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    Genre: Drama, Modern, Tragedy, Crime
    Level: Adept
    Type: Face-Claim (Real people pictures. No anime.)​

    The first thing that comes to mind when people hear the words 'host club' is Ouran High School Host Club. However, the real thing is nothing like the glamorous OHSC. More often than not, real hosts are cynical 'salesmen', so to speak, who profit from women who desire love and intimacy. Real hosts tend to have some very serious problems as well, especially health issues, because their job can be very taxing. (Many hosts are susceptible to liver cancer; imagine having to drink bottles of liquor every night just to appease your clients!) But even as this line of work ruins their health and turns them into jaded, lifeless shells of their former selves, they just can't bring themselves to quit their job. Why? Simply because it makes a lot of money.

    This is basically the plot of the Lonely Hearts Club RP, which will be set in the red-light district De Wallen, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. As has already been established, it won't be anything like Ouran. If you think this will be some G-rated romantic comedy, then you are utterly mistaken. This role-play will delve into some pretty heavy, mature themes, such as alcoholism, substance abuse, abusive relationships, and others of that variety. If you are into all that dark shit like I am, if you have a penchant for tragedy, if you are a sadist who likes to mentally and emotionally abuse their characters, then, without a doubt, this role-play will suit to your liking.

    I am looking for role-players with dedication, limitless creativity, and an open mind (seeing as this role-play will have some violence and sexual themes). Oh, and all characters are preset. Relationships between said characters are preset, although these may change as the role-play progresses and the characters themselves evolve. If you happen to be interested, then please keep in mind that you may only choose from what I provide you with. You will not be permitted to create your own characters. For now. Each character will have a general description; however, the nitty-gritty details will be solely up to your discretion. To get an idea of what I am talking about, please see the cast list below.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    THE CAST: (This is a work-in-progress, which means everything written below is subject to change (probably very minor changes though; I'm pretty satisfied with what I have written so far); I do not allow reservations. Role-players interested in this rp may only choose from the following roles. I'm not permitting OCs (Own Characters) for now. This means that roles are limited and competitions might be a thing.)

    The Mistress - Owner of the club. The Marionette, who owes her a huge sum of money, is her gigolo.

    The Marionette - He works at the host club to pay off a huge debt that he owes the Mistress. She makes his life a living hell, but he is enslaved to do as she wishes. This causes him to act out on the Gentleman, with whom he is having a secret and forbidden affair. The relationship between them is toxic and abusive. Despite this, the Gentleman has fallen in love with him. Unfortunately, it is only one-sided.

    He has threatened to kill the Debauchee, who once caught the Marionette and the Gentleman in the act.

    The Gentleman - He is the most sought-after host in the entire club, and for good reason. He is good-looking, approachable, and always seems to be at ease. The first person that comes to mind when the word ‘chivalry’ is mentioned is this man. He is the the modern-day gentleman. However, he, too harbors a deep and dark desire, and for none other than the Marionette. It is clear that his love is as of yet one-sided, and that the relationship between him and the Marionette is destructive, but he has not given up hoping that one day things will work out between them.

    The Debauchee - Was once best friends with the Gentleman, but now there is only animosity between the two. He is angry at the Gentleman for stealing his ex-girlfriend, whom he only liked because she used to spoil him to no end. His ex-girlfriend now acts as the Sponsor of the host club for the Gentleman’s sake and is the last thing that is keeping the place alive. The Debauchee knows that the Marionette and the Gentleman are having a sexual affair, and would have blackmailed the two for money, if it were not for the Marionette’s death threats.

    The Sponsor - She and the Debauchee were once an item, until she met and fell in love with the Gentleman. She showers him with gifts, blissfully unaware that his love for her is fake, and that he is only stringing her along for the money she is providing him with. She and the Marionette do not get along well, because she feels uneasy about how close he is to her boyfriend, the Gentleman.

    The Journalist - The newcomer who takes his job a little too seriously. Wanting to earn his big break as soon as possible, he joins the host club in the hopes that he could make a good article out of his experiences there. However, his plan backfires when he gets entangled in the dramatic lives of the hosts, as well as a huge scandal involving the disappearance of one of the club's customers.

    More information about the role-play (the plot, story, etc.) will be undisclosed as soon as I get a decent number of interested role-players. The goal is six role-players: one for each of the six characters. If more people are interested, I might add more slots. If I don't reach the quota, then I'll probably discontinue the idea or propose it elsewhere. So if you're just even a tiny bit interested, please reply below!

    Posting Expectations:
    Adept and above. No one-liners (obviously). Each post must consist of 15 sentences at the minimum. Grammar must be at the intermediate level at the very least, meaning I won't see jarring grammatical errors or too many spelling mistakes. Role-players will be expected to post at least once a week.

    So are you in? please join *fidgets*

    If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask! I understand that some of these may come off as vague, especially the part concerning characters, but if you think my explanations don't suffice, I will try to break it down for you to the very best of my ability.
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  2. No.

    Already eyeing one of those roles *w*
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  3. Three of these roles I am torn between.... I am very much so in though. ^^
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  4. You have my interest too!
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    I feel like a gay man has the right to play a gay man.

    Regardless of what I get though, I'm most definitely interested.
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  6. I love it already becuase this takes place in my home country. And I am looking at several of those roles. I would be very much interested in doing this!
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  7. oh yes so much drama count me in if you'll have me ^~^
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  8. Thanks for all the interest! I was so excited that I went ahead and fancied up the Sign-Ups a bit, which is why it took a little time. Anyway, here it is!

    The Lonely Hearts Club SU

    @Mother Flakes @Shayla @Luxii @Wayward Killjoy @DarkiusHeavenstein @Rin Mico

    @WishfulNemo (Not sure if you were expressing an intention to join the RP by liking my post, but I'm tagging you just to be sure. c:)

    Since there are already seven (eight?) of us, it may seem like all the slots are guaranteed (or almost guaranteed). That might be the case, but if anyone else is interested, don't hesitate to reply to this thread! I might come up with new characters if more people express interest. Maybe.
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