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  1. Story:
    Welcome to the household, if you are Here than you know who and what you are. You are what humans might call a god. Don't be fooled, you are still young and there is a lot you cannot do. That is why these safe havens exist, so you can be protected until you can properly fulfil the role you represent. (Trust, jealousy, compassion, greed, hope, fear, pride, affection, ect.)

    You were born to humans, just as anyone else, but you were never the same. When you were young you were taken away to this household inside the protective barriers of your guardian and given your true name. In this household there is the head of the house who look over all you. The young ones don't find out about the true extent of their powers until they turn sixteen and are taken out of the house to learn about their effects on the human population. Though you are closer to god than you are human, you are born and die the same. If you die, you are reborn somewhere else in the world. You can die just as any other human, but you can also die when the thing you represent gets weaker in the human population.

    Be nice out of character
    Most things go, just no sexually explicit things
    Try keep the swearing low. It is allowed just don't go overboard
    Try include everybody

    Layout of the house and surroundings:
    the house is closer to a mansion than a house. It has three floors. The ground floor is where everyone stays during the day. The second floor is where everyone sleeps at night and the third floor is locked off, as it has been for decades. Around the house is a thick forest that seems to go on forever but it is impossible to tell where the forest actually ends and how much is just an illusion. Anyone I. The household over 16 has visited the outside and has seen the city that is near by, but it is completely unseen from inside the barriers, as is the house for those outside it.

    Accepted characters:
    Greed + Avarice
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  2. The house stood tall amongst the trees, shrouded by early morning shadows as the sun finally managed to shine past the trees. It was always dark there in the morning as the forest blocked a large part of the mourning sunlight, so even though the household was only just now being touched by the light, it was already late morning and the residence of the household were already awake and going about their daily business. Breakfast had gone by an hour already and the residence was scattered about the house either enjoying themselves or doing some sort of work. The house had everything the young inhabitance could ever need to keep themselves entertained. In fact, the house was too big if anything. There was way more space than the 'family' could occupy. There was never a time when you couldn't find somewhere to be alone. Some of the residence quite enjoyed this fact, others didn't so much. At times it was almost impossible to find the person you're searching for, or anyone for that matter. That's precisely why that morning, Trust ran excitedly down the hallway, clutching a stack of books in his arms, trying to find any of his dubbed 'family members' to show his discovery to.
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  3. It may have been late morning, but Fear had only just opened her eyes, laying back in bad her pupils wide with fright as she breathed heavily, her hands rubbing nervously against each other as she awoke from yet another nightmare. Sleep was always one of the hardest parts of her routine, it was always so scary... She could be killed in her sleep and not even find out!... Though... even being awake was scary, then she might even see her killer coming.

    But this was nothing unusual. It was her routine and she'd gotten used to it as much as anyone who was always afraid would. Not at all.

    She finally managed to drag herself out of bed after a few minutes of reassuring herself that everything was ok! All of her fellow members were still alive and as happy as usual. Today was a normal day. She quickly got dressed from her PJ's, watching the door every few seconds to make sure it was still locked before slowly slipping through the door and carefully making her way downstairs, whimpering every step she took down while her hands clutched to the railing.

    After hitting the floor she let out a long sigh 'I can make it through this, it's just another day.' She told herself before the thundering of feet was heard just quick enough to scream as loud as her lungs would let her before the rampaging pile of books smacked into her, sending her and this new found book monster crashing to the floor. This was it. Surely she was dead.
  4. Trust went tumbling at projectile speed to the floor before he even knew what hit him, or rather, what he had hit. He let a a startled yelp as he hit the marble floors with a thud, but it went unheard under the scream of the victim of his clumsiness. He recognised that scream in an instant. It was a scream he heard rather regularly. He had without a doubt ran into fear. After he hit the ground, sending his books flying every which way and leaving him a bit sore in the elbows. He sat up, pouting slightly and looked to where Fear was. Fear was sniffling in terror and covering her face with her hands as if it would save her from whatever attack she was expecting. Trust frowned guiltily and inched towards that girl, touching her shoulder gently with a smile.
    "It's okay, Fear." He said softly. "It's just me, Trust! I promise!" He urged her to look at him.
    He looked around at all the books scattered around and frowned in disapproval.
    "I guess I got too excited and didn't watch where I was going. Sorry~" he patted the girls hair gently. "Forgive me?"
  5. As she hit the floor everything went black. Is this what the 'afterlife looked like? No light, nothing. Just the pathetic sounds of you whimpering as you floated through?' she asked herself, tears pouring down her cheeks as she tried her best to not yell so loud, biting down on her lip to try and stifle her cries. But it was then she heard a voice. Who was it? Was it a higher being to lead her through to the afterlife? her guardian angel?

    No... she recognized this voice. Maybe she was alive? Maybe the monster hadn't eaten her... Was that... Trust?

    It was then that Fear realized there was no darkness. She was thankful for that, being scared of the dark and all. But she slowly peeled two fingers apart, one of her wide, teary eyes looking to see Trust as something touched her shoulder, making her yelp, her whole body tensing until she realized it was only the hand of her friend. "I... I guess you do look like Trust... and not a giant book monster..." she mumbled out, sniffling as she felt something patting her head, once again, having to remind herself it was Trust "I... I forgive you... but what if the book monster shows up?... I... I need Hope!" she said with a wide, panicky look "Where is he... I'm scared!" she whimpered as she picked herself up, clinging to the stair rail as she awaited her friend "I don't want to leave until he's here..." she mumbled as she wiped the tears from her cheeks "He'll know what to do..."
  6. "Hope is probably in the sitting room." Trust explained soothingly, having expected this kind of responce fro me Fear. He knew those two were almost inseparable at the best of times. It didn't really stop Fear from being afraid, but hope was the only one who really knew how to calm Fear down properly. Trust could usually communicate with her fairly well, unlike some of the others who liked to scare the girl, but it was still hope who she needed when she had a fright.

    "We can go find him, if you'd like, but you have to get up and follow me, okay?" Trust began gathering up the things he had dropped before giving a soft chuckle. "Also, you don't have to be afraid of the book monster. It was just me after all~"

    He held the books out to her to prove his statement true. "You see? I was finally able to climb to the top shelf of the library while Jealousy wasn't looking and I got the books I wanted! I was just going to show the others~"

    Trust was a prolific reader. He mowed through books at record speed and he had already read most the interesting books in the library. That was, except for the ones on the top shelf, the ones he couldn't reach. He had asked Jealousy numerous times to reach them for him but each time Jealousy had refused with no reason. It had then become trust mission to get them himself. The only time he could try was when Jealousy wasn't around, as jealousy would always scold him for being reckless if he tried to climb to them. Finally he had gotten them and he was exceedingly pleased.
  7. Fear was a wreck, but as Trust started to explain everything it all started to make sense. She inspected to book for more than a few minutes, making sure that it truly wasn't part of some grand book monster, and at the end Fear decided it checked out... for now. Fear reached out and grabbed on to Trust's hand, his was so cold and dry, while hers, stained with tears were wet, clammy and weirdly warm to the touch. Her hands clung to Trust's in a vice like grip, no sign of letting go soon as she unhooked the other hand from the stair railing, clamping that hand onto Trust's shirt "o... ok... let's go..." she mumbled, sticking uncomfortably close to Trust as the two started to slowly make her way to the sitting room, checking every door she went passed as she held onto her friend like she would die if she let go. But soon her voiced piped out from below him.

    "Trust... How are you so easily able to ignore them... The scary things?" she asked him, eyes not daring to look up at him as they stayed frantically searching her surroundings. It may seem silly for any normal person to ask but for Fear it was a genuine question, she could never understand how everyone could stay calm around such death traps, the tears that still dribbled down her face proving how scary this all was! There was no escape from it!
  8. Trust began leading Fear down the hall, moving slowly at the others required pace so not to make her uncomfortable while his free hand supported his armful of books. He was patient, so he didn't mind checking on things that caused the girl fright. He also didn't mind the hand clutching at him a s if for dear life. It was after all his fault the girl was in such a frazzled state to begin with. He made a note to further avoid running so carelessly in the halls, especially if he was distracted.

    When he heard Fear's question, at first he was at a loss for words. If it was coming from anyone else, he probably would have thought it a strange thing to be asking, but he knew it was a very real question for a girl like fear. He considered it for a long moment before finally replying. "Well, Jealousy sometimes says I'm an air head and I don't think things through before I act. He says that whenever I do something dangerous." He started calmly. " I'm not very clever is what the others say, so I don't see the dangerous and scary things so much. You're different that way."

    He turned and gave her a soft smile as he continued the explanation. "So I think it's just because you're cleverer than all the rest! You're so clever you see all the scary things!"
  9. Lights hurt. Coming to that sudden realization, Pride groaned and pulled the blankets around his face, a blur of flashing lights and shot glasses filtering through his mind as he contemplated his pitiful state.…I won…? Though last night was just a haze, certain parts stood out – a full bodied blonde he remembered flirting with, a leather barstool, and a taunting laugh that clearly said she didn’t think he could out drink her, but Pride had won. Glass after glass tossed back, a burring in the back of his throat as the liquid traveled down his esophagus – he had kept going until his companion had passed out, even though he knew he had long passed his normal alcohol tolerance, he kept going just to win. And he had. The thought made the teen what to laugh in glee, but his pounding head throbbed painfully reminding him why making any noise would be a bad idea.

    Sleep, I’ll just go back to slee – A sudden loud thump made Pride jerk upwards. His cocoon of darkness, discarded for bright lights that had him biting his bottom lip to hold in vomit. Clasping a hand over his mouth, the sound of voices drifting from somewhere below made Pride snort mentally – tch, just the kids probably doing something dumb. What was I getting so worried ov – ugh! Suddenly unable to hold in the raising bile any longer the teen shot up like an arrow and sprinted to the nearest bathroom.
  10. Jealousy was in his room laying on his bed with his left arm flung over his eyes while he tried to get himself into a better mood as he had awoken with such a foul mood he hadn't even gone down stairs for breakfast. With his room being so close to the stairs he heard the thud of something hitting the floor and sat up abruptly "what the hell was that" he said to no one but himself as he stood away from the bed and tugged on the t-shirt he had worn yesterday. I'll have a shower and get changed once I see what is going on he thought as he crossed his room in bare feet to see what the noise was.

    Opening his room door he could hear fear what is she crying over now he thought as he sighed and walked into the hall. Instantly he could see Trust and walked to the top of the stairs where he leaned into the railing of the stairs with a scowl on his face he watched Trust picking up the books "So then been to the library have you Trust" he said with a raised eyebrow and his arms crossed over his chest.
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  11. Trusts attention was drawn away when he caught sight of Pride dashing off towards the bathroom. He blinked in confusion. What had Jealousy said the last time Pride had come home this way? He was hungout? No, it was hungover. That was the right word. Trust still wasn't sure what that meant. None of the books he had read mentioned it. Maybe it was an adult thing that he'd understand when he got older. Then again, Compassion was even older than Pride and Trust had never seen Compassion do that. He briefly wondered if 'hungover' was a medical condition. It seemed to have a pretty negative effect on Pride. It actually reminded him of the hazy memories he had of his father. Maybe his father had had the condition too? Trust frowned then sighed. "I wonder if he's okay" he mumbled

    He heard Jealousy's voice and stopped, feeling instantly ashamed despite not even knowing what he had done wrong. He turned and gave a sheepish smile to the older boy. "Good morning Jealousy."
  12. Jealousy smirked as Pride ran passed him "Hungover again" he said as he slowly walked down the stairs towards Trust and Fear. "Good morning and pay no attention to him, he will be fine just needs to learn not to over do it" Jealousy said to Trust, he didn't want him to worry over the fact that Pride couldn't handle his drink, the poor kid had been through so much in his young life worrying over Pride was not something Trust needed to be doing.

    "So then what you got there?" he asked pointing at the books Trust had clutched in his hand. Jealousy noticed Fear and nodded at her he wasn't very close to the girl and really didn't have anything nice to say to her so he didn't bother talking at all.
  13. Trust took note of what jealousy said, feeling slightly relieved that Jealousy seemed to think that Pride would be okay, but then there was the matter of the books. He held the books closely, wondering if Jealousy was going to take them away from him and scold him again. He hadn't specifically told Trust he wasn't allowed, he had just said he should wait until he was older. Maybe Jealousy didn't think he could handle them because they used harder words? Either way, Trust was sure he could learn in no time to read more difficult books.

    "Books," he replied honestly to Jealousy's question. "I got them from the library. I thought since you were still asleep, I'd read a bit." Trust hoped that the explanation was good enough, but he doubted it. He just wished Jealousy would explain properly why he shouldn't read the books.
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  14. Flushing the toilet with a grimace, Pride washed both his hands and face vigorously before gurgling some mouthwash, the minty taste making him feel fresher already. Though…was that smoky smell coming from him? Flinching as the pungent scent made his head throb again; Pride left the bathroom and headed back to his room to grab clothes for a shower, stopping briefly as he noticed Fear, Trust, and Jealousy in a semi-circle at the bottom of the stirs.

    “Oi, brats!” The teen whispered harshly, making his voice loud enough to be heard, but soft enough not to bother his head too much. “Big brother Pride here isn’t feeling well today, so it’s a silent day. Meaning keep your traps shut and tiptoe, got it?” Without awaiting their reaction, the teen had already continued onto his room – the lights in the hall to stupidly bright for longtime exposure in his condition.
  15. Trust watched after Pride as he retreated to his room again, wondering if he really was as okay as Jealousy had said. Even if he would get better soon, Trust didn't want him to feel bad. He mentally resolved to bring him breakfast as it didn't seem like Pride had any intention on feeding himself in his current state. Compassion had taught him that toast and juice was the best thing for an upset stomach, so Trust decided he'd prepare it for Pride so he could at least eat something. He had missed breakfast and lunch was still a while away after all. Now all Trust had to do was negotiate with Jealousy in regards to these books and take Fear to find Hope.
  16. Outside in the Forest was a Huge Crash Hope was busy trying to build a tree house which just came crashing down. Hope giggled to himself “so that what happens if I remove that piece”. Hope was holding a plank of wood. He smiled at his wreckage knowing he was still learning and he would start again tomorrow morning.

    Hope has been out there since early hours in the morning trying to be quiet as possible making this tree house. He knew Fear sleeps in and wanted to surprise her so for the last few mornings he started working on a tree house for both of them and got back inside before she woke, but today Hope stayed out that little bit longer because he was almost done.

    Hope started to get hungry although he had already had breakfast this morning so he dropped the plank of wood and jogged back into the house. Hope was filthy covered in mud and dirt; he also had a few scratches around his arm.

    As he went towards his bathroom to get washed up he bumped into everyone hanging in the corridor he jumped up and down “Hey Fear Glad your awake” he said gleefully “Morning everyone” he said giving a big wave and a cheesy grin.
  17. "Shh" Trust whispered to Hope, still smiling with his finger raised to his lips. He always took everyone's words seriously, Prides instructions on being quiet, however harsh, was no exception to that. "Pride is sick today so we have to whisper! Jealousy says he's just 'hungover' again and he'll be okay, so don't worry~." He explained as he let go of Fear's hand, knowing she'd be okay with Hope here.

    "We were just looking for you, you have good timing~" he grinned as he sidestepped to give fear access to her friend.
  18. As pride walked out of the bathroom Jealousy looked up the stairs as he was told to keep it quite in not such a nice way he couldn't help but roll his eyes but thought no more of it as a dirty Hope come bounding in. With a laugh Jealousy ruffled Trusts head gently "His not ill his hungover it was his own doing Trust seriously forget him" he said in a slightly louder voice then was needed.

    Placing his hand on Trust's shoulder so he couldn't get out of answering him he asked "Anyway them books you got there I'm sure they are the ones that where on the top shelf how did you get them Trust?" ignoring everyone else in the hall. Jealousy knew that trust had more than likely climbed up to get them for himself there was reasons the books where on the top shelf they really wasn't meant for the younger kids of the house.
  19. Trust obeyed Jealousy's advice and dropped the subject of Pride and looked down thoughtfully at the books in his grasp. There was no way of avoiding the question now, Trust knew that much. He had no choice but to spill it before he made things worse. "I climbed the shelf." He admitted, staring at the books with a pout. "Only because it's really boring when there's nothing to do." He added defensively. "Why can't I read them though? They can't be that difficult!" He huffed slightly in disappointment. He supposed it didn't really matter. There were other things he could do, but the only thing he liked to do more than read was doing things with Jealousy.

    Usually, Trust was rather mature with his actions but when it came to things like this his childish side reared it's head, not wanting to have what he wanted taken away from him for misbehaving. He looked up, hopefulness shining in his eyes, almost begging Jealousy to let him keep them.
  20. Moving his hand away from Trust Jealousy rubbed his hand down his face "How many time do I have to tell you climbing that bookshelf is dangerous, really Trust come on what would of happened if you had fell or worse the bookshelf fallen on you?" Jealousy couldn't help it the only real person he cared about was standing in front of him he hated it when Trust would do things that could hurt him and Jealousy always tried his best to help him. "There is always things to do you could of come and got me we could of done something"

    When Trust pouted Jealousy looked at him with his eyebrow raised "It's not the fact they are difficult it's more to do with what is inside of them, your still a bit to young to read them give it awhile" Jealousy sighed not wanting to rip the books away from Trust but he didn't want him to lose his childhood to soon. Crouching down and sighing he looked Trust in the eyes "Listen I don't want you to read them and worry about the stuff inside ok but if you must read them do it in my room" he said not wanting to completely upset Trust he just had to hope that Trust would do the right thing.
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