Looking for MxM roleplays!


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Hello! My name is Mako, and I’m a literate/semi-literate/advanced literate roleplayer. I am 20 years old. I’ve been roleplaying for over 4 years and I’m currently looking for MxM romance roleplays. However, you must be okay with mature themes and me playing a transguy. Besides that, I’m very open and versatile to almost everything.


When it comes to roleplay:

• I can do all types of literacy. One-liners are a strict no, novella is possible but rare due to the longer response times and effort it takes to write them.

• My character will always be a submissive or a switch.

• Short and long term roleplays are accepted.

• Mature themes are accepted, smut is required.

• I’m very versatile, I will allow almost anything in roleplay, just ask.


What's required to be a rp partner?:

- At least semi-literate to literate.

- Willing to collaborate on plots/ideas.

- Do not spam me if I stop doing rapid replies.

- You must be okay with roleplaying a switch or a dominant character.

- LGBTQ+ characters must be okay with you; I will be roleplaying a transgender ftm character.


Scenarios: (All genres accepted, ask for fandoms)

- Angel x Demon

- Vampire/Werewolf/Witch x Hunter

- Prince x Dark Knight/Servant/King

- Celebrity x Fan

- Popular x Non popular

- Rebel x Principal’s son

- Single Parents

- Teen pregnancy

- Mafia/Gang

- Love Triangle (You will play 2 characters)

- Singer x Groupie/Bandmate

- Mentally Disabled/Crippled x Non-crippled

- Boss x Intern

- Science Fiction

- Game of Thrones

- Disney movies

- Futuristic

- Dystopian/Utopian

- Circus

- Ancient Greek adventure

- Time Travelers

- Historical (Examples are WW2 and Vikings)

- Mermaid x Human

- Robot/Alien x Human or DBH

- Wizard and Assistant

- Pirates

- Prison

- Netflix-based (An example is Orange is the New Black)

- Telltale-based


- My Hero Academia

- Marvel or DC

- Creepypasta

- The Outsiders

- KPOP Stars

- Zootopia

CONTACT - Vampy#2495 (For Discord)