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Where do you want to start the RP?

  1. En route to our mission.

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  2. En route to our meeting point.

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  3. Performing our own operations, and THEN progressing to our rendezvous point.

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  1. Background
    In 68,000 BCE, the Prothean race reached for the stars and took them as their own. Their empire stood for 20,000 years and spanned from one end of the galaxy to the other.

    In 48,000 BCE, the Reapers came. And the Prothean Empire came to an end.

    For millennia afterward, their creation was alternatively sullied and desecrated or praised and worshiped, often by the same races.

    Until in 2186, the last surviving Prothean, Commander Javik, was awakened to combat the Reapers once more. He, and his allies who woke him, were successful where the Empire had failed. His mission accomplished, Javik was ready to accept his new lot in life. Until someone came to him with the offer of a million lifetimes...

    In 2187, the efforts of a Cerberus remnant resulted in the rebirth of the Prothean race. In a matter of years, after using various methods of accelerating their birth rates, the Protheans united under a new leader to take back their galaxy, much to the dismay of a morally stricken Citadel Council. After decades of war between the two factions, and the secession of the Drell, Hanar, Volus, Rachni, and Yahg to the reborn Prothean Empire.

    At the moment, in the year 2219 ARC (After Reaper Crisis), the Empire Reborn has established itself as a major galactic power, rivaling the Citadel Council despite being a third of its size. The Council itself has grown, solidifying its hold on the races who remain within it. The criminal organizations that populate the Terminus system have become a nation unto themselves, and sell their services to both sides. Fearing the growing strength of the Protheans, the Citadel council has established a multi-racial task force comprised of Special Tactics and Reconnaissance operatives to sabotage, or potentially terminate, the reign of the Protheans. These seven soldiers come from a variety of backgrounds, races, homeworlds, and ex-professions, but are all loyal to the Citadel. However, many are emotionally damaged by the Prothean-Citadel War, and even some by the Reaper Crisis. Some belong to races who betrayed the Citadel, and who seek redemption for their races... and themselves.

    The fireteam will need to work past their differences and their faults in order to achieve the ultimate mission: Assassinate the Prothean Emperor, sabotage the Empire's infrastructure, and turn the Empire's client races against each other.

    Rules of the RP (open)

    • Each member of the RP is obligated to post on the OOC. Be social, talk to each other, discuss things. Just stay active. Arguments should be friendly and civil. Harassment will not be tolerated.
    • Combat between players will be fair, and mediated by the GM. Sentence-by-sentence battles are recommended to avoid hijacking.
    • Make sure to post regularly, at a minimum of once a week.
    • Inform the GM and/or Co-GMs of any prolonged absences beforehand, or else you will be kicked. In a particularly bloody fashion. Most likely eaten by Vyrean.
    • Respect others.
    • Write posts of two paragraphs or more. Do not feel obligated to write super long posts even if others do.
    • No Mary Sues.
    • No Meta.
    • No chain-posting. A posting order will be established once each player posts initially.

    Character Sheet (open)

    • Name:
    • Age & Date of Birth: (keep in mind some races live far longer than others)
    • Race: (Protheans, Prothean subspecies, and Yahg are not allowed)
    • Psychological Profile: (5 bullet points with up to 2 exposition sentences for each)
    • Loadout: (up to five weapons; having all five types at once increase power recharges - choose your tools wisely)
    • Operational Role: (class)
    • Biography: (three paragraphs, 4-5 sentences each)
    • Biotics: (if applicable)
    • Talents: (Combat skills)
    NOTE: The maximum for your powers is six, and the minimum is four. You cannot have more.

    Lore (open)
    The Citadel (open)

    The Citadel and the Council, in the years following the Reaper Crisis, grew in many interesting ways. Citadel space experienced a period of untold peace for a decade before the Prothean War, during which the Citadel sponsored races united surprisingly well, despite their common enemy having been destroyed. Most notably, more Council seats were granted in this period of time than ever before, to the Krogan, Quarians & Geth (one seat for both), and Elcor; furthermore, the Vorcha, having been sponsored by the Krogan, have an embassy on the Citadel. Each race has, over the course of this time, changed to some extent. While a powerhouse, the Citadel is not as advanced as the Prothean Empire, which possesses secrets from ages past and can utilize the ruins of the old Empire.
    • The Quarians and Geth, having reunited on Rannoch, have fused into one culture. While originally Quarian/Geth space was to be divided into separate states for each, it was ultimately decided that it would only lead to further conflict. Instead, the other extreme was chosen. Geth programs interface regularly with Quarian envirosuits, assisting in daily chores and studies. As well, they serve to gradually build Quarian immune systems, conditioning them via envirosuit to be resistant to septic environments outside of a suit. Newborn Quarians are partnered with new Geth programs; as the pair grow, they develop alongside one another and operate in all facets of life as a team. The Quarian military treats each pair as one individual, allowing each operative to complement the other. Quarian culture and technology has been forever altered by Geth influence, resulting in more streamlined and advanced architecture, weaponry, and ships, though none lack the organic touch of the Quarians. In 2199, the Quarians were granted a seat on the Citadel Council. Their chosen representative, unsurprisingly, was Fleet Admiral Tali'Zorah vas Neema (formerly vas Normandy), and her advanced Geth partner, Phalanx. They have proven time and again to be mature and logical in their decisions, though perhaps a bit more naive and gregarious than some would desire. This makes them a bit less of a political power, and more as an advisory pair. Many don't take them seriously, while others find their relative innocence refreshing.
    • The Krogan, to the great shock of the galaxy, have remained relatively silent in the past few decades. This is not to say that they have not participated in the galactic community - this is farthest from the truth. Krogan marines are a common sight up and down the border of Citadel and Prothean space, and have turned the tide of many skirmishes. However, due to the issue of re-population and consolidating rogue Krogan elements, most of Urdnot Wrex's efforts have been towards managing his people's newfound territory. Despite a rapid early growth following the curing of the Genophage, Krogan population across the former DMZ has grown steadily, but slowly, managed by restrictions on breeding and the encouragement of adoption. Otherwise, Krogan society has changed little. They are still warriors first, and eagerly enter a fight when called. But when offered a seat on the Council, they eagerly elected a representative to push their interests. Said representative is Urdnot Bakara, otherwise known as "Eve", who represents her people's blunt, irrational, but ultimately goodnatured personality well, earning her friendships with the more good-hearted and honorable members of the Council, while putting her in direct opposition with the more traditional and slimy politicians on the Council.
    • The Elcor, in accordance with their genetic disposition, have changed slowly, and little, over the time between the Reaper Crisis and now. However, for their valiance in both the Citadel-Prothean Conflict and the Reaper Crisis, the Elcor have finally received an ambassador on the Council, known as Jyzura, whose paced and calm wisdom is much needed on the council, but often leads to others ignoring her slow speech and leading to her isolation on the Council.
    • Humans have remained mostly the same since the Reaper Crisis, but have situated more comfortably into galactic society. Having shaken the stigma of progressing too far and too fast, humanity has been allowed to grow unmolested. Their replacement for Donnel Udina is Jefferson Moreau. His wisecracks and wit have not been lost with age, though they've become tempered with time and experience. While irritating to some, they are useful at pointing out what some refuse to see, while also diffusing tense situations. He is friendly with most of the other Councilors, especially those he served with in the past, but views Irissa as having "a stick up her ass the size of a Thresher Maw", and Esheel as being simply distasteful.
    • The Asari have largely remained quiet, but not inactive. Asari Huntresses patrol the starways hunting down remnants of Cerberus and rooting out any remaining Reaper supporters or technology. Meanwhile, the Asari remain a uniting force on the Council, acting as a calm voice of reason in a room of hot heads and reactionary attitudes. However, Councilor Irissa represents her people's attitude in wanting to rebuild their own civilization first, and help others later. Her cold nature generally places her on the side of tradition and icily logical decisions, contrasting with the more emotional and honorable members of the Council.
    • The Turians have become more stoic than ever, resolute in defending their territory on the frontlines of the new conflict in the galaxy. Embarrassed and weakened by the betrayal of the Volus, the Turians have fortified heavily along the Aethon Cluster, and act as a bulwark protecting Citadel space from the reaches of the Prothean Empire. This has caused the Turians to become increasingly distant from other Council races, save for, ironically, humans and the Krogan, who frequently serve on the frontlines as well. On the Council, the Turian Quentius serves as a reasonable and amiable military adviser, and an avid advocate for interspecies cooperation (earning friends in the form of Tali'Zorah and Bakara), though is more reluctant to choose sides on the Council. His honor tempers the underhandedness of Council politics, but often backs him into a corner when it comes to picking his allies.
    • The Salarians have become increasingly insular and secretive, but are known to be responsible for establishing a spy network throughout the Prothean Empire, and for carrying out numerous STG operations within Prothean space. Otherwise, the activities of the Salarians have become nebulous and impossibly complex to anyone other than themselves (or, as they're reluctant to admit, the enemy Yahg). Dalatrass Esheel is as ruthless as ever in her methods, and dominates discussions with rapid-fire dialogue, trying to drown out the voices of her enemies on the Council.
    • The Vorcha, once verminous and primitive compared to the rest of the galaxy, have been "uplifted" by the Krogan, who now use their resilience and viciousness to supplement Krogan forces in combat. However, unlike the Salarian treatment of the Krogan, the Krogan treat the Vorcha as equals, and respect their skill in combat when put to use correctly. They are now a common sight across Krogan space, and often possess a position of importance in the Krogan military. Unfortunately, this has not changed their lack of intellect, and the Vorcha remain generally incompetent on their own. At the moment, they do not possess a Council seat.

    The Empire Reborn (open)

    The Prothean Empire Reborn, though new to the Milky Way, has already established itself as a galactic power by using the sum of its whole to its fullest potential. Ironically, Protheans don't even constitute the majority of the Empire's population, numbering only at 1,009,698 individuals. Breeding has caused the population to grow, but cannot completely reform the old Prothean populations. Other races comprise the bulk of military positions and fulfill many necessary positions in the Prothean administration. So far, these include the Yahg, the Rachni, the Volus, the Hanar, and the Drell. Access to old Prothean technology has elevated the newborn confederation to a high level of importance, and makes it strong enough to combat the Citadel.
    • The Protheans, otherwise known as the Enkindlers or the Ancients, are a race reborn. They are the first race that has been completely resurrected through the DNA of a single subject - Javik, formerly the last surviving Prothean. By making a deal with a mysterious benefactor and through processes unknown, the Protheans were remade as a fertile and powerful race. Bearing little difference to their ancient ancestors, these Protheans retain the benefits of their race and are able to interact with the ruins left behind by their old empire. Most of their racial memories and pride come from Javik's own experiences, slightly tempered by the emotions he experienced during the Reaper Crisis. Ultimately, however, this led to them seceding from Citadel space and recreating the Prothean Empire with a handful of other races. Their technology and inherent genetic superiority give them a distinct advantage in combat, and fuel their attitude of superiority. They are ruled by a single, enigmatic Emperor, who resides deep within Prothean space.
    • The Yahg, a generally brutal, savage, and terrifyingly intelligent race, were one of the later additions to the Prothean Empire, but are one of the single most important assets possessed by the Protheans. Serving as elite shock troops and powerful counter-intelligence operatives, the Yahg are still a young race, and as limited in numbers as the Protheans themselves. The reason that the Protheans, unlike the Citadel, control the Yahg is because the Prothean Emperor followed the Yahg's rule: Don't treat anyone as an equal. When the Empire arrived at Parnack, the Yahg homeworld, the Emperor swiftly overthrew the Yahg's leaders, and claimed the title of King of Parnack. The conquered Yahg offered anything but resistance, enthusiastically settling into their role beneath the Protheans, as per their cultural requirements.
    • The issue of the wild and independent Rachni was solved in a manner far different from the Yahg. The Emperor used peaceful methods, as well as psychic manipulation, to convince the sole living Rachni Queen of his cause. The Rachni have since served both in a military and industrial role, operating as farmers and workers, as well as serving as the military backbone of the Prothean military, supplemented by Yahg shock troops and Prothean officres, who have the ability to psychically link with their Rachni pawns.
    • The Volus were one of the three races who willingly and immediately entered the Prothean Empire. Frustrated and angry with the slow pace at which they were progressing in the Citadel's hierarchy, the Volus leapt at the opportunity to join the Protheans, where any race could ultimately become a Prothean should they accept the culture. Acting more as diplomats and merchants for the Protheans than as warriors, the Volus are nevertheless valued by their new masters. However, their homeworld of Irune is inconveniently positioned next to Palaven, the Turian homeworld. They are constantly on the frontlines of the conflict, and often suffer the consequences for it.
    • The Hanar were the most obvious race to abandon the Citadel for the Protheans. The Protheans are, after all, the Enkindlers, and are divine to the Hanar. Eagerly accepting their subservient role to the Protheans, the Hanar are generally regarded as worthless soldiers by the Protheans, and are often consumed as a guilty-pleasure food by Prothean royalty, a fact that does not deter the Hanar's loyalty in the slightest. However, the Hanar do provide much of the Prothean's fledgling navy, which is the whole reason they weren't completely harvested for food to begin with.
    • The Drell, in sharp contrast with many of the other races of the Empire, owe no true allegiance to the Protheans. The whole reason they joined the Empire was because of their loyalty to the Hanar. This does not hinder their services to the Protheans, however. While the Yahg possess incredible minds and are incredibly valuable in counter-intelligence, their violent and brutal attitudes render them undesirable as assassins or spies, which has left them limited to frontline roles. The Drell fill this gap, continuing in their roles as assassins and spies. Their all-around capability has made them one of the favored subordinate races of the Protheans, and has rendered them strong rivals with the Yahg, who desire to maintain a monopoly on the power afforded by their servitude, and has begun to alienate the Hanar, who do not appreciate the irreverence the Drell show towards the Protheans or their generally indifferent attitudes to their new situation.
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  2. I'm commander Legentis and this is my favorite thread on the Citadel.
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  3. What's your character?
  4. Well, I haven't really gotten around to making one yet.
  5. great n_n
    I'll get working on a character sheet asap, I should probably be done sometime tomorrow, haven't quite worked out how to tweak my asari to fit the rp, worst case scenario though I just use my salarian instead
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  6. I told myself I wouldn't get into another RP but it's Mass Effect..

    My character sheet will come, it must. - u -
  7. The lurking was worth it. Potential quarian-geth pair may be in the works. Or human.
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  8. well asari isn't gonna work for me after all >.<
    Key part of her background kinda prevents her from being a spectre and i can't tweak that without half rewriting her, oh well, working on CS for my salarian instead then
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  9. NAME:
    Judorr Enoka
    5'6, snow white skin covered in light blue spots, left horn a few inches shorter than right, wears black stg armor with a hood

    • Accustomed to working alone, relatively inexperienced going on missions with others
    • Thinks and acts quickly, tends to speak in short sentences
    • Relies on logic and realism, never allows emotion to factor into a decision
    • Perpetually calm, never seen to lose her cool regardless of the situation
    • Less serious than she appears, welcomes conversation though she rarely initiates

    At birth she was originally intended as a future Dalatrass of her clan, however it was discovered soon after her hatching that she was sterile, so her younger sister was chosen as their clan's future dalatrass instead. Frustrated from a young age that she couldn't properly help her clan as either a leader or at least a mother, she decided to join the Special Tasks Group. It took some convincing and her sister's help to convince their mother but she got what she wanted, and after many years of harsh training she was assigned to the 6th Infiltration Regiment of the STG.

    She proved herself well, excelling even by salarian standards at infiltration and espionage, her affinity for stealth was so great she was accomplishing missions alone that normally required an entire squad. She worked her way up the ranks until she even earned the rank of Captain, leading several notable (among the STG at least, no one else knew of these missions and likely won't) missions to great success with minimal loss.

    After many years of STG work however, she decided she wanted to more openly see and experience the galaxy without having to hide from hostile forces, steal data, or assassinate someone. So she (officially) retired, though she still has access to STG data and even takes missions still on occasion provided they aren't too out of the way for her. In truth she didn't really desire to quit her work, she simply wanted more free time. She also maintains regular contact and is very friendly with her sister, officially the Dalatrass of their clan by this point and a mother of 2 clutches.

    After the crisis of the Reapers was dealt with, she was nominated for the SPECTREs for not only her service record in the STG, but for her assistance in training Salarian soldiers to defend Sur'kesh from the Reapers. The new challenges, primarily the one of dealing with the growing threat of the reborn Protheans, intrigued her and she eagerly took to the new responsibility.

    M-11 Suppressor (open)

    A silenced version of the Carnifex heavy pistol. High firepower and quiet make it perfect for assassinating targets at mid and close range. The Surpressor is Judorr's favored weapon.

    Scorpion (open)

    STG pistol that fires special sticky rounds. Each round will expode a few seconds after impact on a person or other moving target, if it hits another surface such as the floor or wall, it will remain as a proximity mine.

    Venom (open)

    STG shotgun, essentially a larger and more powerful version of the Scorpion. It fires heavy rounds that explode upon impact and can also fire a cluster of microgrenadess. Incredible firepower and decent range for a shotgun, but it doesn't carry much ammo. Judorr dislikes having to use it as it is the exact opposite of a stealthy weapon.

    STG Armor- Standard black STG armor, slightly modified to suit Judorr's preferences. Rather than a helmet, Judorr equipped the armor with a hood, composed of a special mesh that hardens under heavy impact, making it effective against small arms fire (though it isn't effective against heavier weapons). The open end of the hood is lined with miniature shield generators, allowing it to form a shield in front of Judorr's face when needed in less hospitable environments, allowing her to operate without requiring an actual helmet. The hood's shield isn't intended for actual defense however, so it breaks easily. Otherwise the armor is quite standard, having strong shields and mid strength armor.

    Omni Tool- Optimized for hacking, helping Judorr break through firewalls and even hack defenses such as turrets mid battle. Even AI such as Geth can be temporarily hacked with Judorr's skill (though Geth aren't exactly enemies anymore).

    Cloaking module- State of the art cloaking technology, allowing Judorr to remain temporarily invisible even to electronic sensors.

    Sabotage- Judorr hacks through defenses such as turrets or even AI, turning them to her side for a time.

    Tactical Cloak- Judorr vanishes, becoming briefly invisible.

    Cryo Ammo- Adds a cold effect to her ammo, slowing or potentially freezing targets.
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  10. Alister DeLacey.jpeg
    Name: Alister DeLacey
    Age & Date of Birth: 49, born 19 August, 2170.
    Race: Human

    Psychological Profile:
    • Antisocial behavior creates friction in squads, but seems not to arise from any particular bias or underlying medical conditions.
    • Displays an addiction to the drug Hallex. Potentially degrades combat skills.
    • Possible sociopath and sadist; has expressed zero remorse for any of his questionably necessary tactical choices over the course of his career, and shows zero-regard for civilian casualties. Not necessarily a liability.
    • Expresses extreme disdain for the Asari.
    • Loosely obeys mission parameters, but shows no signs of insubordination or disrespect for authority.

    Weapons (open)

    • Heavy Pistol: M-11 Suppressor ME3_Suppressor.png
    • Shotgun: M-11 Wraith ME3_Wraith_Shotgun.png
    • Sniper Rifle: N7 Valiant ME3_N7_Valiant_Sniper_Rifle.png
    • Assault Rifle: M-15 Vindicator ME3_Vindicator_Assault_Rifle.png
    • Submachine Gun: M-12 Locust ME3_Locust_Smg.png

    • Omni-Tool: As per common sense, Alister wears an Omni-Tool at all times. Possessing standard issue hacking protocols and data processing, the tool has a more pronounced and powerful blade function, being what he uses it for the most. Forked and electrified, it has more killing power than a standard Omni-blade, and is extremely useful in close quarters against even heavily-armored enemies.
    • N7 Panoply: An updated and upgraded version of the N7 Destroyer suit, the Panoply was a project designed to amplify and enhance a Soldier's natural skills in combat, without the drastic speed and agility limitations of the Destroyer. The result was a powered hardsuit that increased speed and strength, allowing for the possession of a large arsenal without hindering the operator's mobility, at the cost of the greater defensive and offensive capabilities of the Destroyer. The HUD featured in the helmet displays vitals, localized damage to the armor, kinetic shield levels, ammo stocks, and even possesses thermal imaging. On its own a strong defense against small-arms fire, light kinetic shields increase this to a higher degree against sustained damage. However, the Panoply has notable flaws. When compared to other N7 projects, the Panoply posseesses no weapons-systems built in. Furthermore, the kinetic shielding it possesses had to be light, so as to reduce weight on the armor. As well, when subjected to fire from high-caliber or heavy weaponry, such as sniper fire, grenades, or rockets, the hardsuit can only lessen the damage taken rather than block it entirely.
    Operational Role: Soldier
    Biography: Born in the year 2170, Alister was 16 by the time of the end of the Reaper Crisis. Raised on Earth as a street rat in London, he witnessed all the horrors that followed in the wake of the Reapers, ranging from the death of his friends and loved ones, their resurrection as the mindless and ravenous Husks, and the utter desolation of his home. Living in the ruins of his home for months, Alister was there when the Reapers were successfully defeated, and heard all the legends of Commander Shepard and the escapades of the SSV Normandy. All of these events may have contributed to his decision to join the Systems Alliance Navy following the war, and ultimately shaped the man he'd one day become. Beginning his career as a lowly marine, he rose to the rank of officer due to distinguished bravery during the opening salvos of the Prothean-Citadel War. Following this, he was selected for specialized N-level training at the Villa, a spec ops facility in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Successfully graduating from N1 to N7 by age 28, Alister built up a record of distinguished service in the Alliance Navy, culminating in the successful sabotage of the Volus dreadnought Kwunu, a massive blow to the Volus navy, and a successful strike against the Prothean Empire. For his skills and success, Alister was swept up in the recruitment of new Spectres, and became the fourth human Spectre, after Commander Shepard, Kaidan Alenko, and James Vega, the latter of whom Alister regards as a role-model.

    However, certain things haunted Alister's career from the beginning. His ruthlessness in command and brutality during solo operations earned him a reputation as a dangerous and possibly unstable operative. Upon his recruitment into the Spectres, this mean streak manifested as excessive cruelty and desire for chaos during missions, often resulting in the deaths of civilians as well as his targets. This behavior was tolerated, however, as his missions were always accomplished in a timely fashion, and rarely ever encountered a hitch. His brutal, and often destructive, methods were effective, regardless of the consequences, and allowed him to remain in his position. What was not tolerated, however, were the extensive periods during which Alister disappeared off of the Council's radar, refusing contact and vanishing into various remote regions of space. During this time, he took up with various factions of differing ideologies, ranging from the Eclipse mercenary group of Omega to the Migrant Fleet of the Quarians.

    By the time the Prothean War ended in 2205, Alister had completely vanished from active duty. Rumors would spring up from all across the galaxy, indicating he was in the Terminus Systems slumming with the criminals of Omega, or beyond the Perseus Veil on orders to dismantle any further Geth experiments into superstructures, or even entrenched in Prothean space, fighting the good fight on his own. Regardless, he only resurfaced, to the great chagrin of the Council, in 2217, bearing extensive news of Prothean operations within and without the Empire Reborn. Preaching of a near and possible invasion, Alister demanded that the Council take action. After months of intense dialogue, the Council agreed, and immediately set about gathering assets and a team to infiltrate Prothean space. Despite this, no one knows exactly how Alister got this information, or why he came back after years of virtual invisibility.
    Biotics: n/a

    • Concussive Shot
    • Adrenaline Rush
    • Fitness
    • Combat Mastery
    • Disruptor Ammo
    • Frag Grenade
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  11. Okay, a few things, none too major.
    1. If you could make the CS fit the skeleton listed in the first post, that'd be great.
    2. While I appreciate the initiative taken with actually writing out the description of your character (I get it if you couldn't find an image, as well), I'd also like thumbnails for your weapons.
    3. A little confusion on your armor. Are your suit's shields generated at the face, or are those just a face-shield for combat, and your actual body shields are located elsewhere on the body?
    4. Also, I forgot to add basic combat skills to the CS. Sorry about that. I'll add them on. Once I do, though, you can move your Tactical Cloak and Sabotage skills there without having to explain them, as well as maybe add a few more.
    I look forward to seeing your characters! Remember to fall within the regulations of the writing skill-level and the parameters of the CS.
  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Lesa'Xaer nar Vaedir
    Age & Date of Birth: 21, born May 18th, 2198
    Race: Quarian
    Psychological Profile:
    • Hypochondriac, a trait typically held by Quarians, even after the Reaper Crisis.
    • Deeply distrusting of Krogans, no matter how courteous they may be.
    • Generally isn't afraid to make off-color jokes in the least convenient situations.
    • Enjoys flirting with humans, Turians, and Asari whenever the chance comes up.
    • Brags relentlessly, whether or not the claims she makes are true. They usually aren't.
    • M-97 Viper (sniper rifle) [​IMG]
    • M-9 Tempest (submachine gun) [​IMG]
    • Arc Pistol [​IMG]
    • Omni-Tool: Lesa is known to dabble with mechanics and engineering in her spare time, but is by no means as skilled as most other Quarians in the field of technology. Regardless, she makes plenty of attempts to repair broken equipment.
    • Survivor Armor: A heavily modified offshoot from standard Quarian enviro-suits, Lesa's armor protects her from contagion as efficiently as it does enemy fire. It contains compact shielding devices around her shoulders that provide temporary safety for her entire body when activated. The coloration on the suit is among its assortment of customized features, while the exotic strands of cloth that flow down from various parts of her armor are for decoration.
    Operational Role: Engineer

    Biography: Lesa'Xaer nar Vaedir, a name not held in high consideration among the flotilla, bears the reputation of a troublemaker amongst all Quarians. Her first memories were identical to those of every other individual on the utility ship Vaedir. Raised behind a sterile bubble for most of her childhood, Lesa was someone that always carried a deep disdain for the strict decontamination procedures that her kind endured without question. Still, the purpose of the Vaedir vessel was to traverse the galaxy and guide lost Quarians back to Rannoch, whether they be slaves or stowaways. The deepest form of interaction Lesa shared with another organic being was with her mother. Unfortunately, her father perished during a secret mission within the Omega Nebula, rendering happy thoughts of the man few and far between. Lesa was rebellious during her tenure with the flotilla. Or, to be more accurate, as rebellious as one could be without facing exile. She vented her frustrations with trivial pranks and a closer adherence to alien cultures than her own. Naturally, this wasn't welcomed inside of her tight-knit community.

    However, the years went by rather quickly, and for a time things began to settle down in Lesa's young mind. She continued to study the other races of the galaxy with passing interest. She loved the Asari for their sophistication and beauty, the Turians for their bravery and dedication, and humans for their unpredictability. Secretly Lesa dreamed of exploring wider horizons, to get to know the world for what it really was. That chance finally arrived when it was time for her Pilgrimage. Bidding her friends and mother goodbye, she had fully intended on carrying out the ancient tradition of the Pilgrimage. It may not have been necessary for the Quarian people any longer, but Lesa was assigned a special task by the admiral of her birth ship. She was stunned to discover that the flotilla desired the omni-tool that her father carried on his secret mission before dying. As it turned out, a recent signal had been traced from the Omega Nebula, suggesting that some of the data might remain intact.

    Lesa took on her journey only the basic essentials for survival. Plenty of medicinal herbs, antibiotics, a handful of guides over planetary environments, and her adept understanding of technology. Being the young and naive Quarian that she was, Lesa haphazardly wandered into the infamous Omega space station. While there, she befriended an Asari dancer who worked up close with the key figureheads of the criminal underworld. Seeing an open opportunity, Lesa took on the role of a dancer herself at the Afterlife Club. Things got a bit out of hand when she quickly became the most popular dancer. There was a novelty that was attached with being the only Quarian dancer among a host of Asari, so Lesa chose to modify her enviro-suit in the hopes of making it look more provocative, enticing even. She wanted to get the attention of either people that could help her, or at least ones that knew anything about her father. Regardless, the many privileges that came with being the star of the show proved to be a distraction. Lesa took great enjoyment in the celebrity image she had built around herself. The Turians were the first to give her the nickname "Starry Angel", which grew as an inseparable part of her identity on Omega.

    Lesa's reputation was prominent enough that it drew suspicion from the Pirate Queen herself, Aria T'loak. The latter had arranged a brief meeting between the two in order to determine if the young Quarian was a threat. In an unusual turn of events, Lesa confessed her reasons for working on Omega, and Aria quickly conceived of a lucrative deal that simply couldn't be refused. Suddenly the rebellious dancer was transformed into one of the most efficient spies in the Terminus Systems. She was deployed on dozens of missions, with a handful of them ending in firefights across a variety of locations. The work was dangerous; wiretapping crime bosses, smuggling stolen documents, seducing and killing a plethora of criminal masterminds/warlords, etc. Another unusual turn of events occurred when Lesa had her cover blown on a Citadel Fleet dreadnought (the culprit behind that little dilemma was mysteriously immolated after Aria discovered the inconvenient truth). Rather than face imprisonment, she offered her services to the Citadel Council in-full, although her work largely remained the same. She loathed having to reside in Citadel space, so it was a miracle of sorts when the title of Spectre was granted upon her. After all, it meant that she could return to the fun life back in the Terminus Systems.

    Biotics: N/A
    • Medicine
    • Decryption
    • Electronics
    • Damping
    • Basic Armor
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  13. That is a beautiful picture of a Quarian! It's so hard to find anything like that. Kinda why I went with my human instead of a Quarian, myself.
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  14. How diverse do you want the species? Double count or no? Also, I had an idea. Would it be far fetched for Geth to be interested in making a Dr. Eva like concept unit?
  15. It really is somewhat difficult to find fan art of original characters. Lol. Regardless my sheet is coming in today, either male turian or human female - I still haven't decided :u
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  16. That's a tough one. I have an idea of where I want the plot to go, and Miranda Lawson plays an important part in the background. So, Oriana's reaction to it would be... Curious, to say the least. Personally, I'd prefer if she remained an NPC, and that everyone play a Spectre, because the ending of her story in ME3 makes her position in this lore equally as complicated as Miranda's.
  17. Be whatever you want. If we start getting four Quarians and a half-handful of assorted races, I'd say to change some characters, but otherwise you're all free to choose your races as you wish.

    No, it wouldn't be too far-fetched. However, it probably wouldn't look human, more closely resembling Quarians.
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  18. That makes a whole bunch of sense! Thanks for the heads up.

    Soo ... if I were to make a Geth similar to what I wrote about, would you want to be partners?
  19. I'll get to pics for her weapons soon as I can. And sorry if the hood thing was confusing, that's just a creative method of her not needing an actual helmet, either for combat or when in less hospitable areas (like space) since i really don't like salarian helmets...
    As far as the organization... that's just how I've always organized things, no one's ever cared how I formatted the CS before as long as the information was there, i'll see about rewriting it but i might not be able to get to that done till tomorrow morning
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