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Slice of life, urban fantasy, supernatural, romance
This is a group of romance roleplays based in fantasy worlds similar to what you'd find in an MMO or JRPG. They'll include fighting and comedy, though romance is definitely the most prominent theme. Don't be afraid to add characters and plot points as you please, and pm me for more info!

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
  • There’s a legend surrounding the forest of a beast in a girl’s body, of a ruthless killer who leaves nothing but viscera behind when they’ve captured their prey. All that’s known about them is that it mimics the sound of a young woman’s voice and that it’s pelt shines red. You’ve come to this small village with no intention of taking a bounty, but upon seeing the locals scared out of their mind, you’ve decided to hunt this so-called beast. (Of course, the fact they’re willing to shell out 300,000 gold for it’s red pelt is a good incentive to find this beast as well.) Following the trail of blood and whatever else the Beast has left of its most recent victims to a small and well lived in cottage, with no one there but a young woman It doesn’t take you long to put two-and-two together and find that the this woman and the beast are one in the same. But there has to be something else to the story, right? How did a beast come to reside behind such innocent eyes?
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Stupid Cupid!
  • Ok, so hear her out; she didn’t mean for this to happen, really! She’d meant for you to fall in love with that poor villager who’s been fawning over you ever since you came into town. But it’s her first day on the job and now she’s stuck herself with the arrow. (You’d think Cupid would be immune to her own arrows, but this one had been pretty potent!) Now she’s compelled to follow you around and fawn over you from a distance. Thing is, she’s not the best at keeping her distance, not to mention all that magical energy tends to attract all sorts of monsters…
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The Porcelain Bride
  • You’ve just been married to the mysterious princess of the neighboring land. She’s quiet, as pale as a ghost, and this is quite literally the first she’s been seen by her subjects since her 10th birthday. You’re unsure how to feel about her, but since it’s your duty as the new royal of this country to at least try to befriend her at the very least. But her enigmatic personality makes it….difficult to say the least. You soon find that her eccentricity is a product of her isolation and decide that you’re going to teach her to see the light (literally) by going on a bit of a honeymoon. Translation; you’re goin’ Monster Hunting!
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Fantasy, romance, yaoi, action, magical, modern, horror (sometimes), scifi (sometimes)
Stupid Cupid and Porcelain Bride sound really cute and interesting :0