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  1. Requirements READ:
    - Partner should write in third person past tense and have decent grammar and spelling. (I do my fair share of mistakes since I'm not a native English speaker, just make sure there aren't any really annoying mistakes like writing your instead of you're, make sure that the sentences you write makes sense, and make sure to use spell check, then we should be fine. If you catch me doing the same mistakes over and over again, please tell me so I can try to better my writing.)

    - Feel comfortable with writing at least 2-3 paragraphs per post. More is totally fine, but no one-liners. I tend to have a hard time finding inspiration when the replies are that short.

    - I will only write in threads. No skype, no e-mail, no PM, no chat, no google documents. Preferably PM for OOC chat, but making an OOC thread is also ok.

    - Be a bit aggressive, take place, give your own ideas, throw in your own plot twists and characters. I don't want to do all the work.

    - Depending on mood and real life events, I will reply between a few times a day to once a week and I expect at least one reply a week except when life is too hectic. (Right now I am in the mood for something a bit more fast paced so I would definitely prefer someone who can post a few times a week right now. It's not a must though.)

    - No smut or sex scenes. Fade to black before they start doing their thing.

    - I don't do character sheets for 1x1s, nor do I require them from my partner.


    When a pirate ship leaves the shore of the capital city, a young man is soon found hiding under a bed in one of the cabins. At first they talk about throwing the boy overboard to let him be eaten by the sharks, but after much pleading the captain finally lets him stay on board as long as he works efficiently. The boy is pretty useless at even the simplest of tasks, but his uselessness entertains the crew quite a bit, and he is slowly learning the tasks they put him to do. It is first when they arrive at the next port that the captain becomes suspicious over the boy's true identity. While the boy is helping out running a few errands the captain and the boy are attacked by guards, but they don't seem to be after the pirate for once.

    -Warning: If you have any suspicions of why the guards are after the dude, but think it's too obvious to be true, trust me, it's probably exactly what you're thinking of. I'M A CLICHE FUCK :D

    - I will be playing the young man and need someone to play the captain. (And yes, it will be a stereotypical pirate ship with a male only crew. I'M A SEXIST FUCK TOO :D We can introduce badass female pirates later.)

    - Be able to play multiple characters.

    - Genres: Adventure, Drama, Low-Medium Fantasy (mainly in the form of fantasy sea creatures and (low level) magic users.)

    -Note: This plot is not formed with the intentions of a romance between the main characters, but if it goes in that direction, I won't mind, cause I'm a sucker for MxM o_o Just know I won't do sex scenes and it will fade to black when they start.

    -If you have triggers, better speak up about them, cause even though this is supposed to be a fun little adventure rp, it is also supposed to go pretty damn dark at times. Also, we are on a pirate ship, even without my enemy plans, the protagonists should still do some dark stuff now and then, like attacking people, steal from people, kidnap people, kill people etc. They might be the main characters, but that does not make them into good guys.

    Reply here or send a PM if you're interested.
  2. You still looking for a partner? I super super love pirate-themed anything!
  3. Yesss, still open :D
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  4. Shoot me a PM! I'd love to rp this :)
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