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Wing here! I have some original and fandom cravings.

  • - Please only contact me if you are a red-star member.

    -I don't like putting a post requirement but I want at least one paragraph per post. If you can post more then one that's great.

    - Please be able to play both male and female characters.

    - All gender pairings are welcome.

  • Criminal Minds
    Blue Bloods
    Resident Evil
    Jurassic Park/World

    ~These are just some cravings. They are in no particular order.

  • I have a few plots/ideas in mind.
    Here are a few themes. They can be combined.

    Science fiction

    You are welcome to suggest others.



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If you're interested I have a few ideas for a Circus RP.


I would love to do any sort of military pairing message me if you're interested!!


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Yuri, Yaoi (if there is a crossdresser), Furry, Romance, School Life, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Modern, etc. I'm pretty open minded
Science Fiction with Military could be cool. If you're interested, been wanting to play a sci fi based around starfighters/starship battles.