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  1. To the Roleplay

    World Setting (open)
    This roleplay plays in the post modern days, in the year 2106. Space Sagas are still far away, so don't expect a spaceship to take you to other planets. Holographs, electric cars, and limited teleportation are possible in these days. I hope this helps you to understand what you can expect.
    Nature exists as well, but most humans prefer the peaceful towns.

    Plot (open)

    Humans fear for a good reason that machines take control someday. They are stronger, have a lot more stamina, and are more durable than humans. The only thing that stops them from going against humanity are the Three Laws of Robotics.
    In case you don't know them (open)

    1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
    2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
    3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

    But what if one scientists disables these rules, even if not planning to do so? Dr.Light, a genius Scientist, created a Robot to think independently. He had a single simple mission: Protect the world. He was given a free will that would allow him to make it's own decisions. Little did he know that this was a huge mistake. The Robot decided that Humans were nothing but Parasites for the planet and that they also took the recourses he would need. In his eyes it would be only a matter of time until Humans would kill each other completely by using their Nuclear weaponry, which would further damage the world.

    The Robot betrayed the Humans and vanished from sight for a couple of Years. When he came back, he was not alone. He build other Robots with the same A.I. he was using. While each had another personality, they all had the same goal. Eliminate Mankind.

    Dr. Light was one of the first to die since he knew too much about how they were build. He knew their weakspots, and because of that his fate was sealed when they came for him in the middle of the night.

    With him gone, the Robots now known as Mavericks, began to destroy many towns and kill many innocent people. Of course they had losses on their sides as well, but unlike humans they could rebuild themselves, so each loss was only temporarily. And the Nuclear weapons that seemed to be the easiest way to get rid of them were of no use. All forms of data transmissions were hacked by them, making it impossible to surprise attack them.

    With all of these advantages, it seems like there is no way to win. In a last hope of defeating them and restoring peace, another Scientist who was known by the name Ciel, developed the Biometals, which were followed by the R.O.C.K On system.

    With these two inventions, some humans gained the power to strike back. It depends on them now if they succeed or fail.

    Biometals (open)
    Biometals are small, blocky mechanical artifacts which can be held by a single hand. However, Biometals are no ordinary technology as each of them houses a soul, usually of a legendary hero from a past era. Biometals are generally designed to resemble the original forms of the souls within, making them easy to recognize. Biometals are also distinguished by a protruding round plate on the front with a pair of horizontal lights for eyes, giving it the appearance of a face.

    However, Biometals are better known for their ability to merge with a person, giving him/her incredible power.

    R.O.C.K On system (open)
    Biometal uses the R.O.C.K (Rebirth of Crystallized Knowledge) System, and can Merge with a Chosen One (also referred to as a Biomatch). In a Merge, the Biometal becomes the user's living armor, and gives its user the abilities of whom it is based upon, becoming a Reploid. Biometals are generally referred to using an initial, e.g. Model Z, and generally titled as [Your character's name here], Model _ (Model initial here) during Merge (Example: Daniel, Model Z).

    Biomatches are individuals destined for a particular Biometal. Only the Biomatches can hear the voices of the Biometals. Only a few of the Biometal have shown to be compatible with more than one individual.

    The fusion between Chosen One and Biometal appears to occur at the genetic level. The Chosen One retains full control of his/her actions, but the Biometal can still speak independently and may cancel the transformation at will.

    Biometal List (open)
    Each biometal has the same basic abilities, which are:
    -Increased Physical strength
    -Improved reaction time
    -Dash movement, thanks to a propulsion system in the feet
    -Wall clinging and wall jumping
    -Target Lock ability with cybernetic eyes
    Unique Biometals (open)

    Unique Models have the potential to become stronger over time. Those who chose them should be ready for a low power while starting, but many useful abilities as the story progresses
    Model X (Taken) (open)

    Specialty: Can morph its arms into a buster cannon, which can be charged for incredibly powerful shots. When it defeats an enemy, it learns new skills depending on the skills of defeated enemy.
    Designed from the memories of Megaman X.

    Model Z (Taken) (open)

    Specialty: Is equipped with a saber, which slices easily through 300 mm of reinforced steel in a single stroke. Unmatched Close combat abilities. When it defeats special enemies, it enables special sword attacks. Unlike the other Biometals, it uses a Visor instead of a helmet.
    Designed from the memories of Zero.

    Model A (Taken) (open)

    Specialty: Has two guns, which can be used to attack multiple targets with rapid shots. Can unleash barrages of bullets without the need to reload.
    Is able to borrow the DNA of allies and enemies alike, making it able to transform into a copy of the target. This ability requires direct contact with the target and a moment of focus.
    Designed from the memories of Axl.

    Elemental Biometals (open)

    Elemental Biometals have a constant strength level and do not acquire new abilities. Each of them has a special ability though, which makes them good for players that can't deal with changing strength levels. At the beginning of the roleplay, these are stronger than the unique ones, and will be given a additional ability at a certain point.
    Model F (Taken) (open)

    Specialty: The Flame Biometal possesses capabilities of ground combat, fire knuckles and flame/bomb shots, and is good in both long-ranged and melee combat. Grants the [Vector Shot] ability, which allows the shots to be controlled to go in any planned direction, but with a limit on the length of the path. This makes it able for the projectile to shoot around corners or go straight up after a certain distance.

    Model W (Available) (open)

    Specialty: The Wind Biometal, is equipped with its unique double blades and Wings. It has a wide range with its wind attacks. Model W is able to fly, and has the [Eagle Sight] ability, which greatly boosts the sight's range once activated.

    Model I (Taken) (open)

    Specialty: The Ice Biometal is designed for underwater combat, but is able to hold its ground on land as well. Its weapons include the dual-headed staff and water/ice projectile attacks that are shot by using stabbing/slicing movements with the staff. It grants the [Enemy Scan] ability, allowing the user to see the enemy's remaining health, as well as weak spots if there are any.

    Model S (reserved for Katzenbach for 1 day) (open)

    Specialty: The Shadow Biometal features small knife-throwing and big shuriken attacks, combined with high speed movements, high jumps, and perfect traction that makes it possible to run along walls and cling onto ceilings. Its [Night Scope] allows the user to see through the darkness, as well as the ability to directly lock on enemies, even through obstacles.

    Rules (open)

    Standard Iwaku rules apply. No godmodding etc.
    • If you need to leave the RP please let me know so a way can be found to write out your character without spoiling the game for everyone else.
    • If you don’t post in three weeks (without telling me why) I give myself permission to 1. Remind you, 2. Give you a please post request, and 3. Do whatever is necessary with your character to move the plot forward.
    • This is NOT a mature RP. Please keep things PG-13 or take it to the Mature section/PMs
    Post Rules
    • Please post at least one paragraph. (4 or 5 sentences)
    • Please spell and grammar check all posts – typos do happen, but they should not be a constant thing.

    Mavericks (open)

    Mavericks are Robots with an advanced AI, that decided to use their abilities against Mankind. Their appearances very. Some look humanoid, while others are insect like, or beast like. All of them have one thing in common though: They are strong.
    Mavericks are extremely dangerous and difficult to beat. Not only do they ignore most projectile attacks, they also are able to hack themselves into almost all Data systems.
    Their reasons can vary, and while some fight to save the earth in their way, others just want to kill, while again others have their own reasons.

    -Sign up sheet for Biomatches-
    Age: (Minimum of 16)
    History: (Do not include your Biometal yet. You will get them in the first chapter)
    Extra information: (This is Optional)

    -Sign up sheet for Mavericks-
    Extra information: (This is Optional)
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  2. Appearance: Hidden.jpg
    Name: Marti Dew
    Age: 21
    Biometal: Model X (Played the megaman game with Model X... too attached to pick anything else.)
    History: An aspiring engineer, Marti was always fascinated with the robots and technology ever since she was little. However, a terrible accident occurred, killing her father who was her rolemodel as a very successful engineer. She vowed to live up to her father's memory, doing everything she could to become the greatest engineer there ever was.
    Personality: Very picky about things, great attention to detail, tomboyish, maternal around anyone younger than her, treats her bike like her baby, sarcastic at times, fun-loving, and generally wants to help people.
    Extra information: Has a motorcycle.
  3. Biomatch Marti Dew, Model X.
    You're Accepted. Try not to take apart and Analyze Biometal X, will you?
  4. No promises. :P
  5. Appearance: [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Name: Luna Valentine
    Age: 20
    Biometal: Model I
    History: She spends most of her time on a computer wanting to program. She's studied quite a bit about robotics since she was a child and was fascinated with how computers worked and how robots and reploids had minds of their own. She currently lives on her own and is working on a degree in computers, not just programming but repair as well. She counts herself lucky as she has never had to worry too much about money, her parents aren't rich but they have enough to get by comfortably. Currently, she works part time as a programmer working on small applications and some basic web site tweaks.
    Personality: She isn't always the best around people who don't understand computers and programming as she does though she tries her best. She's outgoing to a point though she prefers to spend most nights in her home at her computer. She prefers electronic communication to meeting face-to-face, hiding behind usernames and avatars instead of showing people who she is. She's usually easygoing but isn't comfortable with being the leader as she has a hard time making up her mind.
    Extra information: She's fairly well versed in three programming languages and can occasionally be seen reading books about cyber security. She's learning to do penetration tests and testing for vulnerabilities in programs on her own.
  6. Appearance: [​IMG]
    Name: Caramon Zero
    Age: 20
    Biometal: Model Z

    History: Caramon was taught martial arts and the way of the sword by his grandfather, who raised him after his parents were killed in a terrorist attack by Mavericks, allowing him access to centuries of combat styles and forms that have become obscured from public knowledge as the years moved on. A tinkerer of sorts, Caramon would always look for ways to figure out how things worked, often improving them the way he thought they should be, yet this got him into much trouble during his school years, as his instructors did not agree with his methods of discovering how the machines they were surrounded by worked. His left arm and eye were badly damaged while saving a child from being hit by a truck during rush hour, rendering his arm almost completely inoperable, and leaving him blind on his left side. His grandfather, then very old, had enough funds to pay for an operation to allow his grandson use of his arm again, which was a success, yet the operation to replace his eye left the old man nearly penniless. The old man, fearing for his grandson's future, put the rest of his money into life insurance, hoping that those funds could allow him to have a better life. Not long after Caramon left the rehabilitation center, his grandfather died, a smile on his face as he looked into Caramon's eyes before letting go of this world forever. The money from the life insurance was enough to allow Caramon to build a small business outside of the capital: Zero Hour, a place offering meals, drinks, and mechanical services to anyone in need of them, that has slowly earned a reputation for it's high quality and low prices. The building itself is merely a cover to acquire funds for his true purpose: finding Mavericks, and bringing them to justice.

    Personality: He was taught three things by his late grandfather:
    1. Be compassionate towards those who need help, even if they are your enemy.
    2. Be true to who you are, and loyal to those whom rely on you.
    3. Be humble in all things you do, not wishing a reward. Merely giving happiness is reward enough.
    Along with these, he is also very perceptive and empathetic, allowing him to understand others' thoughts and feelings by watching their body language and unnoticed movements, as well as the inflection of their voice, while still being able to share a sense of what they're going through.

    Extra information: His regularly augmented arm had been highly modified, giving it the look of a large gauntlet, yet allowing its parts to contract whenever they aren't needed, allowing it to be the same size as a regular arm when its armored plating is removed, as long as there is no built-in tool being put to use. He also has a sword, which has been passed down in his family for generations, that he practices with daily at his estate, both of which were left to him by his grandfather in his will.
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  7. Biomatch, Luna Valentine, Model I
    Biomatch, Caramon Zero, Model Z

    You are both accepted.
    I guess i have enough Biomatches to start Chapter 1. Unless i get distracted by something, i'll put up the rp today.
  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Ludus Valentino
    Age: 22
    Biometal: Model A
    History: Ludus grew up in the undergrounds, his life that of a mere peasant to others. He could not afford alot of luxury yet he made it by in life with his simple will of survival, Ever since he was young his mother told him that he would grow up and make her proud and even do something amazing. And at the time he didn't believe that, but as he went along in his not so amazing life he started to believe her. Working almost any job he could he brought money in everyday keeping her alive and fed, Yet on her death bed she had told him that she was very proud of him. Living out the life his mother would of wanted for him, he moved up in life and had become a engineer. In his life of engineer he mostly worked with weapons which went off towards the military or arsenal's to defend the city. He learned how to shoot from a buddy of his that worked in the same division as him, and from then on he had earned the title of grand gunman. Or atleast were he worked as his shots were spot on.
    Personality: He is a funny guy, and tends to make jokes out of most things, Once you get to know him he is pretty nice and can be very down to earth friendly.
    Extra information: ( might put something here a bit later)
  9. Ludus Valentino, Model A.
    You're accepted. Just let me know once you have something to put in.

    The roleplay is up. Please just start by saying where your character is and how they are doing in Metropolis. Once that is done, i'll move the story for each one of you.
    The link can be found at the top of the Sign up and OOC thread.
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  10. Sorry to interrupt such a touching moment, but this is pretty perfect for a sudden change of the atmosphere. Plus: Imagine the drama once all this is over and Coramon still waits for an answer. Don't worry. Next time, i'll let you be.

    And also: I was not sure if the shop was owned by Ludus or Micheal, and since Micheal was there before Ludus, i thought it was his shop. If not, just let me know and i'll edit my post.
  11. It's fine. It gave me a lot to work with. XD
    It really helps cause some needed tension, as well as a way to acquire a Biometal or two. XD
  12. Whoo! Drama is fun! I like this turn of events! Make 'em wait XD
  13. the shop is michael's but it is in the business district, so does that mean the business district is close to the slums?
  14. That would make sense from a logistic point of view. Since the slums are known to build useful things, selling them to shops, or buying just a few new parts from shops, would make it a good idea to have one of them nearby. Let's say that the Business district and the slums are close to each other.
  15. Aw, crap...
    I didn't explain that one of the deliveries was to that shop because I didn't know where it was...
    That could've explained Caramon's tardiness better if he'd had to go into the busy Business District to drop off some parts.
    Should I change the post a bit, or just leave it be?
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  16. Sounds good
  17. Which sounds good?
    Changing it or leaving it alone and you knowing about it here?
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  18. It's my first time that i use more than 2 Personalities in a roleplay. In case you didn't notice, each Biometal is different in how they behave. Playing all of them is actually quite fun. I might get used to this.
  19. I gotta say this is pretty awesome! I think you're doing a great job!
  20. Thank you.

    -Small note-
    The Plot will continue once all characters activated their Biometals. All who did that will have to wait for just a while.
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