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    Medieval Times Series: Condor
    Condor is one of the smallest areas of the world that is made of many different large to small islands barely connected by man made bridges overlapping large rivers running between lands. Home of the world trade and many types of merchants, cons, and warriors alike. This land made the coin that all the lands use as currency today alongside the shipments of food, tools, merchandise, and rare crafting materials over all the lands. Many myths and relics surround these islands that reveal the distant past and it was said that these lands separated from different parts of the other lands to eventually flow towards the eastern open seas to form what we now call ''Condor.'' In the before times during the war of the gods one folklore spells that Condor was a kingdom ruled by the 7th lord of the eastern seas whom became enraged by the immediate war and summoned forth his destructive waves to crush and separate parts of the lands around his throne to punish the other gods. A rumor passes throughout all the lands that the main ocean that filled the middle of Condor lays the ''staff of the 7th sea'' who was controlled by the god whom created Condor during the war before men. If this staff was to be captured it might reveal some of the past that could be used for the benefit of the world... or to destroy it.

    CS Sheets !
    You are welcome to customize your sheet however you please, I rather prefer unique sheets but if you are unable to customize it then that is fine too. You are allowed to create the demi god of your own faith group, however it is also your choice to team up with someone or not.
    Regular Character Sheet
    Descriptive Appearance:
    Job(If any):
    Class(Knight,Mage,Rogue, Other):
    Associations(Faith,Kingdom,Guilds,Groups,Cults, Other):
    Position(Role in said ''group''):
    Other Abilities:
    Other Things:
    Faith Group Sheet
    Faith Group Created by(Type Username):
    Faith Group Co-Leader''Demi''(Username of the demi god):
    God's Name
    God's Appearance:
    Demi-God Name:
    Demi-God Appearance:
    Faith Name:
    Faith Motto:
    Faith Realm(Where the god and your demi god live):
    Faith Belief:
    Faith No Go's(What your faith members dislike):
    Faith Accessories(Do your members wear specific items to display faith?):
    Faith Logo:
    Faith Members:
    Kingdom/Group Sheet
    Kingdom/Group Creator(Type Username):
    Kingdom/Group Name:
    Kingdom/Group Motto:
    Kingdom/Group Appearance/Residence:
    Kingdom/Group Residence Location (North,South,East,West, or anything more specific):
    Kingdom/Group Laws(What is allowed and not allowed):
    Kingdom/Group Wear(What your troops wear normally):
    Kingdom/Group Flag:
    Kingdom/Group Members and Roles:

    Rules (open)

    • No godmod/meta-gaming/other​
    • No OOC drama​
    • Posting speed should be at least everyday or before 3 days unless you're not interacting with anyone then your posting speed is a week limitation unless previously notified to why you're not posting
    • Posting expectation is either 3-5 sentences average unless you're having small talk with either a character or NPC then 2 sentences is the lowest i will allow, To the people that usually post more than 5 sentences i allow pretty much any amount as long as its not as long as a harry potter book​
    • There is no character creation limit, go wild! If you want to make 20 characters i won't stop ya​
    • All gods are NPC unless invasion or pursuing is undergo​
    • All demi-gods have wings until they traverse to the human realm​
    • Kings/Queens/Officers/and Commander positions of Kingdoms/Armies/Military is pretty much free game or ''first come, first serve''​
    • Soldiers/Knights/Mages/Bowmen/and others similar to the list is limitless unless a limit has been set by the leader of a kingdom/society/guild/group/cult/faith/or any other of the sorts​
    • All CS characters cannot be real people, however they can be artful images of made up characters.
    I didn't include ''respect others'' as a rule because i believe we already know that we need to do that regardless if i say we should or not.

    Kingdoms/faith(s)/cults/guilds/ and groups have their own CS(character sheet) form, No kingdom/faith/cult/guild/or group can be relevant in the world unless that group is stated to be all dead then you are welcome to talk about said society in your history and or IC(in character) thread.​

    Map (open)

    not gonna reinforce the posting speed rule much
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  2. "The number one rule of thieves is that nothing is too small to steal."
    ~Jimmy Breslin

    "Prisoner IIV-"
    "I have a name you know. It's Emmy, short for Emerald Vale."
    "What you think I don't know how to read upside down? You should hold your question paper up if you don't want me to see it."
    "Bah. You will answer the fol-"
    "Age, 24. Hight was around 5'4" last I checked. Weight... Light."
    "ENOUGH! I'm the one asking the questions here! Your... Um..."
    "I'm not going to juge you if you check the paper man."
    "What do I look like to-"
    "... Half-elf."
    "Wait real-"
    "Next question."
    "Ah, yes of course, um... Appearance."
    "Two words. Look. Up."

    "Good job."
    "Descriptive appearance."
    "Listen buddy your not my type, but if your really at a loss for words I'll help you. Green sleeveless robe, green hooded cloak, leather gauntlets, cloth slippers for sneaking, hazel eyes, dirty blond hair covering ears and left eye, lean body structure, and that fantastic smile that makes my heart sing."
    "Shut up. Personality."
    "I think we've displayed that pretty well. Almost half of my speech is sarcasm, I hardly ever take anything seriously. I've been put on the chopping block and made comments about the headman's weight. With freinds it's to lighten the mood, with enemies it's to annoy the shit out of them. From this I'm cool and calm in almost any situation, I've never been thrown off by something and fear is something I haven't felt in a long time. That said I treasure my freinds like little gold nuggets and will do whatever I can to help them when things go south."
    "Uh huh. Likes."
    "The look on nobility assholes' faces when I personally turn them into hobos, sitting around in some quiet part of nature, and returning the weath to the people by spending all my winnings at the nearest tavern."

    "Being instantly kicked out of a tavern because they know my face, noisy places that smell like BO and smoke, and asshole nobility people."
    "What sort of prison questionnaire is this?"
    "Just answer the bloody question woman."
    "I play a damn good violin."
    "Anything else?"
    "Ok then. Job."
    "When you steal shit you don't need one. But occasionally I've done a particular heist or assassination for a client."
    "Master theif. What a surprise."
    "MAN it took you guys soooo long to fully disarm me. Let's see, I've got my enchanted knife Mooncut, which in moonlight can cut though steel plate.
    Mooncut (open)

    Throwing knives, viles of poison, acid, as well as fire, and a hand crossbow."

    "Smoke bombs, some healing potions, a bit of sleeping powder, and my violin."
    "Are you associated with the-"
    "Thieves Guild? I was, but then I stole from them and they kicked me out."
    "Sitting. Do I look like a high ranking member of society to you?"
    "Ugh. Powers."
    "The magical ability to not give a shit about whatever your saying."
    "OH FUCK THIS! I give up. Go to your cell."
    "I feel we connected on a deeper level."
    "I can do voices too! Guess who this is!"

    Renowned theif Emerald Vale excaped two days later, on the same day as one of the prison guards resigned.

    {History will be shown though RP.}
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  3. Kingdom created by @Gabriel Heartache
    Gavilion’s Standard
    Kingdom of Gavilion
    “Through blood, steel and magic lies true prosperity.”
    Capital Port Citadel of King’s Hill
    Kingdom Location
    The kingdom lies at the larger isles, nearest to the Sokutsu continent. It is located in the North western island from the centre of Condor.

    Kingdom Laws

    • Spoiler

      • Feud between Houses are to be reported to the right authorities and are to be settled peacefully or with a single duel.
      • Taxes in times of war are doubled.
      • Mages that practice forbidden magic are to be reported to the inquisition.
      • Anyone helping fugitives that are found guilty will face the same punishment.
      • Anyone who is found guilty will be allowed an ordeal by combat. However, the guilty will be allowed a champion that would fight for him. The same will be allowed of the accuser.
      • If the king is incapacitated for any reasons his councils will take over his duties until he recovers or a suitable successor is named.
      • Anyone that enters the kingdom via ports without any proof of citizenship or official documents are to undergo strict immigration and pay a fee of 10 gold pieces in additional 1 gold piece per week of staying. If the person in question is unable to pay the fee or is in suspect they will be deported via the same ship they got onto.
      • Citizens are allowed to have a single weapon or bow with no more than 15 arrows in their quiver or a arquebus with no more than 3 metal ball and enough explosive powder. Anyone that is caught with more will be subjected to the relevant authorities unless they have a permit from a guild.
      • Men and women have equal rights in education and employment.
      • Anyone that sells alchemical potions or medicine requires undergoing a knowledge test that is overseen by the Magic association and it is required to place the certificate where it can be seen. Anyone caught selling without certificate is dealt with a fine of 1000 gold pieces a week of imprisonment and the confiscation of all of their goods.
      • During time of war all Houses unless those exempt are required to contribute to the war effort with men, provision, ships and gold. Failing to do so would have their land and prestige stripped from them.
      • Anyone caught without proper paper work that allows them to be in kingdom are subjected to either a fee of 1000 gold pieces or to live in prison for each gold piece that they did not pay. Addendum: However they are free to join the army and will receive food and bedding but will stay there until the thousand gold are paid. Deserters will be executed either by hanging or drowning.
      • Religion can be practice freely but anyone caught causing a mess with be punished with 100 days of imprisonment in addition to paying a fine of 100 gold pieces.
      • There shall be no discrimination between different races, anyone caught having disputes because of this will be subjected to a fine of 10 gold pieces in addition to 50 silver pieces to each guard that handled the situation.
      • Magic users are to undergo immigration by mages if entering for the first time depending on the circumstances with pay up to 10 gold pieces.
      • All magical items are to undergo inspection by the mage association. Failing to show a certificate to show for the inspection will be followed with a swift confiscation of all goods and a fine of 10 gold pieces per goods confiscated.
      • Anyone can be a citizen of Gavilion after paying a fee of 10 gold pieces in addition to the fee of the tests that the citizen will take to determine permanent citizenship. If the tests are successful the citizen in question will be under probation for a year. If everything checks out after that they will receive the paperwork that allows them to be permanent citizens of the Grand kingdom of Gavilion.
      • Slaves are allowed to enter the kingdom but for each slave a fine of 1 gold piece is paid to the relevant authorities. Selling slaves is allowed but are under strict supervision and heavily taxed.
      • Traders that entered via port or otherwise are to undergo an inspection of goods then are taxed either by paying a fine or can be paid in goods. If magical items are found they are immediately subjected to an inspection by either representatives of the magic association or by relevant members of the inquisition. Then the goods will be taxed accordingly by either paying a fee or by goods. If forbidden magic items are found it will be immediately confiscated and a fine are to be paid depending on the offense after that the inspection will follow its normal routine. No trader is exempt from this rule unless they have arrived by the word of the king, this requires both paperwork from the king and another set of paperwork to the representatives. If either condition are not met the trader will be imprison and further judgement will be met out while all the goods gold, silver bronze and pieces are confiscated.
      • Laws can only be changed by the king or the relevant authorities if the king is unavailable.

    Military Standard Armors
    (Heavy, Light, Magic infantry)
    These are the usual armor design worn by soldiers under the King, there are Houses who swore fealty to their king with different designs and standards. The cloak that the soldiers wear have the standard of Gavilion.


    The kingdom of new Gavilon was only established a decade ago after over a hundred years of civil war between feuding Houses trying to wrest total control over the entire island. The era of war would be known as the war for the crown. It was a no hold barred skirmish, full of death, betrayal, assassination, espionage, and deceit. The peasants just trying to live peacefully suffered for nearly a hundred years. The battles raged on and on without a single victor sometimes gaining ground only to lose some when another House attacked them; a tug of war without a single victor. The reason for the war however was lost in the bloodshed.

    80 years into the war the effect was catastrophic the people under each of the Houses felt their livelihood had been drained after the endless years of war but the very corners of the island lies the kingdom’s salvation. Three brothers bind by blood but were separated to different houses swore under the moon lit skies to quell the flames of war that had been burning for far too long and with that the twilight of the war came. The formation of the strongest coalition that the island had ever known was formed by the Gardmere, Dyevich and Aurelion. The name of the coalition was called Gavilion a mixture of each houses name.

    However, even with three Houses combined they only held about roughly 800 men and a small band consisting of no more than 8 wizards under their combined banners. A victory required sacrifices and the three brothers indeed sacrificed. Treasured family heirlooms were sold for chests filled to the brim with gold which bought arms, men, provisions and most importantly new weaponry from the land north of the isles, Sokutsu. The new weaponry would shake the foundation of how war was fought forever.

    These new weapons were called Tanegashima or it would be later known as harquebus a type of weapon that would have the sound of booming thunder that shoots out metal ball at a speed that would pierce through conventional armor. With fifteen hundred men equipped with the best weapons and armor that gold could buy the three brothers set out to conquer and unite the war torn Houses under a unified banner.

    They swiftly conquered the nearby Houses and quickly add them to the fold. It took them half a year to conquer the northern part of the isle and their numbers and generals rose to significant numbers so significant that the rest of the Houses formed an emergency alliance to bring down the Gavilion Coalition. It was a mighty army against a mighty army the sway of battle could turn in a single season but the three brothers would not allow the war to prolong any longer and used dubious methods to cause the alliance to ultimately break down due to in fighting but even so the war was long and bitter. Nine and a half year it took the brothers to finally put down the final Houses they put up a very strong defense also using the same weapons that the brothers had brought from Sokutsu. The total death toll of this civil war was in the tens of thousands but finally it had ended. The three brothers ambition was finally achieved a total unified island.

    However, the war had a couple more victims to claim. It was said as the three drank and cheered in the citadel together in one of the brother’s private quarters a single assassin manage to claim the lives of two of the brothers the remaining last one manage to kill the assassins but only barely. Just as that day was the day that the war ending it was the same day two of the greatest generals lie dead not on the battlefield with glory but struck down by a nameless assassin. There was speculation that one of the brothers was intoxicated with ambition tried to slay both of his brothers but anyone that spoke of this was soon executed publicly. The last remaining brother was crowned king of the kingdom, long live the king!

    After the war, the king set out to rebuild the lands that were torn asunder by the war but with that he needed gold and gold which it was were quite plenty with the founding of not one but four gold mines.
    The first year of his reign, he set out to rebuild the war torn lands with his people happy he then divided the land to the Houses that were faithful during the war. The rest were either completely removed from existence or exiled. While he was doing that he secured trade routes between his kingdom and the different isles of Condor later he would reopened trade with the main, south and the north.
    Also he had signed a treaty with the mages, wizards, and sorcerers from the mainland which allowed them safe passage into his land with guaranteed citizenship as long as they keep their own in check and use their magic to bring prosperity to the island. There have been problems but none that could not be solved with conventional means.

    Five years after allowing them to enter the kingdom tension rise once again this time on rumours of a blood mage as the death toll slowly rise so did suspicion on all the mages. The king set out his most loyal of knights to search for the mage but to avail soon it would seem that war would come again but the king would have none of it and reached out to a few master wizards that had become his closest allies over the past year to help with the investigation. It indeed helped as they were able to find and publicly execute the blood mage. The king then announces a new kind of authority that would remedy further problems of this stature: The inquisition. The inquisition was made of up of inquisitors and Knight Templars. The inquisitors were mages that were trained to combat forbidden magic and mages that had succumbed to the temptation of power. The knight templars were normal soldiers that had trained to handle onslaught of magic from mages and spells that affected the mind. With this newly implemented system the flames of war was once again prevented.

    Though a single immense shadow looms over the kingdom and everyone that still remembered. Was it truly an assassin that had killed the two brothers?

    The meaning behind the colour and symbols of the standard:

    Red signifies the strength of the military strength that brought unity.
    Blue signifies the loyalty, sincerity and faith of those that carried through the war to bring unity.
    Black signifies wisdom that was brought from the war and grief so that those who lost their lives for unity will never be forgotten.
    The three swords represents the three brothers who sought to bring the land out turmoil and into peace and prosperity. Each sword represents a different meaning. The one that pierce through blue represent bravery above all else, the sword that slices through the colours represent ideal and innovation and finally the sword that impales both of them represent strength of unity.

    • There are several clans called Houses that controls an amount of land but all of them serve the king. The land can be small or big depending on their contribution to ending the 100 year war.​
    • The inquisition is an independent authority from the main chain only the king and his council can intervene.​
    • Arquebus are not freely sold but requires a permit to will as there are *cough* incidents in the past.​

    People of import that are associated in the kingdom of Gavilion: Rolland Aurelion, king of of the Kingdom of Gavilion.
    Note: This wall of text! It's consumes us all! Hopefully this get accepted or I'm gonna be one sad person.

    Character Sheet
    Name: Rolland Aurelion
    Age: 48
    Height: 190 cm
    Weight: 95 kg
    Race: Human

    Descriptive Appearance: Born with brownish orange hair, he has kept his short pony tail since forever. He has hazel coloured eyes. He wears a custom plate armor of Ventorium steel with an eagle insignia on the chest signifying he is a king. Underneath his armor he wears a rather comfortable cloth tunic and a simple pendant filled with memories.
    Personality: Rolland is loyal in the sense that he keeps his word and promises. People who had once helped him had been compensated with more than their share of gold, some in blood and steel. Over the years Rolland had learned to bury his impulsive actions but sometimes in the event that something angers him greatly it surfaces. He is also faithful mostly never had doubt his brothers during the war for the crown and would like to repaid in kind. Many people who agrees that Rolland is a kind and gentle king but mistaking his good nature for weakness an offence often paid in blood. During the many years of war he had learn patience is a virtue and so is discretion. Never hesitating to retreat if the situation looks bad but will stand his ground and throw caution to the wind if necessary.
    Nurturing whether it be a child or a city or a kingdom. Drinking and reliving past events with close friends.
    Dislikes: Civil wars, death of close friends, betrayers and cowards.
    Hobby: Listening to orchestras and loves the violin part the most..
    Job: King
    Class: Warlord
    Weapon: Thunder, Greatsword of the warlord
    The length of the blade is 135cm, the hilt is 38 cm and the total weight is 3.25kg. The blade is made with Ventorium steel and the hilt is made from a certain type of wood that is nearly unbreakable with conventional means and wrapped with leather. The sword had been enchanted with a thunder rune this allow the user to summon a thunder strike three times a day at will either from the sky or shot out from the tip of the sword has to be pointing at the target.
    Tools: He suit of armor has been enchanted to deflect most low and some mid tier spells.
    Associations: Kingdom of Gavilion
    Position: Leader
    Power: He has no power.

    Group Creator: Gabriel Heartache
    The Inquisition
    "Only by firm action and resolute strength"
    Main Building
    Group Residence Location: Located in a keep situated south east of the main capital of the king of Gavilion.
    Group Laws:
    All of the kingdom of Gavilion laws still apply.
    • Rogue magic users are captured not killed unless the circumstance requires it or his crimes are too much to bear.
    • Duties come first over personal matters.
    • Inquisitors are not allowed to have love affairs within or outside the Inquisition.
    • Each Inquisitor is required to remember the faces and names of all Inquisitors.
    Modus Operandi: Staying vigilant against rogue mages who succumbs to the forces of evil.
    Side Operations: Works together with city guards as well as inspection team at ports.

    Group Wear:
    Each new templar recruit is given a set of armor which includes a leather trench coat (with or without a hood) that has its shoulders padded with a set of thinly layered steel on both side. Then the recruit chooses between a leather or steel breastplate. A couple of steel knee guards. An assortment of belts and buckles. A pair of leather gloves with holes for good luck and a small ring with the inquisition motif. Aside from this only the ring and trench coat are required as they are a form of identification. New Mage recruits are given mostly the same thing except that they have a plain black robe made of cloth with or without a hood and cannot have the steel breastplate.

    The Inquisition is a group that was formed when brutal bloodless murders were happening in the kingdoms of Gavilion. Normal guards or knights were unable to stop the murders. Rumours then circulate that it was a Blood Mage that was doing all the murders this created tension between the normal people and people with the gifts of magic. It was a new age and a new method was needed so the king of Gavilion had formed an Inquisition. Old and young joined in hope to find the blood mage but the King knew that normal people with good or bad intentions are not enough so he requested the mages association for volunteers and a handful of them joined. With a joint force of steel and magic that head out in search for the Blood Mage and it took them nearly no time at all to find, magic proved and invaluable resource. As the force roughly 50 men confronts the blood mage he let out a aura that overwhelmed most of the mages but soon enough swords manage to pierce through the blood mage’s shield and he was captured and public executed. This battle had cost them half their numbers a lost that was never forgotten. However from this they learned from each other that only when steel and magic combined can they truly face the horrors that mages become when they have succumb to temptation of greater power from planes beyond. With the blood mage done with the remaining members pleaded to the king and reasoned that there would be a need of an inquisition in the near future as more mages enter the kingdom. So the king announced that the Inquisition would stay and become an independent force that is not tied down by the chain of military command only he or his council may intervene if necessary. As of this year the inquisition numbers a fair hundred templars and over fifty inquisitors most people had forgotten what they had done and mostly see them as glorified guards.

    Group Members and Roles:
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  4. Now let's see about those laws...
  5. [​IMG]
    '' Tenebris cadent ita nos potest vivet ''
    |Darkness falls so we can live|

    Kingdom/Group Creator(Type Username): Edward
    Kingdom/Group Appearance/Residence:

    Kingdom/Group Residence Location: Kingdom of Gavilion nearest to the west south corner where the city life declines slightly. There they reside amongst the citizens in their own guild house.
    Kingdom/Group Laws: All Gavilion state rules includes two guild rules. One, to join them you need to beat one in battle, And secondly as a member you are required to purge evil wherever it resides no matter the cost or location.
    Kingdom/Group Wear: It is relevant that members of the guild can wear anything they please, however the one thing that sets this group unique from all the others is that they all seem to have metal limbs which makes them the most technologically advanced official group in modern era.
    Kingdom/Group Flag:
    History: This group was just recently formed during the last 2 - 3 years, however this group has increased its fame majorly in such the small time they were alive. In the first year this group was only of 3 people who did meager jobs for profit like sweeping porches or cleaning the citizens households. It wasn't till the end of the last year that they formed that a monster standing above all else attacked the small city nearest to the guild house. During the attack 2 members sacrificed themselves to protect the small part of the city and thus the monster fell only taking 1 more citizen before it died by the hands of the Berserkers. Because of this act of heroism the king of Gavilion knighted the last member who lived and held a city wide grave ritual for the 2 fallen members who was brave enough to keep the monster from killing anymore citizens. Soon after the knighting the last member signed a document with the inquisition to officially make the group into a real guild and made the flag into twin phoenixes in memory of the 2 members who died to save the innocent to which even to this very day the group goes by as a motto.
    Kingdom/Group Members and Roles:
    Leader: Me/Edward
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    Don't be surprised if you see someone like Zerachi up here tho.
  9. 2012-06-24-509539.png
    Name: Seraph Rune
    Nickname: Sera, Seria, Runie, Rune
    Age: 38
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 112 lbs
    Race: Nature Spirit - Guardian
    Descriptive Appearance: Seraph has dark, pink hair that falls down to her knees, coupled with dark, turquoise eyes. Her overall physique is slender, however it isn't flimsy or fragile. If anything, she looks as though she is in her mid-teens rather than her actual age. She is usually seen wearing a striped dress with a turquoise skirt and black ribbon on her chest, coupled with a dark blue ribbon in her hair with black, horizontal stripes. All in all, she looks like a regular peasant rather than royalty.

    Extra: Through the years, she had been known to be the 'King' of her own kingdom. She had concealed her identity along with her gender, yet bears the crest of royalty. No kingdom, groups, or bandits dare to thread deep into the dark secrets of said kingdom, as it is rumored that the king has the ability of complete judgement. This, in turn, makes the citizens treat them like a god and worship their ruler, who, in reality, is a woman who looks like she is in her mid-twenties.
    Personality: To keep it brief, Seraph is rather cheery and childish despite her age. At least, that's how she is around those that she already know of. Otherwise, she is shy and timid, resulting in her isolating herself from humanity and large kingdoms/traveling groups. She holds the urge to help people out whenever they should need it, and she is more or less gullible to an extent. However, despite this more or less childish attitude, her wisdom and her judgmental skills are nothing to be joked with. Through her years of living, she knows better than to trust a person's motives and she knows when she must put her foot down. She holds what she believes in strongly, and will not hesitate to destroy those in her path should they try to get in her way. She is the type of person who wouldn't attack unless being attack, or unless someone were to harm or hinder her end result of a goal. She had also grown a little paranoid, and fairly independent, almost aloof to most in the beginning. Although she may look like she is unfit to be a ruler, she is stern, and feels that she must do anything in order to protect the peace that she had established between races. Now.. If only such a thing could be said the same about humans.
    Likes: She enjoys the company of her kingdom's subjects and animals in general, and some good water from the river. She always finds it fun, playing around in the water. Sometimes, she travels to Kingdoms quickly to pick up some foods for her little kingdom, only to end up stealing due to lack of understanding of the use of currency.She also enjoys playing music and listening to mistrals. She even took up the flute, hand drums, and violin.
    Dislikes: She isn't too fond of war, despite knowing that it is vital for different kingdoms. The only reason she dislikes wars is because it could possibly harm her kingdom in the cross fire, resulting in more damage than she signed up for.Also, although it may seem odd, she has the urge to make sure that everything were balanced. There can't be too much peace in the world,
    Job: Queen of Prædictas Fatales caelum
    Class: Specialized
    *A specialized is someone who has completely specialized in ONE BASE form of manipulation. This can include any type of element, physical property, or form of altering. However, as stated, they can only stick to that one attribute power/attribute. The upside is that specialized people are able to dedicate themselves more into it, and so can unlock powers not normally attained by mages and such. Their abilities surpass those of normal mages, and even high mages, however just under that of a god's. Obviously, there are limitations to their powers, but specialized people are able to more or less break that limit with enough training. However, specialized are able to expand further into the branches of their base ability. An example would be fire manipulation, where the user may control fire in almost any and every aspect. However, they are unable to go outside the base of fire, such that they cannot create a flame made out of water. They are also unable to make fire do things that does not involve burning something, or warming. Basically, it just has to related to the base.
    Weapon: A Floral Staff
    Tools: A grappling hook - Hey, you never know when you might need it.

    Associations: Prædictas Fatales caelum
    Position: Queen
    Power: Cellular Manipulation - Cytokinesis (Base)
    In a nutshell, this girl is able to manipulate any living organism that has cells depending on the type of organism. This gives her regenerative factors (To an extent), shape shifting, plant manipulation, Biological Manipulation (To an extent), Replication, and DNA imitation (if she is in physical contact of said DNA), disease inducement, and etc. Anything that has anything to do with cells, she is able to manipulate. However, she is unable to manipulate animal cells unless she is in direct, physical contact with it. Such that she cannot kill a man wearing armor, or just a plain shirt unless touching bare skin.

    Her cellular manipulation can either be a miracle worker, or it can cause mass destruction. She is able to instantly kill off cells or induce a cellular disease in them (such as cancer) at mere touch. However, she is also able to kill off malignant tumors and heal things such as spinal injuries, damaged nerve cells, and etc. Asides from being able to manipulate cells outside of herself, she is also able to manipulate her own cells to take upon different types of properties, and enhancements.

    The main problems with this is that she is unable to regenerate her cells if she is attacked by something that will destroy her cells before they could regenerate. An example would be if she were to be burnt on the spot before her body is able to regenerate. The other major flaw is that she is unable to manipulate animal cells unless in direct, bare contact with it. If she were wearing gloves, she will be unable to manipulate any animal cells by touching with her hands. Her cellular manipulation also, cannot take place if the target has an inanimate object between their body/flesh and her own flesh, like a shirt.


    A couple of decades ago, there was a forgotten goddess who went by an unspoken name. This goddess was one who looked over the balance of life and death, and she was to make sure that the good and evil were kept in check. However, the goddess was kidnapped by the devil, long enough that people stopped believing in her, and was forgotten over the years before she was able to make her mistake, degraded to that of a mere ghost despite retaining a fraction of her power. The goddess had found that humans would be unable to fend for themselves should another group of their race were to attack, and found that just her alone, in one area, she would be unable to save all the humans. This goddess took a small fraction of the little power that she had left, sending it into the air to travel to a different continent. The power would eventually form to be it's own being, capable of defending and fighting what they believed must be kept in balance. Seraph is the result of this power, being born as a mortal baby that was suppose to have died by miscarriage. Seraph was raised in a small village that wasn't part of any kingdom, however the village was raided by bandits when Seraph was at the age of 16. Seraph was able to escape the raid, however the majority of the village was burnt to the ground. From that day on, Seraph began to flee into the forest.

    Within the forest of the soon to be, deserted island, Seraph found an old shrine covered in leaves. It was almost as though it were broken down or something. After some searching, the girl found an empty name plate, well, more like the name was worn off, but she was able to make out a few of the letters. This was, in fact, the shrine of the long forgotten goddess, causing Seraph to react to her memories in a violent matter. The goddess' voice had reached the young girl, prompting the power buried deep within her to awaken. She had, in some way, gained the power to manipulate organisms to a cellular level, which aided her in building a small town, and she began to repair the shrine house.

    After a few months, a wounded man was found while Seraph was on her daily patrols. She brought the man back to her house, and treated his wounds and such. However, when he had left, he returned with the same band of bandits that had burned her village down. They really weren't wearing much, due to the fact the area was fairly hot. Any sane person would tell her to run, but for some reason, there was a voice behind her that kept telling her to go onwards, to fight. As crazy as it sounded, she stayed, and began to duel with the armed bandits. Her body began to move on it's own, and upon physical contact with one of the men, he immediately fell to his knees, crying in pain. Seraph didn't know what she did, but it was eventually visible. She had completely corroded a part of his flesh, even if it were a small amount. Seraph was disturbed, she was horrified, and so were the other bandits. The others began to attack her, to avenge their fallen brother, however the plants began moving, almost as though copying her actions. They began to suffocate, jab, and kill all the bandits that were on a raid to attack her. Although, one man was able to cut off her hand from the wrist. She quickly picked up her hand with the other, and placed it on her wrist. Slowly, just slowly, her hand reattached itself to her body. This scene mortified the remaining man, and he attempted to retreat, only to be impaled by his own allies' sword to the chest after tripping.

    After such an event, Seraph stayed in the Shrine house, however, continued to attack people who got near her. This eventually resulted in the total annihilation of the population on the small island, all due to her own paranoia. After finding that she was all alone, and no longer in danger, she felt at ease, and was lonely. She began to build up the empty island, with plant houses, and etc. This development attracted more, supernatural creatures. Eventually, this small island, just barely on the map, would be known as 'The Fairy's Paradise'.
    Zerachi - Zerachi is the goddess that both saved and created Seraph to what she is today. Zerachi is the fallen goddess of balance and karma, once aiding Vestoria in it's war in Ventorum. However, he said goddess has never been spotted or spoken of again, and very few people believe in her existence. Seraph has a very fragile tie of communication with the woman, as Seraph is believed to be the final remnants of her wavering power. In truth, Zerachi sleeps deep within Seraph, using Seraph as a vessel in order to allow the girl to channel magic and such. Without Zerachi, Seraph would most likely die as she was formerly fated to die from a miscarriage.

    Prædictas Fatales caelum
    Kingdom/Group Creator(Type Username): @Nano
    Kingdom/Group Motto: "It's a secret!"

    Kingdom/Group Appearance/Residence: The Fairy's Paradise takes up two small, whole islands. The main area (Holds the castle and residential areas are just off the coast of the larger island. There is a southern and northern gate, that leads into the more forestry areas. At the coast, there are beaches, farms, and more farms on the other island along with the lighthouse. Most of the land in the south west (Brown orange) are a little camp for travelers and those just passing by. The way that this kingdom got it's name is from it's tourism and the supernatural races that often come by to relax. The kingdom is fairly rich, as they never spend money on shipping out resources and the money is generally equally shared throughout the Kingdom.

    Kingdom/Group Residence Location: If you were to look on the map, the kingdom is located in the west, taking up the three seemingly desolated islands. However, most of that land is unused.

    Kingdom/Group Laws:

    • You are not allowed to attack others or the nature. Defying this simple rule will result in banishment upon sight.
    • The only time above rule can be overlooked is if both participants had a witness to confirm that it was just a friendly duel.
    • Obviously, no theft, murder, assault or otherwise will be tolerated.
    • Travelers are to be given temporary 'tickets' to use services for free. Tickets will be taken away upon leaving and if someone were to spend all their tickets.
    • Should all tickets be spent, said traveler will have to start paying in coins.
    • Everyone, asides from the Queen, are prohibited into the castle and Shrine unless the Queen says so.
    • Should a human ever enter the Kingdom, treat them as you would a traveler, but hide all forms of supernatural effects.
    • Any human that reaches inside the palace or the Shrine are to be sentenced to death.
    • Should any information of this Kingdom fall to human ears, the teller will be hunted down, and eliminated along with the one who received the information.

    Kingdom/Group Wear: The troops in the kingdom are well trained and strictly disciplined by the queen herself. They wear robes of light green, and metal plates of armor in the army. Otherwise, they are free to wear whatever.
    Kingdom/Group Flag:

    Rather than being known for the industry and capitalism, Fairy's Paradise is most well known for their tourist and attractions. At least, to non-humans such as fairies, elves, and the like. This kingdom was created under a girl who was terrified of humans, eventually creating such a place off the larger lands to stay away. No one knows who the queen is, nor do they know why they are not allowed in the Shrine. The Queen was always a mystery, but no one dares go up against her. Not in fear of what she will do to them, it's more that everyone enjoys an easy going life there. They feel safe, as there are no humans that know of them to even start of a war.

    In the past, however, there was a foolish human who started a war while the queen was still young. This man wanted to claim the three islands of his own, only to have failed by having his ships sunken down to the bottom of the ocean. The history of this Kingdom doesn't stretch far too back, as it was just recently built a decade ago.

    However.. Word of the kingdom has gotten out to foreign lands, and everyone is asking the same question.

    What was inside the Palace and the Shrine?

    Kingdom/Group Members and Roles:
    @Nano - Seraph Rune - Queen

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  12. So anyone wanna join the king of Gavilion? We have freshly baked cookies and no prejudice against people that are different... mostly. Just putting this out here just in case people wanna sign up. We are one big happy family! Well it used to be bigger but its still big!
  13. [​IMG]
    Ihān Yamazaki

    '' Blade ''
    '' The Metal Knight ''

    Age: 27
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 200pounds
    Race: Human
    Appearance: His outer appearance may shock most people for he is currently made out of 80% mechanics and metal. The stress of being slightly human and the changes in his life has driven him overwhelmingly stressed to the point of premature aging which will explain his long white hair. Other than his metal body he wears a long coat made of ox leather and sandals made of hard oak wood.
    Personality: His quick on his feet and judges first, always curious and without wonder he day dreams constantly. His hard experiences that he has dealt with all of his life can be seen by his expressions and even the way he looks at people. He believes strongly in honor and because of his background he believes in peace by using his blade, however as a kid he refused to believe that way and only thought that peace could be achieved by words.
    Likes: Thoughtful gestures and a successful mission is all he really finds enjoyment in
    Dislikes: The way people look at him, all he wants in life is the sense of self equality with the other citizens
    Hobby(optional): His job
    Job(If any): Commanding the forces of Berserkers and slaying the evil of the world
    Class(Knight,Mage,Rogue, Other): Metal Knight
    Weapon: A modified north eastern sword from Sokutsu

    Originally made to have a curve, however later reforged to be straight.
    Tools: N/A
    Associations: Kingdom of Gavilion | Berserkers
    Position: Knighted by the King of Gavilion | Founder and current leader of the Berserkers
    Power: Majorly resistant in sword slashes, Completely immune to hand to hand combat, Slightly weaker in thrusting attacks
    Other Abilities: He is no longer required to do the following: Sleep, Eat, Take a shit or piss, or exercise.
    He is required for weekly checkups however and he is mostly immune to viruses and disease.
    History: As a kid he grew up in the north eastern wastelands of Sokutsu where he was taught how to fight and defend himself, during his childhood he learned many things besides self defense like Latin the language that the people of Ventorum speak. In good hopes his father believed that his son ''Ihān'' would travel to Ventorum to live a more richer life, however instead he was driven to the land of Condor due to his premature alcohol addiction and ways of thievery. After a year of living on the streets of Gavilion, a city he soon took residence near the poor side of the city he found 2 kids the same age who driven him to be a better person causing him to later quit drugs. The 3 children helped around the small village and soon made a nonofficial group called ''The helping hands.'' However after the tragic attack on the village that they defended to which Ihān barely survived and then was knighted the village grew silent and loomed a melancholy aura to which even to today still lingers. After the attack Ihān was rushed to a medic where he was then bandaged and was merely put on a 2 by 4 to which the medic had to carry him to the ritual the king was so generous to host for him and his friends who died. After the ritual he was rushed back where he was then made into a metallic warrior... the rest is told through the history of the group.
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  18. That's okay, I do have a guild though if you want to make a character for that after making a character for nanos kingdom. Up to you.
  19. So not to pressure you or anything but perhaps you are thinking of joining my kingdom? By that I mean being a citizen there no need to join the military and it states no where in the law that the kingdom will force conscript you into the army. Probably.
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