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  1. Jenna waits in the freezing rain for her 'boy friend.' He was an hour late and she was stranded under a gazebo in the most untraveled section of the park. The day have started out warm and sunny but in a mere thirty minute transformed into a ninja storm of death cold rain. 'So much for wearing a dress.' Her new white flowy sleeveless dress and flat ironed hair were now soaked and frizzy curly. She sat in the middle of the gazebo unaware of her runny mascara. She sneeze repeatedly until she developed a cough. This was the worst day every.
  2. Walking down the path hands in his pockets shirt tossed over his shoulder, his long black hair soaked as he shook his head to one side causing the rain and hair on his face to fall to the left. His hazel eyes scanning the park as he strolled forward with a bit of a lean back to his posture, his eyes then strolling over to someone under a gazebo who seemed to not be enjoying their day. He stopped standing in the rain looking at her moving his hair out of his face again " Lost girl? " He said chuckling a bit stepping from inside the gazebo.
  3. Jenna looked up at him shivering and red nosed, "I-i-i-it's sssssso c-coldd..." she said softly. She looked up at the attractive man standing at the entrance of the gazebo and quickly wiped her black tears away, smearing them worst across her cheek, "I'mm not l-l-lost." she replied.
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    Jenna on a normal day.[​IMG]
  4. He eyes inspecting over her, he grabbed at the bag on his shoulder and spun it around opening it up and pulled out a hoodie. Putting the wet shirt he had on in the bag and holding the hoodie out to her " Here take this you freezing girl " He said walking closer to her. " Whats your name?....Im Isiah "

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    Him on a normal day [​IMG]
  5. She stood up and excepted the hoodie, "Thanks...I'm Jenna." she said timidly and put on the hoodie. It smelled good. Not like her stupid 'Boy friend', "Nice to meet you." She usually didn't except help from strangers, but she was feeling completely helpless. She looked into Isiah's eyes, "Aren't you cold?"
  6. " Nice to meet you to " He said running a hand through his hair " Im in training " rubbing his neck, looking her over " So who you waiting for if your not lost....your boyfriend " he smirked
  7. "Nope. I'm not waiting anymore." she said crossing her arms, "Um...what are you training from?" she asked curious.
  8. Emerging from the safety of her home, Shannon was sure she had a good day coming up. Her slightly oversized, black hoodie with cat ears sewn on the hood and paw like gloves, a pair of red and black checkered pants and combat boots didn't help much against the rain. The hood did though prevent her fiery red hair to become wet.
    As she looked around the area to try and find a place to stand where she could avoid the downpour, she spotted a park, dashing in there in the cold and as she saw a tree she deemed large enough, she sat under it on the grass that was still dry.
    She pulled down the hood of the black hoodie and her brown, almost black eyes scanned the area. There wasn't a soul present. She sighed softly and ran a hand through her short hair that had now become a mess from having been under the hood for a while.
    "The day I decide to go out it starts raining.. that's just wonderful." she said bitterly to the sky and then sighed again, lying down on the cold ground.

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  9. mark and his dog hippo were running toward his home on the other end of the park when he noticed a dry spot under a big tree. inside he felt that the two could wait for the rain to stop there. drenched in water he didn't really care much about it so he begin to walk . as he neared he saw a girl walk to the spot she look disappointed that rain had come.
    as he neared he wondered if she had seen him yet. his walk slowed even more. hippo began jumping around in the rain trying to catch the rain in his mouth.
  10. Shannon - or Shane, as she had grown accustomed to being called due to her dislike of her name - looked up to see a guy with a dog, her red hair blowing away revealing her dark eyes. With the lack of sunlight they looked almost black.
    She stood with a shrug and leaned casually against the large tree.
    "Lousy weather, hm?"
    She wasn't much in the mood for talking, but maybe that'd bring her thoughts off her annoyance that the rain had decided to pour today, of all days.

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    This is her looks if anyone's curious, just her eyes appear darker xD[​IMG]
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  11. He chuckled " Im just in training....to well really stay fit...so rain isn't going to stop me " He said moving some hair out of his face again. " So you live nearby? or atleast im guessing " He said adjusting the bag that was on his back now.
  12. She shook her head, "No, I live two hours away from here." she said thinking how stupid she sounded right in this moment.
  13. He nodded " Need a ride?...my cars down the way " He said looking back at the thundering rain and smirked as he got a few splashes in his face
  14. "No that's okay. Thanks for the offer though." she said with a polite smile. She didn't really know him. And though he was nice, most serial killers were. She had to live long enough to at least exact her revenge.
  15. " Yup " he turned around walking out into the rain chuckling " See you again maybe " he ran a hand through his hair and began running down the pathway keeping up his pace.
  16. "Hey wait your jacket!" she said but he was long gone. She sighed and saw that the rain had lightened. She figured it was time she left. She had parked at the entrance of the park so she had a ways to walk in the opposite direction. She had work at a new job an hour out from the park. She figure she'd drive by the place just to see it, so the day wouldn't be a complete waste.
  17. William shook his head to get the rain water that had landed on it off.He continued to walk down the path kicking stones as he passed them
  18. (sorry for the long delay of a response)
    "yea this sucks. "I rub my hair forward then back trying to get some of the water to stop dripping off my face. I give a small smile "so what are you doing out here in the rain " after getting a close loo of her he saw how beautiful she was something like out of the movies. a guy and a girl meet in the park in the pouring rain. and just start talking looking down to hippo I pick him up and begin to pet him. waiting for a response.. remember that I had not introduced myself.
  19. "I thought that it was a good day for a little walk... well see what came out of that.."
    After a few seconds of silence she realized she hadn't introduced herself. She held a hand forward and smiled, her dark eyes glowing under the bright red hair locks.
    "I'm Shannon, but all of my friends call me Shane. Pleased to meet you."
  20. I fidget with my hands and the dog for a second or two trying to find a way to get a fre hand I put him down then extend my arm grabbing her hand and shaking . "im mark.. (looking down) and this is hippo. we thought the same thing until the rain began to fall .
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