Naruto Anyone? Hiruzen chronicles.

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  1. In the great hidden village of Konoha, we have had 7 grand Hokage. The 1st, the Hashirama Senju, created the trees that make the land and hide our great village. The 2nd, the 1st Hokage's brother and successor Tobirama Senju, was a great hokage and helped the stability of the land. The 3rd, who was under the tutelage of the first and second, and also known as the professor for his knowledge of most jutsu, Hiruzen Saratobi, reined twice and was very wise. During his second term as grand hokage, he sacrificed himself to help save the village from orochimaru, one of the Legendary Sannin. The 4th hokage, Minato Namikaze, sacrificed his life to save the village from the the nine tailed fox, sealing him inside his son. The 5th hokage, the granddaughter of the first and one of the legendary Sannin, Tsunade, took the thirds place after his death and helped restore the village. The 6th, and one of the only that was least likely to, Naruto Uzumaki, son of the 4th and wielder of the nine tailed fox. Then the 7th, me.

    I am the son of the 6th, and my name is Hiruzen Uzumaki. I was named after Saratobi, for he had a great influence on my father. My father, after sealing away the Two Tailed Beast Matatabi, who went on a rampage after being set free of the Akatsuki, died the same as his father. Grandma Tsunade then took his place. After his death, the Nine Tailed beast was sealed into my twin, Jiriaya Uzumaki, named after his mentor and godfather, and one of the legendary Sannin. Being born of both the Nine Tailed and Two Tailed beast has given us raw power. And I must use it to protect my village.

    This is not a story of my reign as Hokage, but the story of how I got there.

    Now, I understand, half is true. The other half, is an alternate universe to the ending of the naruto series and the beginning of the Hiruzen chronicles.

    I need need seven people to do this rp with me. I would like someone to be my twin, our mentor, our third team member, three other team members and leader for a second group, and I might consider allowing an 8th to be an antagonist so no one has to double.

    Char Sheet
    Name : (something naruto-ish)
    Appearance :
    Heritage/Clan : (can be from main characters clan, I.E. hyuga, uchiha, aburame, etc., but can't has to be son or grandson of the main characters, or could be original)
    Type of Jutsu/Style : (again, can be close to one of the main characters, or can be original, don't use the exact though. I.E. puppets, bugs, taijustsu, etc.)
    History :
    Any other background information :

    That looks good. Anyway, please hope some people join, even if it's not all.
  2. Name : Hiruzen Uzumkai
    Appearance : 0082eg4k.jpeg twin is on the left, being the one to wield the nine tailed fox, and me on the right.
    Heritage/Clan : Uzumaki blood line.
    Type of Jutsu/Style : no specific, prefers fire and water elemental jutsu, but is quick on his feet and is able to use many other jutsu. He also learned the rasengan at a young age.
    History : Both him and his brother was hated among the other villagers because they both had tailed beast sealed in them. They always had each other, though, and are inseperable. In there solitude, they became strong. Always trying to be the best.
    Any other background information : Knows water and fire Fuinjutsu techniques, inherited from Uzumaki clan.
  3. Name: Jiraiya Uzumaki (Hiruzen's twin)

    Appearance: View attachment 11511

    Heritage/Clan: Uzumaki

    Type of Jutsu/Style: Hidden Wolf, Manipulates Canines

    History: Hated among the other villagers because both he and his brother had tailed beasts sealed in them. They always had each other, though, and are inseperable. In their solitude, they became strong. Always trying to be the best.
  4. Luvable, your named after jiraiya. Jiraiya uzumaki.
  5. Name : Amizu Yamiyo ( Team Member? )
    Age: 16
    Appearance :
    Heritage/Clan : Yamiyo Clan
    Type of Jutsu/Style : Medical, Ninjutsu, Hyouton (Bloodline)
    History : The Yamiyo clan was a clan hidden from the ninja world. The Hyouton is their specialty, a combination of water and wind usage to create ice attacks and defense. Haku, was the first one to be known for this element but he wasn't the only one. In the shadows, a small village and clan called Yamiyo was hidden in order to escape wars. But at last, it was time to face the world. Amizu, daughter of one of the most powerful elders in her village took the opportunity to be the first one to set example. If in 10 years, she could live among the people and make a good impact, her people will come out of hiding. It was a important task, one that will choose the path of her Clan. Her first goal at the moment was to work along someone with high rank. This was her chance to show her abilities to Hiruzen Uzumaki.
  6. Ohhh mkaii I'm named after a creeper. I shall change it x]
  7. GOD, of coarse you are accepted. You can be the 3rd of our team. Btw, we are still genine. Its like the beginning of naruto. Though we are already on teams, headband and everything.
  8. It states on how its the journey on how he becomes hokage. Also, the plots is, there are assassination attempts and raids on the village. It turns out the village hidden in mist are trying to take over all the villages. I would hope this RP would be a good one.
  9. ^^ yay. Spread the word. Also, if your up for it doxa, you could double as our mentor/team leader.
  10. Its ok. I'll double as our mentor and will post up his sheet tomorrow when I get to a computer.
  11. But please spread the word.
  12. Your GOD, you could do anything.
  13. Name : Gisai Uchiha
    Heritage/Clan : Uchiha
    Type of Jutsu/Style : Half-Activated Sharingan, Fire Type Jutsu
    History : Gisai is the son of Sasuke Uchiha, though he did not follow his father's ways, he moved on to help the hidden leaf. Like the generation before him, Gisai has established a bond with Jiraiya Uzumaki.
    Rank: Genin
    Age: 14

  14. Overcast. Looks good. Fire style should be in where your sharingan is. And you can't be chuunin. We have just graduated to genine. You are in team 7. If you want, you could double as your squads mentor/leader. After that, your good. Also, your picture is broken.
  15. Lol, I knew he was going to join. xD
  16. Thanks guys for all those who have joined so far. All we need is Two more people. I'll probably triple as the antagonist when he appears. Spread the word. We need two team members, one must be trained in the medical field of some sort. Also, one may doulble as team sevens mentor/leader.
  17. Name : Miru Inuzuka (Team Leader?)
    Age: 22
    Appearance : (Red Haired One)
    Heritage/Clan : Inuzuka
    Type of Jutsu/Style : She mostly uses her clan's jutsus combined with her trusty companion Shotogun. She also has a preference for Water Jutsu and she has a small katana for close combat.
    History : Miru is a likable person, not usually found acting her age, but she will be serious when she feels the need. She was born into the Inuzuka clan, getting Shotogun when she was 7 and training with him since then. He is a very loyal dog and would do anything to protect her or anyone he is told to watch over. Miru passed the Chuunin exam on her first try, and quickly rising up to become a Jounin. She is content with her ranking and would now rather just train young students than try to improve her ranking.
    Rank: Jounin
    Any other background information : NA

    Would it be ok if i was the Team Leader for the Leaf Village Team? :D
  18. Both teams are of the leaf village. You would be leader of team 7 which is the team that overcast is in. All we need now is to get two more people to join, one will have to be a medic.
  19. Whoops! Didn't notice that haha and ok great! ^^
  20. It's all good. Invite friends.