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"We still bear faith in His love and compassion. And shall nothing sever our hearts poured out for Him. Though His presence is gone, his Messengers still remain, and it is through them shall we ascend into a paradise by His side."

The Lord our God, the Almighty Divine, He has abandoned His creations, and with His absence did the world descend into chaos as the armies of Hell surged forth from the depths of the earth upon the mortal planes. Apocalypse soon took the world, and with the Throne of God empty, Hell moved onward to the Heavens, and it is thought that warfare still carries out between the Angels of Heaven and the Demons of Hell, with only the Fallen the neutral supernatural power. Long after the fall of the world by hands of absolute evil did a people begin to appear in the remnants of civilization: Lightseekers.

They whose faith still lies firmly to the Lord despite His abandonment, the Lightseekers venture in pilgrimage across this decrepit, demonic world, amidst the barren wastelands of righteous warfare, from the deserted and decimated cities of mortal civilization, to the very Maws of Hell itself. They wander this awful, decaying existence in search of the Light, of the remnants of His love, His compassion, His mercy, and His grace. This Light is the key to Salvation in a world beyond saving in their eyes. And with the powers of either Hell or Heaven are some willing to bathe in the blood of both angel, demon, and mortal alike to obtain the Light. In this zealous search for Salvation, the Lightseekers potentially expose themselves to the ruinous powers of temptation, and should they fall prey to it as so many have before shall they become Darkbearers, and shall forever be of Hell. Those who hold true to their duties, their faith, their love for the absent Father, they ascend into the Lightbearers, and shall forever be of Heaven. Such is the fate of those in a world without salvation.

In this Post-Apocalyptic Modern Medieval Dark Fantasy universe inspired by the brutality and unrelenting despair of the Soulsborne series, one would delve into a world a century (or whatever date I deem appropriate in the future) after a grand demonic apocalypse and the abandonment by the deity of this world. Civilization would have been sent back into the Dark Ages with incorporations of the remnants of modern technology occasionally found. Evils lurk the barren wastes of this destroyed world, preying upon the mortals, angels, and fallen beings that dwell the earth still. Scattered haphazardly across the hellscapes shall exist Luxwells, places where the deity's holiness resonates in this world, somehow. Lightseekers, our PCs, would obtain respite within these Luxwells, and shall their souls in faith be bound by essence and foundation to them, once the flesh expires shall they be reborn in the remnants of the Light. Likewise, a Lightseeker might become as the Light, exerting the Will of their soul (with a catalyst) to travel to a Luxwell they've recently journeyed to, for the bond is strongest with them. Beyond that, with the absence of the Almighty does the discernment of Hell and Heaven become muddled in the Will of a mortal soul, the powers of either afforded to the Lightseeker, though both holding some element of influence over the Lightseeker.

[Tl;dr] The general idea of a Lightseeker is a fantasy paladin, cleric, templar, or priest in a modern-medieval post-apocalyptic fantasy universe. They explore this desolate and dangerous world where God has abandoned creation and what is left struggles to exist and prosper. We would be humans, primarily, though some element of supernatural exposure could weave new breeds of mortals. Our abilities would vary from demonic and angelic, depending on our choices, and these abilities will affect an overall "alignment score"(?) which will determine the evolution of the Lightseekers. Survival will be incorporated into this world, as a mortal is a mortal, no matter what powers they have. Just because the Lord is absent does not mean the laws He has set are not in effect.

It's a WIP and might not be realized in the near future, but an interest check is what it says on the tin. Ask questions, please!

This isn't an RP sign-up, by the by.