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    Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokemon!
    "My name is Professor Acacia, and as you already know, we live in a place where these fantastic creatures called Pokemon thrive everywhere. Many people keep their own Pokemon as pets, while others use them for battling each other. From what I can tell, you've just moved into the Aresa region from a distant, faraway land. But have no fear! Your journey will take you across different landscapes, each filled with adventure. You will meet plenty of new people and Pokemon as you strive to become the very best, like no one ever was."

    "Do you have what it takes to become a Pokemon Master?"



    It has been approximately seven years since the famous Pokemon trainer, Red, became champion of the Kanto League.

    You, the player, have just moved into Minerville Town with your family. It is a modest village tucked into the southeast of Aresa. The region is a few hundred miles from Hoenn (Rustboro City, to be exact), and it is gifted with a rich history and diverse variety of Pokemon.

    But not all is well in this new land.

    Team Quantum lurks in the shadows of the otherwise peaceful region, kidnapping people and Pokemon for their nefarious schemes. Some say that they are in search of a long forgotten beast for reasons yet unknown.

    In an attempt to find these evildoers, trainer Red went missing shortly after his arrival into Aresa. His whereabouts remain a total mystery. However, if rumors are to be believed, he managed to gain a key piece of information on Team Quantum before disappearing. The Pokemon League continues to dig itself into a position of secrecy.

    It is up to you to choose your destiny. Will you catch every Pokemon in Aresa? Will you collect all eight gym badges and confront the Elite Four? Will you uncover the truth behind Team Quantum and find Red at last?

    All of these questions (and more) will be answered in Pokemon: Iron™!


    For those of you who are interested in this little setup, I'd like to make a proposition.
    With your help, we can design a brand-new Pokemon region to explore in-full. We will need maps, town names, selecting which Pokemon go in which geographical location, NPC's, gym ideas and badge names, as well as a brand new legendary Pokemon that will be integral to the story.

    Of course, that's not all I will need assistance with. In order to deliver a genuine, Game Freak-esque experience, there will also have to be folks willing to contribute lore as it's spliced into the final product. Any and all help will be appreciated even if it isn't included by the end. No suggestion is a bad suggestion (unless you try to sneak in a dome fossil past me in which case it is a very bad suggestion)!

    Rules, character sheets, and other such necessary features will come around once there are enough people to contribute/have shown interest. For those of you who step up sooner, I will be more than happy to place your character as a gym leader or as a member of the Elite Four. The choice is yours!

  2. As long as we don't have to start from scratch, I'll be good. Pokemon RPs that require everyone to start from the very beginning and go through what is essentially tutorials after tutorials kind of die out before the true game can begin.
  3. I don't think I'd be that cruel. :P
    Also I forgot to mention that trainer vs. trainer battles will take place over Pokemon Showdown, as will a handful of trainer vs. NPC battles (gym battles and the Elite Four mostly).
  4. Never been in a pokemon rp before but i understand the basic concepts of it seeing how i play the DS games. Count me in.
  5. My first idea was to base the setting on Germany, if only to contrast Kalos being France incarnate.
    But other than that, welcome aboard!
  6. How many members do you need?
  7. Preferably a lot.
    But 5 might be sufficient.
  8. Well... i suggest getting the word out.
  9. Any recommendations for doing so?
  10. I guess posting in the advertisements thread, or search through the forum and see who shares interest in pokemon. Usually if you type in pokemon in the search bar you'll get threads containing people with shared interest.
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  11. If nobody gets interested in this after today then i suppose its because its based around a subject no one knows about, like me i have no clue what iron is. I suggest being more open in the plot i guess? Not sure.
  12. Fair point. I had the intentions of composing a plot from what most players wanted.
    I think it'd be better if I ditched this and made something better out of it entirely.
  13. I'd be down for this!

    Dibs on Pikachu as a starter.

  14. You've doomed us all.
  15. I like the pokemon showdown thing though, don't change that.
  16. Interested. Legens my m8ing call bought me here~

    Edit: I was looking around for one of these +Crow you saw the other one right? We should totally do this. I can help with lore and maps maybe, that my thing as Legens knows.

    Edit 2: I got to remember this isn't google + @Crow
  17. Oooh, this looks like fun. Count me in. I can help design gyms and elite four members, in addition to towns, locations, and lore. I have but one question.

    Would I be allowed to play a current/former gym leader? It would be someone unique to the region, of course, and there would likely be a stand-in at the gym while my character was away.

    It's perfectly fine if you'd rather I play an original trainer, I just like the idea of playing the role of a more experienced trainer purposefully taking a back seat, only rarely stepping in.
  18. There can be a Nazi-like group for the bad guys. That would be cool. I would like to play a new trainer maybe even an ex-bad guy.
  19. Well, the team's called Team Quantum, so I would guess some sort of time/space motif, but that's taken by Team Galactic...

    Maybe they're from the future? Ooh, and then the ex-villain character could actually be the past-self of one of the leaders of the team, who's trying to do what's right, but at the same time not cause a time paradox.
  20. That's a crazy cool idea your great! Maybe that use Quantum physics and stuff to do their time traveling. But to do any of it, they only go to similar realities and such. Character growth would be cool as in this. Starting out some what new and inexperienced would be cool and have that Pokemon charm of starting out a new.
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