Kingdom Creatures

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  1. Far away in a kingdom called Resellas, is a queen sitting a top her mighty throne. Next to her is her personal maid. In her kingdom is creatures from all over. She rules greatly and they love her for doing so. NO other kingdom dares to face them because of her large army full experienced soldiers. One day though a kingdom calld Xerlios. The king wanted her hand in marriage but she refused. In result he declared war against them. She thinks all is lost for her and her kingdom because they have a bigger army.
    Charlette panics not knowing what to tell her subjects. She sits on her throne rubbing her temples. "Where is my maid?!" She yells in anger for the first time.
  2. "Wherever she is, she's not the one who's going to help us with this 'little problem' we have," Raiden leaned on the frame of the threshold to the throne room. The beautiful queen sat on her throne and looked quite stressed. So far he was the only other person in the kingdom who knew what was going on. Raiden was such a flirt. He had these unbelievable looks. Devilishly handsome. There has never been a girl that has resisted him. He wasn't sure if the queen was attracted to him or not.......if she was she was good at hiding it..... Raiden was the queen's most loyal servant and warrior she had in this kingdom, and since he was selected to be knight those years ago, he was almost positive that it was the queen he would finally settle down and fall in love with....he just didn't know yet...

    Raiden sighed. "You need me to go get her right?" he asked.
  3. Charlette sighs. "I don't know anymore. I'm so stressed. After I told him I was interested in someone else he was angry. I don't get it. I'm afraid for me and my people. I can't think straight!" She looks up at Raiden.
  4. Claire, the maid, hurried into the room. Her red, frizzy hair was usually pulled back into a neat braid and covered in a scarf, but in her frazzled state, red locks were poking out from under her scarf. "Milady!" She brushed past the knight with a soft 'excuse me, sorry' and hurried up to her queen's side. She frowned, ringing her hands. "I-I'm terribly sorry, milady, I was seeing to some business, and I...I didn't hear you call..." She frowned and bit her lip, watching her queen's face. "But...but you did call...Ralph informed me..." She said, mentioning the name of one of the castle's many staff members.

    Her queen was angry, and that was...well, understandable considering what was going on. But she did worry that her queen was mad specifically at her for not showing up when she was needed. She sighed and looked down, then crossed her eyes towards her forehead as she noticed a lock of hair. She squeaked and grabbed onto it like it would hide it from her queen. Her eyes flicked between her hands and her queen and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. She quickly started tucking it away, not able to see all the other hair sticking out at odd angles.
  5. Charlette looks at the maid. "I need som lavender tea please. I extremely stressed right now."
  6. Raiden watched the maid, Claire, as she passed him. Then he paused and exhaled. "Uh....a-and who's this other person you're interested in my queen?" he asked with a semi-worried face.
  7. "Of course, milady." She curtsied and hurried back past Raiden. She gave him a sideways glance as she passed at his question. She hurried off to make tea. Well, to have the kitchen staff make tea...but still...
  8. Raiden glanced at the maid as she left. And sent a small side smile her way, then turned his attention back to the queen. He awaited her answer.
  9. Charlette blinks a few times. "That's none of you business. Besides, word spreads and I rather not say."
  10. Raiden sighed 'Damn it' he thought to himself. " apologies my queen,"
  11. "I FIGURED IT OUT!!" An old man wearing purple and black robes bursts into the throne room, obviously excited about... something. It was Nevinyyral the Black, the court Mage. "I figured it out! I figured out how to make fire that will burn until it runs out of fuel, and if you try to put it out with water, it only burns hotter!" Nevinyyral has little regard for authority or social status, but he was as loyal as a dog. Which would explain his dog- like ears and tail. His robes were scorches and tattered, his grey hair singed, his staff still on fire. He looked at the others in the room nodding to each. "Roberto, James, Chef, Raiden." He normally is unfriendly towards Raiden, due to his protectiveness of the queen, but he doesn't pay him much mind.
  12. Claire walked back in shortly after the excited wizard, wheeling a tea cart. She wheeled it up to the queen's side, casting the wizard a strange glance. "Nevinyyral, dear, your staff's on fire..." She wouldn't mention the horrid stench of burnt hair. She poured the queen her tea, fixing it just the way she liked it, then held out the cup and saucer. She poured two more cups, fixing Raiden's the way he usually took it, then Nevinyyral's...though she was pretty sure the old man should be staying away from caffeine...
  13. He looks at the maid, slightly annoyed. "Yes, I know my staff is on fire. Can't quite help that at the moment." When she handed him his tea, he looked at her more kindly. "Thank you, Claire. Sorry for my cross tone, but I get aggravated when people point out the obvious." He sips his tea.
  14. Raiden took the tea, then looked at Nevinyyral. "Nev buddy. I think you should sit down and take a breather..." Raiden tries not to laugh at this guy every day. You would hear snickers every few minutes but never a full laugh. "when's the last time ya took a shower dude?" Raiden scooted away from Nevinyyral
  15. Charlette raises her hand up to silence them. She takes the tea from Claire and takes a sip of it. "Nevinyyral, I want to see this now please."
  16. He looks at Raiden grudgingly. "What you're smelling is burnt hair. And if you keep at your incessant giggling at my work, I'll use YOU as the test dummy!" He looks back to the queen, and hands Claire the tea cup. "Right away, Your Majesty! I will return in a few moments!" He shambled on over to the door hurriedly, with the aid of the staff. His back got put out a while back. He left the chamber in the direction of his workshop.
  17. Charlette takes another sip of haer tea and smooths out her dress.
  18. Nevinyyral returns cautiously holding a sealed jar of a odd looking green liquid. "Here we are! Now if someone could provide me with a test dummy..." He looks around. "Claire! Fetch me a dummy from the armory, with full armor, please."
  19. Clair jumped, a swirling pit of fear manifesting in her stomach. Surely he wasn't going to use her! Oh. Right. Fetch a test dummy. In full armor?? Those were so heavy! She sighed. "Right away." She said softly, hurrying out. How on earth was she going to carry up a fully armored test dummy! Stupid wizards. Why can't he just make one appear!
  20. Nevinyyral could hear her thoughts. One of the powers he had since childhood. "I heard that! And it doesn't have to be fully armored when you bring it, just make sure the armor gets on it at some point." He rolls his eyes. Silly maid. She should have known him well enough by now that he goes by the saying work smart, not hard. Basically, get the job done right the easiest way possible, even if it took a while. He didn't care how long it took her to get the dummy here and armored, as long as it got done.