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    • You are in a room.

      There are many other people with you.

      The walls are blank. There is a mirror. Maybe one-way. Eyes are watching you, yet you can't see.

      You know who you are, but you are not alone. You are not you. You do not have one head. You have many. You are both female and male. Singularity and others. You see who you were and you see who you are. You have two eyes and two pairs. You can think, but you also think as one. You have this person across you, yet you also hate yourself. He loves her, so do you.

      You are not alone in your head. And it is their fault.
      It is 2067 and mankind has slowed ageing, and bionic implants are as common as plastic surgery. Since scientists have found out how the brain works, combined with high powered A.I's they managed to create a chip that allowed thoughts to be transmitted, however only human brains could understand the thoughts that went through humans heads.

      So they created a group who would be able to share one another's thoughts, and report back to them on the process. It was successful between two people and they managed to block one another's thoughts over time. Project Duality lasted only a month. And both parties separated on good terms.

      Project Hive will last 6 months and all parties will receive periodic psychological check ups. The number involved is not certain, but once chipped, there is no backing out. All participants will receive 50k in compensation.

      All participants have to be between the age of 18 and 25.

      A couple days into the program, something goes wrong.

    • Name:



      Bionic Implant: {A piece of technology embed in you, for example a robotic eye or an extra limb or two}

      Enhancement: {Some sort of boost to your current ability, such as metal coated bones or better eyesight than normal}


      History / Reason for joining Project Hive:

    • 1. Please post a minimum of 2 paragraphs.
      2. No overpowered characters. The bionic implants and enhancements are limited to one each, and they will come in handy later.
      3. Please have proper grammar and spelling. I don't mind a few mistakes, as I'm sure plenty other people do, but try to keep them to a minimum.
      4. No putting thoughts into other's heads. As everyone will be in each other's heads, the temptation to make someone else think something may be there. Please only write your own character's thoughts, and interactions with what others had come up with.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.