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    It is the start of spring at the Konohakagure and it is a glorious day in history. It is a beautiful sunny day for the leaf village and what could be better? How about the dawn for a new group of shinobi? A class has graduated, a new force assembled, and it is all set up to be one hell of a day. It has been many years since the great shinobi wars and the peace of the village has been secured. The great previous three Heads of the Konohakagure of old are gone and now the village has a younger, new hokage the 4th Hokage as of now. His name is Yu Hoshigawa and he has now been in power for about four years now and is only thirty two years of age making him the youngest village leaders in the history of the village. He is a understanding, passionate, and not a very unkind man. He known to be very crude at times, but very considerate man to those whom don't threaten his village. Despite his position he shows a lack of ambition common to village leaders in this age. He has brought to the leaf village a new era of peace since the end of the second great ninja war which had ended only ten years prior.

    But this is not his story nor is it the story of the Leaf itself. It is the story of the Konohagakure squads that would become legend more specifically one squad thirteen. This specific group we will be following will be under the tutorage of a man known for his skill and his bluntness. This squad is Squad 13 and will be one we shall be following throughout their journey into adulthood and what it is to become a shinobi and to follow one's ninja way be it for better or worse. As a man once said "For justice and honor we shall defend our lives and our beliefs." Now we shall start their story...Welcome to Squad 13...

    1. All basic roleplay rules apply
    2. No jonin spot is to be taken until all three genin are taken only then will I allow a jonin to be claimed. The jonin will be an npc unless all the genin are claimed.
    3. You're able to be a tailed beast holder but you will have less jutsu in exchange for having said beast at the start. You will have little to no of control of the beast as well and will gain it over time.
    4. Jutsu have to be properly leveled to the character meaning a genin/chunin wouldn't have some move like Rasengan/Chidori/Shadow Clone off the bat.
    5. Jutsu will be gained, strengthen, and learned as the rp goes along.
    6. No KG of the following: Blaze Release, Dark Release, Dust Release, Kurama Clan's Kekkei Genkai, Rinha Clan's Kekkei Genkai, Ryūzetsu's Kekkei Genkai, Sakon and Ukon's Kekkei Genkai, Swift Release, MG Sharingan(at the start at least) , Rinnegan, Kimmimaro's Kekkei Genkai.
    7. If you are unsure of something message me.
    Character Roster:
    Mitsuhide Senju - VanceXentan
    Timv999 - Neji Sarutobi
    Uchiha Atsuki - Avalon Knight
    NPC Character Roster (open)
    Mina Hoshigawa - Mina Sensei
    Hiyato Mikugami - Hiyato Sensei
    Sora Nara -
    Shina Uchiha -
    Kenshin Uchiha -
    Takumi Inuzuka -
    Ai Yamanaka - Squad 14's Sensei
    Mitsunari Kohaku - Squad Thirteen Sensei - Team Mitsunari
    Tashirama Senju - Mitsuhide's Dad
    Akhisa Senju - Mitsuhide's uncle
    Hatsuno Kobaiashi - The Arcrobatic Bandit
    Hakusho Aburame
    Ryu Hoshita

    Deceased/Lore Characters:
    Torum The Back Edge - Legendary Shogun Six
    Hasuna The Stalwart - Legendary Shogun Six
    Shinto The Enlightened - Legendary Shogun Six
    Reiji of The Million Strikes - Legendary Shogun Six
    Sonosuke The Younger - Legendary Shogun Six
    Kaisuke The Black - Legendary Shogun Six

    Character Sheet:
    Rank: (genin)
    Chakra Nature:
    Weapons/Items: (optional)
    Kekkei Genaki:
    Name of Kekkei Genkai:
    Description: Link for Canon version
    Jutsu: (Note: We shall have a maximum of four or five basic moves at the most. Stuff like dragons and whirlpools and water walking shouldn't be in our general vocabulary. Don't go overboard and canon jutsu over a low C-Ranking move are not allowed at the start. delete this note when making a CS)

    Canon Jutsu
    (Links go here)
    Custom Jutsu
    Name of Technique:
    Type of Jutsu: Nin/Gen/Tai
    Range: Mid -
    Nature Type:
    Name of Technique:
    Type of Jutsu:
    Nature Type:
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  2. The Boy of the Wood Style and Descendant of Hashirama Senju - Mitsuhide Senju
    Name: Mitsuhide Senju
    Nickname/Alias: The Boy of the Wood Style
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Clan/Bloodline: Senju Clan
    Skill Specialization: Ninjutsu
    Rank: Genin
    Chakra Nature: Earth, Water (Kekkei Genkai based)
    Kekkei Genkai
    Name of Kekkei Genkai: Wood Release
    Clan: Senju
    Personality: Kind and (somewhat) virtuous, Mitsuhide is a very understanding boy for his age (despite his innate sense of sarcasm) and has a fascination with nature in generally finding it beautiful and loves to simply lay down and look at it for others. He is a loves the peaceful nature of the village and the area around it and normally has a bright smile on his face. Mitsuhide is very trusting towards his friends and is very hurt when he is betrayed by someone holding a grudge for a very long time. He has a distrust of the Uchiha Clan due to their histories during the shinobi war. However he is not trusting without reason as his family is always remembered the betrayals they've suffered and as a result this impression was forced onto a young Mitsuhide as well. Despite this however he still has a couple of friends inside the Uchiha Clan though they are very few.

    He is very grateful towards others and is always willing to repay someone's kindness even if it is the smallest thing. He is never one to forget when someone had helped him and he tends to make friends easily due to this trait. He loves animals and is especially fond of young dogs but most wild life also makes him curious as well be them flowers or boars. He keeps his word as often as he can and is always the first one to admit he made a mistake thinking of it as a learning experience in his excitement to grow up.

    While he is energetic he is not overly so and keeps a calm demeanor when it matters, but when allowed to he lets his childish side do as it will despite what others may think of him. He is quick to make a friend and tries his best to help others with their down faults if they look like they are struggling. However he tries his best not to bring up personality faults. He is not one to pull pranks on others or to act out but he is somewhat sarcastic and sometimes whines a bit when he doesn't like what he hears. Despite this Mitsuhide somehow manages to be polite when the occasion rises.
    However when crossed Mitsuhide is very hard to win back and he doesn't forgive people easily. He has a hard time trusting people who have proven themselves unworthy of being trusted. He also is easily angered when it comes down to his family. He isn't afraid of fighting dirty though he finds the very thought of it disgusting in it's own right.

    History: It was during the great shinobi war when the clan Senju and the Uchiha Clans built the Village Hidden in the Leafs, which came to be a very powerful village in the day to come. However before dying Hashirama settled down and produced a family that would be protected by his brother until his demise. The Senju clan has thrived and grown strong. Some few generations later and continued to thrive in the village. One of the newest children to grace the clan appeared in the form of Mitsuhide whom was born on a warm autumn day.
    Mitsuhide was gifted with great chakra reserves and a natural talent as comes from being a member of the Senju family, as well as the clan's innate ability to heal faster than normal in a way similar to that of the Uzumaki Clan but still inferior in chakra and healing prowess. Regardless, Mitsuhide was born healthy and his parents promised to raise him to be a great young man as the family embraced Mitsuhide smiled and giggled happily. As a child Mitsuhide proved to be a handful, as he was always exploring and trying to see new things; even as a baby he was one to try to quickly figure things out or simply enjoy small things around him especially smaller animals whom had a tendency to try and scratch him for hugging them to tightly. Despite this he did get along with some animals such as dogs more so than cats. He was often read to as a child by his father when he was home and when he got older it was also his father whom helped him train. He was taught some simple first aid by his mother on the side because of his tendency to go out and get himself hurt falling on trees. But Mitsuhide being the stubborn young boy that he is didn't mind his mother's warnings and kept on getting scrapes and bruises exploring the village.
    However something was different about this Senju boy which became more apparent with time. His father found him to be oddly talented in the ways of Ninjutsu, and when the time came, and by complete accident none the less, while trying out a basic jutsu he accidentally summoned some wood out of the ground leading to the boy being called by some of his family as The Boy of the Wood Style. Even some of the villagers whom Mitsuhide had befriended called him by that name. Some of his more fanatical family members whispered about possible second coming of the first hokage in Mitsuhide, but his parents would have none of it saying that he was just a boy. Mitsuhide himself was confused about being compared to his great grand father but he liked it too, his great grand father being a great hero, and all the various friends who Mitsuhide was known to be around outside the house, were mixed in their feelings between being surprised and not so much as they expected Mitsuhide to be a great ninja when he grew up but didn't expect him to have the wood style ability.
    Mitsuhide had often gone among the villagers as a kid and had gained many friends throughout the village, but not because of any special skills or his kekkei genkai, but because of his upbeat attitude and general friendly joking nature. He was and is still a boy who doesn't give up and tries his hardest no matter what the task is. Not to prove himself but because he is determined to get all the things he strives to do finished to the end. His drive pushes him to become stronger and better which is why he had become so skilled in ninjutsu even at his age. However he is known to have some humility despite his sometimes prideful nature clearly willing to admit when someone is better than him, well at least when he wants to. He also freely admits he is an awful genjutsu user as he hates illusions. He wasn't much of a prankster and didn't like messing things up around the village but he did enjoy making a good joke at someone's expense. While he had many expectations pushed upon him, especially with the second nickname he received and was determined not to be called by it often.
    His drive and determination to live up to it his expectations. But he didn't show it outright as a goal and never stated it he simply said he wanted to be better for his family and for his own sake. He passed at near the head of his class in ninjutsu, bottom in genjutsu, and he did fair in his Taijutsu skills but despite this his reputation has become slightly overblown in some groups. While he is bombarded with expectations, Mitsuhide has graduated the academy fairly well in the class ranks and like always with a smile on his face and a fearsome determination in the will of fire in his heart.

    Name of Weapon or Item: Basic ninja equipment

    Wood Release - Wood Clone - Mitsuhide is is an extremely talented user of Ninjutsu but even he is unable to make a clone without a sturggle. At his young inexperienced age he is only capable of making a single clone at a time and has a limit of three without using any other jutsu or chakra. However it is still rather crude in terms of form. -
    Wood Release: Cutting Sabers of Wood -
    Mitsuhide uses this technique as a way to make swords without carrying them around. He doesn't tend to use these as a way of defending and purely uses them for the aforementioned.
    Wood Release: Threefolded Wood Shield - A smaller version of the shield used by Yamato in the anime -
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  3. reserved / wip

    Sayuri Higanbana Hatake
    Nickname/Alias: Sayu, Spider lily, Demon Fox, etc.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Birthplace: Konoha
    Clan/Bloodline: Hatake clan
    Rank: Genin
    Chakra Nature: Fire, Wind (later)
    Appearance: Sayuri is only 4"10, the average height of a thirteen-ish year old girl. She bares her descended characteristics of her father, Shisa Hatake. Her jet black hair from her mother yet her facial features were surely inherited from Shisa, as well as his famous Green eyes. Sayuri's hair is long, down to her back and she usually prefers to keep it down however she will rarely tie it up and it usually depends on the situation. Most people think a weak spot would be merely grabbing her by her long hair, however being vulpine and fox like--She relies on speed during close combat which gives her eye-hand coordination.

    Sayuri wears a classic long sleeved sweater, The color of Black. She wears a long sleeved sweater with a small low collar (Not like Uchiha's). Although the sweater appears to be slightly oversized, she wears white capris that stops mid center of her thigh (above the knees, yet not to short to be considered as shorts).

    At the right of her thigh is bandages around it with a large Black pouch on the side. It holds her Kunais whereas she has a round light tan almost gray pouch on the left side of her lower back that holds her shurikens and other small things. She wears many small arm-belts adorning her left arm aswell as few padding under her long sleeved sweater, some type of elbow cover of some sort. She also wears Black sandals with bandages on both side of the bottom part of her legs. But also, Mikasa wears bandages under her sweater around her chest area with a chest fishnet tip over it to secure it more and a Black cloth Sarutobi chest wrap with a small Sarutobi symbol in the back of it over all that.

    Where she wears her Black forehead protector varies. It's usually seen on her right arm, and if it's not its on top of the pouch wrapped around the same thigh and hidden by her long sweater that rests over the pouch and slouches there. She only ever hides it if she feels the mission assigned or task is 'special'.

    Personality: Though being a descendant of Shisa Hatake, or atleast the Hatake clan in general, she seems to possess both similar and different traits of the clan. But to put it simply, Sayuri is quite deceiving. Unlike Shisa Hatake whom is unbelievably friendly from the heart, Sayuri is the opposite.. And the opposite from her father. She pretends to be very happy-go-lucky or kind, but in actuality she is a cautious girl.

    Though she seems and can surely act kind towards people once you know her on a deeper scale you will find out that this is nothing more than just a simple act. A facade really, and you would have to be keen to figure out what her true intentions were. But no one ever is. She is only happy to keep her surroundings happy, but she is tormented by Kurama internally as he is sealed within her.

    Despite acting kind towards people, few will notice that she plays distant with herself while being kind. As most boys will fawn over her, maybe some girls too and try to start a conversation with her you will find that she tends to naturally end the conversation quickly in some kind of way with her 'kind attitude'. An act of not trusting anyone yet indirectly showing her true personality.

    In battle, Sayuri is more of the tactical type who observes and analyzes mentally and as precisely as possible. She has proven herself worthy of both combat and observing with her strategic mind for some 'thirteen year old kid' and is of course shown to be confident -with mocking/false kindness- by not showing emotion, yet dropping in hints of pride.

    When Sayuri was born, the Hatake clan rejoiced in happiness. Her birth was fairly well known due to the fact that her father was considered a noble and special ninja -practically a famous legend-. However within a few months it was fated that she would be holding the nine tails jinchuuriki, and her father would seal it in her. The reason why Sayuri was chosen and it was agreed upon was because the other heads from other clans had found it suitable to choose a Hatake. Their intelligence, keen personality, and fierce behavior. They couldn't trust an Uchiha, They couldn't seal the fox within a Sarutobi (the most noble clan). Senju? That wasn't quite possible either as they believed that the clan can be a sort of guardian to keep the fox in check naturally. So, it was narrowed down to Sayuri's father--But he wouldn't carry Kurama. They voted on his daughter, Sayuri as a precaution that even if he is one of the known Hatake member thats noble, theres still a chance that he could turn his back any time. So the daughter was targeted, and the clans held many meetings about it for 9 months.

    When Sayuri's mother heard of this--She was enraged beyond belief and immediately thought of killing the child. She had attempted a few times--However Shisa would interfere, angered himself. As Sayuri grew older--She never understood the coldness of her mother. Her mother looked at her like a beast unlike her father. She had her violent snaps, but it was always Shisa who interfered. Eventually Shisa had taken Sayuri under his support and such after years of Sayuri dealing with her mother's contempt. It also took those years to prove himself worthy of raising Sayuri--Because he was 1. Rejected to hold Kurama and thus it was taken under caution that he would monopolize the creature through Sayuri, 2. A recognized shinobi himself who was busy on missions. When he was approved, Sayuri lived with him. Though most of the times he was away.

    Sayuri would come into contact with Kurama when she was asleep. Almost like she was dreaming, when in actuality she was in a mental plain, or spiritual plain to see and communicate with the fox. However the fox would terrify her--Kurama always did before she snapped back to reality and wake up suddenly. When she turned 6 and attended school, it wasn't necessarily easy either. There was small moments of Kurama making an appearance through her eyes, and even if she was in a docile state--Chakra would seep out of her before the sensei would interrupt. Instead of violence before the fox could take over, she had more frequent breakdowns and looked crazier than the other kids--So she avoided socialism and eventually her father took her back in and she stayed home a lot.

    She went to school once in a while, before frequently disappearing to stay home with her parents. Believe it or not, she was very noticed in many different forms. She was popular with looks, but at the same time peculiar. Why did she skip school often? What was the point in her even coming when she mostly didn't?

    Although she stayed home, Sayuri was taught many things, and basic Jutsus to be better at. For example the basic fire style techniques. They started her early to improve much more quickly and that was how her character and personality was built. To be better, fearless, uncowardly, strong, and powerful. Pure independence. When she did attend school, she showed off as much as she could. But when she suddenly disappeared after a few consecutive days or so, the students would get curious and few would even go as far as approach the Hatake household to visit her--Only to be shooed away by members closer to the family -Sayuri's-.

    Canon Jutsu
    Paper clone Technique: Sayuri is skilled at making paper clones of herself, and prefers this version of the clone jutsu because she finds it more effective, as she is also able to tag the clones with hidden paper bombs as well. But she can also create multiples of these clones. When hit they disperse into various things in paper. Scattered flowers or bats to blind/confuse the victim, birds in order to claw the victim, etc.
    Fire release: Ash Pile Burning: A skill used adeptly by the Sarutobi clan, Sayuri has no problem using this jutsu. But of course it takes up a lot of Chakra -keep in mind, she's still a genin-. So she can probably use it about once or twice as of right now -with long breaks in between-.

    (couldn't resize pic or find full size)

    le timeline

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  4. N/A - Why do you have two chakras? Genin probably don't know their base nature at the start let alone a second one. My guy has two due to his KG which give him the innate powers of both and none other but those.
  5. @VanceXentan In particular I didn't plan on using two at once, it's just for later on as well. Added wind cause ninetails -like said she won't have two straight away- since it seems illogical to replace it with lightning -assuming you wish to follow the original- //sob.

    Plus I can't decide which to use XD.....
    I'll probably use fire for her for now
  6. I thought Wind was just Naruto's natural element? If you want to use lighting/fire instead of wind go ahead. But for a wind shinobi I'd use a Sarutobi.
  7. i'll be making a cs shortly
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  8. WIP


    Name: Naoko Hyūga
    Nickname/Alias: Nao
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Birthplace: Konoha
    Clan/Bloodline: Hyūga
    Rank: Genin
    Chakra Nature: (I suppose it will be revealed later?)
    Personality: Naoko has a kind personality that allows her to get along with nearly anyone. She is unlike the stereotypical aloof or closed off type one would assume to find of those born to the lesser Hyuga branch. She has been faced with death, lost a few of those most close to her, and has spent many nights crying herself to sleep. Despite it all, Nao has managed to keep her same bubbly personality that keeps people wanting to know her. She is tough at heart, determined, and stubborn, If she dosent get what she wants right away, she will fight and fight, never letting up until she gets it. She hates few things and loves alot of things. Though it once was easy to upset her, or get her to cry, it is much more difficult now. After years of trying to learn patience and control over her emotions, she had finally suceeded in such and is more laid back than she used to be. Within her are a perfect molded together combination of the Hyuga's fierce fighting style, and her own casual and fun personality. Nao is a quick thinker, unpredictable, and she hits hard every time, never letting up when faced with tough challenges. She refuses to ever let down her teammates, villiage, sensei's, etc. and is extremely loyal. She can be trusted to follow through with tasks without hesitation, and no longer does she second guess herself. When she is not training, sleeping, or on missions, she can be found dragging often unwilling close ones out to eat before using her adorable charm to get them to pay. Not once has she failed with that.

    Weapons/Items: Standard Shinobi Tools: Kunai, Shuriken, Paper Bombs, a jar of ointment, bandages.
    Kekkei Genaki:
    Name of Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan
    Clan: Hyūga
    Description: Byakugan
    Canon Jutsu:
    Gentle Fist
    Air/Sky Palm
    Eight Trigrams: 32 Palms

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  9. Revolving Heaven and Vacuum Palm seem like something you would learn later. Hinata is only known showing the latter as a chunin meaning she's had some extensive chakra training and Revolving Heaven is used by an experienced Neji Hyuga while we're fresh out of the academy. If you'd prefer you can keep them at a downgraded versions of them. I did such for my wood clone jutsu as Mitsuhide has, in rpg terms, poured all of his stats in ninjutsu with some into taijutsu and he's broke in genjutsu.

    Also for reference sake is she side branch or main branch.
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  10. i planned to keep the jutsu at a downgraded version, of course, but i did want her to know some things that are a bit more advanced, simply because she would have gone through seriously tough training in her household. and yes, she is of the side branch.

    i edited the personality, now the history will come after i get something quick to eat.
  11. If that's the case then you'll need an explanation on why she has revolving heaven then. The wiki states this:

  12. alright then i'll come up with something mischievous.
  13. I mean, i was adding in small originalities of my own. But since it seems a bit troublesome i'll do wind then to make things easier c:.. Should I just change her last name and clan name as well? (Do you preferably/strictly want her to be a sarutobi?). I was thinking she can be a hatake/wind nature type kunoichi. *Just a suggestion/what I planned-. Also I won't be able to complete the full CS on time due to being busy with school. -Today I just finished the State test- and next will be studying for finals until next week I believe. I usually have A LOT of time on weekends of course though. BUT that doesn't mean i won't post IC the other days when my CS is done, just getting the CS done on time will be harder. I mean I can totally reply IC.
  14. You don't need to be a Sarutobi at all I was just recommending it due to the high learning potential and fire based ninjutsu talent. Asuma and The Third both excelled at it. Be what you want to be I'm just giving what I think would be better options.

    As for posting your CS and rules the general rule is that I don't allow people to post without a completed CS. However due to the nature of the roleplay I can muscle your character in if the other finish before you. A sudden illness the prevented your from coming to your character.
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  15. I know--I didn't mean if i can join IC without the completion of the CS. I meant normally when doing a CS it takes longer cause I have the time and effort for it on weekends more. However after completions my responses for ICs and whatnot are fairly on point c:. And.. I'll do Hatake XD

    Although Sarutobi does seem to fit, I dunno. I just feel like it doesn't fit her appearance. WE'LL SEE... I DUNNO.
  16. Will post mine today.
  17. so is this going to be a four genin squad? for some reason i was thinking, why don't I, or one of us, play the role as the sensei? That way it can still be four of us and well, it can be the normal 3 man team and jounin whos not an npc. just a thought? I could make up a CS for Him/Her and i wouldnt mind playing that rather than my genin.
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  18. I'm playing the sensei since the character himself will be a major player later. Besides our sensei won't be pulling us through the same routine Kakashi did. And if one of us drops out that leaves us with two genin and one sensei.
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  19. I have a later idea/plot for my character, should I PM you?

    Also working on SOME of the CS (my CS) ;u;b
  20. I would say yes you should.
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