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  1. A Snapped Twig

    I opened blind eyes and before me, hanging heavy and low a full moon in royal bled. Its waters seeped toward me as I stood on the soft ground. I spread my arms wide as pain blossomed within my body, and to the moon, I let my blind eyes delve.

    Though I stood and the blood rose to cover me, I remained and trusted in the moon.

    The moon saw my unseeing trust, and its light opened a path. I followed as it guided my feet, and my body in another place far away moved with strength not my own, all while I followed the winding, splitting path.

    I took every fork, splitting to multiples as I passed each, and another me walked the way I did not tread.

    Those destinations, I knew, would be known to me when I found that self that traveled its road or passed near beside it.

    Even as these facts, undeniable and true, slid through my mind, my feet moved still along the path. Knee-deep blood pushed back against me, but the moon led, and to resist the moon would doom... The recipient of the doom escaped me, but that didn't matter.

    So many things didn't matter.

    I closed my eyes, and felt my every step carry me miles forward. The blood's pull grew stronger, but the moon's strength overpowered it, though both shared the same source.

    One was the blessing forced upon me, and the other, my own mortality.

    My blind eyes opened on their own, and before me, I Saw.

    I Saw myself, my body, mind, soul, and vision, all together in one. This vision showed my own future. Absently, I remembered the gun shoved under my rib cage, cold metal pressed into my bleeding flesh. It shoved deeper, my back arched, and my flesh parted before it. Even now, I felt the heat of the muzzle lodged under my ribs.

    The moon grew brighter, scolding me. I turned my eyes forward again rather than back. The Unifiers would record it. I forced my body to scream. They would gloat, send the recording to the Council.

    My body screamed, and I stared at my future before me.

    The self of my future laid on a slab, covered in a cloth stained with wet, steaming blood. Not yet dead, but dying. A shadowed figure removed the cloth, and another poured water.

    A familiar face, the head of the Unifier interrogation division, stared down at my body. He told me that he knew how to kill me when a silver bullet to the brain would not. My torso bled from a wound where my organs slowly regrew after removal.

    He wiped blood from my chest and black ink shot with many needles into my flesh. He bisected the black tattoo line about my neck. He supported my head with a gentle, gloved hand. His thumb rubbed my chin as strength left me, and he ordered the others to leave. Each shadowed figure left in turn, and the man whose face I could see leaned down. He saw something that I could not, and his lips spread into a smile that made every part of me shudder.

    With that shudder, a powerful blow knocked me under the current of blood. It rushed me, and my eyes open, but saw only blackness. A scream ripped from my lips as a click by my torso sent a powerful explosion through my torso. Metal shards split and filled my left lung.

    Panic filled me, and I tried to move, but straps dug into my arms and legs. My lungs burned as the silver fragments seared and cooked my flesh. I smelled like bacon.

    Hot metal pressed against my forehead. My scream had no time to leave my lips.

    I woke on a metal table. My torso felt sticky and wet, and something laid on top of me. My blindfold was gone. I heard voices, and then felt something vibrate against my neck.

    The blackness faded, and the man above my head, cradling it in a gentle, gloved hand, grinned. Sadism twisted his face into something demonic.
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  2. A Snapped Twig: The Other Side

    Kanna finally arrived in the Council's hearing chambers. Crow looked toward her, his expression hard to read for a moment before his lips twitched back in a half-hearted wince-smile of sympathy. His lower lip was split and scabbed. Elizabeth looked calm, but her claws dug into the wooden railing before her: the wood there was pocked with holes. All members wore their full robes, hoods up, faces shrouded, save Crow, who allowed Kanna that brief glimpse before he covered his face again.

    Only one seat in the chamber was empty: the current head for this shift. Normally outspoken and blabbering, he'd disappeared in the past decade.

    In his place, Crow stepped to the stand, then looked toward the back of the room, where a uniformed man in teal appeared in a large, arcing rectangle along the wall. "This is Kanna—Twiggy's caretaker."

    "Yes, she fits the description," The man on the screen looked down at Kanna as she stood in the center of the room. "Face this way, Kanna. I feel it only..." He trailed off, then shrugged as he found a suitable word. "Fitting, that as his caretaker, you view his final moments."

    The creak of wood around claws came from Elizabeth.

    "None of you object, do you?" The Unifier asked as he let his eyes trail the room. All remained quiet until Crow spoke.

    "Get on with it so we can stop looking at that hideous teal!," The tengu's nose twitched. "Kanna, pay attention to this idiot's video." The unspoken order was 'Make sure you catch whatever message Twiggy has.'

    The Unifier raised an eyebrow. "Very well. The idiot will go ahead." He turned his attention down, to something in front of him, and after a few moments, the screen flashed black, then to color again as it displayed Twiggy on screen. He was strapped to a slab, arms and legs spread and insides distinctly not inside of him. His body didn't heal.

    The slab tilted slowly forward, until Twiggy's guts began to slide from the open cavity, though no blood was visible.

    A man all in white approached. A plastic visor protected his face, a white cap protected his hair and head, and white scrubs kept the body fluids away from his own body. He approached Twiggy, then pressed two fingers against one side of his neck.

    "The time is 1422 on July 18, 2015 C.E., Unifier Standard Time. Pulse irregular. Roughly 210 BPM. Professional opinion: a human would have expired three hours prior. Hunter regeneration has been stunted. Body resources seem focused on retaining brain function." He used a stylus to point out the chest cavity, where Twiggy's lungs and heart worked, frantic and shallow.

    "The subject was to be executed five days ago. Each attempt has been thwarted, including silver injections, beheading, water deprivation, blood loss, organ removal, hanging, firearms, strangulation, and suffocation. I hypothesize he will survive today's attempt as well. Please watch as I apply twelve enchanted silver bullets directly into the heart and lungs and one enchanted silver bullet to his head after one test round to his leg."

    The man in white pulled a gun from his back and lifted it to the camera as he recited model and serial, then aimed at Twiggy's knee.

    The recoil barely moved the man's arm, but Twiggy's knee exploded.

    The seer's legs both jerked, and he began to scream: not mindless screams of agony, but words.

    "Kan... na! Kanna!" Unseeing and pale, his violet eyes snapped open as he gulped for air. "Kanna! They- Unifiers! Tattoos! Don't let-" He gulped for air as the man in white rotated his arm and pressed the muzzle of the still-warm gun against Twiggy's diaphragm directly.

    Twiggy gasped and forced himself to keep screaming. "Kanna! Kanna! Tattoos! Make... Fix my-!"

    BLAM! The first shot tore through, and Twiggy groaned. Gurgles escaped, and his head lolled, but his mouth still moved. Wheezing words shifted cadence into the voice he'd used when his visions took everything from him.

    "Seek you the Unending Roads. Cracked by Heaven's Seekers, the road between the Eyes leads to darkness."


    "Seek not without preparations. When a moon bleeds in sorrow for sun's loss, take its tears and join with it the burning white of Hephaestus."


    "Combined with dye from fruits of ivy poison of blackest night and thorns of death, fresh is magic, old is truth."


    "Armed with needle repair the wide road upon which the Eyes walk, and the Eyes walk anew, and beside them the Impotent."


    Even aided by whatever supernatural force aided Twiggy, his voice grew weaker. The man with the gun absently moved the microphone closer to Twiggy's mouth.

    "All-Mother's hope bleeds from thick wounds. Console with news: the Promised Comes. Bond and contract with the Queen of Stones. The Shining One succeeds with aid."


    "Pact of service leads to discovery. Beware! The body of the Useless is attended by a host of many—!"


    Twiggy wheezed, long and heavy before he continued. "—among the Band who would bring a Great and Horrible Oneness." He panted, the expression of neutrality fading, and his cadence slipping.


    "The Eyes require the Guide! Let not their resplendent arms harm the—!"


    Blood erupted from his mouth. He sputtered and gasped to try to gather air. "—One Who Leads!"


    A wheeze, and his body seized. His lips moved, but no sound emerged, nor did his lips move to make any words. His back arched and his fists clenched on either side as the man shook violently.


    Twiggy's body fell limp, then became suddenly tense. The gun was pressed under his ribs, against some remaining bits of lung. Tears began to fall as he mouthed Kanna's name. Only a squeak emerged.


    The twelfth shot. Twiggy, himself now, jerked. His head slammed the metal table, and he sagged against his restraints.

    The man in white removed hand and gun from under Twiggy's ribs and sighed. "Twelve bullets have been administered. Applying final bullet to the crani-" He paused, then touched his free hand to his ear. After a moment, he lowered his hand. "Applying final bullet to the cranium, and then cutting the feed."

    He pressed the gun under Twiggy's neck and adjusted the angle.

    BLAM! Gore sprayed behind Twiggy's head, and his body jerked once.

    "Ending execution attempt twelve. Should the subject survive, attempt thirteen will be made after his prophesy has been decoded."

    He reached toward a switch on the wall, then paused and looked at the camera. "I assume, based on the subject's babbling, this 'Kanna' will view this recording. I personally advise seeking psychological aid, as the contents of this documentation have been graphic." With that, he touched the switch on the wall, and the video died.

    The screen turned black, and it returned to the Unifier soldier. "The prophesy has already been dealt with, thanks to some creative weedkiller. I advise Miss Kanna to take comfort in knowing that he was very, very hard to kill."

    He flipped through some papers in front of himself. "Now, I believe the Council requested his final execution video?"

    "We requested it, but Kanna does not need to view it." Crow snapped.

    "I insist." The Unifier's eyes narrowed.

    Thunder rumbled as Crow stared back. "Kanna. Alsoome is in the portal room. We have put you through enough today." There was a point that one did not cross. Kanna wasn't even involved in the conflict—Kanna had been stuck on HQ dealing with invalids during the war. "We are not so desperate—"

    "I love you, but shut up, Crow," Elizabeth snapped. "Kanna, you will stay. Show your strength as a woman. Cry in private after standing strong through this." Though she glared at Crow, her brief glance toward Kanna held some warmth.

    Crow balled his hands into fists under his long, flowing sleeves. "Very well. The decision falls to you, Kanna." His eyes tried to nudge her toward the portal room's entrance, directly under the Speaker's seat.