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  1. EDIT: The RP is up!!!
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    Howdy, there. You'll probably see I'm new, so quick introduction. I've been roleplaying for about 20 years now, and my RP partner of several years had to quit due to reasons best left unexplained. I was GMing an ongoing epic for us at the time. I had thought up everything: The world, the history, the cities, the civilizations, etc. Long story short, I'd hate to see that world go to waste.

    So let me preface everything by saying this: Yeah, I've come up with all this stuff, but I'm flexible on MOST all of it, and I encourage you all to make suggestions. The way my RP brain works is I take suggestions people make or things that just come up IC and I might mutate it a little bit, but I tend to put those things in somewhere somehow. So the more opinions and voices I have, usually the better the final product that comes out in the end.

    Character Creation Info
    The setting is a Fantasy High School-type scenario like you might see in an anime. It's in a High Fantasy medieval-type world. This means most of the playable characters you're going to see are going to be teenagers. Ultimately, I'd like there to be a good mix of fantasy combat and teen/high school life

    Combat is fantastical and JRPG-like (Feel free to have named techniques/spells and all that) Because it's a military academy, your character will need to have some form of combat aptitude or application. Passive applications like healing are fine, and your characters are encouraged to have non-combat skills like cooking as well. One of the things I'd like to keep no matter what is for each character to have an elemental affinity and the ability to at least use rudimentary magic. For example, even if your character is super-awesome with a sword, he can at least throw a level 1 fireball or set his sword ablaze, too.

    Balance with that ratio is important, as the academy essentially encompasses 2 different schools: The Knight's Academy and the Mage's College. Mages are primarily magic-focused characters who can cast amazing and diverse spells, but are poor with weapons and flipping around and such, tending to favor staves and wands and other implements mainly focused on increasing their magical power as a result. Their coursework focuses on bookwork and advanced theories. Knights are the other side of the coin, with excellent physical stamina and poor magical stamina. They use their limited magic to augment their weapon combat. Their coursework includes lots of hands-on weapon training, as well as studying martial applications on how to protect and lead mages in combat.

    Knights and Mages are allowed to choose groups called "squads", consisting of 3 of each. The end of every schoolday also incorporates time for squad practice, where they learn how to fight as a unit. Squads compete against other squads in school tournaments, as well as go out into the kingdom on missions. Missions are hands-on assignments from the school up to and including live combat situations, and this will let you create your own mini-RPs.

    As far as races I had put some werewolves and vampires in as enemies, but as far as PC's, I'd like to keep it strictly human. I could see maybe allowing elves if there were a big enough demand for them, but I'd like to keep the races mostly homogenous. Companion characters may be a little more diverse, for example, my character has a fairy bound to him. If anyone's really keen on playing her, pm me and I'll give you some rules.

    World Info
    The Kingdom itself is named Belgrave (If you're better at naming, leave me a suggestion. I'm terrible with names) and so is its capital, where the school is located. The city has 4 concentric "rings" of ascending elevation. The lower ring is the commoner's quarters, where you'll find residential, craftsmen, and market districts among others. It is not poor and dirty by any means, although one might describe it as rustic, mostly made of wood and stone. The middle ring is where the academy and college are, along with many specialty shops, such as bookstores and cafes, as well as many fountains and gathering places. It mainly consists of higher quality stone materials, such as unique bricks and granite. The upper ring is for the nobles, and houses the cathedral and several promenades, as well as the highest end boutiques and restaurants. It mainly consists of granite and marble. The highest and innermost ring is where the castle stands. Anyone with talent can become an academy student, regardless of social standing, All are equal in the eyes of the school, however this does not always mean that students of wealthier families consider themselves on par with commoners.

    I'm going to leave it here for right now. I do have some premade characters that I had created as part of this world. I will post probably on Sunday, but this post is getting too long as is. So for right now I'll open the floor up to any questions anybody has. I tried to keep everything brief, but I know lot more about this world that I haven't written down yet, so ask away.
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  2. Well, kupo, first, I'd like to welcome you to the site. ^_^

    I'm one of the more under the radar peeps here, but, I enjoy it, and I hope you will too.

    Now, onto business. Ahem.

    This idea sounds interesting to me. The slice of life/anime/medieval fantasy kinda thing sounds like quite the interesting Mashup. So, the first character concept that came to mind would probably be more in between the academic and military than one. My thought was it'd make an interesting development and possibly a side "arc" for him discovering his place in the group by finally specializing and realizing where his potential really lies, instead of just being pretty much an average jack-of-all-trades.

  3. The College and Academy are essentially the same school. In that sort of a scenario, there's nothing stopping him from being able to choose one or the other. The way the kids are trained by the entire process essentially boils down to: Knights protect the mages, mages are the big guns. Not to say that Knights are always stuck babysitting, they're not. For example in squad tournaments, they're the ones that go and seek out the opposing team's mages if they choose. It comes down to strategy. Do you blitz or do you defend and stall while banking a massive attack? How you want your character to develop should then affect his choice.

    Another thing you may want to consider is what your character geeks out about. If he's into knowing everything there is to know about an ancient civilization, including being able to decipher their language, that leans toward the mage side. On the flip side, maybe he really likes the civilization, but his passion is learning about their weapons and battle tactics more than anything else, that leans more toward knight.

    If you're still having trouble deciding, think about your character's gimmick in combat. There's nothing necessarily to say that mages can't use a weapon, but the focus for them is on magic. For example, one of my premade characters is a light-affinity healer who uses a bow. She doesn't normally fire arrows, but uses magic to form arrows made of light that hit her opponent's shadows and pin their physical bodies in place. Their are multiple paths to accomplish the same thing. You could have two stealth-oriented characters, with one being nimble enough to do all the jumping and flipping you'd think of, but another is a darkness-affinity that can magically meld into the shadows and travel up a wall to step out onto the rafters.
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  4. You hint at having a lot of thought put into this. I'll keep an eye out for this one.
  5. Hmm, sounds fun. Not often do you find a medieval school RP, and often if they do exist, they're very bare bones, but this one seems more fleshed out. I'll bite.

    I have an idea for a character, but I'm having trouble working out what element their ability would fall under. Is it absolutely essential for magic to be elemental or is there some kind of "everything else" element that's just used as a bin when classifying something that doesn't fit into a normal element? Like how there are the 4 kingdoms of life in Taxonomy and also a fifth kingdom called "protoctista" where taxonomists throw everything that doesn't fit into the other 4 kingdoms.
  6. Okay, well whenever I play, I'm used to playing the standard 4, 6 or 8 elements, depending on how you want to define them. Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, then adding Light and Darkness, and further expanding to Ice and Thunder (Possibly as offshoots of Water and Wind) if you're feeling saucy. There's no problem with a water-user also being able to manipulate ice, or a wind-user (preferably a mage) also being able to use lightning spells. You could go even fancier and have a character want to be able to attack with plants and vines. Well, that's an offshoot of Earth. Nothing wrong with that character also being able to manipulate rocks, but if you want to specialize only in plants, that's perfectly fine, too.

    I had also added a sort of Spatial element (Manipulating Space), so mages can create things like dimensional pockets to store whatever items they'd like. I had thought of Spatial Magic being difficult to learn and draining to use. As for its uses beyond the example above I haven't a good idea, except perhaps teleportation, but such a spell would be beyond any mere student. I had an idea of having a full team of adult mages working with specially attuned crystals to be able to switch up the battlefield terrain for squad tournaments, just to give you an example. There is also the element of Time, but that is far beyond even the most talented, for purposes integral to the overall story.

    To promote a little more teamwork, I also added in the concept of combination magic, where two people of different elements can combine their magic to form any number of different effects. For example, I combined my wind character's magic with his water friend's, and she was able to summon a giant blizzard. You could combine fire and light to have your big "light of day" undead buster. You could go more exotic, too. My character plays a shakuhachi, which he can use to create a mist over the local area that numbs enemy senses, and his friend can pull a koto out of her dimensional pocket that creates illusions when she plays, but if they play together, the illusion is so powerful that it seems real, and opponents can be tricked into attacking each other. It's more or less up to your imagination what you can do with combination magic, but it is an incentive to poke your friend and say, "Hey, make an x element character and play with me you lazy bastard!"

    If you're still confused, post up what you'd like your character's fighting style to be and maybe I can help you.
  7. The character's abilities would generally involve blades of energy, chains, dimensional storage... It'd probably be a mix of spatial and darkness elements assuming characters can have more than one. Otherwise, a bit of altering would make it work as spatial only.
  8. Since we're sharing, I have two character ideas.

    One is a mage who amplifies her physical ability through the use of dark magic. Read: she ritually saps strength or makes a sacrifice and stores it in runes she can apply to her own or someone else's body. Basically, their physical ability improves a lot. Applications include classics like punching holes through steel plates and exhaling with enough force to blow someone off their feet , but also spitting with such a velocity it can paralyse a part of the body.

    The other idea I have can go either way, but she is a light element user who stores familiars in tattoos on her body. If she goes mage, she'll lean heavier towards summoner, whereas if she goes knight she'll borrow traits of her familiar to assist her swordplay. So maybe, as a mage, she'll summon a swarm of swallows to go kamikaze on an opponent, or as a knight she could add wings to her feet Hermes-style to increase her speed.

    Nothing is set in stone, I'm brainstorming still. Just a couple ideas.
  9. That doesn't sound like too much of a problem. I've had instances before where a mage used utility spells outside their element including the dimensional pocket. It drains a little more energy, but something like a simple light doesn't drain much to begin with. And one of the characters I made can attack with solid shadowmatter.
  10. Both those characters sound very creative, you clearly have practice at this sort of thing.

    I'm sure it might provide some inspiration if I finish some of those character bios like I said I'd do by today. Unfortunately with it being Thanksgiving week and all I've been busier than I'd expected, but I'll give you a brief rundown of my character's abilities.

    He's a wind adept knight who uses dual katanas. He can explosively compress and decompress air from his hands or feet for powerful knockback strikes or wind-assisted dashes, boosts, and jumps. He can channel magic through his weapons to create cutting wind blade ranged attacks. He also plays a shakuhachi (Bamboo flute) which he can use to blanket an area in mist that interferes with an enemy's senses so he can strike undetected from within it.

    Personality-wise he's a hard-worker and modest to a fault. He doesn't like being indoors for too long, and will often seek out high places to think. He seems to always be able to tell what the weather will be like up to a day in advance, and is also terrified of ever being underground.
  11. How medieval is this? You wrote earlier it is a combination of academy and medieval fantasy, but when I think medieval fantasy I think more the European dark ages. On the other hand, I see a lot of Japanese elements in your character example, so I'm a little confused. Could you elaborate on the setting?
  12. Sounds like an interesting premiss though what would your thought be on someone wanting to be a battle mage for example.
  13. I don't think OP is quite using the word he means. but "medieval" is certainly the one most associated with being old. If I'm correct, OP wants this RP to be in a similar setting to a typical medieval anime - slightly post-dark ages in terms of technology, and 17th - 19th century England in terms of architecture, but with a feudal Japanese social structure of Samurai, Daimyo and Shoguns and stuff.
  14. I'm very much interested in this idea! You mentioned maybe being able to play as the fairy that's bound to your character? That sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Do you think I could get more information on playing her?
  15. "Medieval" might not be the exact right word I could have used. When I RP, I tend to "see" everything in anime.

    I would describe most of the technology available as traditional medieval, but then there's also alternate "magical" technology. For some examples, the best method of travel is by horse-drawn wagon. Most things are made by hand or hand-operated machine. There's no printing press, but an enchanted pen can crank out copies of a book. There's traditional siege weaponry, but there's also magecraft golems.

    Certain things use elemental crystals. For example, my character once bought some chocolate that had a small fleck of low-yield ice crystal in the bag to keep it from melting. Rooms can be lit by candle/torch, or magical lights.

    There are, however, ruins of an older civilization called the Chronarii (Remember I suck at naming) whose technology was said to be beyond comprehension. Theirs was the only people in history rumored to have not only understood but mastered Time magic. Their society and culture remains a complete enigma, and the Chronarii themselves seem to have disappeared without a trace.

    Belgrave itself is a western-style Kingdom. All people under its banner are considered free and equal within the eyes of the law. I'm not really opposed at all to mixing western and eastern weaponry, although my character and his friend do come from a village far to the east, and his weapons within Belgave are considered exotic.
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  16. I reckon Chronari and Belgrave are actually pretty good names. They actually make sense. Most names people come up with don't really seem like names that would evolve organically, but Chronari for beings that are said to have manipulated time makes sense, and Belgrave makes sense as a town name too. My guess is that some time in the past, the town was famous for some really neat church bell it had, and for also having quite an extensive graveyard, and as such whenever the town came up in conversation, people would say "You know, the town with the bell and the graveyard."
  17. This sounds like a fun concept, I'd like to give it a try! ^_^
  18. Well, I'm not up on all my fae hierarchy, but Yuzu is I would say the Tinkerbell-type. 4-5" tall with translucent non-insectoid wings. She became bound by tradition to Roland when she attempted to play a trick on him and he captured her in a jar, but took pity on her and freed her. Their bond means she must follow him and serve him always. She can inhabit the wooden pendant he wears to always stay with him, but so long as she remains within several miles of him, she won't suffer any ill effects. Because Roland is overly modest and uncomfortable with the prospect of having a girl, even a fairy, be with him everywhere he goes, he prefers her to not be in the pendant. She tries to keep her existence hidden, as she is afraid that humans, especially mages, will want to rip off her wings and study her for science, according to stories she's heard from other faeries.

    She is very mischievous and flirty, and fascinated with human males including Roland, since they are the first non-animal males she's ever known. However she is confused by human concepts such as modesty and terms like units of time, and will frequently substitute concepts she understands like nature to fill in the blanks. For example, she frequently asks Roland's friend Becky if she wants him to "pollinate" her. She has a tendency to refer to herself and others by their names instead of pronouns, except for Roland, who she refers to as "Master". She also has difficulty with large words she doesn't understand and will tend to overpronounce them, for example, "Holl-idd-ay" and "Fesst-uh-vull"

    Faeries have power over nature, such as helping plants grow, and while each has a specialization such as a specific type of flower, I decided to have Yuzu's be lemons.

    Keep in mind I'm not married to a lot of the facts I've laid out, especially characters. If you'd like to tweak something, feel free to suggest it.
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  19. Actually, towns were commonly named after their environment. If we're talking about making sense in naming conventions, a big bell tower isn't going to be built before naming the town. Similar with a big graveyard.

    Not that it matters for the RP, really. It's more important it's easy to remember. Belgrave suffices that criteria and Chronarii... Well, it sounds a bit more alien but because ancient civilisation, you could get away with it. Most important part is that people remember the name.
  20. Belgrave is actually the name of the royal family. My character's squad leader is in fact the disguised prince.
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