Lethal Reword - End of the Fourth Wall

Nah, no one but Roxelvi ha a deity (Bane). Though I guess your explanation makes sense.

Townie: "Let's put him in jail 'till we can get rid of him."

Other Townie: "Yeah!"

-A bit of time passes-

Townie: "...Hey. Let's turn the loonie over to the adventurers. They're into that sorta junk."

Other Townie: "Good idea!"
Question: Would my Acid Orb be able to melt through the bars on my cell, or at least melt the lock of?
Won't be able to post again untill I leave, thats why I just got Vagre into bed.
Sorry for poofing! I just started classes. Will be churning out a post asap.

I was wondering, Boss Frost, is there a shrine/temple to the Raven Queen in this village? If so what would it look like?
Question: Would my Acid Orb be able to melt through the bars on my cell, or at least melt the lock of?

The bars have HP 10, and the acid would sizzle through the DR they have, easy.

As for Raven Queen, there is in fact a shrine on the shoreline, just a few feet away from the Temple of Melora. It's a small shrine with many offerings placed upon it, and it most likely smells strongly of incense.
Good to know. Lucky for me, Acid Orb is an At-will power.
Hey, Frost, since thses characters are us, am I allowed to use my extensive knowledge of DnD?
Yes - yes you are. Though I do prefer if you'd use the appropriate Knowledge skill for the things that are connected to various Knowledge skills...
Right. I may or may not end up using my DnD knowledge, but it's good to know whether or not I'm allowed to, just in case.
It strikes me that a Gainaxing-off between Kat and Aidyn is the sort of battle that only has winners.

She'll probably be more seductive towards Aidyn, now that she knows she can.
Goodness, every semi pairing we have right now will at least not have to worry about child bearing... Haha...
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huh? as far as i know, i was the last of our group to post. nothing much to post anyways, since my character is currently slumped to the ground, waiting for the guard to open the door for him.

i think i can consider my character as being in prison. :D
As Rorschach once said, "I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me!"
well now I am waiting, or should i just throw things at your character