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  1. Overview/Character Sheet (open)

    To those of you that have never heard of RWBY, here's a little something to give you an idea.

    "RWBY is set in the world of Remnant, a fantasy world with airships, high-tech weaponry and a form of natural energy called Dust, existing side by side. According to narration in the series, the early history of Remnant has been long forgotten, with recollections being passed down in the form of myths and legends.
    In the world of Remnant, all living creatures possess a soul, the physical manifestation of which is known as Aura: a form of innate energy that bestows its user with certain abilities and powers. Semblances are unique expressions of this power, and are akin to a personal superpower unique to each character. Remnant is populated by two intelligent species - humanity and the Faunus, a race of human-animal hybrids.
    All of the inhabitants of Remnant are beset by the Grimm, which are described as "creatures of destruction" and lack a soul. Huntsmen and Huntresses fight the Grimm and protect the peace of Remnant."

    You don't have to know the series entirely to join, but it's better if you have an idea of what's happening or where they are.




    Combat School?:

    Extra information/Facts about your character:

    History: (Optional)

    Rules (open)

    1. All Iwaku rules apply.
    2. Don't start drama in the OOC. IC is okay.
    3. Do not overpower your character please. I'll be looking over every sheet to make sure there's a limit.
    4. Romance and whatnot is encouraged~
    5. If you have any ideas for the RP, please tell me~
    6. No canon characters.
    7. Please follow the color rule; which means children shall have names associated with colors.

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  2. Interested.
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  3. Definitely into this, but gotta think up a char.
  4. This sounds awesome ready. me. Now I'm going to have to get my CS ready.
  5. [​IMG]

    Kahn Ballister
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Race: Human
    Color: Cyan

    Combat School?: Three years at a major school in Atlas.
    Bass beater: Kahn has painted a screaming banshees face on both sides of the gun.

    Bass beater emits a wide array of weaponized sound, much like a dubstep gun. It can be adjusted via buttons on the left side. The weapon can emit noise at a high-pitch to stun targets or Kahn can turn the bass up for a concussive blastwave. He can also adjust the pattern that the sound travels in, much like a fire hose. It can be either straight like a rifle or wide like a shotgun.

    Semblance: Kahn can project a nearly impenetrable hard-light dome around himself. The dome moves with him and is electrified. However, he can only summon it for short periods.

    Personality: Kahn is typically very loud, energetic and loves music. He likes to be heard so subtlety is not his best trait. However, he doesn't mind the occasional silence. Being loud is fun but "One must take the calm with the storm." as he sometimes says. He is also fiercely defiant. He doesn't like being told what to do. Authority does not scare him...usually.

    Extra information/Facts about your character: Kahn is attending Beacon so as to avoid service is Atlas's military.
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  6. [BCOLOR=transparent]-Appearance-[/BCOLOR]
    appearance (open)


    [BCOLOR=transparent]*This is an older picture of him, he looks relatively younger than this[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: August Aurelius Autumn[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gender: Male[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 19[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Race: Human[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Color: Red-orange[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Combat School?: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]2 Years in Atlas, completed rest of combat school in Signal[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Weapon: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“Ortus” & "Occasus", are two identical armored gauntlets that consists of shielded plates with a pair of blades jutting forward. The firing mode for the gauntlets is for the the pair of blades to launch forward & form a pickaxe-shaped grappling hook that connect via cord & allows August to reel the blades back or himself forward. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] As a defensive measure, the cord has pores along its length that allow it to emit the effects of dust. This isn't very powerful unless it covers a lot of surface area.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]August can slow down his perception of time, allowing him to perform pinpoint-timed maneuvers. The more focused he is, the better awareness he has of the environment while slowed down. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] August is a very precise, anxious person, at first glance for the most part, he’s considered pretentious, distracted, & quiet, he is the type to enjoy a quiet rainy evening, some classical music, & a book more to anything else. While he’s lived in Vale for a few years now coming from Atlas, he hasn’t quite adjusted to the carefree attitude some of his fellow students. His differences with other students create an air of arrogance about him that's really just putting on airs of discipline to cover his own anxiety. While August was never a top student in Atlas, but wasn’t ever a bottom one either, he was happy just being able to be one of the group. In Vale, this created a rougher time for him, not being able to make many friends, the pressure of having to not just be disciplined draining him where his own skills were lacking compared to the other students. This ‘bitterness’ has left him anxious in trying to improve his own capabilities however he can, training his combat skills & trying to find more opportunities to prove himself without b[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]oasting or seeking the limelight, he doesn’t work himself to be better for the sake of attention. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] There are few times where he regrets having to had moved to Vale, but he thinks of it just having to live with the cards life has dealt you, but still wishes he could return home where everything made more ‘sense’, at least to him. [/BCOLOR]

    Extra information/Facts about your character:
    -Fascinated by & loves soda since he didn't really ever have it in Atlas
    -Has a tendency to wander off on his own if something makes him curious
    -Could be convinced to watch paint dry if you make up a philosophical enough reason

    [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]August was born in Atlas, there, he was just another student who like any other, was taught about discipline, honor, & what it meant to serve the military & how it was the greatest thing a[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]ny Atlas citizen could strive for was to serve Atlas himself. August believed in it, his mother was an office clerk, but his father was a military aide to a high-ranking military official. E[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]veryday he’d go to combat school, train, learn, talk & hang out with his friends afterwards. He read alot, headed off to the safer parts of the wood, explored, did whatever he could to find his own way to see the world, maybe to others this was a boring life but it was his life & he wanted to learn about all the things no one ever bothered with, he could spend hours watching ants cross a creek or trying to figure out what plants were which from his scroll.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Up until he was 13, this was his life, he was decent enough in combat to had been selected for combat school, the path to becoming a hunter wasn’t one he took likely, nor was it one that he normally would have chosen but he wanted to cross the frontier, to not just read all those stories about great huntsmen & huntresses, but to live them. August saw the military as existing to protect the people of Atlas, he saw hunters as existing to establish humanity against the Grimm & ensure humanity was in control of the world. He sought to become a hunter for this sense of imperialism. He was confident he could do it, it felt as if there was nothing could stop him if he pressed through Atlas. Unfortunately, he moved. His father’s boss was transferred to Vale as a military liaison, which meant that August’s family followed as well. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Vale was different, its people were independent of each other, but it was still different. Enrolled in a Vale combat school, August began having difficulties with school, in part to not being capable of understanding how the people of Vale were. Schools in Atlas followed rigorous schedules & classes, Vale was profoundly more relaxed & energetic. When he was 15, August found himself dealing with increasing confusion & difficulties with school, he was confused by the amount of freedom that was not just given but expected of its students. Things were awkward trying to fill in class without knowing anyone or how things were done, he kept to himself for the most part, just trying to do the best he could even if it meant being cut off for others… [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Unfortunately, thats when he met Icarus D. Florence, a guy who try his hardest to make sure people around him respected him for who he he was. He’d push himself around, making sure students made way for him, staying out of the way of anyone stronger than himself, but nonetheless made sure he was a big deal in the class. The day the two met, was tense for the both of them.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]August, while quiet & contemplative was not shy, Icarus, confrontational, & eager to have his name known, confronted him while August was outside reading a book. Icarus asked him a few questions, pestered him, August answered. Unable to get him to start agreeing with anything he said, Icarus began to grow increasingly frustrated, August growing more agitated at someone being so full of themselves. This cold war between them lasted throughout the year, every time in class August would be left out, Icarus would smirk to himself & find a way to remind him, every time Icarus failed an exam, August would say nothing but would glare at him in the very least to let him know who was the one really failing. The two never hunted each other down but every time they were near each other, neither would back down, they had nearly come to blows in the classroom during lunch until the timely arrival of a teacher had put a stop to it.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]What Icarus made of all this, August didn’t know, but he just knew that he didn’t want to break his composure or diminish himself or Atlas, he didn’t want to find out what would happen if he were to just snap, get angry, embarrass himself, or whatever that would happen, happen, keeping himself composed is one of the few things he has left he can be proud of. While he stuck with combat school enough to maintain his grades, he began skipping whenever he could, heading off to the edge of Vale, the docks, anywhere he could to learn what really made this place different. The days he spent out on his own, were some of the best of his life, what he did during the time he had to himself wasn’t anything worth sharing with others. The littlest interesting things to one person, can be pretty boring to another if they just can’t see it the same way.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Unfortunately while it didn’t make his grades suffer, his admission was slowed due to difficulties during the transfer & difficulties at home made him unable to attend an academy back in Atlas, this crushed him, the entire time he was in Vale, he thought to himself that someday when he became a hunter, he’d be able to graduate back home in Atlas. He graduated from combat school, he was set to attend Beacon.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Its not that he’s ingrateful to become a hunter in the Vale, he’s just become frustrated with not knowing how things are going to go. People frustrate him, the whole randomness of Vale has frustrated him. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sometimes its good to just close your eyes, & remember when things were quiet.[/BCOLOR]
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  7. I'm actually re-posting and possibly reformatting another CS with this first one... Uh, lemme know if I messed anything up >.<

    Appearance (open)

    Combat Ready
    Off Duty

    Name: Amber White

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Race: Faunus (fox)

    Color: Silver

    Combat School?: Signal


    - "Sting" - A Double pronged blade with a dual purpose component in the middle, which it functions similar to directed, energy weapon (using dust as ammunition of course), and is able to be launched as a "grappling hook" of sorts, though it's unable to carry too much weight (a little over two people, including her).

    - Dust explosives; These explosives are filled with orange dust powder by default, however, they can be replaced with other dust types to produce different effects... The smaller, sphere-shaped ones packs less of a punch, but, it also considerably less volatile than the larger, cylindrical shaped ones, which she uses as a last resort... Since they double as ammunition clips for her weapon.


    Illusion - Amber has an strange semblance, that can appear to be simply mundane at times... She has the ability to manifest Illusory "phantoms" of one or more creatures/people (maximum of 5, the less she "manifests" at a time, the bigger she can make them). While they're more or less harmless in reality, if used right, they can startle, scare away, or even simply catch her opponents offguard, allowing her to swoop in with a follow-up attack or two. As her Semblance is not offensive or very defensive for that manner, she relies on weapons, utilities, and her own strength in order to succeed in battles.

    Personality: Amber can seem quite outgoing at times, and even a little "bubbly" to some... But beneath this seemingly innocent exterior, she hides a more intense past, one which has left quite a major impact on her life. This is often reflected by her ferocity in a fight, often contradicting her "usual" behavior more or less anywhere else.

    Extra information/Facts about your character: Little is known about Amber's family, partially because she doesn't particularly enjoy talking about her past... It's something she prefers to try and forget about at times.

    Amber was raised in a rather secluded, but peacefull Faunus family, but, despite this, she was always a little eccentric, even as a child, having taken a strange interest in tinkering... And building things, namely weapons, or small contraptions of some sort, she kept to herself, and, her family didn't seem to mind her strange behavior all too much. However, despite this, she knew very little of her family's past, as her parents have never gone near the topic, not even once. One day though... Amber's life took a steep turn; it all started with a seemingly harmless visit, someone, claiming they were an "old friend" of some sort, however, Amber had a really bad feeling about the whole thing, since she was rather young at the time, and didn't know what else to do, she hid in the shadows, watching from afar. What happened next was a blur; her young mind didn't have the time to process what was happening, but, the next thing she knew, weapons were drawn, and her parents were killed despite the resistance they put up. At the time, Amber couldn't quite comprehend what had happened, but, what she did recognize was that she wasn't safe here... As the stranger left, appearing to be satisfied with their "handiwork", she noticed a red symbol on the back of their uniform. She fled the scene soon after, eventually being discovered by a local patrolling huntsman, who adopted her, though when she mentioned the symbol she had seen, the huntsman appeared to fall silent on the issue.

    Amber often accompanied the hunstman on his ventures, and he came to rely on her to fix his gear whenever an problem with it arose; her skills were a bit crude at first, but, it didn't take too long for them to develop into something extroardinary. It wasn't until a few years that the huntsman finally told her; the person responsible for her family was a member of the White Fang, the red symbol she saw was the mark of their faction... At that moment, an immense feeling welled up inside her; a deadly concotion of anger, and determination, it was then that she declared she wanted to become a Huntress, joining various academies, and passing her courses as one of the top students. She had made it an hard-set goal to hunt down the member of the White Fang that had taken both of her parents from her, the previous fantasies she had about joining the organization disappearing in a flash ever since her foster-father had told her the truth. Nowadays, Amber appears to be a rather normal, and somewhat cheerfull girl outside of battle, running a small workshop which she fixes various broken pieces of equipment, and sometimes tinkers with making weapons... And just random trinkets/contraptions sometimes, to keep things somewhat "fun". Though, in battle, either fighting Grimm, or in a particularly grueling training session, her mood almost seems to shift, a piercing look of determination present in her eyes, maybe she channels the anger she feels towards the White Fang organization into each blow, or, she's simply developed an incredible amount of tenacity... But, all in all, Amber appears to be a very fierce, and sometimes even ruthless fighter, however, she does appear to have shown restraint when she's sparring rather than fighting Grimm, or, others with malicious intentions.
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  8. Bora Winterval

    Name: Biborka "Bora" Winterval

    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Race: Human
    Color: Blue Violet

    Combat School?: Attended Sanctum



    An incredibly strong sword with the capability of breaking into a whip extending up to 75 feet. When used as a whip, the tip will not break flesh, but rather create the same numbing effect on the spot it strikes as if they're freezing. If the same limb is struck enough times, the affected area will need to be amputated, hence its name.

    Frostbite in blade mode extends out to roughly 2 and a half feet in length while being half an inch wide. Its material is incredibly durable, made to even block bullets if the wielder's reflexes are quick enough. The blade itself gives off a cold mist due to the dust powering it, though nothing too bad.

    When in whip mode, the blade breaks apart and the cord beneath is extended to whatever length the wielder wants. On the grip are buttons that can be pressed to shorten and lengthen the whip's cord. The tip is enchanted to cause a numbing effect on the opponent, making movement and usage of that limb more difficult. Depending on the person will determine how many times they can be struck before Frostbite's strikes take effect and amputation is required.


    Bora's semblance allows her to "disappear", making escape of the situation much easier. What is really occurring is she is taking a mist like form, misdirecting her opponent of her whereabouts on the off chance she has to flee. This is not an offensive technique, but more an evasive. She will not be able to attack during this state, but the slight change in the air's temperature can give signs of where she is going.


    Bora is a sarcastic, no nonsense type of woman when she is with people she just met. She sometimes comes off as rude or belittling, but she doesn't mean to most of the time. Because Bora spent 90% of her life training to become a huntress, she is not capable of doing much else except speaking, breathing, combat, and survival. Despite this, she tries to be a good role model for her younger sister.

    Extra information/Facts about your character:

    She is always snacking on sweets, but hates dark chocolate because of its bitterness.
    She enjoys reading comic books and other nerdy things in her spare time

    Sunil Winterval

    Name: Sunil Winterval
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Race: Human
    Color: Indigo/Dark blue

    Combat School?: Attended Sanctum

    Frosty (Left) and Gale (Right)

    Frosty and Gale are mainly close ranged combat weapons styled around ice skates. It is meant to help the user move faster and swiftly during combat, as if they're gliding. If someone were to use these weapons, they must be able to revolve their combat around their legs. Underneath the shoes are two sharp blades which will extend reach of the kick and cause more damage.

    They are crafted out of durable and protective material to keep the user from breaking their legs. This means the shoes are capable of absorbing most of the impact the user faces when kicking or falling down heights.

    (If Sunil is kicking someone, her shin won't shatter on impact from the speed and force of it because of the shoe structure and material. If she's falling from a certain height, her shoes will absorb most of the impact so it's softer than what it would be without them. For instance, jumping off something 20 foot high will feel like jumping off the top of a step ladder so long as she lands on her feet. There is still a limit the shoes can handle so death by heights is still possible


    Enhanced Speed

    When her Semblance is activated, the world around seems to slow down while her speed increases to near blinding speeds. The only one who has mastered her pattern is Bora, and this is because of years of trying to capture and cease her trouble making.

    If used for too long, she will become exhausted and her legs will become useless for a week at most.


    Sunil is a highly motivated and enthusiastic young lady, friendly to others but sometimes comes off as annoying. She tries her best at whatever she does combat wise for the purpose of surpassing her sister in something. Despite the sibling rivalry, she loves her sister dearly and takes what she says to heart, often times using it as a motto in life.

    She, unlike Bora, is quite charismatic with people her age and strives for friends. However, she holds a heavy sadness to her heart due to Bora always being the favorable daughter in their family.

    Extra information/Facts about your character:

    Sunil enjoys strategy board games and card games more than anyway because she loves the challenge of trying to read someone's body language.
    Sunil has a love for crafts and other type projects.
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  9. Everyone's sheets are looking good by the way! Now we wait for the others that want to make characters
  10. My char will be up tomorrow night, since been busy today^^, this is going to be fun.
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  11. Updated sheet with a little bit of history.

    Was wondering, how are teams/team leaders, etc, going to be picked & grouped together?
  12. May I join?
  13. I'll be trying to form teams based on if the names can form colors. The person's name at the front will be the leader :3

    Of course!
  14. Haven't joined an RP in a while. I could use a bit of exercise. >:D WIP, as always.


    Name: Chance Aurum
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Race: Human
    Color: Gold

    Combat School?: Chance is almost completely self-taught
    Twisted Fate
    "Well, lucky me!"

    On the surface, Twisted Fate doesn't appear like a weapon at all, but a harmless deck of cards. In actuality, each card is individually coated with a thin layer of dust. An individual card alone is pitiful in terms of firepower- a mere annoyance at most- but each card has a slightly different effect than all the others, making Twisted Fate as a whole (a 52 card deck) extremely versatile. Chance himself has barely scraped the surface of what the deck is capable of, but he has figured out that the cards follow a basic theme of sorts. He hasn't worked out the details, but he does know that black cards tend to be offensive, while red cards tend to be more defensive and utility based. The card's individual strength depends on its value as well; 2s are the weakest, while Aces are the strongest. Still, Twisted Fate's random, unpredictable nature makes it insanely difficult to use properly. It isn't uncommon that Chance's own weapon ends up working against him.


    "It ain't luck- it's Destiny."

    Chance's semblance, which he's come to call Destiny, allows him to see into the future. This is what allows him to wield Twisted Fate more efficiently; he can always predict the order of the cards and their effects with near perfect accuracy. He can also use this ability to predict his opponent's moves and strategies and react accordingly. However, Chance can only perfectly predict the future about fifteen seconds in advance. Any further, and his visions foresee what can happen rather than what will happen. He can improve the accuracy and range of his predictions to about three days with the help of Twisted Fate, almost like a tarot reading. However, he has a saying, "One who is aware of his destiny has the potential to change it, whether he means to or not," meaning that they still aren't word-for-word visions of the future. His eyes flash gold when he activates Destiny, meaning everyone looking at him can tell when he's using it.

    (This is subject to change for balance reasons)

    Personality: Chance is a prankster at heart. He doesn't take much seriously and usually sports a conniving smirk on his face. He always means well and typically has no real malice in his actions. He's also a shameless flirt and has no sense of embarrassment or shame, meaning he has a knack for saying outlandish things with a completely straight face.

    Extra information/Facts about your character:

    • He's a skilled con-artist, and is not above ripping someone off for kicks
    • Has a habit of cracking his knuckles and other joints
    • Occasionally performs magic tricks and sleight-of-hand to amuse himself and his friends

      History: Working on it, I promise
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  15. This guys sounds like he's gonna be a bastard to the other students and I love him.

    Btw, the history is completely optional but I am pretty interested in his backstory~

    Edit: Also! For his semblance, is he timed or limited or something? People who can see the future are pretty tough to battle
  16. I would rather not RP with a PC that can see into the future in anyway.
  17. Hmm, @Infin1teZer0

    (Had to read the semblance a couple of times so my dumb dumb brain could understand completely what you said. I should go get some sleep but nah)

    The best way I can allow the future semblance thing is if he can only see what the next card will be. Or he can see that 15 seconds of a person's movement but it's not in order of how it happens. For example he sees, uhhh, a bird swooping in, then that same bird flying in the sky, then that bird attacking another person, then that bird not even there and said person normally minding their own business. Like something confusing. Or shorten the amount of seconds he can see during a battle, or something to give the opponent a chance to counter it.

    I'm really just throwing suggestions here. I personally like Chance but the semblance is kinda too big an advantage in his favor.
  18. Sorry......I can't join this RP right now. I'm just to busy in real life.
  19. M'kay, but thanks for asking anyway~
  20. Sorry for the wait...

    Hopefully my CS will be done by tomorrow.
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