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  1. November 10, 345

    Accompanied by exactly 250 Royal/Elite soldiers from your House you embark on a journey to the center of Alderia to a grand structure built in the center of the land, made with the work forces of the hundreds of Royal house.

    It is here you will sign in blood a treaty on behalf of your Royal House and end the chaos that has plagued the land for far too long, to put a end to the bloodshed..Or you are here for "darker" intentions, only playing along to divert attention away from the dagger your House is hiding behind its back..

    THis Citadel's purpose is also more than to hold the gathering to sign this treaty, but also to hold Museums of the Various cultures, to be a gathering place to discuss future diplomatic situations, to be the central nervous system to this new alliance and much more.

    You and your parade are greeted with Instruments playing lovely tunes and showered by petals of some of the most exotic flowers in Alderia, truly a grand welcome to the future rulers of their houses. The heirs are then escorted deeper into the citadel, leaving behind their troops to take up defensive positions around the Citadel to not only to keep the peace and make sure no rogue house tries to disrupt the meeting but also to show a unity in military forces.

    You have your weapons confiscated also, this is a celebration for peace so there are no need to carry theses instruments ts of war here...

    After handing over your weaponry you are taken into a grand hall that is heavily decorated by Rare paintings and sculptures. Tables that all have various foods from all over Alderia, some you probably never even heard of! The escort bows then tells you to relax and enjoy yourselves.

    the Room is highly active with heirs dancing to the soothing music being played by violinists and some filling the air with laughs as they converse and crack jokes among each other. Then there are the waiters who have been hand picked by lords for their quickness in taking orders and the discipline they show when carrying them out. restocking the tables with fresh food and taking care of the needs of the various lords.

    The signing of the treaty has yet to happen, this is simply a chance for everyone to get comfortable and fill their stomachs after the long journey here. As for when the signing begins is later in the night, but for now you are to enjoy yourselves and relax.

    And while the heirs enjoy themselves..a nightmare waits for them.

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  2. [​IMG]

    This was a momentous occasion for a house such as Vrannoth. The house had been wanting peace, for the most part, and now it was to happen. Bronwien was especially pleased about this. She disliked the war, and wished for the houses to work together. After all, a country divided was much easier to destroy. If they were to band together, they would be unstoppable if outsiders were to attack. This, she thought, was the best course of action.

    Bronwien milled around the ballroom, sipping on some wine her father had donated to the Citadel for the party. She had lost her siblings, but she knew they'd be safe by themselves. They were responsible when they needed to be. She herself looked quite stunning. She had worn her travel suit the whole way, but changed into her lovely gown before she arrived. Her maid helped her with accessories. She was instructed to look her best, and bear the house with pride.

    She stopped near the foodstuffs, sampling a few hors d'oeuvres from the various cultures, but generally sticking to where the Elven food was. She had spotted her siblings after a while, and she was a little relieved to see they were all together. At least Theredir would keep them in line.

    Theredir was happily munching on some food, watching his younger siblings. Bronwien had gone off to mingle and bear the Vrannoth name. He was just babysitting, which was fine by him. He didn't really like all the political stuff anyway. This was just fine for him, eating and making sure Arien and Duvain didn't ruin the whole thing by insulting another noble.

    "Hey." He shot a glare at his siblings, who had started to get a little loud. "Quiet down. Eat some food. Look at some art." He said, and they immediately quieted, doing what they were told. He grinned a bit at himself. He still had it. He took some wine, some from a human city, and took a sip. He nearly spat it out, the alcohol was so strong. He was used to the extremely fruity wine his people were known for. "One must be already drunk to enjoy this..." He muttered to himself, swirling it in the glass. He didn't put it down, though. He kept gently sipping on it, hoping to not offend any humans on their taste in alcohol, even if it was horrendous.

    Glass in hand, Theredir braved the crowd, and walked around. He knew the two would be fine by themselves. They could be responsible, especially when they knew what would happen if they weren't. Not only would father be angry, but Theredir himself would be the one administering discipline while on the trip. He chuckled, keeping an eye on where all of his siblings were. Bronwien looked beautiful as always. She was insanely comfortable with events like these, which baffled him. She was so rowdy any other time, the fact that she could handle herself with grace at a party was honestly a bit astonishing.


    Arien and Duvain had run off after Theredir had scolded them. They decided to actually partake in the festivities. While they were told no wine (it would stunt their growth), the food was all so delicious looking. Arien was especially interested in a table that seemed to be all seafood. Seafood was a treat for her family, but she loved it. They were landlocked, making seafood very hard to come by. The best she could get was some river fish, but they just weren't the same. There were dishes on the table, so she grabbed on, and pulled some crab legs from the pile. There was octopus there too, which she also took some of. She loved the stuff.

    After getting enough food for her liking, she stood around, eating her mound of delicious, meaty gold. Duvain had returned with some food as well, and they were now looking at the sculptures and paintings, something Arien and Duvain both rather enjoyed. There was one piece, a sculpture of a wolf, that piqued Arien's curiosity. It didn't look like any wolf she had seen, and she wondered if maybe it was part of some mythology from long ago. "Duvain, why do you suppose this is sculpted this way?" She asked her younger brother. "It doesn't look like the wolves I've seen."


    Once Arien had spotted seafood, Duvain knew she would be there for a bit, so he went off to find some food as well. He got various things from different tables, and returned to his sister. Now they were on a tour of the art. He loved art, it was one of his favorite things. He recognized some of the paintings and sculptures from books, but most of them he had never seen in real life. He followed Arien to a wolf statue. It didn't look like a wolf. He was rather curious about it as well. "I'm not sure." He responded to Arien's inquiry. "Maybe someone had never seen one before." He added, then started to wander off, Arien following him.

    Duvain was very happy he was here. It was like a brand new world. He had never seen so many important people in one place. He scanned the room, taking note of the heirs. He recognized some, but others were a mystery. He couldn't wait to learn more about them, and hoped they would be friendly for the most part. He felt pretty small, considering he was only a child still, but he tried to make himself feel more important than he thought he was.
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  3. Kusanagi hadn't though much of the party at the beginning, but once he got there he was able to savor the true taste of hundreds of noble heirs coming together in once place. All of the beautiful women. Because this would be a prime opportunity to kill a multitude of nobles, he had asked his guards to keep his sword before he got to the guard who took a fake sword. Before he could indulge himself he scurried off to the bar, hoping to get some liquor into him before all the social and political talk starts to get serious. Thankfully he could hold his liquor is was just that he never enjoyed talking about politics. Everyone had their opinions and usually there were based on some absurd discrimination. Kusanagi was able to get into a good mood because of what a monumental occasion this is. Not only did he have the ability to move up in this new world of peace, he had the opportunity to snag one of the enchanting princesses that have yet to be taken.

    This was the life he had envisioned. A world full of women and the opportunity to take advantage of his ambitions. He could not was this opportunity making himself look stupid. No matter what he wanted to do in the back of his mind he kept his cool, the pleasant facade of a knight in shining armor. No matter what the upsides, he still wanted the talks to get done and over with. While moving from the bar to where they kept the food he had an opportunity to look for some of the women looking lost or were already drunk. Maybe he had some time to relieve some stress before the talks commence. He got a tiny bit of food, not overeating from the get go. He understood his position to the Ishii Household so he wouldn't do something as sadistic as he usually world. He wouldn't lead the women where he wanted as usual, rather asking them politely in public as to not cause shame or undue suspicion. He got rejected a couple of times so he thought he would return to his work after some more food.
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  4. Meanwhile
    North of the Citadel is a mountain almost equal in size of the Citadel, on a ledge a Yaken Male with hair as white as snow and a glare sharper than any blade looks down at the eye sore that is this Citadel. The more he looked at it the more hes hatred boiled, wasting so many resources on this rather than using it to repair the damage they caused. Its suppose to be a symbol of their new found unity..A symbol of Vanity theses Rulers cling onto to show their importance. Finally though with torturing his eyes he turns his back to the Citadel and looks at something more pleasant.

    A hidden base hidden in the side of the mountain is bustling with activity with Veran's children singing war chants before battle, Jikkion's outfitting themselves with the sharpest spears, Fol'ian Engineers preparing the siege engines, making sure nothing will go wrong when they are given the signal to rain hell fire and Fellow Yakens Sparring and sharpening their blades. All of this was a beautiful site to the Elderly Yaken, seeing all theses battle ready warriors eager to fight. Taking a stroll though the base he is approached by a Fol'ian scout who bows and holds all four of his hands together "High Elder Huan.." the scout says with a respectful tone. The Yaken known as "Huan Irow" looks to the Fol'ain and bows also before returning to his original stance "I take you have news for me if you are here..." The scout then hands the man a pace of rolled up parchment and says its from their agent inside the Citadel. Huan looks at the note and smirks, clearly being pleased with what the note says and hands it back to the scout "So everything is in place then..Good..damn good. Report back to me immediately if any new developments occur" The Scout then bows once more before running off again. The High Elder takes one more look at the Citadel before entering his tent.
  5. Felicity slowly made her way through the ballroom, she curtsied and smiled shyly to the males that greeted her. This was Felicity's first time out of Vanlithe territory, it was her first time ever leaving their hidden forest. So to the Princess this was a very big change, everything was just so different the extravagant sculptures, the beautiful castle, the silk gowns, she was even mesmerized by the shiny marble floors. "It's so extravagant." She whispered in awe, Felicity had expected thing to be different but this was more then she could have ever imagine. "No Felicity, It's gaudy" Felicity looked over to her older sister Alanna and smiled at the upset female. "Come on Alanna, I know it's no where near how we do things but this could be a learning experience for us. We could learn how to improve are exports by seeing what the other houses fancy." Felicity knew that her older siblings would be a little anxious once they arrived. The Vanlithe were raised to be hunters, which meant blending in and concealment were their lives. Well here it was obviously that the Vanlithe siblings wouldn't blend in at all. It was the exact opposite actually. Though they had an air of beauty to them like most elves, their attire consisted of leathers, cloths and very light metals. Unlike the flashy silk garments most of the royals were wearing, the Vanlithe's wore tight fitting, durable attire that were made to be easy to move around in.

    "I know this is uncomfortable but we have to do this to insure we keep our peaceful life style. It is our duty to our people to make sure they have nothing to worry about" Attending the peace treaty signing had been an unwanted outcome for her parents. The Vanlithe were known for keeping to their selves and very rarely interacting with the other house. They believed themselves to be a neutral party that wanted to be left out of all political matters. Unfortunately other Royals thought the Vanlithe thought they were to good to interact with anyone else in least they needed something. So if the Vanlithe wanted to keep the small trades they had, they would need to show that they could cooperate. "Now lets mingle and Alanna no matter what someone says don't lose your temper please." Felicity gave Alanna a knowing look, that clearly stated that she wasn't to throw anything or scold anyone.
    The moment the Vanlithe siblings arrived at where the peace treaty signing would happen Alanna she was going to hate her time here. Just the sight of the over sized building left a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach, things only proceeded to displease her when her bow and dagger were confiscated. Alanna was not here to play representative, she was here to protect the Karva of her country. Just how was she suppose to accomplish that if some overdressed squire thought he had the right to take her weapons. Alanna had been ready to refuse but was stopped when Ashton handed over his spear, the squire looked at the weapon questionably for a second. Taking this as Ashton's way of telling Alanna to just do it, she stubbornly tossed her weapons to the man. She smirked when he struggled to catch the items without dropping anything. "Bet he's never even held a spear before." Alanna grumbled to Ashton, she was sure to watch were the man carried their weapons though.

    Once the trio made their way to the ballroom Alanna had to keep herself from groaning. One look at all of the gaudy interior and overly dressed royals, made it very clear that this was going to be a very long night. Alanna walked behind Felicity quietly as the girl made her rounds, Felicity had always been such a natural at smiling and laughing with others like it was nothing. After awhile Felicity had told Alanna and Ashton that she would be fine and for the twin to go off and mingle. Alanna wasn't very fond of the idea but with a small tug from Ashton and a tease from Felicity for Alanna not to lose her temper. She turned to follow after Ashton. who was heading toward one of the many tables filled with food. She was actually quite surprised at all the different types that were laid out for them. Picking up a plate Alanna started to grab a few different things, not paying attention to her surroundings Alanna ended up bumping into a man that was standing behind her.

    Taking in the man's appearance he was obviously one of the human royals. "Oh, excuse me" She said as she looked to the man, he simply waved the matter off and smiled at Alanna as he looked her over. "Not a problem at all. I never mind running into one of the beautiful women of the elven clans." Alanna felt her stomach clench in disgust, the whole time he was talking she watched as the man's eyes scan over her body. It was sickening to her, she had been about to say something but was thrown off when his eyes met with hers. She could feel him staring intently at the scare that went across her left eye and at the milky white color of it. Alanna took a small step back and looked down, causing her hood to cast a shadow over her eyes. She always hated the looks she received when people saw her eye, it made her feel like they thought they should pity her. Alanna didn't need or want anyone's pity especially this perverted man's that was for sure. She had been so deep in her thoughts that she jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder, gratefully her mismatched eyes met with her brother's crystal blues. He stood next to her, giving her a look that said everything would be ok. "Excuse us." Ashton said before he lead Alanna away from the nobleman. Once they had navigated their way through the crowd to an empty spot in one of the corners of the ballroom. They calmly leaned against the wall and ate their food quietly.
    Ashton being the most conserved out of the Vanlithe siblings, already knew that he would to be the one to keep the balance on their trip. Felicity would be the most easily swayed and he would have to make sure that his younger sister wasn't taken advantage of. She was still very new to ruling a country and the last thing he needed was a corrupt noble trying to trick her into something that wouldn't actually help their country. Alanna unlike Felicity who was to trusting didn't trust anyone at all that didn't hail from Vanlithe. With his older sister Ashton would have to maintain the woman's untrusting and fiery behavior.

    Luckily for Ashton his sisters were doing pretty well on their own. Felicity was being her normal socialite self, which was attracting more attention from males then Ashton liked. With Alanna, Ashton had to step in a few times to help calm him twin but other then that everything was going fine so far. He was able to understand his sister's uneasiness, they were completely out of their comfort zone and had to have their weapons removed. Ashton just had to keep reminding his self that this was for only one night, then they could go back to their forest and not have to worry about anything. So for now Ashton only had to focus on watching his sisters till they were able to leave.
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  6. The trip to the citadel was a tiring one, they had to go through more terrain than Seti knew existed. This was the first time she'd ever left her home nation, however unlike most women her age, Seti was not one to gawk at the scenery. Some might consider her plain, but in her eyes the world was the same world no matter where you saw it from. That was why she was here, all of the nations were in the same world. Granted, she'd never be able to prove her worth as a warrior against the other nations, but there always was the option of a friendly spar. The possibility of a spar was the entire reason she had brought her armor and her weapon. The finest of steel forged by the best blacksmith in her nation, it was an armor she wore regardless of finding herself in combat. Had her family not had the capital to afford servants, her soft padding would have carried the odor of a barbarian, but while she slept the family servicemen would clean and polish the armor, making it shimmer beautifully despite how often it was worn. The armor itself showed few signs of battle which only made it shine brighter.

    To Seti's disappointment, once arriving at the citadel a guard had asked her for her arms. There would be no sparring inside, after all. With a vocal scoff, Seti begrudgingly complied by forfeiting her sword. The guard, however, was not pleased with just her sword. The arm for hire demanded her armor and scabbard as well. This would not do, to have the nerve to ask the Shahzadi to forfeit what was essentially clothing! "You would not ask a lady to remove her coverings before entering the public, would you?" Her voice was sharp as a dagger and rough as rust, yet still flowed out as one might expect of a lady. It was the sound of an oxymoron falling from a womans lips. Now slightly nervous, the guard chose to instead let her pass with the armor after all.

    Once she entered, Seti had been able to, for the first time, see men and women of another nation that were not titled as prisoners. Everyone seemed happy, it was just another clear sign of a good future if everything were to go well here. It was not quite a smile, but rather a smirk that found its way onto her face. She did not reject it but rather accepted it, this was a sight she enjoyed seeing even if she wouldn't get the chance to fight an outsider tonight. It was very clear that her house was one of the later to show up, however, as many other royal emblems were clearly visible scattered throughout the area. For now she would wait to confront any, at the moment she was very disgruntled at the guard for demanding her coverings. What a rude orc of a man.

    For now, Seti instead approached the drinks. Being a nation of warriors, it was also tradition that a warrior would drink the hardest liquor available. Unfortunately, what was here was as weak as goat piss when compared to what she might find back home. As it was, she'd have to settle for a fine wine, something she'd not have tried too often. With disappointment she realized that it was not only as strong as piss, but tasted like fruit as well. If she wanted this she'd drink juice, not alcohol! At any rate, this was the choice she had made and a warrior must never waste what she is given. "Thank you, winemaker. I have selected wrong, but the fault rests on me. I will finish this despite the dissatisfaction." Paying with an amount some might consider excessive, Seti went on her way, chalice in hand.

    The next step for her was, of course, the food. The aroma coming from the dining hall was incredible, something she could not easily pass up on. Most of the food seen was new, things she'd never even known people to eat and in some cases animals she'd never seen before. People from other cultures sure ate strange things, how impaired must their sense of taste truly be to like both fruity wines and roasted sea monsters? She'd have to wait until her wine was finished before actually helping herself to the meal, but for now she'd scout for what she wanted.
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  7. [BCOLOR=transparent][​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    Bronwien sighed softly, satying near the sidelines for now. She had spoken with a few others, but she was now hungry and she could feel the wine slowly getting to her head on such an empty stomach. She stayed near the Elven food, snacking on some fine breads, cheeses, and even some meats. While meat was rare in the Elven world, the small amount they did have was extraordinary. So soft and not as salty as human meats. It stayed much closer to their roots. She had caught a glimpse of her two younger siblings, as they studied the art. When they passed, she spoke.

    "Are you two behaving?" She asked quickly and quietly. They nodded. "Yes." Arien chirped, and continued forth. Bronwien smiled as they went, and went back to her plate. She knew she would have to try more human food, but for now, she wanted to keep herself close to her traditions. She took another sip of wine. It paired so nicely with the food she was eating. It was what was called Silver Wine, made from an elusive berry found in the wilds of her forest, aged in a silver birch barrel. Rather rare, very expensive. Unfortunately, it was her favorite. Fortunately, her father made it.

    [/BCOLOR]Theredir finished off the terrible human wine, and set the glass down on the tray of a passing waiter. He had noticed another Elven family had appeared, and deciding to make himself useful, thought it would be best to talk with them. He could only assume the more richly dressed girl was the heiress, and made his way over. As he approached, he bowed quickly. "Good day, m'lady." He said to Felicity. "My name is Mernil Theredir Vrannoth, of House Vrannoth." He smiled ever-so-charmingly at her. "Might I be honored to know of Your Majesty's name?"

    He was as respectful as he could be. He would not be the one to bring shame upon his father's house. This was a chance of a lifetime, to become acquainted with so many nobles. He would not screw this up.


    After speaking with Bronwien, the two younger siblings continued on their art tour. Duvain had become interested in a painting. Arien had noticed some desserts. Without telling Duvain, she slipped off to the table. She awed at the fancy cakes. The Elves were not known for their sweet tooth in desserts. Deciding carefully, she chose a small strawberry shortcake with a mint leaf on top. It was beautiful, she almost didn't want to eat it. She put it on her plate, and quickly ate it. It was delicious. The cake melted in her mouth, and the strawberries exploded with flavor. She giggled softly to herself, giving her now empty plate to a passing waiter. She backed up, and quickly turned when she felt herself bump into someone. "I am so sorry!" She quickly apologized, doing a curtsy. "I wasn't looking. Please forgive me."
    (A wild opening for someone appears.)


    Duvain was staring at a painting, when he turned to ask Arien a question. Only... She wasn't there. He panicked slightly, but kept his composure outwardly. Where had she gone? Did he lose her? He found Bronwien, and decided to go back to her. "Back so soon?" She asked, looking slightly amused. "Arien abandoned me." He told his oldest sister. The two weren't very good pals, but they weren't standoffish. They could hold a conversation. Bronwien had scanned the room, only to see her sister at the dessert table. "Seems like she abandoned you for something sweeter." She mused. Duvain looked over. Indeed, there she was, stuffing her face with cake and then bumping into someone. Typical Arien.

    Duvain sighed, looking at Bronwien. "This place is so grand. I wish we had this much art. I only get to see it in books." He was an aspiring artist, and when he wasn't training, he was drawing and painting. He loved it, it was so relaxing. That and he could mimic his favorite artists, and pretend he had a painting by them.
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  8. 5:52pm

    Huan leaned back in his chair while running the tips of his fingers across the side of a knife while studying a map of Alderia. He was trying to process every possible outcome of this attack, he is confident they will take the citadel but after that they need to figure out which direction they go from there, taking out the citadel with majority of the Royal heirs in it will be crippling to the morale of the Royal armies. He slowly gets up from his chair and walks over to the side of the table that had the map layed out on it and stood over it with his eyes darting across it at the various holds that are marked around the Citadel "So many choices...What do you think.... "Your Highness"?" Sitting across from Huan was a battered old man that has his mouth covered by a bloody cloth gagging him

    "Oh that's right..Cats got your tongue. Apologizes again for that..We were going to perverse it but as soon as it got cut off and the furry bastard ran off with it...But you can still point right? Point out which hold we should burn to the ground after we get rid of your precious citadel..." The equally aged human stares at Huan with a burning rage as he puts his poorly bandaged arm stubs on the table

    "Right we got rid of those too...Sorry I'm getting quite old and things tend to..Fade from memory rather quickly.." He then walks over to the side where the tortured old man is sitting and sits on the edge of the table adjacent from this poor man and begins to talk rather softly to him "So, King Hale..The fourth..How does it feel..knowing you can never speak your lies or give your mad orders anymore..Or you can never point in the direction you want your troops to march to..Never able to pick up a sword again..Never able to touch your daughter or wife..Ever again...This pain you feel, is only the appetizer for me before i move on to the main course; but, i won't punish you anymore Hale." he then get back to Sandinista straight and moves closer to King Hale.

    "I Won't force you to watch the destruction of your dreams of "Peace" as we tear down the walls all around that waste of building material and purge theses dishonorable savages from this land..Il spare you that scene at put you out before we start that..Because I'm just too damn merciful at times." He then gives the king who is overwhelmed with anger a smirk before turning towards the entrance of his tent to see a friendly face.

    "Bo'gash! My friend, it is a pleasure to see you!" Huan greets the Warmaster of the Children of Veran with a warm smile and handshake "High Elder Huan! Its good to have the chance to fight alongside you again....My Brothers and Sisters have been waiting for this day for awhile now" the Warmaster then looks over to the fallen king and scoffs "Hes still alive..." Bo'gash said a bit disappointed seeing him. Huan then signals over for the guards outside his tent to remove the King and get him ready for tonight's speech "I'm keeping him around for morale..boost ours and destroy theirs. Seeing the man who had the biggest role in making this "Peace treaty" killed would surely put more fear into theses soft nobles." Huan said as he looks over the map once more. "So, whats the plan?"

    Huan looks over to his comrade and gives another smirk "I'm glad you asked"
  9. After a few more rounds around the ballroom, Felicity made her way over to one of the tables that held a large assortment of elven food. "This all looks so good." She muttered to herself as she placed some bread and cheeses on her plate. Her crystal blue eyes looked over the meats and smiled when she noticed some were the ones they had brought and offered upon arrival. The Vanlithe's were known for always providing the freshest of meats. They were caught right from the wild and prepared same day. Looking passed the meats Felicity added a few pieces of fruit to her plate before she turned to go and find her siblings. It didn't take long to spot the two, honestly it was like spotting wild flowers in the middle of a bouquet of roses.

    Felicity had just made it over to her siblings when she was addressed by an elven nobleman. Felicity smiled politely as she listened as he introduced his self before asking for Felicity's. "My name is Karva Felicity Vanlithe, of House Vanlithe. It's a pleasure to meet you Mernil Theredir Vrannoth." Felicity knew of the house of Vrannoth, like her own house they were also one of the oldest elven households. Though where the Vanlithe stuck to the old elven ways the Vrannoth had embraced the more modern ways. Felicity's parents despised those who turned their backs on the original ways of the elves. Not Felicity though, she was interested in helping her people improve and thought it was quite interesting to find out just how she could do that. "Are you here as the representative for Vrannoth today?" Felicity would love to have the chance to talk about possible trades between their country's if they had the time. She wanted to make as many connections as she could while she had the chance to.
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  10. Neima

    Neima walked into the room, one sleeve of her kimono-like garment covering her mouth while the other laid politely in front of her. She heard the footsteps of her brother, not too close yet not too far either. This was the way she was taught to act whenever in the presence of nobles, mostly because it would keep outsiders from seeing the small 'o' of shock when the young Varis saw the variety and mixture of cultures. Elves and human heirs alike, from all over the continent, gathered in this one spot...and then the food! Immediately, she began a slow, completely inconspicuous walk to the line of food. Placing a few of her favorite snacks from her country (fish eggs wrapped in rice patties) onto her plate, a light pink drink caught her attention. Reaching for a glass, she went to take a sip, an unfamiliar warm feeling hitting the back of her throat. The drink wasn't very sweet, rather it almost had a bitter aftertaste (not the bad kind, though).

    Having never drank anything other than hot tea or water, after the first sip the ravenette practically shoved the glass into her brother's hands. Motioning for him to bend down, she removed her arm just enough to be able to whisper in his ear.

    "I don't recognize this, but it actually tastes quite good. Could you tell me what it is, brother?"

    She watched as he took a sip, almost laughing as his face scrunched up for a few seconds. Once he relaxed, she had already taken the cup out of his hands, before he dropped the precious liquid. Taking a normal drink, she hid a smile behind her hand. Suddenly, the cup was out of her hands, a glare from her brother telling her not to take another sip.

    Sighing, she glared back as he managed to snag a glass of water. "Here, drink this." Obliging, she sipped her drink, suddenly lurching forward as somebody bumped into her from behind, spilling a bit of the water onto herself. Quickly giving the half-empty glass to her brother, she turned back around, observing a blond elven girl cursty in apology. "I wasn't looking. Please forgive me." It was clear that it was an accident, and it wasn't like the girl stabbed her in the back with a steel blade or anything, so there really was nothing to worry about.

    Clearly stating her thoughts, the heiress bowed a little. "There's no need for forgiveness, after all it was clearly nothing more than an accident. Really, if anybody's to be blamed it would have to be my older brother here, for not moving me out of the way. Isn't that right, my Wasi?" Turning her attention to her brother, her hand hid a large grin, her quiet voice playfully ordering him to apologize to the elven heiress.

    (challenge accepted, the bait has been taken)

    Yerik Clete

    Damn it, he really didn't want to be here. There were just way too many nobles here, and he didn't even really recognize a single one of them. It wasn't that he didn't like them, rather he just didn't know what their alliance was. For all he knew, they could be heirs and heiresses that completely agree with the peace treaty, and were simply just enjoying the party. But somehow, he had a sinking feeling that some of the kingdoms didn't agree with the concept of peace, after being in war for so long. If any of the other nobles were like his mother, then there was a definite possibility that there would be blood, the question is when and who? All in all, he believed that it was just simply too dangerous for his Neima to be roaming about without protection, like their current queen had originally planned. Knowing her, she probably would've hired some asassins by now, were it not for her first-born to suggest that he should go along, as is his duty as a Wasi.

    Yerik was on high alert, stalking his Varis from a distance yet making sure to stay close enough so that he could swoop in at any time. Stoically, he observed his precious younger sister as she snuck over to the food bar, quietly chuckling as she picked her favorite snack first. Though, when she took a glass of pink liquid and took a sip, immediately he was worried, rushing over just as she shoved the glass into his hands, asking him to identify the drink. Taking a tentative sip, he felt his face scrunch up immediately, the bitter taste of alcohol running down his throat. How in the world his sister enjoyed this, he didn't know, but the minute he snapped out of thought, the cup was gone, back once again in the hands of Neima. One drink later, it was back in the proper hands, that is it was confiscated from his sister. She had never experienced alcohol, the last thing they needed was for her to be a drunkard and embarrass herself, or even worse, get taken advantage of. Snagging a glass of water from a nearby waiter, he gave it to her, strongly suggesting for her to drink it.

    Then came the lurch, his hands reacting faster than his mind could comprehend as he made sure she didn't faceplant. Silently watching the exchange, he cursed his younger sister in his head when she subtly ordered him to apologize. Bowing deeply, he didn't dare look in the elven girl's eyes as he did as he was told. "My deepest apologies, feel free to blame me." A poke from his sister urged him to continue, telling him that she didn't want to have to introduce herself. "Though please allow me to introduce my dear younger sister Neima, Varis of House Aello."

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  11. The trip to the Citadel was rather boring having to wait along for the convoy of guards instead of riding ahead to the party awaiting ahead. Victoria spent here time reading her books, looking at any wildlife that neared the road, and throw the occasional rock at her brother, who was having a much better time than her. Talking to the soldiers, boasting tales of his hunts with Uncle Ken, and it annoyed the hell out of her.
    She knew he exaggerated most of the stories, but the guards didn't seem to realize his tall tales, or even care to question it. It wasn't until Uncle Ken announced to the group that they had finally arrived did she smile.
    About time Uncle Ken, you said the journey wouldn't last longer than two days.
    Two days nonstop is what I said Victoria. Do your old Uncle a favor and watch that smart mouth of yours inside would you? Might find you a cute gentlemen if you don't scare him off with that harsh words of yours.
    I've yet to see a man even get passed my sisters horrid appearance to hear her speak Uncle!

    Oh hush you oaf, most of the time its hard telling your face apart from a boars!
    Both of you shut your mouths!

    Victoria made her way into the party with ease, she had no weapons or armor to give up to the guard, while her brother had to say goodbye to his arsenal of weapons. After he abandoned one mace, one shield, two spears, and four daggers, along with the majority of his armor (Giving up his plate mail, but getting to keep his chain mail on) he was finally able to enter the building.

    The building was absolutely stunning, the food and drink smelt amazing, and more importantly, the ladies were breathtaking. Celthric quickly parted ways with his sister, who wandered off to probably read a book or do whatever else she did in her free time. Celthric made his way across the ballroom, scooping up a drink from one of the waiters platters and sipping on it.
    Drinks don't taste that strong! Just means I'll have to drink more!
    The young man muttered to himself as he searched for something to catch his eye. Spotting a table full of food, Celthric made his way there to grab some food, put stopped as he spotted a woman.

    Miss Seti Wyisswar. He said to the woman with a small bow and a smile. He recognize the women from a few years back when their Houses talked their own terms of peace. He believed then like he did now that the woman was beautiful. May I have the pleasure of fetching you a plate of food?
    (@Squee )

    Victoria paid no mind to her brother as he strode off to probably try and get with one of the various princesses and other royalty titles. The majority of them were a few braincells shy of realizing that Celthric was nothing special. Victoria tried and kept to herself, and made her way to the wine table, and snatching up a fine red wine as another women reached for it. The older woman scowled at her but Victoria paid no mind as she made her way towards a wall lined with portraits, paintings and sculptures. She slipped a small journal from a pouch in her outfit and opened it. Inside were various scribbles of spells, personal notes, and a few books she had to read. Setting the wine on a table beside her she quickly started to write down to have a sculpture made of her, before a clumsy waiter bumped into her, sending the journal flying from her hands, hitting the ground and sliding towards the feet of a young elven boy. Sighing she left her wine on the table and made her way towards the young man, saying with a small smile on her face.

    Boy, would you be a dear and give me my journal back?
    It sounded bitchy even to Victoria, so she added a weak

    (@Tarieles Talking too Duvain)
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  12. Upon reaching the ballroom, Althea scowled and crossed her arms getting the attention of her two brothers. To this, she got two contrasting reactions. Kayden, who had amusedly poked his pointer finger in between her eyebrows,"Don't scowl so much. You haven't even reached a hundred yet and you're going to have so much wrinkles already." Whereas Clarence simply looked in her direction and raised his brow, in a "what now?" manner. Althea huffed and swatted Kayden's finger as if it were a fly. "I really don't understand why the three of us have to sign. It's stupid and silly." Clarence sighed,"We already discussed this Althea." Althea simply ignored him,"Tch. Who wants peace anyway?" She continued before walking off,"I'll see you guys later."


    Kayden chuckled, "And off she goes. Do you think she'll go through with the plan?" He questioned his twin as he watched Althea's figure slowly grow farther and farther away. "She will. Now go, we'll be scouting the place while she causes a commotion." Cayden answers as he too, leaves, heading in a different direction. So that's how it is, Kayden thought and went to busy himself with the cuisine. Honestly, he felt the same as both of them. Peace wasn't something he wanted. Alderia was just much more fun when there's chaos and bloodshed. Kayden placed his hands in his pockets and began to observe, counting the guards that surrounded the place as well as counting the number of exits.


    It was a perfect plan, Clarence thought. If they could pull it off but so far, things weren't looking so bright. Of course there had to be tons of guards and limited exits. He'd have to cancel plan A and move to B instead. If peace was to ensue, he along with his siblings would make sure it wouldn't last. If there were any feuds between Kingdoms, they'll push its buttons. Though first, he'd have to find Kayden and inform that it would be impossible to kidnap some random royal.

    "Oh goodness me! Are you alright?"

    Clarence heard his sister's loud voice echo. She had probably set some royal's robes on fire. Then immediately putting it out as well. According to plan, the distraction he needed as he was able to find Kayden easier. "Plan B. Socialize, there's no way we could kidnap anyone with this much security and not get caught." He says curtly before passing by him. Clarence had to stick to his plan and "socialize" as much as he disliked it.
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  13. Bo'gash gently pulled on his straggly beard as he listened to his Comrade in arms discuss the plan of attack for tonight "It's that simple?" the orc asks a bit skeptical. Huan returns to his chair at the helm of the table and begins fidgeting with his knife one more time "I didn't quite believe it myself, but theses Royal armies are sloppy compared to our army, We managed to get smuggle a entire army in the center of their land and we managed to get a agent into the party without anyone expecting a thing.." the orc then leans over the table and examines the map once more before looking back up to Huan "And what if your man fails to accomp-" "He won't.." Huan interjects his friend mid-sentence a bit annoyed that he has doubts about his plan. He gets back out of his chair and leans over the table also "And if he does fail we just climb the walls, nothing is stopping us. Nothing."

    Bo'gash gently pulls on his beard more pondering the plan further "So after we get past their walls we are going to surround the main hold and wait for the rest of the army to regroup and also surround it. Why? Just send in what you got as soon as you can and kill them all! We don't need the entire army to clear the hold out if the bulk of their reserves are outside defending the walls." Bo'gash said a bit aggressively, wanting to kill theses bastards as much as Huan does "I want us to all savor the moment, to |tease" the nobles about their soon to be demise. As they look out the windows to see a horde of blood soaked warriors covering all exists to their mighty structure singing war chants and raising their steel in the air at them. I want to trap them all so none can escape and force them to accept their fate." Huan then looks over to his comrade who is grinning from ear to ear at the sound of this rather "You always knew how to make the boring parts fun Huan. We trap them like the rats they are then we go in for the kill, i like it." Bo'gash then lets out a small chuckle thinking about the mayhem thats going to be causes by this and fantasized about the idea of a bunch of screaming nobles running around when theres no way to escape. Huan then pats the orc on his shoulder and tells him that this is only the beginning then tells him that he best be heading out and meeting up with the army he is going to command. With that the Orc bows and wishes hes friend good luck before turning and leaving the tent.

    Once again Huan was left alone to work out his strategy for tonight.
  14. Such a peaceful gathering with men and women chattering on was a sight Seti did enjoy seeing, though the sweet wine left a sense of displeasure on her tongue. She had hoped it would have lasted a much shorter time, but as it was a purchase she made she'd have to suffer through it. Before long, however, her attention was diverted as a masculine voice rang from behind her, it was a vaguely familiar voice, and judging from the fact that this individual knew her name, she surely would have had some form of relations with him in the past. Turning her body to properly see who it was that offered to get her food, Seti saw a tough looking man. This was Celthric of house Rivtdale, a house that was also well versed in combat much like her own, even if it were a combat of a different variety.

    She had remembered meeting him at a meeting between his household and her council to discuss peace and possibly an alliance, she had at this point already been crowned as the Shahzadi of her council. Perhaps this would be an opportunity to get to know one another better, even if this treaty of blood were to fall through then the two houses would surely remain allied due to their histories together. "Celthric, It relives me to see you as an ally rather than an enemy." Where there was Celthric, Victoria surely was not far behind. Briefly glancing around the room, Seti could not spot her in the crowd. Giving it no mind, Seti continued speaking to the man. "Perhaps when I finish my wine, though this drink is not ideal for our ilk." He was still wearing chain mail, never one to shy away from his armor it seemed.

    Remembering some of the discussion that had happened at their previous meeting, Seti recalled that he was a smith. Liking swords, herself, her mind instantly flooded with curiosity for what sort weapons he might be able to make. A well crafted sword was far better than paint splattered on a piece of canvas. Swords were an art of their own, even if she'd only used a Katana and a one handed Knight sword. Given that the Scimitar was a sword designed for cavalry, he very likely had crafted many of those before. She would restrain her curiosity for now, they'd only just started to converse, it would be best to follow the flow of conversation...for now.
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  15. [BCOLOR=transparent]

    Theredir recognized the name. It was one of the few Elven houses who had stuck to the past. He knew of their hatred for those who kept up with the times. However, this one did not seem to hate. Unless she hid it very well, of course. He would tread lightly. "Ah, House Vanlithe. A wonderful house." He said, smiling at her. "Your meats are incredible, I cannot think of any others I enjoy more. Such a pleasure to make your acquaintance." This was the truth. They were quite delicious, and he was pleased it was a house that at least didn't outright hate them with a passion.

    He looked at the two she was with. Probably siblings, as guards didn't seem to be allowed inside. He looked back at her when she asked if he was representative. "Ah, no. I'm only with my sister." He pointed her out in the crowd. "She is the true heir, I am merely here for support. My other siblings are here to learn." He wasn't sure where they were. "However, if you wished to speak to her, I'd be honored to introduce the two of you." He knew that making connections with Vanlithe could only mean good things. They were both old, powerful houses. If they had an alliance, they could probably convince others to join as well.

    Arien was still a bit mortified that she had already screwed up something. Her mind was racing with things that would go wrong. Perhaps the treaty would be cancelled, and the heirs would order their guards to attack each other and then they'd all be stuck here, and Arien herself would probably be dead, and her siblings would hate her and... "There is no need for forgiveness, after all it was clearly nothing more than an accident." Arien was relieved. However, she looked over to where a pile of linens were, an scurried over to grab one. "Here." She spoke quietly. "Again, I am sorry." She said, holding it out to the man. She herself didn't know if she should touch the lady to dry the spot, so she played it safe. When he apologized as well, she nodded softly. "O-Oh, my name is Arien. Er, Tadaranel Arien Vrannoth, of House Vrannoth. Very nice to meet you." She curtsied again.


    Duvain stood with his sister, staying silent as she would be approached by the occasional noble. She was being very sociable, something he was not used to. He only saw her in passing and sometimes at training. In the halls following their father, at the dinner table, in the den when they had family nights. Other than that, and knowing she was to be his Queen, he did not know much about her. He hoped that would change after this trip.

    He nibbled on some Elven bread, finishing it off when a book slid to his feet. He looked at it curiously. He glanced up at the woman who was demanding it back, then quickly looked to Bronwien. She nodded to him. He picked it up, brushed dirt off of it, and walked over to return it. "H-Here you are." He bowed quickly. He heard Bronwien clear her throat lightly, and glanced back at her. She gestured for him to continue. "My name..." He paused to remember his title, which hadn't been used much. He didn't need to be introduced by his family, his family called him Duvain, and the servants and townsfolk just called him Highness. "My name is Tadernil Duvain Vrannoth." He smiled softly, hearing another throat clear. "O-Of House Vrannoth." He quickly added. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance."

    Bronwien smiled a bit at Duvain. He was learning. He'd make a fine nobleman. He had better, she was hoping he'd become charismatic enough to become her personal travelling diplomat. He had the ability to keep himself alive, both with fighting and survival, and he was handsome. She knew he would love travelling, as well. It was a perfect match. He'd have his own troupe of guards, he could go where he pleased, and she would also be getting things out of it. She decided to watch him interact with this person. He had already made the mistake of not calling her Highness when he took the journal over, but it was something most could overlook, especially with a young boy.

    She took the last sip of her wine, and looked down at it, frowning a bit. She wanted another glass, but there was no waiter here yet, and she wanted to see how Duvain would act. She sighed softly, resigning herself to her fate, filled with not having anymore wine. She held her glass in such a fashion that it was obviously empty, but still dignified.
  16. Looking behind him Xanos exchanged a look of trust between the Val captain; Kane and himself as the Elven prince continued on his way into the ballroom. The escort leaving him quickly already there appeared to be commotion on the floor as a clumsy princess appeared to call out in apology. His eyes instantly scanned the area for anything that may cause something to run amiss. It may have just been his paranoia from not having his Val captain by his side to aid if something went wrong, stepping down the steps into the main area he stood alone. His brother was too young to be here and his parents insisted on him going because it would be good to get the family name signed in the purest of the blood line.

    Casually moving over to the first section he picked up a small knife and carved a small triangle of a soft cheese to indulge in for the time being until the real feast started. Still looking around he pondered attempting to make conversation yet felt to leave it for a moment, he was hungry after the journey and his cook while being good was sick and so the quality of his meals were...unfitting to say the least.

    Grabbing a glass to fit his tender touch he looked to one of the waitstaff and spoke with a crisp voice and a soft smile to match "Three hundred thirty eight, Aerabu wine...if you have it of course" he spoke with a gentle nod to the young man, Xanos respected those who served him, feeling that if he was respecting of them, in turn he would receive a faster and better service and he was not disappointed as the boy soon arrived with the elegantly designed glass bottle and filled the Elven princes glass happily, taking sip he closed his eyes as the boy coo'd "To your liking mi'Lord?" and to that the boy only received a smile and a nod before Xanos placed a hand on the boys shoulder "Keep up the good work, for a waiter I can see you serving kings personally one day" he smiled and carried on his way back to the cheeses to enjoy himself some more.
  17. 6:14 pm

    Preparations for the attack were going smooth, not a error in sight. Everything was coming together nicely with the troops ready to move out and their agent making excellent progress, now Huan just needed to know if the Jikkions navel forces were in place to blockade the Citadel's Harbor. The east side of the citadel is connected to ocean so supplies can arrive by sea rather than land, also so it could be convenient for some Royal houses who prefer sea travel.

    The next person Huan hoped to see was [BCOLOR=transparent]Overseer Heem-Tulm[/BCOLOR] so he can get word on what their navy is up too, sadly he got the exact opposite with a Fol'ain dressed in robes barges into Huan's tent a bit steamed "Huan! Care to explain why you moved HALF our Siege engines to Alderia without informing me?!" the Fol'ain man said demanding answers. Without looking at the man, Huan responds a bit annoyed at the sudden outburst from his comrade "Head Director Aberas...Usually when someone barges my tent its about something important...." The Director of the Fol'a only becomes more furious at that comment "OH I'M SORRY! Is telling me why the hell you went around my back and got the lesser Directors to allow half our heavy equipment be moved to Alderia not important enough for you?!" Still not making eye contact with the Director, Huan continues to focus on his battle plan "You foolishly told us that we needed to make progress before you lend them to us...But we need them to make progress, your lesser directors thankfully shared your Father's wisdom" Huan had no time for this upstart who just recently became High Director of the Fol'a after his Father passed away. Hes father was more into warfare than his son who spent majority of his time learning philosophy and mathematics. He does not come to this "boy" for military advice as he never really commanded a battle himself, unlike his father who invented some of the most advanced tactics the Union uses today.

    Before the young Director could utter another word he is pushed aside by a green Jikkion wearing some light armor. huan finally diverts his attention away from his work and returns to the attitude he had when seeing Bo'gash earlier "[BCOLOR=transparent]Heem-Tulm[/BCOLOR]! Just the person i wanted to see! Take a seat please.." The Jikkion takes pulls a chair out from under the table and sits down while ignoring the Director he just pushed aside. Aberas gets up even more pissed off and refuses to bite his tongue "HEY! Don't ignore me!" the Jikkion finally speaks up, clearly a bit annoyed himself with the long trip "Shut yer' gabber boy...Got a headache and hearing yer voice only makes it worse..." Heem-Tulm then pulls out a flask only to have it slapped out of his hands by Aberas. The Jikkion gets up and grabs the lad by his neck far more furious that this little whelp could ever get "You Got a deathwish boy?!" Huan then stabs the table the with his knife and shouts at the top of his lungs "ENOUGH!". Heem-Tulm tosses Aberas to the ground and returns to his seat, picking up his flask and checking if any of the rum spelled out. Huan then looks over at Aberas as he picks him self back up "Aberas. Either you run back to Celdrin..Or you man up and take a seat...Choice is yours, i could care less" Huan gives Aberas a stare that stabs into his soul, but Aberas refuses to show fear and stares back with fire in his eyes. He picks himself up and brushes off hsi four sleeves while maintain eye contact with the High elder and walks over to a chair a bit far from Heem-Tulm and sits down. Huan then breaks eye contact and looks over to Heem-tulm "So, i hope you brought good news along with that rum..."
  18. Althea was busy looking shocked and worried,"Are you hurt anywhere?" She says before putting on an anxious expression."Y-you were on fire. I'm so sorry, if I had dirtied your robes." Althea exaggerates before clasping her hands together as if she just got a brilliant idea."I know! After this ball you can lend me your robes and I'll have them washed myself. If that isn't enough. I can have it replaced." She says wearing a pleading expression. As if what she had done made her feel utterly horrible and that she needed to pay him back. After getting the royal to agree albeit reluctantly, Althea gave him a smile and walked away.

    She found her brothers moving about and concluded that Plan A was cancelled. Althea uttered a soft,"Tsk." Before walking off to a nearby bar. If she were to talk about peace and how much she loved the idea, she'd need a drink or two. Removing the scowl on her face, she maintained a regal look of sophistication. Her company was royals, and as was she, it's time she started acting like one.


    Kayden was bored out of his mind. Some of the royals had already begun to group together. He relaxed his posture and decided, why not? All he had to do was remember his manners because this time, the people he'll be talking to aren't lower than his social standing. In fact, they're equal or maybe higher.

    So boldly, he plastered the friendliest smile he could manage and approached a human duo. They were a much simpler species compared to elves "I hope I'm not interrupting anything. The lot of you just looked like you were having a great time, and I was feeling rather lonely by myself." Kayden paused and bowed at the waist,"Kayden Vandiir, and would it be alright to join in the conversation?"

    (@Raven Haruka because Yerik seems like a guy that you'd want to annoy)


    Clarence was quietly roaming around the ballroom. He knew he should be socializing right now but he didn't quite feel it. Even when he tried to get himself to, he really just wasn't up to it. The very thought of having peace drained him. Sure, he may like order, but order and peace for him, although similar were two different things. Order didn't necessarily need peace, one just needed to have control. As for peace, he nearly cringed just thinking of it. Silly nations thinking peace would actually work, or maybe it could. Clarence wouldn't know and wouldn't care. As cliché as it may sound, he and his family and maybe even his Kingdom's people were just the ones who wanted to watch the world burn.
  19. Celthric quickly nodded in agreement hearing Celthric, It relives me to see you as an ally rather than an enemy. I'm glad we see eye to eye Seti. I'm at peace knowing me and my sister have an ally here among these two faced silver tongue fools.
    It was no secret Celthric disregarded many of the other Houses, especially the Elven ones. He believed not one of the Houses here would stay true to the treaty they were to sign, and instead only sign it to gain more influence in the kingdom. Regardless, Uncle Ken forced him to come. Victoria was much easier to persuade as she held a sort of envy too the other Houses. She had seem them as being more free to do as they wished, while House Rivtdale forced Faith and Combat down the throats of its followers. Celthric had hopped she had given up on her magic nonsense, but he had no knowledge if she still practiced it in secret or not.
    Perhaps when I finish my wine, though this drink is not ideal for our ilk.
    Celthric once again nodded. He liked the taste of a few red wines, but it was far too weak for his liking. He needed something that would burn his throat, and give him the satisfaction of knowing his body could stand something so strong.
    Perhaps after the signing we could grab a drink or two? Catch up over the past years! Speaking of the signing, when will it be taking place?

    Meanwhile, Victoria smirked at the young elf as he spoke. She had thought this elf was a simple errand boy for one of the House nobles, but instead, he WAS a noble. A Tadernil none the less. She took the journal from him quickly and returned it to her pocket.
    A Vrannoth? The Elven house that brewed so many of my favorite wines correct? The pleasure is mine Duvain. I suppose your siblings are around correct?
    She glanced over at who she could guess was Berethenna Bronwien Vrannoth, who held an empty glass of wine in her hand. She extended a hand towards Duvain, and spoke as politely as she could.
    Pardon me, but I just realized I haven't introduced myself. I am Dutchess Victoria Rivtdale, of House Rivtdale. You may have heard of my older brother, the big oaf, Duke Celthric Rivtdale.
    The Vrannoth House would be a good ally to have if the treaty failed. She hopped for the sake of the Gods it wouldn't, but she knew Celthric felt otherwise. He hated the majority of the Houses we weren't allied too, especially the Elven Houses. He had made his point publicly enough several times. The only houses he hated more, were those that didn't have a pretty girl or two for him to flirt with. She didn't mind the other Houses, though some were shadier than others, each House held something unique about it. Each one had something to learn, and she intended to learn as much as she could!

  20. As House Larkin was situated by the coast, it was quite far away from the citadel. The journey itself wasn't too harsh on Hastley, who was used to such travelling with his father. Though they were quite settled down now, keeping their pillaging tendencies on the down low, House Larkin and those who swore fealty to them were still very active in travelling, bartering, or simply adventuring for the sake of it. While Hastley would probably have been happier sitting in his study at their castle, his father had often dragged him out with him. Horseback riding was a must art learned by both males and females.

    Most of the journey had been spent with Hastley either reading from a book or otherwise writing down notes that he kept to himself. Haylana on the other hand was quite different. Though she was worried of spiders as well as squeamish at the sight of mud puddles and blood from the animals they killed, that would all be set aside when she caught sight of a pretty flower, or a handsome lad or pretty girl. If truth be told, it was her positive nature that kept Hastley from brooding too much.

    It was clear that both of them were quite pleased when they finally reached their destination. Neither of them had weapons, though Hastley had a staff with him that he let the guards take as they entered. Whilst he wore the look of impassiveness on his face, Haylana was quite the opposite. She was, for lack of better words, bright eyed and bushy tailed, looking to and fro, not even paying much attention when the guards had asked for their weapons to be given. She was much too excited, having heard the music as well as being showered by flower petals that were still decorating her hair.

    Truth be told, this was pretty much the exact opposite of how someone would be greeted when entering their Kingdom. Oh, it would be a joyous occasion, but the music would be replaced by the beating of drums, the flower petals with swords raised in greeting. Frankly, both Hastley and Haylana preferred this greeting, though the former would be happier with neither.

    "Hastley, look ahead!" Haylana took his sleeve in her hand, tugging at it gently as she pointed to the paintings and sculptures whilst they entered the great hall. Once more, so different than what they were used to; their father's great hall was decorated with weapons, shields and sometimes the heads of various animals that had been hunted.

    "Yes, I can see Lana," Hastley replied quietly, using his sister's pet name. He could understand her enthusiasm, though he wished she would tone it down a little. She was too innocent, even naive and more often than not taken advantage of. Hastley was a calm and cool fellow, but one thing he wouldn't tolerate was someone treating his sister wrong. Which was why he would rather she not act as she usually did. "Let's get some food, you must be famished."

    "So are you, I can hear your stomach!" She prodded his torso with her finger before leading him to one of the tables laden with food. "Oh, they have so much here. Isn't it lovely Father allowed me to come as well?"

    "Mhm," Hastley replied, giving her a small smile and nod. He was happy, of course. She was his twin, and no matter how different they were from one another, he always felt happier when she was around. "Don't take too much though, you might get sick. And keep away from the alcohol." He poured himself some water, deciding to refrain from anything else for the moment.

    Haylana sighed a little before giving him a grin. "Alright, if it'll make you relax a little." She took some food in her plate and started eating, dark eyes looking around for anyone interesting to talk to.
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