamt. A sketchy man had followed him into a cul-de-sac. He turned around to face the man.

    "Leave me alone!" He yelled at the top of his lungs.

    Once those words were uttered, he was pushed backward by an incomprehensible force. He looked around wondering why this cul-de-sac was empty. Nothing surrounded him, but eerie houses with picket fences in front of them. "Hello..." The house around him collapsed, and that's when he'd awoken.

    The female in his shirt woke up and looked at him. "Is everything okay baby?" she asked. Miles ignored her and jumped out of his bed, not caring that he was completely naked. He rushed to the bathroom, and looked at himself in the mirror. He cleared his throat and the mirror in front of him shattered. In fear he stumbled back onto his floor. His heart was beating fast. He breathed heavily. He shook his head as if to believe he was hallucinating or something. It's just the drugs. He thought to himself. He then turned around to face the girls who were now both awake looking at him with a look of confusion. They were still high and hung-over from the night before...wait...why wasn't still high and hung over from the night before...what the hell was going on?
  4. ~Four days later, around 10am~

    The siblings were out for breakfast at the nearest coffee shop. It was their "off" day that they had once a week. Sasha had ordered an Apple walnut coffee cake and a chocolate mocha. She only got the mocha when she had a rough morning. Brennan ordered the usual blueberry muffin and a coffee with cream and two sugars. They both sat on the shop's balcony with stereotypical tall black metal chairs and tables, stirring their drinks. This was average for Brennan, but not Sasha. She was normally extremely talkative and the things she would order would be gone in seconds. She could normally eat someone out of business.

    Sasha sat her spoon down on the table and sat up. "You know how how my "boyfriend" is on a trip with his buddies?" The emphasis on "boyfriend" wasn't a very pleasant one. Brennan nodded. "He called me this morning. He's breaking up with me. So I won't be able to pay for the apartment alone. I'm moving in with you, bro."

    Brennan sat up and stared straight at her. "H-h-he did? Why!?!? And really?" Was all he was able to say. He was still too tired to process it, but if he was more conscious he would be exerting flames out of his ears.

    "No freaking clue. All I know is I won't be able to support myself on my own. And there is no way he's keeping the apartment." Sasha replied. Then she noticed something. "Wait, you're still carrying around that bag?" She pointed under the table, at the base of Brennan's chair. It was the bag he had stuffed survival items into four days before. It was also filled with the food items sasha had gotten the next day for him. He had been adding to it occasionally.
    Brennan took a sip of his coffee and nodded again. "The quake could happen at any second. They can't really be predicted, other than the fact it can happen in the next few hundred years. It could happen in the next few seconds, to be honest." He shrugged, distracted from Sasha's predicament temporarily.

    The next few minutes were filled with talk of earthquakes and the possibility of a time rift forming in specific areas of the world. They had argued about it before, determining what places were the most random, the worst, or just any place in general it could happen. They discussed Things like this often, and it was a good distraction.

    They left the shop and walked out onto the sidewalk, no clue where to go now. They were bored and somewhere near the Beverly hills area, so they took a drive to the area. They often went to places like that for the check of it. They walked around, both wearing bedazzled sunglasses, pretending they were famous. They even had someone think they were famous and ask for pictures. They just went with it in the end, giving them a good memory and something funny to e-mail to friends back home. They themselves had their share of selfies with celebrities.

    Today though, they didn't see much anyone out and about. "Well, today has been a bummer. Wanna get lunch?" Sasha asked.
    "But... but we just ate." Brennan said.
    "Stress eating. It's something most normal humans do."
    "I guess I'm not human then. As I always guessed."
    "I guess I'm not either. Being there is no way I'm not your sister."
    Brennan half-sighed, half-laughed. "Fine, I guess we can go eat then."
    They continued down their current path, knowing well enough that it would lead them back to the place the car was parked.
  5. As the siblings walked back to their car they were interrupted by a flock of paparazzi surrounding a limo that happened to be parked right in front of their car. An over-sized bodyguard stepped out of the driver's seat and opened the back car door to reveal the one and only "Songz." He was immediately surrounded by paparazzi and nearby onlookers who tried to get in on the action. He'd pulled up in a limo, just because he could. He wanted to eat out that day.

    Songz put his sunglasses on then leapt out of his limo. He walked quickly into a nearby restaurant and sat down. The waitress rushed to his table forgetting about everyone else there. Her eyes widened and she trembled "M-May I take your order M-Mr. Songz?" she asked nervously. Songz made his order of three Lobster tails with a side of fries, and a side of salad. He smiled at her, then pulled his sunglasses up and winked. In the mean time people were fighting to get into the restaurant, but his body guard held it down pretty well. He waited patiently for his food, while playing on his phone, ignoring the texts he kept getting from the two broads he'd taken home the night before.
  6. As the siblings were instantly swarmed by paparazzi, Brennan was pushed slightly and Sasha caught is arm. She pulled him back up.
    "You alright bro?" She asked.
    "I'll be fine..." He said, as his voice was drowned by the sudden fangirling of the crowd. The two looked at the limo that had pulled up and a person leapt out of it.
    "Dude, that's Songz! I showed you that album the other week, right?" Sasha asked, radio g her voice. She had a wide variety of music she would listen to. It ranged from the mainstream, like imagine dragons, to local bands and fandom music. It was pretty much anything.
    "I'm glad we didn't decide to go there for lunch." Brennan said, staring at the crowd flocking the restaurant. His premonition of most any famous singer was that they were self absorbed and pompous. And he already didn't like this dude, though he had to admit he liked his rap music.
    "I guess." Sasha replied. They crossed the street and Sasha took out her keys to her car. She had barely put the keys in to unlock the car, as the earth beneath her feet moved. The first few moments, the two realized, "Oh, it's an earthquake." But when it only got worse and they were thrown to the ground, they realized that their prediction days before was right. Brennan clutched his backpack and Sasha screamed.
  7. As Songz dipped his first piece of lobster meat into the melted butter, everything began to vibrate. Songz thought nothing of it, only because he was used to earthquakes. He lifted the piece of lobster to his mouth. Before he could take a bite, the piece of Lobster fell back to the plate. In sudden anger he threw down his silverware. The anger slowly began to turn to fear as he realized the shaking wasn't letting up, but only getting worse. He clutched his chair then looked around the restaurant he noticed walls beginning to crack, the TV's flickering on and off. Songz looked back at his body guard who also seemed to be scared on the outside of the restaurant where it was obviously way worse. His bodyguard had fallen over, and fan girls trampled over him to get into the place. "Oh shit..." Songz muttered before vaulting over his table to get away from them. They didn't seem to care about this earthquake which was still gradually becoming more violent. Once he realized he was cornered he shielded his face, before getting bombarded by them. Some were asking for autographs, while others were trying to touch him in...places. His body guard was able to push through and block them off, before it got too bad, but this earthquake really didn't seem normal. A mini chandelier that hung above the body guards head, snapped at it's suspension and fell onto his head, knocking him unconscious. The fan girls then toppled over him once more. "Stop!!" he yelled. The fan girls were pushed off of him roughly. It was silent, other then loud rumbling of the floor the beneath them all. The fans decided to ignore the fact that people were just thrown across the room by an unknown force, and realize that this earthquake is something worse than what they've been through before. As they started screaming and panicking, Songz snuck out to his limo to drive it away. It was then, that he realized the keys were still inside with his bodyguard. It was definitely too late to go back and get them now. He looked around, searching or anyone or anything that could possibly help him. He noticed the two people. He'd assumed they were a couple. None the less, he ran up to them. "Hey! Excuse me...I'm not sure what's going on, but do you think I could grab a ride with you guys if that's okay. Sorry if I'm interrupting a date or anything."

    His attempt on being nice instead of snobby actually seemed to have gone pretty well for once.
  8. Sasha and Brennan had both gotten to their feet. When Sasha had fallen, her knees had hit the ground first and her palms had gone down to balance her. When she stood back up, she inspected her palms. The moment they were in the sunlight, they started to slowly repair the scrapes on their own. This freaked Sasha out a bit, but she kept most of a level head and said nothing about it. She had opened her door and Brennan was already seated.

    They turned as someone came sprinting to them.
    "Hey! Excuse me...I'm not sure what's going on, but do you think I could grab a ride with you guys if that's okay. Sorry if I'm interrupting a date or anything." The person asked.

    Without hesitation or a second glance, Sasha answered, "Yeah, you can hop in." Then, as she was putting the key in the ignition, she realized who she was giving a ride to.

    "B-b-bu-b-br-br-en-en-an... Brennan..." She whispered nervously to her brother. She grabbed his shoulder and pointed at the rear view mirror. Brennan calmly stared into it.
    "Alright, so we are giving a famous person a ride. No big deal." He shrugged. "And he seems nicer than I would've thought." He leaned out of the window and turned. "The door is unlocked. And heads up, we are brother and sister, out to catch up. We aren't dating. No incestuous stuff please."
  9. Songz laughed and put his hands up. "Hey I'm sorry, buddy. I didn't know you guys were brother and sister..."

    With out any hesitation, Songz hopped in the ride. He sat in the backseat, looking at the two people oddly. "So...why aren't you going crazy like most people do when they see me?" he asked curiously. Of course, he was used to being bombarded by fans everywhere he went. Why were these people so different?
  10. "I'm keeping from fangirling at the moment to be honest." Sasha replied, her voice joking in tone but wavering slightly. She looked into the rear-view mirror at him with a somewhat goofy smile.
    "I've been in the presence of famous people before." Said Brennan flatly, waving the remark off, and not looking back at all.
    Sasha reversed the car, then pulled into the road.
    "So, where do need to be driven Mr. Songz? We didn't really have a destination in mind. We were going to get lunch, but the place is probably burried deep in rubble."
  11. Songz nodded and gave her a half smile back through the rearview mirror. He kind of drowned out what her brother had to say, due to him liking what he was seeing through that rear view.

    "So what're you guys' names, if you have any?" he asked curiously. Before they could answer, the rumbling of the ground beneath them started again. It was an aftershock. Nothing crazy, but who's to say this earthquake isn't the end. That first one was way more intense than all the other earthquakes L.A. has faced.
  12. Sasha panicked again slightly, worried that she started losing controller the car. Then she saw a house shift, practically destroying it. She pulled over, realizing it was an aftershock. She pulled next to the driveway of the falling building, where nothing could fall on the car. She turned the engine off and the radio on, to hear for any news.
    "Sorry, just doing this. I went digging on the internet just for this situation." She said. She stared back into the mirror, smiling back and turning slightly red. Brennan rolled his eyes, but it was covered by his sunglasses.
    "My name is Brennan. My dear sister here is Sasha." Brennan said, poking Sasha's cheek teasingly.
  13. "Oh okay. Nice to meet you," he said with a fake smile. "Don't call me Songz, okay?" he said looking at the wreckage then looking back towards the front of the car. "Call me Miles."

    In fear Miles put his seatbelt on. "So, um...if you guys have done research on this, what the hell is going on!?" he asked with an extremely worried look on his face.
  14. "Kapish!" Sasha said. The shaking slowed to a stop, and she attempted to start the car. It stalled for a second, and she rolled her eyes. She muttered some harsh obscenities at the car, and tried again. It started finally, and they continued down the road.

    When the car started, Brennan rested his arm on the box between the drivers seat and shotgun. He pointed his finger to the side, explaining his knowledge of the subject.
    "Even though we lived in Pennsylvania until graduation, the science classes that taught about faults and earth movement always talked about the mega-earthquake bound to hit the San Andreas fault within the next while, as in it could happen at any time within the next hundred years plus. But there was always the possibility it could happen the next second. And now, it's happened. And," Brennan leaned his weight in his elbow and turned around. He lowered his darkend sunglasses and put emphasis on his next word. "Miles, we sort of... predicted it. With help of the dream world."

    "The only reason I remembered what to do was I googled 'what to do when you are in a car and an earthquake happens'." Sasha chuckled.
  15. Miles nodded and smiled with a bit of sarcasm. The rumbling seemed to have stopped, but he wasn't confident that it was all over. "Do you think we'll be able to make it out of this mess?" he asked with a uncertainty. "Because this is a little to much for me to handle, to be honest. I've never faced anything like this."

    Miles held onto the door handle tightly. If something were to happen he'd be the first out.

    "Let's go before something else crazy ha-" he was cut off by the sound of screams. People seemed to have been running from something. "I've never seen the residents of Beverly Hills go this crazy over something before," he said with a worried look on his face. He felt the ground rumble again, but this wasn't an earthquake.

    Miles turned around only to see the road behind them cracking, breaking apart and falling into what seemed to be a deep pit of darkness. Miles turned around eyes wide. "Go go go!!! Now!" As he said that the windshield of the car shattered in front of them. This is the third time something weird like that has happened since that dream... He slowly put his hand over his mouth and kept it there. He simply signaled Sasha to drive with the index finger on his left hand gesturing forward.
  16. Brennan shook his head at Miles' s uncertainty. "We haven't faced anything like this before, but I have no doubt that we'll make it. We don't go down easily." Just as He said that, he heard the door handle being messed with gently. "The residents here know something ie truly wrong. Panic is to be expected." He looked back and saw the road crumbling also.

    Sasha, now entirely freaked out, slammed on the gas. Most cars around were abandoned by now, so she was weaving in and out of the mess. Brennan also followed miles in screaming "go go go! The pit is getting closer!"
    They were out of Beverly hills area, now on Santa Monica Blvd. After many blocks, they were going through the intersection of North-Highland avenue, gaining more ground than the pit. A car was flying through the intersection to also get away from the deteriorating road, which hit the front of their car. It didn't hit the passengers, but it was enough to flip the car sideways. Sasha muffled a scream and Brennan shut his eyes tight. When the car stopped, it was right side up but it was out of commission.
    Sasha facepalmed. "Why am I so stupid? AWAY from populated areas! バカ!" She yelled at herself. "We have to keep going somehow. Miles? Brennan? You guys okay?"
    Brennan held his head ''for now." He muttered, and hopped out of the vehicle. He looked behind them. "We've got some time. It's still around a football field away." He yanked his bag from his seat and put it on.
  17. Shaylly awoke with a soft gasp, the dream that jolted her back to reality lingering in her mind like a movie on repeat. Most details were blurry but there were moments she couldn't forget, or understand, that left her shaken and confused.

    I was surfing on the coast near dusk, a regular evening for me and the usual surroundings. A flurry of screeching seagulls jammed the air of what was once a peaceful silence and I fell off of my board and in to the water. I bobbed back up immediately and took in a gasp of air, looking around for what had caused my imbalance. A low rumbling stirred the water around me and a wave was created out of what seemed to be no visible cause. As I looked around I was suddenly further from the beach sand...much further. I didn't feel myself moving and yet I watched as the beach front with the tourists along it grew smaller and smaller, as if I was retreating away from them. Panic, terror, and confusion were emotions that emanated from my floating body as I watched my view become almost aerial. Then, gradually I could see the beach come closer in to view. Faster and faster I was returning back to the beach but with such height. Was I on my surf board again? Was I handling a major wave down the water towards the beach? I tried looking around myself but could only see water, surging torrents of water. When I looked back to the beach the crowds were all gone. Closer, faster, FASTER! Four dark figures stood at the beach line where the water had drawn back. The wave would hit them if they didn't move. "Get out of the way!" I tried to yell. The wave soared forward like a raging fury and I was going to crash down on them. I could feel my arms reaching out in attempt to warn them or protect them some how but I could still only see water. My aerial view exploded. I felt a drop as if my body was suddenly falling from a four story building. I could see the four figures below me, unmoving and I felt...oddly comforted. CRASH!!

    The dream seemed to end as quickly as it had lasted. Shay's chest rose and fell heavily, blue eyes blinking through strands of her messy wavy brown hair that framed her face. She looked to the alarm clock and saw the bright orange glow of 7:00am break the dim room. This was a late start for her but she had already promised herself she would sleep in today. The dream. She shook her head. She loved her dreams and enjoyed lucid sleeps that left her with stories to enjoy throughout the day. It only supported her day dreaming habits and made the dull moments in life bearable. But this dream was...different. As strange, random, and quite unrealistic as it was it felt too real, too...possible. Shay laughed out loud. "Stop being such an idiot" she scorned herself, chuckling as she threw her comforter off of her warm body, embracing the chill of the morning. As she stepped out of bed and walked towards the shower, unknown to her then and after, a trail of water was left in her carpet and on her bathroom tile. The mysterious water prints were left hidden by the return out of her shower as she started her morning.

    Shay continued her day as she normally would. She was on her way to LA to visit a friend and was eager to get their planned day started. Shaylly owned her own business, working independently as a fitness and nutrition consultant. She decided to give herself the day off. And after that dream she decided to give herself a drink with brunch. She knew she would hit traffic but it didn't bother her. Stress was something that didn't linger in her life despite, ironically, being short tempered and stubborn. She learned from her Grandma to roll with the punches. Life was too short to waste on worry, regret or anger. Newport Beach was quiet this morning but she was already prepared for the spiteful torrent of rage that was the 405. To battle these god-forsaken drivers, she bought herself a Red Bull, some water, a protein shake and a banana. A power breakfast, caffeine and some fucking awesome music was her cure to endure the freeway from hell. It was worth it to see her friend but she always made sure her friend knew the sacrifices she made to reach her, just to tease her. Because of her friend's schedule it was easier for Shay to make the trip her way more often than it was the other way around. Throwing on a pair of dark fitted jeans, a casual black tank top, dark purple sports top that peaked through, and Nike Free Runners, Shay grabbed her bag and keys and raced out the door. She threw her hair back in to a short messy pony tail, cranked up her music and hit the road.

    On the road, Shay was finishing the last of her Red Bull and listening to some of her favorite Queen hits on high volume. "OOOOOOHHHH....YOU GONNA TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT. OOOOHHHH DOWN BESIDE THAT RED FIRE LIGHT! OOHHHHH YOU GONNA LET IT ALL HANG OUT, FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS YOU MAKE THE ROCKING WORLD GO ROUND!" Shay jammed her head from side to side as she bellowed along with the song, keeping a close eye on the jack ass to the right that tried to cut in front of her without his signal 5 minutes earlier.

    After surviving the freeways of hell to LA she was now on the streets heading towards the cafe that she and her friend loved to meet up at. Stopping at a light, Shay casually glanced around. One of the songs on her playlist came to a stop and she sat in silence for a moment before she realized she needed to either restart her music or choose another playlist.

    Suddenly, a jerk from below drew her attention back up to the light. It was still red. "What the...?" Before she had a chance to even guess what that strange feeling was a jerk hit her and her car so hard she felt herself jostle in her seat. The jerk was followed by a rumbling and she could see in the distance some buildings swaying. If she wasn't mistaken she thought she saw pieces of the building breaking off? It was an earthquake. Shay had grown up in CA and all they ever did was joke about the "Big One" coming their way, the long over due break down of San Andreas fault. Shay had had her share of earthquakes growing up but had never felt one this intense, leaving visible damage around her. Her dream came back to her and she jumped out of her car in fear. Others were around her, out of their cars as well and looking just as frightened, surveying the streets as it seemed to sway as if on a boat. Another heavy jolt and Shay was knocked off balance. She caught herself in a squat before she could hit the ground and crouched low on the pavement, riding the new wave of San Andreas. Then, it seemed to slow down. Up ahead she heard a loud crumbling noise, the unmistakable sound of breaking asphalt heading her way.

    Not too far from her up ahead, where she was looking for the reasons for the tortuous sound heading her way, she saw three figures. They were getting out of a vehicle and one was pulling on a backpack. She watched them with curiosity and an unmistakable yet confusing yearning. Her dream flashed back in her mind to the four figures she saw at the beach. She stood frozen, staring at them, perhaps only 25 feet away. "What is going on?" she asked herself quietly, feeling as if she were in a sort of trance, the screams around her going almost silent.
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  18. Char Sheet:

    Name: Shaylly Bracksten

    Age: 26

    Occupation: Fitness and Nutrition Consultant

    Origin: Newport Beach, CA born and raised.

    Abilities: Can manipulate water and stand on water as if it is solid to her. Can pull water from sources to manipulate; the more water source she has the more energy she has and the more powerful she can be. She can pull some water out of thin air to use but not very much as it drains her energy very quickly.

    Personality: Laid back, easy going, gets a long with many people, does not judge others, very open-minded. She can be short tempered and very stubborn, especially if things don't go her way. She does not let her frustrations or anger over come her for long though. She is quick to find a solution and quick to take action. She is confident and is a thrill seeking active individual. She loves to be fit, help others be fit, and enjoys trying new things. She is claustrophobic and hates being told what to do. A free spirit, a lone wolf, a lover of a good time and good people. Shay loves to lift weights and speed rope for fitness as well as surfing at the Newport Beach pier for fun.

    Weapons: Herself. Skilled in Krav Maga and some Jiu Jitsu.

    History: A single child, born to two Fortune 500 business men, Shaylly grew up with everything she could have wanted. Her two fathers taught her great life skills and gave her a balance of a life worth being grateful for with a solid understanding that hard work pays off. She finished college with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor is Psychology and began building her own business with the support and guidance of her dads. Wanting to make a name and foundation for herself, she branched off after college and has been building her business and living off of it on her own ever since. She makes decent money but her biggest reward is being successful on her own, without the help of her dads, even though they are always there for her if she ever were to need them.

    Appearance: shaylly_ca.jpg
  19. Sasha opened Miles's door to the totalled car and reached her hand out to help him out.
    "Miles, are you okay?" She asked again, in a more concerned tone.
    Brennan noticed that there were still people around that needed to be warned.
    "Guys! We have to keep running! The road behind us is crumbling into a deep hole! You gotta keep going!" He yelled, as the crumbling in the road was around 75 feet away.
    "I'm going to go help some of the other people, ok?" Brennan said to Sasha, and ran back somewhat. There was a woman who had just gotten out of her car then had fallen, so he ran up to her.
    "We gotta go. We don't want to be swallowed by the earth, c'mon!" And he offered her a hand to help her up.
  20. Shaylly blinked, slightly frozen, as Brennan rushed to her side urging her to keep moving. She took his hand and regained her balance before joining him in getting as far away as possible from what seemed to be an approaching massive sink hole. "Where do we go?" she asked, frightened but still having her wits about her to find a solution, rather than to just run away blindly. Surely the sink hole wouldn't last forever; at some point it would surely slow down and rest until perhaps another aftershock set it in to further motion.
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