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Discussion in 'GENERAL CHATTING' started by Diana, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. Hung out with a friendo that I hadn't seen in a while. ^^
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  2. Added lots of new pages to my PoGo pokedex today! ^^
  3. I went on a zip line for the first time. I've never experienced such a unique combination of absolute terror and total enjoyment in my entire life. It was great.
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  4. I feel weirdly energized right now! o.o Still spacey and unfocused, unfortunately... but energized! Maybe the antidepressants are finally starting to work their magic...
  5. I finally get to watch It with my husband, who has kept promising me that he'll watch it with me, but keeps backing out and watching something else that I don't want to watch. I also caught him getting teary eyed watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two last night, so now he can NEVER pick on me for crying during a movie again!
  6. Youtube plays Mario Odyssey is a thing.

    You know, like Twitch Plays Pokemon?

    Except, unlike TPP, this stream currently only has 60 people playing.

    And they're on "assist mode", which is basically a super-easy game mode designed for young children and people generally not familiar with video games.

    And I was going to say "despite all that, they've been stuck on one of the first bosses in the game for more than an hour" but they JUST BEAT IT!!!!

    I love things like this. I'm glad this is happening again. God bless the internet.
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  7. Been up for a little over two hours and I managed to clean up my kitchen and wash all the dishes from last night, finish off one reply and create an OOC, purged my two main email address of junk that has been sitting around forever, and finally got to blocking and unsubscribing to crap I'm sick of seeing, and threw dinner together and tossed it into the crockpot. All and all, I'd say I had a fairly productive morning.
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  8. OwO In a sudden burst of inspiration and motivation, I managed to completely finish the rough drawing that I originally wasn't going to start on until tomorrow morning.
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  9. I order the LEGO Saturn V rocket a few days ago and it finally arrived today.

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    Literally the coolest thing I have ever bought; I couldn’t be any happier.
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  10. The psychiatrist appointment today went over better than expected.

    Validation really is one of the best feelings out there.
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  11. OwO Went out for a brief PoGo trip and found a Breloom out in the middle of nowhere. Not even bound to a pokestop or anything. And I caught it!

    I've never even seen a regular Shroomish before. XD
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  12. i bought an outfit I've been eyeing for months and now I have the satisfaction of wearing it -w-
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  13. Still exhausted, but I actually could get out of bed today and I managed to eat! Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be back to normal. @_@
  14. Finished reading the 2nd Night Vale novel today.
  15. One good thing about today:

    I'm writing again and I feel like I'm allowed to be confident about it.
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  16. I caught up with an old friendo today! ^^ And then I got her caught up on Steven Universe. XD (Er... well... she's still really behind. But we watched as many episodes as we had time for. So she's less behind, at least. XD)
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  17. o3o Took care of art supply shopping today!
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  18. Everyone else is complaining about the cold but I didn't really mind it, so I guess I've adapted into a more durable organism or something.
  19. Went out for a very successful PoGo outing today! ^^
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  20. Going out to dinner tonight! Yay!No cooking for me. :)