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    Welcome to The Dragon Riding Academy you have been selected to begin your training to become a dragon master. You are between 16-18 years of age, you will graduate and become a master at the end of your 3rd year (or after you turn 18). We recommend starting at 16 but all ages 16-18 are accepted into our fine school of riding, have a dragon yet? of course not here you will get your life time companion. We have many dragons but we will pick for you at the end of your first year. We have many different types of dragons for your riding experience, but lucky you you get to ride all of them. Each class you will be assigned a differnet dragon and once you have trained with them all at lest once we will start to pare you with the one(s) you did the best with. By the end of your first year we expect you to know the basics of riding and care for your dragon along with a few tricks. At the end of your second year we expect you to know how to comfortably ride your dragon quite fast and make sure the are in very good condition along with a good amount of tricks. And finily by the end of the last year we expect you to be a master and be able to take great care of your winged friend and do a verity of tricks. If these requirements are not met you will not be aloud to continue/graduate, we thank you for your time and hope to see you soon at The Dragon Riding Academy.


    Teachers (open)

    Tofa Skuladottir
    A tall muscular women with small eyes that seem to scare most students. Her hair is blond with grey streaks and medium lengthy. She has a confident stride and a very authoritative presences. Despite all this she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet.

    Rip Jaw

    ~Dragons and Classifications~
    Brusi Thorsteinson
    A very small man for a Viking he wears thin clothes and small glasses. He has light brown hair and he reminds people of a Terrible Terror, and is almost always sneaking around. He will often sneak up on people, and some find him creepy. Nevertheless he is one of the best teacher at the academy.

    ~Dragon Care~
    Biorn Vestarson
    A big man and it's not muscular he is short for his size, and considered one of the academy's funnies teachers. He has dirty blond hair, and is always goofling off and is quite clumsy. Though he is strict when needed.


    ~Weapons and Combat~
    Christine Bovadottir
    A thin curvy young women, who looks like she may be to young to be a teacher. She has wavy brown hair and oddly 1 blue and 1 green eye. She always has her hair down, and her Terrible Terror companion is always on her shoulder. It is not her primary riding dragom but a close friend.



    Terrible Terror[​IMG]

    ~Dragon Riding~
    Styrbiorn Arnvidson
    A very tall very muscular man with dark brown almost black hair, with a very short beard almost unnoticeable. He is young and very head-strong, he is considered one of the most attractive teachers. Though he is for sure one of the meanest. He's motto is "If you can get on it, you can ride it." Meaning of you can get on a crazy untame dragon (Without any of his help at all) he'll let you ride it.

    Sharp Tooth
    Monstrous Nightmare[​IMG]

    ~Saddle and Outfit design~
    Finna Agnadottir
    An older women with thick grey hair almost always in a tight bun on top of her head. She wears beautifully made clothing and is always very organized. She loves the children which attend the school but don't get on her bad side. She has a strange accent which no one can recognize and is very sweet.


    Talon Glider
    Deadly Nadder[​IMG]


    We will be starting at the morning announcements, so this will be an introduction for the first years. The dragons are in their cages, possible trying to get out or have given up. There are very small windows in between cages, so they can talk.​
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  2. [​IMG]
    I enter the dinning room after being dropped off at the school. I would be staying here for the next 3 years so I better get use to it. I look around I was the first 1st year here, the long table empty afew upperclassman look over at me snickering. I give them a nasty look and the turn away holding my head hight I walk over to the table. I sit slowly somewhere in the middle grabbing a muffin a wait for more people. Maybe I could make a friend, unlikely I wasn't the most likable person. Though sometimes I could work some magic. I look around taking in my surroundings tapping my foot impenitently.

    I walk casualy into the great dinning hall there were 3 tables 1 for first years 1 for second years and 1 for third years. I see the 1st years table a lone girl sits there, she had curly red hair and seemed to be a little impatient. I make my way over to the table grabbing myself some food along the way. I sit a little ways off from the girl I saw before. I wait for everyone else to arrive and the introduction to begin, I couldn't wait to get a dragon.

    I do a half skip walk as I enter then realizing I'm in public I start to walk. I look around as I enter the hall, it was beautiful. Great tapestries line the walls and warm fires dot the great stone fire places. I take it in for a second before continuing forward to the table. I see two people sitting away from them I grab a little something to eat.

    The great black dragon paced the foor of its stone carved prison. Roaring she jumps at the walls flapping her wings she tries to find a way out. She claws at the rock franticly trying to stay in one place to look. She growls shotting a fire ball at the cold stone ground. Her starry blue eyes scan the dimly lite room. Two small windows lay corresponding to each other on eather wall. She scrambles up to one look through to make out another dragon. "Hello?" Her question rings through the damp place bouncing from one wall to another and back.

    The red beast lays in the corner his great head on his paws. His scaled body rises and falls with each breath, as he stares at the cold metal bars. His fire Amber eyes scan everything his head rotating over 180 degrees. He stays calm as he looks over his prison. He hears a voice far to many cages away for him to care. He stand padding over to the main bars, he tilts his head looking out into a great arena in the middle of many cages filled with dragons.
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  3. Sally happily walked into the dinning room. She simply can't wait to get her own dragon be it a Terrible Terror or Screaming Death well hopefully not a Screaming Death even she finds them scary and very risky to attempt to train, she looked around the room as she entered for a few seconds taking in the beautiful scenery before continueng to walk toward the table where she see's 3 other people, and also grabbing a muffin along the way "Hey guys!" she said grinning at them.


    The Purple Skrill wasn't having any of this at all, she thrashed, scratched and basically hit every corner she could to try to break out, there were already a few cracks and quite a bit of scratches and some burn marks in her cell too before out of exhaustion and feeling that its darn pointless anyways giving up and just resting in her cell.

    Now finally taking the time to actually look around her cell rather than try to destroy she noticed two small windows on each wall she heard a voice call out on her left. She walked towards the left window looked through it to see who was talking.
  4. Devour sat down in the cell. Looking around, he took in the feeling of this place. A few cells over he had heard scratches and sounds of the like he hadn't heard another dragon make before. Given, his experience with other dragons was not very great. After all, being a Snaptrapper, he didn't do much else than sit in a forest till he caught some food, and move on to a new area. The few dragons he had met were mostly terrible terrors, though he did once meet a changewing. He heard a voice slightly closer, but not close enough he could make out the words. At least Crunch and Swallow were asleep. Otherwise there would be no end of noise in this cell.

    Split moved his head, looking around at the multiple cages nearby. He then turned and moved his head toward the side barred area. "Hello?"
  5. Freyall.
    The silence in my cell were broken by a mixture of the scraping noise that my scales caused along with the sweeping one from whenever my beautiful tail moved in pace with ever changing patience. Without straining my hearing, I could tell there was many different noises around me but most obviously from the other cages located all around mine. It was no secret that many of kind was locked into cells just like mine all around here and it seemed that 'they' took deep pleasure in keeping us contained. Breathing in and then out my nose wiggled and I finally opened my eyes to a blurry dark sight that would take a while to become clear as my eyes yet again adjusted to the faint light inside the cage and to the drowsiness of my eyes. Again breathing, in and then out. I finally mustered enough strength to shift my head which brought the slight dull pain of my jaw into notice and the obvious strain in my muscles only served as a reminder that I hadn't got to stretch my body out fully in quite a while. However, as I rose up the rattling of the chains and the pain slight dull pain caused by the crudely made clamps would serve as yet another reminder of my imprisonment and of my weakness. Standing here in the center of my cell the pain where my body sore from the clamps and from exhaustion constantly remind themselves, however its something that I constantly try to ignore as fill my mind with thoughts of the open sky. The wind against my cheeks, the feeling of the changing currents in wings and how every movement just fills we with a sensation of freedom and security. Then my is snapped back to the cell as someone or something speak nearby, a voice that I cannot place say to me or someone around he 'Hello?' which soon was followed by yet another voice repeating the same words. Huffing to myself I consider replying for moment, having nothing else and feeling weary I decide that doing so at least might bring some relief into the darkness of this place. "Yeah?... What?..." I reply without much thought, but it surely came out harsher than I expected as a Clear annoyance rang in my voice and it shouldn't be so odd considering how frustrating being imprisoned here is even if I didn't really intend to take it out on whoever was talking.
  6. This cell was a little different from an average cell. It consisted of the main land area, and a water body.

    Jetstream, an aquamarine Seashocker lay around their dry area of the cell, rising from a slumber, a stuffed dragon by their side. "You know brother," Jet nudges his other head a little, "didn't I hear about humans and dragons getting along at some point? It is most odd why they're capturing us."

    "Yeah, I guess," Stream nods in response, "almost gives me thrills from head to toe!"

    "We don't have any toes, brother," Jet chuckles, "but really though, we were pretty much getting nowhere in life, especially with no flock to flock with. Let's just hope this prison life isn't too... prison-y. That would be horrendous."

    They then grabbed their plushie with their shared dorsal fins. "Say, who is this awfully soft companion? He doesn't seem to move that much..." Jet ponders.

    "I don't know, but he looks fine. Always smiling. I wonder why," Stream comments, "almost soothes the senses. If we ever consider escaping, we're bringing this guy along!"

    Next, the Seashocker flies to one side of the cage, looking through a window. "So, what brings you here?" The duo spoke in unison as they gazed upon the next dragon.
  7. [​IMG]
    Star Dancer tilts her head slightly as a new face appears (Plasmawrath). *humm...a Skrill* she thinks she had never seen Skrill before and her adopted mother said they were dangerous. She told stories of them riding Lightning, to go faster then many normal dragons would go in a life time. She told her of how they channel lightning through their spikes in order to breath it. The night fury had always found that fascinating, though she never thought she would meet one. She had heared that when the last known night fury toothless and a Skrill did battle, and their lightning and plasma blast hit a great exploration accord knocking dragons from the sky. She didn't know if she believed it or not, but she had heared it was a very powerful reaction. She stares back at the great beast waiting for them to maybe say something. All the was visible was her eyes her black body blended in with the darkness as it should. The sun was rising and was behind her so there wasn't much light, for her atlest the cages opposite were bathing in warm light. She hears a voice a respond to her call and turns away from the Skrill for a second, she didn't like the know dragons tone. Her pupils get small and her white teeth shoot out and a low growl escapes her mouth. "Just trying to see how many dragons are here, seems to be quite a few" she practically spits the words but her tone softens towards the end as she calms, and her pupils go back to there normal cute look. She looks back at the Skrill silently wondering if they had anything to say.

    The red dragons looks up as two heads look through the wind. Spit fire tilts his head in surprise, a Seashocker with its signature two blue heads. He looks at them curiously and begins to slowly walk over the, cage was much to small for such a large dragon. It would work for maybe something a little bigger than a monstrous nightmare, but he was much bigger. He was a Stormcutter with the species 4 great wings. He moves closer and sits "Same as you, humans being humans" he says "I presume that is why you are here as well" he adds. His voice was calm not happy but calm he had an aura of sofistocation that never seemed to change. Though he was indeed playful at some points in time but not often.

    I nod my head slightly to the girl who sat close by. "Hello" I say softly I might as well try making friends, my parents threat couldn't stop me from doing that. "Are you from this island or another" I ask smiling slightly. My short hair brushed and I wore the school uniform that's all first years wore until they made their riding outfit in class. I already had some ideas and couldn't wait to start. Though I was most excited about the dragons, we had been told some rare ones had been found and I couldn't wait to see them. I hoped I would get one that would match my real personality and not what my parents wanted me to be.
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  8. Freyall.​

    The more constant sounds around me were a proof that the silence before now would likely not come back for quite a while. Now when all dragons start waking up its certain that peace won't come back to me. Jsust hearing myself breathe in and out once again I cannot feel any calm enter my restless body. However as I a voice reply to me or at least what I believe is me, answering 'Just trying to see how many dragons are here, seems to be quite a few' with a certain hostility in the reply indicated by the growl. Huffing I snort to myselfand figured it is because my snappy answer before even thought it was not what I had intended, however I did neither intend to appologize as the dragon showed no respect for me either. " Obviously... wait... your probably new if you don't knew there are more than four cages" I reply after little consideration, four is however the highest I can count. I softly jank on the chains attached to all of my limbs, then as they once again are stretched out fully I pull harder and harder until my neck and my feet are stinging horribly with the pain. Hoping that chainc will break and also slightly begging for them to give in by now, but they remain sturdy and eventually I feel how my body slumbs back onto the cold floor and I cannot calm my panting breath for a time. However I soon rise again, as with sun comes up to relieve me of the complete darkness giving some warmth to my cold excistance.
  9. @Sugar_n_spice

    The Skrill huffed a bit. She had never seen a Night Fury before obviously they're a lot rarer than Screaming Death's that's for sure that may or may not be a good thing as the last time she saw one the thing destroyed an island luckily a small island and also luckily she wasn't on it but damn those humans if they could tame one. "Lookie a Night Fury i wonder what lucky little two legged snacks would be lucky enough to sit on your back " she said in what sounds to be an attempt to be snarky.


    "Yea i'm from this island " she said grinning. She had always seem to be the extroverted social butterfly of the group not afraid to make friends at all. "Oh yea my names Sally but some people just call me Sal whats your name?" she asked quite excitedly most likely just excited to see some dragons especially after hearing some rare ones were here, she certainly wants to see those dragons thats for sure.
  10. [​IMG]
    "Oh..." Star Dancer says softly when the other dragon responds she climbs down from the window to the ground. "Have you been here long?" she calls out to who ever it was. Then I dawned on her she had no clue who this dragon was "who are you?" She adds. She couldn't tell what type of dragon they were by their voice, but she was pretty sure they were female. She could hear the sound of chains and realized her own chains for the first time. It was dark and she was so focused on getting out she hadn't noticed them. She lifts a paw and metal hits metal as she stares down at her iron work bounds. The humans were obviously scared of rare dragons or really didn't want them escaping. So that led her to believe the dragon she was talking to was most likely rare, powerful or both. She shots a plasma blast at the chain the metal turns a hot white sort of color. She claws at it slightly deforming the chain but not breaking it. The distinctive sound of the plasma blast Echos slightly through out the cages. She winces slightly hoping no humans had heared to sound. She hears the Skrill beside her say something so she answers "Like I'd let them little brats think they get what ever they want" She growls.

    "Nice to meet you Sal I'm Calfuray, but you can call me Ray if you like" I say smiling holding out my hand. "So what kind of dragon are you hoping to get?" I ask. I didn't really know what I wanted if they were nice and we made a good match then I would be happy.

    (Ok I'm going to start the morning announcements and all that)

    A women enters from the door and all the students get quiet as she makes her way to the end of the hall were the teachers sat. She walks confidently as she pulls out her chair standing in front of it she begins to speck. "Hello" he voice is light and airy "Welcome to the dragon riding academy of Berk! 2nd and 3rd years welcome back" cheering, she raises her hand for silence. "1st years I hope you commute to our school was pleasant. I would like to personally welcome you to our school. You will be going down the dragon cages first think this morning to be given your first atempt at a match. Be carful those are wild dragons which have not been trained. Oh and a big announcement for the first time in our schools history we have gained a night fury for the 1st years riding experience, and not just one but 2! And 2 lucky students will get one has their life time companion. We have also met our record for the most Skrills as well!" Unhappy cries erupt from the 2nd and 3rd years, "why do they get them!" "We never had that!" etc. the headmistress slams her fist on the table "silence!" She yells. It all stops "I'm sorry you feel this way but all of you already have dragons, and you can not just give them up!" She adds. "Now first years when ever you finish your meal you may make your way to the cages, to meet our dragon riding teacher and all of our new dragons." She says before sitting down.

    A man walks into the arena in the middle of all the dragon cages (Dragon Riding Teacher). "Morning friends the kids will be here soon so put on a happy face, and don't kill anyone" he says grin "Unless they're annoying can't stand annoying kids" he pulls a leaver making the chains retreat to holes in the walls. "Well here we go should be here any minute now, 2nd and 3rd years arent all that happy about all the Night Furys and Skrills the 1st years are getting."
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  11. Sally letted out a quiet sqeak of excitment upon hearing about The night fury's oh she wonders which lucky student would get one but for now she would just focus on getting the dragon thats actually right for her "Aw can't wait to see what dragon i'l be getting this going to be awesome!" she said before beginning to rather quickly eat the muffin she has.


    She letted out a low growl upon hearing about the kids coming soon "Ugh at the very least whoever kid gets chosen for me wont train and ride me simply for bragging rights otherwise he or she is getting eaten and you Night Fury should do the same... Quit shooting plasma blasts will you? and i haven't been here for long luckily and i'm called PlasmaWrath or just Firefly for short" she said.
  12. Freyall.​

    As the sun provided me warmth in the darkness, I raised my head and took in its pure light and the sensations it brought to me. Yet soon enough my peace was disturbed by the dragon in the cage across from mine that was covered in darkness. She asked me if I been here long, and the only thing coming to mind was the fact that it sure was the case. I been here a long time, longer than I think I can remember even thought I never forget the taste of freedom. "Yes, Yes I have... More than Four seasons." I reply with bit more calm in my voice than last time, thinking back and about my situation surely drained my initial anger and placed upon me a weariness of the belief that I might never leave this cage. However the dragon across the open space in the middle asked another question, seemingly seeking the knowledge of who I am. I am Frayall, The Dragon a Skrill I believe and at least that is what the humans seem to want to call me. However to consider saying it make me feel like I'm yielding, and the thought of it make blood simmer inside my veins. "Tsk, Who is asking?... Its impolite to not introduce yourself first!" I snap back at the other dragon, this time with a more intentional anger in my voice as a light show and a familiar Night-Fury sound echoes all around me. I am not going to submit to anyone, let alone some night-fury. If it want to know, I'll make it beg for it... And lick my paws. A deep growl rumbles from my belly out my throat, hatred burning in my eyes. Whoever this Night-fury is, I will it in its place or Devour it piece by piece.

    Mid rage a familiar sound grabs my attention, turning my head I realize a Human have entered my domain. I seek him out with my gaze and follows him each step he takes. He calls us friends, telling us to smile?. A laugh, a deep sinister laugh of my insanity crackles through my growling lips. Not to kill any un-annoying students? Well, all students are annoying and if you offer I shall destroy each and everyone of them. A click makes me suddenly freeze in place, all senses on alert I feel how sudden cold and relief grabs my limbs. The chains once attached withdraw, and now I am free?. Only the door remain in my way, and press my self up against it trying to break it with all my strength only to once fail again. I sigh and just stand there, somewhat knowing that if I'm patient... Food might come my way.
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  13. [​IMG]
    Star Dancer
    I hear the hostility in the other dragons voice and decide not to get in a fight now or later with her. I decide to just talk with Plasma Blast "Nice to meet you Plasma Blast I've never really had a name but these humans call me Star Dancer, but you can just call me Star I guess." I say as the chains retreat the one I hit gets jammed for a second, but goes away soon after. The man in the middle talks for a minute about some kids coming and 2nd and 3rd years getting jealous. All of this human talk with pretty confusing at first, but I guessed they wanted us the carry some lazy little kid around like some festival pony. "Yeah this is not gonna work out for those kids, almost feel bad from them, almost." I say.
  14. A gargantuan Stormcutter responded to their call.

    "Yeah, humans," Jet nods, "I honestly thought they got along with dragons. Whatever the big idea is, it's big."

    "Oh yeah, I almost forgot," Stream says, "he's Jet."

    "And he's Stream," Jet continues.

    "We come from the sea. We were part of a flock like us, until we decided to stray away. At least we have each other," Jetstream's dual heads spoke in unison, "so, what's your name?"
  15. Razor had relaxed in his cage. He was taking a very nice nap until the noisy dragons began talking. He didn't move from his comfortable curled up position and quietly listened to them. Why are they so against the humans? They could have killed us for our bad attitudes but now they let us live and feed us. Not to mention let us sleep all day! The Deadly Nadder thought to himself. After several attempts to get back to sleep, the dragon let out a groan-like noise and forced himself on his feet, shaking his body to get the sleepiness out of him. Letting out a yawn, he tilted his head at the sound of his chains retreating. "Ahh, that's better.. Now I can move more." He said to himself and made his way to the front of his cell. He had limited vision, but he was able to see a few of his fellow dragons. The Deadly Nadder swayed his tail and quietly observed the others.

    Ever got in just at the found of the announcements, being out of breath from running all the way their. She hunched over, placing her hands on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. Wiping sweat off her forehead, she straightened up and began walking to the first years table, their were already a few students their. Smiling brightly, she waved her arm enthusiastically and plopped herself down on an open seat next to the others. "Hello there! I'm Evangeline, but that's usually a mouthfuls to say so call me Ever! Everyone calls me Ever. Ohh! Are those muffins?" She hardly allowed herself time to breathe after speaking and took a muffin off the table and started eating. She let out a sigh of happiness at the flavor. Once she swallowed her mouthful, she turns to the others with a bright smile. "What's your guys' names?" She questioned. Though her gaze soon wandered away, her mind moving faster than her. It usually did that when she was excited. She began wondering what types of dragons she would get to see and what one she would get to ride. She had always been around dragons as a child, but she didn't like to dwell on the thoughts of her past. Ever began nervously picking at one of the bandages wrapped around her arm as her gaze wandered around before resting on the ground of first years.
  16. @Crow
    Spit fire
    I look up at the Seashocker smiling slightly "Do you always talk in unison?" I ask grinning "and I'm Spit fire but these humans sometimes call me King, so you guys can call me what ever you like" I add. I listen intently as the man talks, I snort when he starts talking about rare dragons. Rare dragons always though they were so amazing and that everyone had to bow down to them. I couldn't stand them if they used their status against other dragons. "No child will be riding me, I am no pet" I growl more to myself but partly to Jet and Stream, wondering if they felt the same.

    I watch as a girl comes running in taking a seat she introduces her I smile holding out my hand to her. "Nice to meet you Ever, I'm Rowan and you can call me Rowan" I say jokingly I was trying to be nice I normally wasn't. She seemed very...energetic a playful dragon would probably work best for her. I didn't know what I would get hopefully I dragon that I could see as a friend not a pet. I look back over at Ever "So Ever any specific dragon you want?" I ask.
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  17. Devour then heard something as a human walked into the arena. He told them to put on a smile, and to not eat anyone. He suddenly realized what was going on and roared to wake up Crunch and Swallow. "Up and at em' you two! We are about to be released." Crunch and Swallow then jump awake and scramble, looking around, before they both hit each other with a deep THUD. Devour sighed, then looked at Split. "Are we surrounded by idiots brother?" They then sat and awaited being released.

    @Sugar_n_spice That better?
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  18. The doors haven't opened yet...
  19. Freyall.
    Thinking about food made me hungry, and the other dragons didn't really shut up. Stirring slightly I still stood pressed towards the gate which probably make me look like if I try to escape by squeezing out, which I do. However as I hear the other dragons talk about how they wouldn't like children ride them or how they was planning on resisting them I cannot hold myself from laughing. "Hah!... I bet half of you won't even last a week, its always the one who talk the biggest about how they will resist the humans that break first. In my years here, more dragons than I can count have come and gone and nearly all are human pets now" I tell them, then I laugh at them a bit more. However my laughter soon dies down as my mood dies along with it, it as not so funny when I think about it. I sigh again and turn to glance to the one calling himself 'King' large Stonecutter dragon who makes me wiggle my nose slightly and then bob my head slightly "King?... They gave me the name Freyall. I apologize King. " I speak but for a moment I am unsure why, but I feel like King is not someone I want to get on the wrong side of, and he is actually rather handsome. ​
  20. Ylva Falkis glided into the dining room, her step light and quiet. Her sharp gaze flashed through the room, taking it in with unnaturally black eyes. The thin double-tied ponytail that swished behind her back softly bobbing along with her movement. She exuded an air of almost offensive self-confidence as she went. She recognized the few people already there from the village, but had spoken to them so rarely she didn't know any names. Although Ylva would never admit this to anyone, and had no one to confide it to even if she wanted to, she truly liked studying and being close to dragons. They had been her only real, if a bit inconsistent, companions since her parents had died. If she could find a permanent companion, that would make it worth it even being surrounded by people 24/7. None of those thoughts were remotely visible in her unfriendly, cold glare.

    She had walked in before the announcement and was standing in a corner of the room, arms folded, simply waiting for whatever was coming to come. The dragons inside the cages not far away didn't seem very happy, there were growls and roars and some banging on the insides of the cages. She wondered why, after the truce between humans and dragons had come about. No matter, though. Ylva wasn't planning to try messing with a dragon that clearly didn't want her on its back. She knew by now that she was good enough to survive a few minutes with a dragon that didn't like her, and if it didn't want her to ride it, what was the point aggravating it by trying?


    Vigge thrashed violently in her cage every once in a while, just to remind the humans that she was there and wouldn't be repressed. It was just for show, though, the proud female knew perfectly well by now that the cage she was in wouldn't break easily, and had no intention of wasting too much energy trying to break it down. The clamour of other dragons and the words of humans resounded through the air, making it clear to her that today would not be a peaceful one. Even though she put up a show, she was curious to hear what the other dragons were saying, and listened to them. This was her first day in captivity after all, she had never come across so many other dragons before. Anger ripped through her as she realized they really intended to put some impudent little two-legs on her back to ride. The nerve. She didn't deign to speak to her fellow captives. They weren't important to her anyways. Her thrashing became more violent, equivalent to her rage.


    Haldor Nederfjord thumped into the room casually, a big hammer slung over his shoulder just for comfort. He wasn't really planning to use it, but he was used to it and he'd brought it without thinking. He strolled up to the congregation and took a seat, listening as the woman spoke. He'd thought she'd tell them some more about what school would be like, which was the sensible thing to do, but he supposed it was also important to know that two rare dragon types were in. Besides, he'd long ago figured out most vikings weren't big on making and sticking to the rules. He looked around, grinning calmly. This school thing looked like it would be some fun.


    Sigurd Ingersson bounced into the room a little bit late. With his rather feminine features, he was a bit odd by viking standards, but they suited his personality. Cheerfully, he slid into a seat, a little bit late for the announcement. His hands resting against the bench he was sitting on, he leaned forward, listening eagerly to the woman announcing and hoping they'd get to see the dragons soon. He wondered who the woman was, though. He didn't think she'd introduced herself, but perhaps he'd just missed it. Oh well, he was sure he'd find out later, as well as the names of all the students around him. He glanced around the room, his excitement visible in his pale, freckled face.
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