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    OOC Thread:

    This thread is based in the MLP: Friendship is Magic world with no dedicated story. Stories can be brought up by anybody, so long as it does not direct the thread into grimdark, mature or adult stories. Stories of war are not allowed as well.

    With that said, anything else is permitted (unless something unforeseen comes across as unappealing to anyone) and anyone is allowed to enter with whomever they wish. It is recommended that you play something from the MLP universe.

    Have fun in your adventures in Equestria, wherever they may take you!
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  2. Name: Teal
    Personality: Loves to swim indoors and out, friendly and sensitive to others' feelings, somewhat paranoid
    Primary Talent: Swimming
    About: Teal is a pegasus pony from Cloudsdale, a town with a distinct lack of large bodies of water. As soon as he got the chance, he moved into a cheap home in Ponyville so that he could go swimming anytime he like without having to fly several miles. Instead of paddling around with his hooves, Teal uses his wings to swim at impressive speeds. His flying is not the best, not actually learning to fly until he was a teenager. Being a tad new in town, he has yet to meet many other ponies.


    Starting off his day as he usually does, Teal trots out of his small home in the northern corner of the town of Ponyville towards the nearby lake for a swim with a towel draped over his back.
  3. ((Okay I just wanted to check because I thought it would be cool for my character to own the library but if it takes place during the show you can see how that would be a problem at least somewhat))

    Name:BlueStar (Bluey, Star, or Starry to her friends)
    Personality: BlueStar is a bouncy filly who spends her day drawing and writing poems. She loves all the ponies in Ponyville and loves the sky. She loves the cold and hates exercise but loves exploring.
    Primary talent: an odd perception of the world and a passion for creativity in story telling form.
    About:BlueStar spent most if her life in Canterlot trying to get into the magic academy but after falling discovered her love of writing and drawing. Next thing she knew she had a cutie mark and began her work as an author and documenter of strange plants and animals. This of course, lead her to Ponyville with everfree forest. She set up a home in a nice house in the town and often goes exploring in the dangerous forest. Due to the dangers of the forest she's learned multiple self defense skills and spells.

    BlueStar walked out the door of her nice little home and trotted down the sidewalk humming a quaint little tune. Her faded baby blue fur was a bit messy from a night of tossing and turning in her sleep her dream had been so exciting she nearly fell out of bed! Her mane wasn't much better being a deep black with stripes of electric blue that looked windswept like she was running all night. She looked at her neat white sack over her back with pale blue gems and sliver highlights and used her blue magic to lift up a paper and notepad and absentmindedly began writing about her dream. Making sure to remember everything she could from that talking goat to the giant manticore that stole her cheese. She didn't even like cheese but she still could have asked after all! With her being so caught up in her story she bumped into a stallion in front of her with an 'oomph'.
  4. // I understand, no problem. \\

    Teal barely had a second to notice the blue unicorn about to cross his path when he bumped heads with her and stepped back holding his head. Oww! Ouch! Ooo!
    Rubbing his hoof against his forehead, he takes a look at Blue with surprisingly placidity.
    Are you alright? I should be more mindful of what's around me. he says. He notices her pen and notepad and takes a nervous breath. I think I'm lucky you had that, I'm pretty sure that pen would've stabbed me if not for your notepad.
  5. She slammed against the ground flank first and when she saw the pony she threw her hooves up with surprise. Oh I'm sorry I was just so caught up in writing when bam, she clapped her hooves together expressively, before I knew what hit me I hit you. Soooo sorry Mister um oh geez silly me she gave herself a face hoof chuckling awkwardly I should tell you my name I'm BlueStar pleasure to meetcha! She giggles as she got up and collected her things and placing them back in her bag. With a bright smile she turns back to the colt and awaits his name. They ran into each other, literally, after all so why not make it a chance to become friends?
  6. Teal returns a warm smile towards Blue, happy to see that she's not upset.
    It's very nice to meet you too, BlueStar. My name is Teal. I'm sorry for running into you like that too.
  7. Eh no worries Mister Teal sorry if I got your towel all messy though. She looked down at the towel that had slide off Teal's shoulder on impact and lifted it with her magic. She shock off some of the soil and handed it back to him.
  8. Teal takes his towel while frowning at it, then looks at her and smiles a little.
    It's fine, I was just going to lay on it anyways. I'll just lie the dirty side down.
  9. Ah cool so do you swim or something? I like water I think it's cuz I'm a Summer filly~ She bounced a bit at the idea of swimming with wide aqua eyes sparkling with excitement.
  10. I do! Swimming is my absolute favorite thing to do! I was just heading out to the nearby lake if you'd like to join me. Teal kindly offers with a smile.
  11. Oh sure I would love to since I kinda forgot what I was doing anyways. She laughed awkwardly realizing she had forgotten all about the kookie dream she had. Oh well so was there nature there one second gone the next. She had a new friend to hang out with anyways so it didn't really matter.
  12. Alright then, lets go. Teal grins and throws his towel over his back. Resuming his stroll towards the lake, he beckons Blue to follow beside him.
    What was it that you were writing, BlueStar? he asks.
  13. BlueStar's ears perked up,Oh well I had this dream and... She flipped through her notebook with a furrowed brow. There was a manticore and cheese stealing and um oh a goat he's my friend! She smiled and clapped her hooves together and began following Teal.
  14. Teal stared at her for a moment while walking, wondering just how she got into a dream like that. He breaks the awkward stare with a giggle.
    It sounds like a dream where you're fighting your inner desire to snack late at night. I guess. I think that's what a psychiatrist would say.
  15. Eh I just think it was from the fact I fought a manticore yesterday but I have no idea what's withthecheese it the goat... She though for a moment putting a hoof to her chin contemplatively. Then turned to him. What about you do you ever dream Tealy?
  16. Whenever I dream, it's often of fantastical aquatic creatures. New ones that I might see the next time I go swimming. As much as I've read about them, I still don't know of all the water dwelling animals out there and I see new ones fairly often. I'm sort of fascinated by them I guess.
    The pair begin to approach the lake over a hill, which has a river running through it.
  17. Name: DraydenBelle-(Drayden)
    Personality: Has a friendly attitude towards other ponies. He likes archaeological based type stuff on the major basis of his interests and will try to go to every archaeology event that he can go to.
    Primary talent: He's known to be very observant of every situation, and though he doesn't know if this is his destined talent, he likes to be thorough and know the details to whatever he looks into.
    About: Drayden is the younger brother of Raritybelle-(Rarity) and the older brother of Sweetiebelle. Neither Rarity nor Sweetiebelle know of Drayden's identity, and only Sweetiebelle knows Drayden in person, seeing as he's in the same school with her, the Ponyville Fillies and Colts academy, Drayden being in the 7th grade there. He keeps an eye on Sweetiebelle and her friends, and though he hasn't yet revealed to her his true identity and the fact that he's her older brother, he's instructed Sweetiebelle of the fact that he's there for her whenever she needs him. Drayden's seen his older sister Rarity on passerby type occasions but has never before alerted himself to her nor spoken with her, seeing as how he saw how busy and rushed around she was at the times.
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  18. Name: Sheenith Starstep-(Sheen)
    Personality: Friendly towards other ponies, and willing to help other ponies to the best of his ability with whatever they may need help with or ask for help with.
    Primary talent: Sheen has many hobbies he likes to take part in, a few consisting of such things as drawing/painting/ceramics, building things, reading. He being a young colt though, hasn't figured out nor thought about what his destined talent would be.
    About: Sheenith Starstep is the younger brother of Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle. The only one who know's about Sheen though in his family, other than his parents, is his sister in law Cadence, whom his parents ask her to babysit Sheen from time to time when they had work type affairs to attend to. Though Cadence isn't aware either of the fact that Sheen is her husband's baby brother. That's because Sheen's parents kept their identies secret, which Cadence found odd whenever she read the anonymous babysitting note requests, the notes only saying where and when to pick Sheen up when the babysitting job shifts started and where and when to drop him off when the babysitting job shifts ended.
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  19. Name: JadeJellPie-(JadeJell)
    Personality: Nice and sociable to the other ponies that he comes across, likes to have fun and make friends like his older sister, but unlike his older sister, JadeJell is very insecure and painfully nervously shy when in a place that's new to him.
    Primary talent: He likes to make 3D objects, and playing games, mostly ones where you'd hide some kind of object and then others would try to find it like hot and cold, but will play other games if requested. And JadeJell loves animals and going to the zoo or to wildlife centers.
    About: JadeJellPie is the younger brother of PinkiePie. JadeJell is the same age as Sweetiebelle, Applebloom, and Scootaloo. JadeJell, like his sister Pinkie, will want to have fun wherever he goes, but due to him being painfully nervous and shy when in new places makes it a bit difficult at first for him to do. He's otherwise quite sociable and kind to every other pony he meets.
  20. JadeJell, who had been helping out on his family's rock farm the day before, is currently heading to ponyville and near to arriving, this being because his parents and other older sisters were called away on a mission that they had been summoned to by an anonymous source. JadeJell had only heard stories about his older sister who lives in poneville, PinkiePie, hearing how cheerful she is at all times and how she loves having fun. JadeJell himself also likes having fun, and is normally a very sociable young colt. But he also gets painfully nervous and shy when going to new places, in which though he's heard tales about it all the time, Ponyville is very new to him. When the train he's on reaches the station, JadeJell's heart starts beating rapidly as he steps of the train car he rode in. He looks around at his new surroundings and starts to walk amongst the hills that are beyond the train station.
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