"I Hate Everything About You"

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  1. ((Your inbox was full so I just made a thread))

    Time: 10:06am
    Location: Lancaster Police Deparment

    Another Monday, it was uneventful like always and always had something in store that she was never expecting. Ophelia started to type away at her computer until her phone began to ring and she picked it up faster than she should have. "Ophelia Folley here what could I help you with" she listened for a while and it was her boss. She listened for a while then hung up the phone standing up from her desk. She made sure that her outfit still looked good straighten out her black tank top and fixing her large cream colored cardigan. Then she pulled up her skinny pants and made her way to her bosses office.

    Once she was there Ophelia knocked on the door softly making sure that she hadn't bothered the little plump man that was inside.
    "Ophelia come in...we have something to talk about" and with those few words her mind went spiraling. Was she being fired, oh god had she done something wrong? Ophelia put her hand on the doorknob and twisted it softly stepping into the office listening as her ankle booties his the ground with a click. She sat down in a chair right in front of his desk giving him a soft smile, "How could I help your Mr. Lawthorne?" Ophelia crossed one leg over the other watching as her boss watched her which made her even more afraid. "Just wait, we have someone joining us...she must be running a bit late?"

  2. Sophia of 'Soph' as some liked to call her, was indeed running a little late, though this was no unusual thing for her, she was the best they had for crying out loud, why should she have to get up so early to get into work? It wasn't like she was some rookie who didn't know how to do her job. Sure, she was a little 'risky' as they liked to put it, but she got the job done. Not to mention without her strategic mind this city would be done for, criminals and gangs running every street corner. Or at least that's how she liked to see herself.

    But today she had been called in to talk to the boss... Again... This was a regular thing but they assured her she wasn't being 'told off' so she came in earlier than normal, her camo pants quickly making their way through the station as she grinned at her co-workers as she passed by, her hands tucked into the pockets of her black jacket as she opened the door to the bosses room, sitting in her usual seat and placing her feet up on his desk, not even taking notice of the other girl in the room "'Sup boss, what did I do this time?" she asked, giving the girl next to her a quick look up and down "And who's this? Some sort of councilor or something? I told you, I'm not crazy, I just do things my own way." She asked before looking back to the boss with a cheeky grin.
  3. 'Councilor! Did she look like a Councilor?' Ophelia kept to herself still a bit offended as she rolled her eyes slightly crossing her arms over her chest. Of course she heard about the girl sitting next to her, who hadn't. She was known for being risky and for some reason getting fired seemed better than what was happening. James, or Mr. Lawrhorne, looked at Sophia not amused by what she had to say. "No Sophia...this is Ophelia, your new partner" Ophelia looked at her boss and then looks over at the girl shaking her head.

    "N-no...M-Mr. Lawthorne....I don't need a partner I'm perfectly capable of-" she was cut off by the man holding his hand up. Sighing silently to herself she gave up not even trying to argue with him though she wanted to. "There have been a string of disappearances and I need you to both to get to the bottom of this...you are my best workers so this should be easier to find out just what the hell is going on!" He slammed his fist on the dark wooden desk letting them both know that he wasn't joking around. He pushed his glasses up on his small nose and looked between both of them, Ophelia was just tucked into her own self staying quite knowing that she didn't have a word in this because of course he was her superior.
  4. "Partner!?" she scowled along with Ophilia, though the two were quickly silenced. Sophia scowled as she sat at her chair but waited for the boss to finish speaking before piping up. She could not believe she was going to be stuck with this chick who looked as 'to the rules' as you could get. It sickened her to be rather honest.

    When the boss finally finished Sophia stood up, having a partner was one thing but being told that this ginger chick was on her level of the best!? Insulting. "Listen here boss, I know me and you don't always agree. I'l stick with rookie for a little bit but I will not have you put her on my level after all I've done for the squad. I'm the best here and you know it and dammit I deserve a lot more recognition for that." she scowled, slamming her fist on the table "Without me this police force would be picking bloody recruits off the floor left and right but instead I get in, do my thing and get out with minimal injuries. You can't compare me to this girl I've never even heard of!" she growled, looking back to Ophilia with a shrug "no offence to you toots, I'm just sort of a big deal, that's all".
  5. Ophelia had kept quiet listening to the girls rants, until she heard herself being insulted...multiple times. "Why excuse you! I am no rookie, I am probably at the level you are! You just might not know me cause I'm not in here everyday for breaking the law while I'm trying to serve it!" Ophelia stood looking at the girl while slamming her own fist into the desk. She hated this girl already and it was only because she was just so cocky. "And don't call me toots I have a name and that was flattering no one...I don't care for you and I'll put up with you only to solve this case..." She was hurt beyond mean but she hadn't shown it, Ophelia made her way to the door slamming it behind her as she made her way back to her desk. She breathed out loudly and sighed as she saw her best friend sitting on her desk looking through her pictures.

    "What are you doing Vincent..and put my picture down" Ophelia went over to him and he looked at her with one eyebrow raised. Of course he had known her better than anyone here, and he could see that she was pretty pissed off. "Woah sweatheart, did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed" He asked her and she sighed pushing some of her light red bangs out of her face. "I got paired with that cocky blonde on a case, can you believe she called me a rookie!? I can't believe that James hates me that much to out me on a case with her..." Vincent of course knew exactly who she was talking about and sighed placing a hand on her shoulder giving a bit of his sympathy, but a stupid grin was still on his face causing her to roll her eyes with a scoff pushing his hand off her shoulder. "Get off my desk I have to work to figure out this case..." He pouted and jumped off her desk as she took a seat in her rolling chair with a sigh. "Well we still better be on for our date, I don't care how much work you have" he bent down and kissed her cheek patting her head and before she knew it he was off and she had her head on her desk trying to figure out how she was going to do this.
  6. Sophia watched her new partner storm out the room with wide eyes, she herself wasn't at all bothered by the girls outrage but it was just odd to her how defensive she had gotten over what Sophia thought was nothing. But after she had gone the chief and her continued to argue until she too made her way out of the room. They were doing the mission on his terms and she didn't like it. But the quicker it was over with the quicker she could forget all about the ginger brat she was paired with.

    The blonde made her way to Ophilia's desk and dropped a pile of papers documenting the missing people on her desk "Hey, partner. I've given these a look through and so far I don't see any pattern in the kidnappings. Right now we have next to no info on what's going on so I want to head out to the latest crime scene and look for clues. And I'm sorry but you're coming with me... Though I don't really like having a partner we sort of have to go together." she mentioned, deciding to drop what happened before, holding out a hand for her partner to grab "cmon, grab your badge, I don't bite." she said with a grin as she looked down at the girl at her desk.
  7. Ophelia looked up at her unamused by her then stood up ignoring her hand as she grabbed her badge clipping it onto her pants. She also grabbed the files then turned to the cocky blonde that she was going to be calling a partner. The quicker they figured this out, the quicker she could forget about this. She didn't even want to classify herself as this girls partner. But it was a order from her superior so she had to follow it as much as she despised her boss at this point.

    "Alright come on....we might as well check the last place where the last victim was found...I'lll look through the files while you drive" she hated her but she loved her job even more. Ophelia breathed out before she placed her holster on her waist and placed the gun she never used in it. "Come on let's get out of here...I also want to have some times to speak to the family of the last victim" she turned to look at the girls then started to walk outside of the precinct still a bit upset about the pairing. But she wast five anymore so she would suck it up and work with her for the time being , she just needed to find these people and deep down she hoped that they were still alive.

  8. Soph made her way towards the vehicles and shook her head. Ophilia had just said what they were going to do like it was her plan when she had literally just reworded what Sophia had offered to do. It was clear that she was still stroppy about what she had said in the office, and that was what kept her mad. Who was this girl!? Why was she so entitled to be upset about working with the best of the best!? Other rookies would have no problem working with her. But for now, while they were still in the precinct.

    The two soon made it to a police car and Sophia jumped herself in the drivers seat and headed out to the last location the latest victim was seen at, luckily due to it being a recent crime it would still be closed off and the two officers wouldn't have to deal with the public. But as they drove down the roads, getting caught in traffic at nearly every turn Sophia turned on the sirens and began to haul ass to get there. She hated traffic, and if she had the sirens she might as well use them. But now it was time to really here what her new partner had to say "So cmon partner. What's your problem with me? What's your deal with working with me hm? I don't like working with others too. I'd much rather do this alone. But why are you so damn pissed at me?" she asked, keeping her eyes on the road.
  9. "Why do you care...no conversation needs to be had, I've already heard what you think of me since I'm such a rookie" Ophelia looked through the case files not finding anything. Well there were lots of things but nothing to tie them together. None of them turned up dead or alive to make this a murder so it was just a bunch of kidnappings between people ages 18-34. She sighed looking between the files and pushed some of her hair behind her ears. The woman kept calling her partner, it wasn't annoying but it wasn't making her any happier.

    "I have a name you know...so you don't have to keep calling me partner" She said not looking up from the files but continued to look through them. Even though she had seen everything she needed to see, and it was nothing. There was no connection and these people had nothing to do with each other, came from different life styles and places. She bit her lip thinking and closed her eyes running her hand through her hair. These people could have been dead for all they knew, but she was going to try and keep a positive mind. These people have families they need to get home to so that's what she was going to think of.
  10. What was this girls problem!? Yea she might of had a name but Soph had never heard of it. What the hell else was she meant to say!? Shaking her head in frustration she turned off the siren and pulled the car over, locking the doors so that the talk wouldn't be cut off by her walking out the car. "Right. Let's get things clear. I called you a rookie because I thought, and still think you are. A professional wouldn't throw a strop at being called a name. Secondly, you may have a name, we all have names. But unless I'm actually told what your name is how the hell else am I gonna know!? Want me to call you rookie instead of partner? Or maybe whinging little girl might suite you better!"

    Sophia was pissed, really pissed. This by the books, straight edged idiot not only liked to hold a grudge, but also wouldn't give her a freaking name! They were cops for Christs sake, they were meant to be bringing justice to criminals no matter what, and they were never going to be able to do this if the princess she was paired with kept crying over nothing! Sophia glared at her partner, arms crossed across her chest as she waited for an answer. And it had better be good.
  11. "A whining little girl! Then maybe I should call you a cocky know it all! No one cares about all the things you've done so stop bringing it up! You are no above me and vice versa...so stop acting like your such a godly person" Ophelia was about to open the door then she remembered that the girl had locked it. How childish, she wanted to be done with this conversation so that they could get to work. "Now stop being childish and unlock the door...it's clear that you don't want to get along with me and I don't really want to get along with you either, so let's get to work to find these people" why did she what to get to the bottom of this so badly. It was clear that the woman hadn't liked her and she sure as hell wasn't going to let some stranger talk down to her.

    She wasn't a child and definitely was whining about anything. Wanting to be called by her name wasn't oh so earth shattering so why was she acting like it was. Ophelia crossed her arms over her chest glaring back at her. This wasn't going to work cause at this moment she wanted to tear her hair out arguing with her. She breathed out and rolled her eyes trying to calm herself down.
    "Look arguing like children isn't going to get us anywhere...so open the door and let's start working this case..." She was only trying to cope with this woman so that she could get out of this car.
  12. Sophia shook her head and smiled, unlocking the door so the two could get out "There... It's good to see you've calmed down. Still don't know your name though" she commented before heading into and alleyway, pulling open her notes. She really did hate this girl, not matter how much she protested it she was indeed childish. But that was going to have to be put behind her, for the good of the case. Soph was known to get results and dammit if she wasn't this time. She wasn't going to let a stroppy, fiery little ginger stop her.

    As they made it into the alleyway and crossed the police tap Sophia started to talk "Right, last night around 10pm a man by the name of Steven Marcs was seen heading into the alleyway as a shortcut after going out drinking with a few friends. After that he was meant to re-emerge at the other side of the alleyway where it would have been a short walk to his house a few meters from the exit. So it's believed he was taken somewhere in here rather than by his home. No evidence found yet. Let's get to work hm?" she asked, trying to keep it professional with the woman, hopefully they could stay on neutral terms "and just for the record I don't go on about my achievements. I let them speak for themselves thank you very much" or... not...
  13. Ophelia looked at the girl staring daggers at her. She just loved arguing didn't she, the woman just couldn't drop something for two seconds. "Oh really but you must remember your rant, Without me this police department would be picking bloody recruits off the floor left and right" Ophelia happily reminded her of her words as she looked through the alleyway. She looked over the alleyway and tried to find something. Bullet casings, trajectory marks, something but she couldn't see anything.

    "Who called him in missing? And how long was it before he was discovered missing?" She wasn't going to argue with this girl and she made sure not to. It felt as if she was going to be a constant battle just breathing the same air as her. Ophelia walked back up to the alley way where they had entered and tried to walk in his shoes. There was no where else he could have gone but straight down this alley way but she just followed and kept walking trying to recreate that night. "My name is Ophelia...and yes like the Ophelia from Shakesphere's Hamlet...my mother loved him"
  14. Soph wasn't going to say anything. In fact she didn't want to, the last thing she wanted to do was continue yelling at this woman for being wrong. So what if she had an inflated ego? Everything she said to the chief was truthful and it was high time her partner started respecting who she was. Sophia found herself crouched on the floor, scanning the ground for something. Anything "the missing person wasn't reported until this morning... His friend came to give him his jacket and couldn't find him anywhere. He never made it back home." she said calmly as her partner walked by.

    She listened, finally Sophia could call her by her name, though she couldn't help but chuckle slightly at it's origins "cute..." she muttered as she kept going. It was an empty damn alleyway, there was nothing! She slammed her fist into the floor in frustration, unable to believe that this was a dead end "I can't see anything... you Ophelia?" she asked, making sure she was using her name.
  15. "Not a damn thing...." Ophelia stood up from her crouching position and looked around once more. How could someone just be taken without anyone knowing. And how could a grown man just let himself be taken like that unless..."He was drugged....Chloroform" she slipped on a pair of gloves and walked over to the tissue she had seen. Ophelia held it from her face and took a quick whiff before she turned away and put in it a baggie. Then she walked back to the beginning of the hallway to try and act it out. "So it's a late night from drinking...he's bound to be a little drunk if it's with friends so that's when the attacker decided to make his move" she began to walk until she got to the end of the alleyway looking around. "Someone must have jumped out of a car then came up to him and just stuck this around his nose letting him smell it then whoever was involved could transfer him into the car easier"

    It was crazy, but believable. If he lived alone then no one would have been expecting him but this had to be planned out instead of the heat of a moment thing because what if he was expected him. Then kidnapping him would have been useless cause he would have been reported as soon as possible. "But it doesn't make sense...how could no one have seen struggling or wanted to help him...this is annoying" Ophelia placed her hands on her hips with the bag still in her hand looking at the houses just across from where they stood. "Come on...lets just talk to some of these neighbors...someone was bound to see what happened, but we have to blend into one would talk to cops..."
  16. Soph made her way up to her partners side and let out a long sigh, crossing her arms across her chest. None of this made any sense. None of it at all. Why were random people being plucked left an right and nobody seeing anything? Hell, the target always seems to be alone with nobody around to help and the only time these crooks had messed up is dropping a chloroform rag. This was bullshit! Either way Sophia took in a long breath and gave Ophelia a pat on the back "good work, seems like those sharp shooter eyes are coming in handy hm?" she said with a grin and a wink, teasing about knowing who the girl was the whole time. Though she didn't give her partner long before making her way out of the alley, making her way towards the nearest neighbors house.

    On the way she had to think. How was she going to act natural with another woman? Best friends? Maybe they could a concerned ex lover and their best friend/sister? That could work... "Ok Ophelia. Here's the plan. You're the girlfriend of the missing person and I'm your best friend here to keep you under control, make sure you don't break down into tears and stuff. You think you can do that? If not, I'm pretty sure I can fake cry with the best of them... Actually know you be the best friend. I'l be the lover. Got it?" she asked as her eyes started to go red, a small whimper being hear from within her as a single tear managed to drop from her cheek "see... I've got this..." she whimpered, starting to make their way slowly to the house.
  17. Sharpshooter eyes? Opheila was just about to ask her what she had meant until she saw the grin and wink. The woman had known who she was but why the hell pretend not to. It hadn't bothered her one way or another if the woman had known her, but being called a rookie when she worked so hard to achieve the position she had wasn't acceptable. And she wasn't taking that from anyone, even if the girl was full of herself. But she smirked softly following behind her until a lot was thrown at her.

    It was easy of course pretend like you were a conceded best friend and it would work. People only cared for a tear show anyway, how do you think some people get into American Idol...well other than their talent. Ophelia knocked on the door softly putting one hand on Sophia's shoulder before an elder woman opened the door. "H-Hi m'am....I don't know if we could take some of your time but my best friend Sandwra is looking for her boyfiend...he was recently on the news as the last of the kidnapping victims...His name was Steven" she put on a sad face to match 'Sandera's' tears and the woman instantly broke down and opened her door wider. "C-come in your poor souls....I'll make us some tea then maybe we could talk about it if you can handle it love..." She elderly woman had said referring to Sophia's tears.
  18. Sophia managed to push herself up against Ophelia as she sobbed, only looking at the woman once or twice before she let them in. She turned and gave the elderly woman a small look before wiping her eyes "Th-thank you... So much..." she whimpered as she made her way inside with her partner "And... I would love a cup of tea... You don't know how much this means to me... thank you..." she said before giving the woman a small hug that she returned a little awkwardly, obviously sympathizing with us.

    The old woman lead us to her lounge and sat us on her couch, as she left the room Soph gave her partner an awkward look before whispering to her so the elderly woman couldn't hear "Look I'm sorry about this but it needs to be done..." she said before cuddling up tight with her, gripping at her arm for 'comfort' as a few more tears rolled down her cheek. When the old woman made her way back into the room with the tea she sat down, giving the two a half smile "now, what can I help you with when it comes to poor Steven. He was a lovely boy, such a shame for all this to happen to him, though I'm sure he's ok darling" she mentioned, giving me a sweet smile.
  19. Of course it had been awkward, she had a girl that she barely knew pressed against her. But she maintained her sat exterior and listened to what the elderly woman had to say. "We just wanted to know if you had seen anything...the police told us that no one saw anything but we just don't believe that...Sandera and I were walking around asking questions about Steven...please tell us if you had seen anything that night." Ophelia had faked a few tears of her own. And then it seemed to break the woman as she looked down nervously. It was as if the woman was contemplating if she should saw anything, it took a few minutes before they had figured what won.

    "Okay...well I was out late because my cat hadn't come in for the night and I saw that Steven boy out walking down the alleyway, he seemed to be a little drunk but I hadn't thought anything of it...until I saw a van come by that had the letters F&CO on the side...I went in before anything had happened because I heard Whiskers from the inside and missed the rest" Ophelia hid the sudden excitement she felt by holding onto Sophia a bit tighter. "Thank you ma'am..you'll be in my prayers tonight" Ophelia stood up still holding onto Solhia as she walked out of the rugged brick house and was back into the street. She made sure that there was a huge distance before she let go and bit her lip smiling softly.
  20. "Thank you..." Sophia squeaked as she passed by the woman and continued to walk with her partner. She waited a long time until Ophelia stopped the two of them. Soph couldn't help but laugh as she pulled herself up straight and wiped the tears from her still red eyed "Damn! That's the best news we've had all day!" she said with a wide grin as she continued to wipe her eyes "Good job partner. Now we just have to find out what F&CO is and we should be sweet. Let's head back to the car, research where we should be go next and head out on the road to our next clue.."

    Soph didn't particularly like her forced partner but in moments like these she couldn't really care. The two of them had put on some prime acting and got premium evidence that would otherwise never have come to them and it wasn't long before the two were back in the car with the engine purring softly "Alright partner. Where to. You give directions and I'l drive" she said with a grin, revving the engine before flicking the sirens on. Sophia drifter herself so that the car was facing the other direction and took off at high speeds. She felt alive, this was great! Only a short time now before the two would be in their bosses room receiving praise for busting the case wide open.
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