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Meow! (Hello!) I am SubKitty! But you can call me Kinky Kitty. A little about me I am 19 and I love to write books and read about kinky sex. And I love to Roleplay! Now I been rping for 6 years. And I am going to say sorry about the Spelling and grammar error that may apper. I am on my smartphone and it harder to rp on your phone. But I will give you my all!

Roleplay requirments
1: most of my rps are F X F. (If you are a male but can play a female you are welcome to rp)
2: I am 95% of the time will be Submissve. Now there's a odd chance I will be dom.
3: I do rp in first and third person. (Note Frist person is for rps that I want to get more feeling out of. But I will mostly do third)
4: in regards to how long my reply and your replys. I do any where from 3 lines to paragraph and half. As for you well same thing. Oh!! And lots for detials I love sexual detials!!
5: in regards to chracters my character are all made for my rp ideas and they do have conterparts. Like some of my male character will have a female character to go with him. Stuff like that.
6: Very important!!! I am here to have fun and here to let off steam. And here to get ideas for my books. And I suffer from PTSD and Depressed and Anxiety disorders and I am on meds. So please be kind to me. And don't hurt me.

Follow these rules and regulations and we will be fine!! Thank you all for understanding!! Now on to fun stuff!!

Here are some of my favorite pareings

Mistress X Slave
Sister X Sister
Younger Sister X Older Brother
Girlfriend X Girlfriend (they are cheerleaders (collage or highschool )
Presion Guard X Inmate (hardcore bdsm, rape, enslave, bdsm)
Cop x hooker
Cop x dirty cop (they are parenters)
Teacher X Student
Boss X Owner (of the company )
Boss's child (girl) X boss's next in charge

Skyrim Sex Slave stuff always open!!

Sword Art Online (love to come up with diffent plots and chracters! I hate Kirito! Sorry people)
Highschool Day Of Dead
Highschool DXD
Moble Suit Gundam Seed (Sorry people hate the gundam seed destiany.)
Gundam Unicorn (love the idea behind the story)

Different Plot Lines

Plot One
You own a strip club that doubles as a roleplay sex party's and video tapes the roleplay as post them on a porn site. You are looking for a new member to join and you find me who want to be your one of your Special girls who plays as a captuered warrior. And I like to offer my body to other girls. You want to take me for a test run. This place have 4 other floors under ground. And 5 Floors above the strip club it's self. They are VIP Rooms.

You want me as your slave so you can kept the club open and have people play for VIP tickets to see you use me infront of them. And you can kept making your porn video with me in them with you. And you end up falling in love with me. And we want to kept the club open.

Plot Two
In the VRMMO'S world! This world is part both Sword Art and Gun Gal! This world has a fatal bullet to it. Once the players clear a sprific area a triggers a deadly pandemic of a comeputer hack that turn most or the NPC and other creater in to zambies. And the players who are still left in the game are lock in. And they can't get out unless they die in the game or stop the invation. If the invasion not stop then it will destroy All other VRMMO'S wiping them out completely and the technology to run them. And it's up to two of the world's heroes to stop this from happening!

My character (exsample of one of my female girl)

Neko kitty
Sexy stiper dancer. And she like to give her body up to girls to use.

Her looks

Ropes, handcuffs, shackles, whips , floggers,vibrators, collars, bar restraints, love strap-on vibrator, and others.

loves to be us in public for some things not evething. Love to be retained when I am being use and just most of the time. Loves when you pull my head back hard and hold it back ans you fuck me..

No wax, no blood or sharp things or killing, or piss or shit. No electricity shockly things. No my character getting pregnant

My fantasy is bdsm crucifixion basics instriontons

1 tie them to a flogging post and whip them untill falls on knees.
2 get a wooden beam thats 6 feet long. and two ropes that are 3 feet long.
3 force them on their stumch. arms out andput the beam on them and tie down four arms.
4 then force to walk with the beam up a hill and whip as moves to a sandy area with the post of the cross.
5 force on the back and tie down wrist and then play with her pussy and clit then stick a vibrator in her pussy.
6 lift slave on to the up right beam and let her hang for a bit and then ties down ankes and let her stay up there until she cums out three times

Like I need someone who will treat melike a slave. Like collar at all times and to be retained at all times with my hands behind my back. And to be feel up by a crop and liketo be inspcied by crop. And to be played with by your fingers. I need to likeforce me around and pull my head back and stuff.

And she plays as a captuered warrior. And she loves to be fored agents the wall and tobe retained in shackles on her wrists and anlkes. She also loves to be tied in rope as well. And she has a special basement. And house. And she loves to be shackles to the wall of a cell.

Please comment here! Or feel free to pm me anytime with qestions or what ever!

~Submisve Kitty~ Meow!!