Lethal Reword - End of the Fourth Wall

THat's cause Meg failed his Spot check...Do they still have Spot chekcs in 4ed?
I don't know what that is >_>

Sounds like to check if he spotted me.
A Spot check is used in 3.5 to check and see if you spotted something, such as a hidden switch, trap, etc.
Ok. Oh, and no, 4ed doesn't have Spot...or Listen. It has Perception instead...

Oh, and Megane, you'll need to make an Insight check. DC 16. If you succeed, you realize that I know what Vay means by 'Player'. Otherwise, you'll continue to think that I'm just another NPC.
Ok. Oh, and no, 4ed doesn't have Spot...or Listen. It has Perception instead...

Oh, and Megane, you'll need to make an Insight check. DC 16. If you succeed, you realize that I know what Vay means by 'Player'. Otherwise, you'll continue to think that I'm just another NPC.

Oh fu.... I forgot to do just that. I'll do that once we're out of prison.

and yeah, i think i failed my common-sense check lately.

chatbox said:
megane-kun>> @frost: oh yeah, what was mabu talking about when he told me to do an "insight" check?
Boss Frost>> Actually, he was wrong. You don't need to do an Insight check, and neither did Vay.
Boss Frost>> It's his Bluff roll against your considerable Insight Defense.
Boss Frost>> Lemme look up your Insight Defense on your sheet, and I'll tell you if it worked.
megane-kun>> thanks
Boss Frost>> You've got a total of 16 Insight Defense... Mabu got 16 as well. Which matches your Insight Defense, but doesn't beat it.
Boss Frost>> So... it's your choice. Believe his bluff or not.
Boss Frost>> I don't think anyone understands that the Dice Roll vs. Dice Roll mechanic is gone, replaced with the Dice Roll vs. Target Number. Which is actually easier.
megane-kun>> my post was worded ambigously, methinks
megane-kun>> so it doesn't really matter
Boss Frost>> Which is perfect.
megane-kun>> HAH! that's why i love ambiguous posts... they could work whichever way!

.... yeah... @_@;
Uh, Frost, I'm gonna have to override you on that. On Page 178 of the 4ed Core Rule Book, it goes over Opposed Checks, which is what this is. Both players make a skill check for whichever skill they are using, and the higer result wins.
In the case of other skills, the oppose check would be there. However, in the case of Bluff and Insight, unless the target being bluff has a real reason for suspecting the bluff (I.E., a Skill Challenge), it is a bluff roll against the target's Passive Insight score, described on the very next page, page 179. Right under the Insight skill on page 185, in fact, it mentions using the oppose roll to counter Bluff during skill challenges, a completely different mechanic altogether.

This mechanic, in fact, is all throughout 4e. The moon's attack was against your Fortitudde defense, it wasn't a roll, it was an attack against you. Think of your defenses as a new type of Armor Class -as that's what they are. The near entirety of D&D has been turned to Roll vs. DC... and that's all you need to remember, really.
-_- ...I still like think there should be Roll vs Roll...Anyways, A couple things Frost, since we've deemed that my character has been here at least a day longer than the rest of the group, save for your character. How much about current events does Bolas know, and is the moon's affect something that recurs nightly, or is it a once-and-done thing, which would mean that Bolas and your guy would be immune to it. If you want, we could set up a time to roleplay this out in the Fantasy section of the CBox. Or you could tell me what you think I'd have gathered by this point.
There is no immunity to it, it makes the same roll against everyone at any glance at it, incurring the same penalty - hence, why the townsfolk all walk with their heads tilting downward. It happens nightly, however. The moon seems to have been "replaced" with it, in a way. How much your character would have picked up would depend on how much time he spent in that jailcell, actually...

If he stayed in the immediate area, then he'd probably know about the war that was mentioned, and... probably how "Self-Aware" the NPC's are, acting like... well, NPC's.
Ok, I'm going to say that my charcter has been around for 4 days, the current ay being the fourth, and has been in jail for two of those days. I'll Streetwise check with a 15 DC and a +2 bonus, +1 for each day. And let's say that if I succeed by 10 or more, I remember not to look at the moon.

18+6(Charisma plus the bonus) = 26. Huh, I honestly wasn't expecting to beat the DC by 10. Anyways, if this is cool with you, let me know and I'll get workin' on my next post.
Yes, that all sounds fair and just to me.
Coolio. Oh, and I prefer Marluxia as far as Organization XIII goes.

"I'm so cool. Look at how these pink flower petals follow me everywhere. Oh and look at my pink scythe. Badass, no? Ooo! Is that the latest Prada handbag? It totally clashes with my fabulous colors, but it looks good on you, dahling."

Seriously though, Xigbar's my favorite XIII. Speaking of O XIII, the new Kingdom Hearts game jsut came out, or is going to soon. It's the one where you meet the mysterious 14th member and get to play as members of Organization XIII.

Hmm...And organization with a little mentioned 14th member...Sound like the Noahs from D. Gray-Man, anyone?

Oh wait. I just looked at my math again. I must have been really tired. 18+6 does not equal 26. It equals 24. Though I still think I'd remember not to look up.

Oh, and I've now added a link to my character sheet of what my clothes look like.
Alright...are all these Lethal rewords connected? Are you done with some of the other Lethal Rewords?

*Hangs around floating with mod buttons*
they're alls eperate as far as i know jack, and they're all active too.
o.o Astounding.

Boss Frost must be commended
Yes. There is also rumor that he'll be doing a fourth one that has a Modern/Sci-fi setting.
o.o Astounding.

Boss Frost must be commended

Boss Frost should be commited... to some sort of asylum. Since I'm crazy enough to run not one, but FOUR RP's... and make an effort to keep them all going.