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    "On a seclusive Island out in the Bahama's a giant 5 star hotel has been built and set up to host guests of all kinds. But not just any guests. The guests of the new game show Love or Run!! where 20 contestants will be paired up with a member of the opposite sex to compete for the ultimate prize of 1 Million dollars!! now here's your host! Chris Jones!!" The camera swings down to the docks on the Island to pull up on Chris Jones the host of the new game show love or run. "Hello everyone its nice to meet you all. My name is Chris Jones and welcome to our little paradise in the tropical islands of the Bahama's here we will have 20 contestants paired together to compete for the ultimate prize of one million dollars. the team that wins will split the cash prize evenly at 50 50 so the winners will receive a cash prize of 500,000 each! If I wasn't hosting the show I know I'd be competing in it haha! now the whole point of the game is to find love and make it to the end of the show without killing your partner or anyone else on the island haha but I'll explain the rules later for now lets meet the contestants!" With that he waves his hand over to the end of the docks where a large boat would slowly pull up. a crew would quickly tie the boat down to the docks and set up the gang plank so the contestants could walk down without falling in (hopefully) "now since I'm a man of character we will start with the ladies. Will all the ladies please come down to join me on the dock! ladies and gentlemen I present to you. Our Sports girl Riley Andal! Next we have the all around good girl Sierra Rose! Next we have an aspiring musician Jennifer Hart! Then there's the aspiring writer you know her ya love her Aria Macantosh! Next we have an amazing dancer miss Natalia Gonclave! Next we have the girl that's just as likely to kiss you as she is to break your arm Alex Cross! Next we have the sweet book shy Elisabeth Baker! Now we have the girl that just tries her best to get along with everyone Kenzi O'Leary! Next we have the girl who's head is always in the clouds Roxy King! and last but certainly not least we have our bad girl the one that will do anything she can to win Audrina Neal! Let's give a big round of applause for all the lovely ladies that have been chosen to participate in the first season of the show!"
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  2. Audrina Neal sat on the boat bringing her and the other contestants to the docks of the island, mind rather lazily tumbling through possible obstacles to her prize and the possible skills of the others. Her long, deep purple hair hid one of her eyes, but the other pale green one flickered around her as if never settling in one place too long. When she would stop and stare or catch someone's gaze she would pause, and then slowly give a cat like smile.

    The punk chick wasn't exactly dressed to impress, but she figured the reason she had been chosen was for her personality. Either that or all the other auditions were so atrociously bad she just made the cut.

    She really didn't care either way, absentmindedly playing with a skull ring on her finger until the boat was docked and her name was called. Last... that could be a good or bad thing. Well, she hoped she stood out anyway. She had no idea if that's how reality shows worked but she figured if the audience liked her there was a chance the producers would tip odds in her favor.

    Audi walked across the plank to the host, Chris, with one hand in her pocket and the other giving a lazy salute of greeting to the camera with a smirk. Let them think she wasn't worried in the slightest. After all, she wasn't.
  3. Jennifer Maria Hard
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    Jennifer grinned the whole ride to the location of 'Love or Run,' almost unable to believe she had been chosen. They must have really liked her audition video. When she made it she was angry, and almost regretted sending it in the next day. But now she was really happy that she had dcided to send it in.

    As soon as he name was announced, Jenna made her way down to the dock, smiling at the camera and giving a small wave. She slipped her phone into the back pocked of her shorts, taking her place between Audrina and Alex.

    I wonder who my partner will be, she thought, glancing around for the boys boat. She didn't see it yet. Hopefully someone hot, I bet that'll really annoy Jason and my sister. Jennifer knew she was being petty, and totally playing the role of the crazy-jealous-exgirlfiend, but she really just wanted to make both of them suffer.

    She also looked over at the nine other girls she'd be competing against. This shouldn't be too hard, she thought, eyeing them carefully. And maybe I'll make a few friends along the way.

    @Whirlwind @IceQueen
    Riley had sat in the front of the boat, watching the island loom in the distance, remaining silent the whole ride. When they arrived, she took her turn and stepped off, blushing, giving an awkward wave to the camera. She stood on the dock beside the others, however, instead of evaluating competition, or gazing at the boy's boat, she simply examined the island, impressed with the hotel, and the beauty of the island itself. She was sort of excited for all this, truth be told. She had always loved competition, but this one had her a bit nervous now that she was actually there.
    The clothes she was wearing were normal for her, although perhaps, in reflection, she would've worn something a bit more casual, like the other girls were. Speaking of the other girls, she saw a blonde one, and a purple-haired one, and neither looked particularly friendly at the moment, so she looked down at the water instead, thinking to herself silently.
  5. Kenzi stayed in her room on the boat until they were close to the island. She gathered her bags and other things as they docked and waited with the other girls as they were each introduced. When her name was called she walked out onto the dock and gave a short wave to the camera along with a soft smile. She hadn't made a point to get to know anyone on the way over, and she wasn't really interested in doing it then. She looked around at her competition, not really judging anyone, simply seeing who she would be up against. She wore a simple v-neck short sleeved shirt, a pair of jean shorts, and flip flops. The outfit was comfortable, easy to move around in, and perfect for the weather. She of course brought other shoes with her for challenges or other things. She glanced over at the boy's boat, wondering who she would end up partnered with, then looked back toward the host and waited patiently as he introduced the last of the girls.
  6. Sierra Rose

    Sierra Rose noticed the ladies shuffling around and beginning to collect their things as the boat docked as the beautiful island. She was listening to a mix playlist of upbeat Zumba songs on her Ipod and she started to shake her hips and move her feet to the beat as she picked her own Nike backpack up and threw a strap over her right shoulder and followed suit. She took her right ear bud out when she noticed the announcer Chris Jones introducing each lady stepping off the boat and onto the docks. When he introduced her to the cameras, she approached wearing a simple belly purple shirt and blue jean shorts that revealed her rose tat on her hip with black Nike shoes. Her smiled sparkled as she waved to the camera and threw a piece sign up and winked. "Thanks Chris. I can't wait to get started."And she walked onto the docks noticed that she wasn't the only one with purple hair as she noticed Audrina Neal, although her own hair was more of a light lilac color. She walked over to her and threw a small wave with a welcoming smile. "Hey there, I'm Sierra. Nice outfit, I digg it"
  7. The boat ride was calming and nerve wracking at same time. Lizzy took a deep breath, soon she would be on the island and be in front of millions on TV. What if she a complete idiot of her self? What if her partner didn't like her and everyone back home would laugh? 'I shouldn't have come' Lizzy though to herself. Before she could talk herself into quitting, the boat hit the deck and Lizzy was called out. Stepping out Lizzy had her suitcase and bookbag following behind her as she walked down the plank. Seeing that there were out and introducing themselves, Lizzy followed their example.

    "H-hello Mr.Jones, its nice to meet you all." Lizzy spoke in a soft tone. She was playing with the straps of her bag while she gave the other girls small smile.
  8. The young girl wearing a simple cream sleeveless top, blank pants, and a brown jacket looked around as she heard her name being called. "Roxy King... that's me..." he mumbled to herself and she set off towards the dock with the rest of the females. Odd enough, someone with long blonde hair a cat sweater like thing beside her didn't move. That was quite odd. At least they seemed like a girl. Anyway, she kept her simple smile on and headed down the dock. She saw the island and thought about how she always wanted to live on an island like this but was forced to live in a cramped apartment in New York city for reasons that involved money and debt.

    She stumbled a bit once off the ramp that connected the boat to the pier. She walked up to Chris, and excitedly jumped with, "You know, I always wanted to be on a show like this!" She didn't give a second thought about how cheesy she sounded. Her brunette hair framed her pale face that had two eyes of orange and blue. Behind her was her pastel blue and black suitcase that carried things she needed, and she noticed a girl who seemed a bit nervous. She spoke with a slight stutter. She went up to her and tapped her shoulder, and then stood there awkwardly.
  9. Chris (kryo) Alberts

    He stood off to the side as the ladies made their way down to the docks. He had already packed his stuff and the duffel lay near his feet. His long hair was tossed in the breeze so he used a hair band to tie it in a tail. His face remained emotionless as he continued to observe. In his mind, he could not wait until the guys were allowed to get off of the boat. He hated the water, well he more or less feared water. He tried hard to make sure that people didn't notice how afraid he was. He wrapped his long black leather trench coat around himself, trying to withdraw himself from his surroundings.

    Daniel Phillips

    Daniel had to go check out who his potential partner would be. He gave everyone a smile along with a wave. There were a few girls he saw heading down that he thought were cute. He ran his hands through his blonde hair as he checked them out. He also wanted to take a look over his competition. When he saw the man in black, he shuddered but figured that he could dismiss him as a threat. Who in their right mind would want to go for a guy like that? He shrugged to himself as he watched for the other guys. He was sure that he could win. The more he looked at the strange guy, though the more he felt sorry for him. He must be roasting in all of that black. The way he had that jacket wrapped around himself, he did not seem to want to make friends. He would wait until later to formally introduce himself.
  10. |||Aria|||
    As the writer was mentioned, Aria adjusted her hat and moved down off the boat. Her sneakers squeaked a bit as she moved down the ramp and onto the dock with everyone else. She kept her stuff contained inside a duffle bag, the only thing outstanding being a guitar case on her back that weighed against her. She stood awkwardly among the other girls, pushing up her glasses. She wasn't much of a talker, so talking to the other girls was something that she didn't want to do. Clasping her hands together, Aria sat there, pursing her lips as she waited for the show to get on the road.
    Alex rolled her neck as her name was called, flexing her arms before picking up her large rolling bags and pulling them down the ramp. Her sleeves where nonexistent, since she was wearing a sleeveless sweatshirt, and a blue pair of sweat pants. She was all ready to go to the gym, or fight someone. She had her long blond hair in a ponytail as she walked down the ramp, taking her place. Even though she was wearing something very casual, she had an aura of an heir, and she kept her chin high as she waited for the men to be called.
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    & Richard... in a corner
    Franc's outfit

    As one of the staff members had informed him they would land anytime now, Franc had gathered his belongings and now found himself waiting on the foredeck, like most of his competitors. His cello and black suitcase beside him, Franc was rather enjoying the view and the sun on his skin. He let out a soft yawn as he stretched his arms above his head. It had been a rather tiring boat ride, but as the Island came into view, Franc was sure it had been more than worth it. The water surrounding it was a deep crystal blue, the same color the Garda Lake had been during the holidays he and his family had spent in Northern Italy. It would be simply amazing to take a swim in there, and Franc couldn't help but smile softly at the thought. As he returned his gaze to the Island, he spotted the mansion-like living quarters, which only lifted his spirits even more. The only down-side to the whole situation was that the heat would make his cello go out of tune relatively quick, but that only meant he would have to tune it more often.

    Whistling a soft tune, he turned his gaze and attention to his competitors, most of which were now on deck. He wasn't too interested in the girls for now, he would get to meet them soon enough. He would just focus on the men for now, and see where he could make alliances and of whom he should be careful. The tune on his lips died a slow death as he put all of his focus into a critical analysis of each and every one of the young men that had gathered near him. The first man had long blonde hair and seemed to be on the same level as Francesco when it came to their looks. Franc let out an irritated sigh, he would be tough competition. Cazzo, he could've been a model. Still, Franc had his trump; a foreign accent and a cute smile. With any luck, blondie wouldn't be able to match that. Moreover, blondie seemed to be friendly enough, a possible ally? Franc analyzed each person like that; Ally, enemy, useless, putting each one of them into little boxes so that Franc could come up with a strategy.

    Just as he thought he had categorized all, his eyes fell upon a ball-like thing that was moving in a corner. What on earth? He took a few steps towards the... thing, still unsure of what to make of it. The ball turned out to be a pathetic looking guy that was eating cookies from his bag, while mumbling things that almost seemed to be a prayer. The guy was unlike any of the other competitors, he wasn't attractive in any sense of the word; fat, bespectacled, with greasy and long hair, even his outfit was ridiculous, especially in this weather. Who on earth would wear a sweater above shorts... with... socks in sandals?!? Franc shivered slightly as his Italian fashion sense almost made him puke at that... The thought that the guy could be a competitor was just so ridiculous that it didn't even occur to him. Franc quickly turned away from the hideous man, thinking over a possible strategy.

    With a swift pace, he walked up to blondie, put a friendly smile on his face and waved at him. "Buon giorno, my name is Francesco Presicci. But youe can call me Franc. Are you looking forward to the competition?" If his Italian roots hadn't been obvious from his looks and accent, it became more than obvious with this greeting. Franc put his cello and suitcase beside him and stretched out his hand, hoping the man would shake it and confirm the possibility of an early alliance.
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    Leo had been leaning against the trailing, humming the Rains of Castamere under his breath, watching all the other males onboard. They didn't seem all that interesting, in all honesty. One went around, evaluating them like portraits at an art museum. In all honesty, his gaze made Leo uncomfortable, causing him to move to a different position. After a while, Leo heard noises coming from a corner. He turned, seeing someone curled up in a ball. It was a guy, in glasses, with a sweatshirt and shorts. Leo chuckled, walking over, sitting infront of the guy. "Hello there!" he greeted, smiling. "May I have a cookie?" he asked. "I'm Leo Lance, by the way," he introduced.
  13. Nina Gonçalves
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    { o u t f i t }
    Natalia could barely contain herself on the boat heading to the Love or Run show. The ocean reminded her of Brazil and she was flooded with bittersweet memories of her past. She continuously sat in the deck and had excitedly jumped up and down when she saw the island approaching. When Nina's name was called, she strode forward confidently rolling her bags along, but on the inside she was nervous. There were several girls here, and a lot of them looked like they could be some real tough competitors. Though she saw some that she could be friends with. She pushed her thoughts to her back of her mind as she walked towards Chris, the host. Nina smiled sweetly as she waved towards the camera and then went to stand with the other girls. She felt like the girls beside her didn't really want to talk so she tried to contain her excitement by swaying from side to side.
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    Chris Jones
    Chris smiled as each girl came off the boat and watched them carefully to make sure nothing funny least that the cameras would miss. He did a quick mental check in his head to make sure that was all ten girls before he clapped his hands to get their attention "And these ladies and gentlemen are our lovely female contestants! for the men watching at home don't you just feel jealous of the men who will get to stay with them on this island now? Well ladies don't get too upset because now that we have met them let's meet the strapping young men that will also be competing for the cash prize and the chance for love! Ladies will you please move to the other end of the docks! and now let's meet our men! First we have another aspiring young musician Justin Miles! next we have the a nice and quiet musician Chris Alberts! next is the popular model Daniel Phillips! next we have the young bad boy Dylan Dixon! next is the star athlete that every coach wants on their team Will Treaty! next we have a friend from Italy joining us Francesco Presicci! Next we have the cross dresser Lamont Justice! Next is our all around nice guy Leo Lance! Next we have what the females on the set have called the "Pervy Otaku" Richard Gluraque! and last but not least we have the hopeless romantic Thomas Persie! Men come on down and meet the women you'll be spending the remainder of the competition with!"
    Justin Miles
    As soon as Justin heard his name called he let out a loud Whoop! of excitement and all but jumped off the boat and onto the docks. He had a two duffel bags that we're clearly filled with musical instruments as well as clothes. Justin was wearing a white undershirt with a green tshirt over it along with a pair of jeans and a pair of black converse. Across his back he had a guitar case strapped around it what kind of guitar would be anyone's guess. He ran up to Chris and grabbed his hands and shook it vigorously "Hi Chris! it's great to be here! nice to meet you! Can't wait to get started! Wooo!!" He laughed and ran to the end of the docks and smiled at all the ladies "nice to meet you all. I look forward to getting to know you all better hopefully we'll all be good friends by the end of this show if not..well then I suppose that's just how the guitar string breaks!" with that he set his bags down and turned to the boat to wait for the rest of the guys to disembark.
    Will Treaty
    When Will heard his name called he smiled to himself as he watched the other guy jump off the boat and land on the docks and immediately start making all kinds of greetings and warm welcomes. Well better not be too late. He thought to himself. With that he grabbed his own bags one was clearly filled with nothing but sports gear footballs, basketballs, baseballs, etc etc. the other just had his clothes. He was currently wearing his favorite basket ball jersey that displayed his muscular arms from all the years of practice and training he had put in and a pair of blue jeans with with a pair of black and white sneakers. He walked off the boat with a basketball spinning on his finger and his bags hanging from his shoulder and back. "Nice to meet you Chris look forward to working with you" He walked over to the girls and gave them a kind smile "nice to meet all of you as well"
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  15. Chris (Kryo) Alberts

    He grabbed his duffel, slinging it over his shoulder when his name was called. He brushed past the other guys. His black military boots thumped as he walked down the plank. He just wanted off of that boat. He stood as far as he would be allowed from the camera and other contestants. He reached into his trench pocket to pull out his shades and put them on. He didn't forget to bring his guitar, he just didn't want it to get damaged or stolen. He hated his friends for making him go through this. He could see them drinking in that garage, watching and laughing. He would get back at them.

    Daniel Phillips

    He heard Francesco's greeting, and smiled as he shook the young man's hand. He could hear the Italian accent. That would be a tough one to beat but his modeling career would be a better advantage. At least he would hope so. Women always loved an accent. "My name is Daniel. It's great to meet you." This could possibly be an ally. He heard the host announce the names for the guys and his eyes twinkled, "Time to make our entrance!" He did his favorite catwalk entrance down the plank. He winked, blowing a kiss towards the camera. He gave his best smile as he joined the others. "Hey everyone!" He gave a thumb's up to everyone around before taking a spot near the camera.

    "Leo Lamont?" Leo asked, grinning, as he began to chuckle a little. "He sounds like quite the dashing fellow. But I do believe that my own name wasn't called. I am afraid I must stay on the boat and leave all the rest of you to the fun that this game surely shall be," he said, with his everpresent grin. In truth, he wasn't bothered by the fact they'd gotten his name wrong. But none the less, he made his way off the ship, and onto the docks with all the others,
  17. Thomas came off of the boat with bright eyes and a bubbly bounce in his step, smiling radiantly. "Hi there, everyone~!," he said, almost in a singsong voice. A small giggle came out of Thomas afterwards, his smile still glowing and genuine. Thomas would say hello to each and every one of the guys as they gathered on the docks, himself being called last. As he greeted them all, he placed a small chocolate candy in their hands. Thomas would also go over to the girls and say hi to each and every one of them. He gave them all chocolate candy as well, his cheeks a rosy red. "I'm Thomas! It's very nice to meet you all~!" After that, he would regroup with the rest of the boys at their side of the docks, humming happily.
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  18. Audrina Neal

    Audrina looked over at the blonde who bounced happily up next to her. She just gave the girl a bored look but she was a bit amused at her competition. She was just observing the girls as they came off the boat like she had while they were on it, but her attention was alerted when another purple haired girl spoke to her, though her shade was many times lighter. “Audrina. If that’s too much of a mouthful… Audi,” the girl smirked, eyes looking down at Sierra’s stomach, and then drew them back up to her eyes. Audi wasn’t here to make friends, but she had always believed in the saying keep your friends close and enemies closer. She hardly thought of the others as enemies, but they were competitors. Close enough. She supposed it would do well to be friendly to the others as well. So, she gave a little wave to the other girls, smirking at those who made an effort to smile or wave or say hello. The only one she really eyed with suspicion was this one chick in blue sweatpants. She seemed like a bitch.

    Ah, and the males were being paraded out now. Audi watched with particular interest, chewing her bottom lip and wondering if she would be paired with one of the guys looking for love over winning, or winning over love. It would be funny either way. They weren’t getting her heart or cash as far as she was concerned. She was eyeing them one at a time and giving the friendly wave and smirk to the boys as well, when a fruity one came up and gave them chocolates and seemed like he was right out of a cartoon. Audrina chuckled softly to herself, popping the chocolate in her mouth. “Maybe it’s poisoned… get us all out of the running from the start eh?” she said under her breath so only those closest to her could hear her snicker.
  19. "Cross dresser? Seriously... such I great way to introduce someone," Lamont mumbled, stepping off of the boat. He didn't want to over react, so he kept himself collected and calm. He just wanted to talk to someone at the moment, not quite sure of who to talk to. Once his feet were planted on the grass of the island, he looked around. The first person he went to was Chris. Chris was clearly the host, the center of attention among the many people. "Hello Chris, I'm Lamont. You can call me L. I don't give a shi-" Luckily he cut himself off.

    He looked among the people. Now, who to stand by for now. He needed someone to not try to kill him before he was given his partner. First, he noticed a blonde guy near Chris. He thought his name was Will, trying to remember what Chris said about the names and the archetypes of each contestant. He brushed his blonde hair back, and pulled up his hood a little and ajusted his skirt.
  20. Jennifer Maria Hart
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    Before long, the boys started to come out. She eyes each of them carefully, wondering who she would be partnered with. Her attention had been caught by Justin instantly, because he too had musical talent. According to their host, anyways. Maybe he and I will be friends, or even partnered up! That could be soo coo- She began to think, but was interrupted by him coming over and practically yelled at all the girls. She took a step back, wide eyes, clearly surprised by his enthusiasm. Nevermind.

    The next person to approach her was named Thomas, and he too seemed enthusiastic about the whole thing. Thankfully, he showed it in a much... calmer way. "Thank you," Jenna said to him as she accepted her chocolate. She instantly unwrapped the treat and tossed it in her mouth, only to hear Audrina's poison comment a few seconds too late. Jennifer seriously doubted someone would hand out poisoned candy on national TV, but the girl beside her still made her weary. It tastes fine, she decided after a moment, opting not to spit it out.

    Once all the boys were off the boat, Jenna looked to Chris expectantly. She was extremely eager to meet her partner, silently praying it was the model or Italian male. In all truth, she only hoped for them to make her ex-boyfriend and sister- who were without a doubt watching right now- jealous. But, she'd be happy with whoever she got. She was just excited to have an opportunity like this.

    @Andy @Yosuke @Whirlwind

    Dylan Dean Dixon
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    Before Dylan could make his way off the boat, he was handed a piece of chocolate. He nodded his thanks to Thomas before pocketing the small piece of candy, deciding he'd eat it later. On the way down he didn't bother to look at the camera- it always annoyed him when people on TV did that. He carried his suitcase with one hand, pushing his black hair aside with the other.

    Usually, Dylan would be wearing dark clothes with his favorite leather jacket- but it was much too warm for such clothing here. So, instead, he wore a plain white t-shirt, that clung to him in such a way that one could see his muscles. He also wore a darker pair of jeans, and his favorite sneakers. He went to go stand with the other boys silently, not bothering to hide his disgust of their outrageous actions. Some people...

    He wouldn't say it, but Dylan was feeling very camera shy at the moment. He was a confident guy, sure, but standing among models and jocks would take a blow to anyone's ego. Still, he did note that he was not the worst option for the females. There was the cross dresser and the 'Pervy Otaku' after all. He wasn't exactly judging them, if a boy wanted to dress like a girl than he really couldn't care less, and Dylan didn't even know what 'Otaku' meant. But, he did know that if he were a female here looking for a chance at love, those two would not be exactly ideal when there was the option of a model.


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