Lethal Reword - End of the Fourth Wall

I want to pick a pocket, what category would that wall under?
For these guys? DC 10. It's pretty easy to grab these guy's stuff.

...Granted, these guys have only 1d4-1 copper pieces on themselves at a time. That's a max of 3 copper, minimum nothin'.

...Also, don't think me mean what I'm about to do. I'm not picking on you for anything...

But your character will find that, without his character sheet, acquired gold and items just sort of... 'vanish', once they hit your own pocket. Without the sheet to record what you have, you can't... 'take it back out'. It's like throwing away your ability to go into the Menu in an RPG.

...Which, by the way, also means you can't level up. The EXP gets 'recorded' on your sheet...
I gues that makes me a special case, I guess that could motivate my character to get it back. I'll post now
How do you do a die roll, and I think archy mesioned i had a +3 for thieving..
I thought DC stood for Difficulty Check?

EDIT: I'm making a few cosmetic changes to my character. His/my name is now Nicol Bolas, and he worships an omniscient, yet unfathomable major deity known as...Google.

And Frost, if/when I recieve my first item of power, could it be a magical tome titled 'Wikipedia' that contains information on many thigns from the 'real world'? After all, Google is my god and Wikipedia is my bible.
There's no reason it can't stand for both.

As for the deity... in this world, it's known as Ioun. And the tome is The Book of All Knowledge.

Unfortunately, I'm not supposed to change names. Not for this one. Sorry.
Who said it was a real deity? My character was jsut going to bull-shit his way into making a new religion.
Considering you're in a world where people can Plane Shift to actually MEET their respective deities, or spells to talk to them... it also makes for an easy way to check on whether or not a deity is real. >_<

It was easier to pull off in 3.5.

As a note, that's also the reason you don't find atheists in this sort of world.

Atheist: "There are no gods!"
Cleric: "Oh yeah?" -casts spell, summons deity-
Atheist: "That's just a well-made illusion!"
Deity: -utterly destroys Atheist, gives thumbs up to Cleric, vanishes-
Cleric: "Anyone else have any questions about my faith?"
Vay, the dice roll button is near the edit post button. put in what you have to roll in standard notation.

1 twenty-sided die=1d20

it's _d_, where the first blank is the number of dice and the second one is the number of sides. Thievery uses your dexterity bonus, which is +3 for you.
There is also a reason why Google is unfathomable. And since 'the plot' actually exists, couldn't it be possible that Google is a god?

C'mon, please? I already have a rediculous title worked out for my character and other plans for him. I was planning to be preaching in the tavern about the greaty and unfathomable Google, quoting Samuel L. Jackson in the morning when you guys enter the tavern proper after you wake up. I mean, this won't be the first time I've started a religion/apotheosized, and I've already been in a campaign that had Bill Cosby as a Paladin.
Thanks Archy, and Boss, My character in Athiest (being me). Would be fun when someone shws him gods exist here.
there are always the dudes that say that the gods are merely powerful figures, rather than all powerful, omnipotent and invulnerable immortals.
Invulnerable? THIS IS DND. If you haven't committed deicide by level 30, you're doing it wrong.

..hell, one epic destiny is called God Hunter or something. You know what they do? They hunt gods.
thus my point my freind.

thus my point indeed.
Like I said before. It's not hard to undergo apotheosis. I've done it with two different characters.

Oh, and is it ok if my character has already adjusted to the world when you guys meet him?

I'm getting my ass hauled off to jail.

This is the perfect exuse for my absence.
...An idea just came to mind...And I can keep Google as my god, with or without Google actually being a deity. Wahahahaha! Vay, would you mind it if you were thrown into the same cell as me?
I was about to suggest, if you wanted yourself to be a bit more used to the place, "settled", as it were, you could be in the jail Vay's about to be thrown into. The cell across, rather than the same cell (small town, they only have two cells anyway).

I would prefer that you choose one of the setting's deities as a patron, actually. The world and the self-aware NPC's can't really fall any further under the 'weird' category.

As for killing a "god" before level 30... I need to remind you, that the only deity who's statted out so far is Tiamat. All the others are demon or devil lords, like Graz'zt or Yeenoghu.

...The PC's max level is 30, while all of them stay a rather amusing 32+. And these are all technically "minor" deities or "extremely powerful" infernals. One can only imagine what Major-influence deities would be like...
Sure, but no 'prison activities' XP

and remember, i'm going to bangkok in a few days, so might not be able to post. Hens me having no problem with my character being in the cooler.
Well, my reason for being in jail would be for being a looney who's ranting about some all-knowing entity called Google.

And since my character sheet didn't initially have a patron deity on it. Besides, I'm a Sorceror. Religion is all fluff for me. And since we're new to the realm, would we even know the deities? Or were we actually supposed to have a patron picked out before hand and I simply dropped the ball on that one? Either way, I'm in jail cause they think I'm a looney preaching about some non-existent god.