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  1. It wasn't an extremely warm day, but it wasn't cold, the wind kept the air cool and that was just how Alexa enjoyed it. She had been attending Gruntson for awhile now, studying and training several different creatures, though she mostly worked with the dragons. Despite her time here though Alexa didn't have a lot of friends, she had always preferred to stick to herself and the only friend she had was an extremely excited blond named Jessica, who loved to work with the pixies.

    Alexa was currently in the dragon stables, seeing as she had a free period. The brunette always came to the dragon stables when she had time, she helped feed the dragons and would occasionally go to the hatchery to help the caretakers with the hatchlings. As of now thought she was just making sure the small ditches in the dragon's cages were full of food. None of the dragons were actually in here anyway.

    Alexa brushed her hands on her trousers and huffed, job finally finished, she glanced towards a clock mounted above the door leading to the hatchery and hummed, it would be time for lunch soon so she might as well head to the food court now. With that in thought she turned towards the double doors that acted as the entrance/exit to the dragon stables and made her way towards them.
  2. Steven, a transfer student, had arrived on the campus merely a week prior. His assigned mount, a Lime colored Wyvern with gold eyes, had to be transported by land. It wasn't yet ride-tame. Not even Steven could mount it yet, and he had been paired with the beast for over a year, now. Today, "Chartreuse", as the young man had named it, was scheduled to arrive in the stables designated for all the draconid species. Wyverns aren't indigenous to the continent the school is located on, so giving them separated stables would be a waste.

    He had planned to be there for her arrival, but the transport had been delayed and it was unclear to him if his companion would arrive before nightfall, let alone noon.
    As such, Steven had seated himself at a table in the mess hall to enjoy his lunch. As he ate, small ribbons of meat were quietly stowed away to feed to Chartreuse later.
  3. Alexa arrived at the mess hall and got her food before sitting down at an empty table, she picked her red apple up and tossed it in the air a few times while she looked around before taking a bite, not many pupils were actually eating in here, they was only about twenty actually sat in here compared to the hundreds that attended this school, lunch hadn't really even started yet and most pupils did choose to eat in their own dorms, so she wasn't really that surprised the place was empty.

    It normally was anyway.

    Alexa continued to eat her apple, briefly letting her mind wander, they're were supposed to be two new dragons coming in later along with a Wyvern, they actually already had a few Wyverns here but only a few which is why the Wyverns shared a stable with the dragons, until there were more they would stay there. There really was no need to build a stable for four of them.

    She finished her apple and began to eat the yogurt she had gotten, she would just leave and drink her grape juice around school, she wanted to go help with the dragons since they seemed to enjoy being around her, Professor White had said it was because some just 'had the aura' dragons approved, the thought made her smile to herself before she stood up and tossed away her trash, shoving her hands in her pockets and walking towards the exit.
  4. ((Oh, I'm sorry! I'd forgotten to follow this thread, so I didn't realize you'd replied already >_<))

    Steven, too, had his way with large beasts. Most would at least tolerate him, often seek him out for attention or what have you. But Chartreuse had made a name for herself. She'd always keep an eye on whoever was around her, and didn't do well when there were more people than her two eyes could follow. Often she'd hiss, sometimes snap at someone that came too close. She did wonderfully around others of her species, though, so she had that going for her.
    The young man yawned as he raised his fork to his mouth. "Good to know the food's just as drabby here as it is back in Transylvania." He muttered as a girl came by, tossing up an apple.

    His head turned to follow the bouncing red fruit, and he made a mental note to stick with the fresh produce, rather than with the processed foods. "Hey! Excuse me? Can you tell me where to get one of those? This Jambalaya is absolutely horrid. Manticore's wouldn't eat this."
  5. Alexa perked up upon hearing somebody call out, glancing around before her eyes landed on a male sat eating one of the schools kicked dishes, she winced, "Heh yeah, the cooked food can be pretty bad, if you go over to the place you actually get your food there should be baskets filled with things like fruits, cupcakes and flapjacks." She jerked her head in the direction she was talking about, stuffing her hands in her pockets, "seriously, sometimes I think desert trolls tried cooking the school meals." The brunette shook her head before turning on her feat and exiting the room.

    Alexa began trudging towards the stair case that would lead to all of the girl's dorms, she had flight class next and needed to get her protective gear since she would be near pegasi and gryphons and other flying creatures. Besides, last time she had forgotten her kit and fell of a young dragon, fracturing her arm and dislocating her shoulder, wasn't entirely fun.
  6. The boy shot her a smile and gave her a thumbs up. "Thanks."
    He spent a moment watching her leave, before getting up and retrieving an apple of his own. He'd tasted some of the meat strips, and those were edible enough for Chartreuse, he figured. Sure as hell wouldn't eat an apple.
    Taking a big chomp out of the fruit, he started heading in the direction of the boys' dormitory. It had a view over the driveway, he'd see the caravan arrive way ahead of time.
  7. Alexa got changed and headed out of her dorm room, heading towards the large doors that lead into the backyard area of the school, where flying lessons were going to take place. It was warm, which would be nice considering that would mean it wouldn't be as cold when she got up into the air. The brunette trudged over to the area that was set up, glancing towards the small enclosures that were being used to hold a gryphon, hippogriff, Pegasus and a small King Crest Dragon. The dragon was one Alexa was used to, she had actually been there when it was hatched, so she was most likely going to be riding that one.

    "Alexa! Early I see, not that that's anything new from you." Trainer Moor's vice made the brunette jump before spinning around to face him.

    "I wanted to see what creatures you were going to be using in todays lesson, that's all." She shrugged her shoulders before turning back to face the four winged creatures, the dragon screeched at her and spread it's wings, the bronze scales shimmering in the sunlight as it reared onto it's bag legs briefly, exposing it's tan under belly. She walked over to it's cage and placed her hand against the bars, watching the beast lean its head against the bars and pear at her with knowing eyes. The rest of the class approaching caused Alexa to turn her attention away from the dragon and focus on Trainer Moor's voice as he instructed the rest of the students on what they would be doing today and how only a few of them would actually get to ride the beasts.
  8. From his dormroom window, Steven could see most of the activity that was going on outside. He kept an eye on the flying class, in particular. A few of the beasts available were new to him. He didn't like them being caged, but it probably was for the better, considering the youths around them making a fuss. He leaned his back into the window sill, trying his best to stay comfortable as he waited.
  9. ((I'm too tired to spell check this! >.< I'll just have to edit it later if there are any mistakes))

    The class was brought into session and Alexa hung back a little as the other students that were actually going to get to fly mounted their winged creatures, of course the hippogriff was as stubborn as usual and Trainer Moor had to step in to calm to creature down before the nervous rider could actually even mount it. Moor ran through the safety procedures once more and let them students take off.

    The bronze dragon looked at Lexi and let out a crackling noise, which made the brunette quirk an eyebrow at it before stepping forward and letting Moor know she was ready to fly. The rest of the students were asked to step back as the dragon was let out of it's enclosure and Alexa mounted it, making sure she bowed first to show respect.

    The King Crest looked around and let out a few more sounds before Alexa tapped it's side with her feet to give it the all go, and like that it sprinted forward and took off, wing catching under it's large wings and letting it fly up. Alexa grinned, tilting her head back as the wing whipped past her cheeks and brushed through her long locks of hair. She took a hold of the reins the dragon had in and lead it towards the large school, gliding past it before circling back around and landing just in time to spot a caravan pulling up.
  10. Despite the bird's eye view the female got from atop the dragon, Steven had spotted the caravan first. One of the trailers was typically huge, making it fairly obvious what was in it. Wyverns, though considered medium sized draconids, sport insanely large wings, almost too large to take off with from ground level. Positively so whilst mounted. This trailer had been designed specifically to contain one. The young male had vanished from his window in the blink of an eye, making his way towards the courtyard as fast as he could without taking any risks. He found himself outside in a minute or two, ready to greet the drivers of the trailers in the caravan.

    Chartreuse's trailer rolled up on him. Promptly, he hopped onto the side of the trailer to peek into the window. There she sat, pretty as always, and just as sassy. She growled at him almost as if she were saying: "Oh, goody. You're here too." in a sarcastic voice.

    "Good to see you, too, your majesty." He replied with a chuckle.
  11. Alexa jumped off the dragon, giving the broze creature an affectionate pat on the snout before turning her attention to her teacher, "I saw a caravan pull up, what was that about?"

    "Oh, that wpuld be the new Wyvern that's going to be joining the school shortly, it was transfered here. Professor White wants you to help set up it's stable, since your so talented with winged reptiles." Moor's response was greated with a slight nod before Alexa passed the reins onto another student and made her way back towards the school building.

    Within a couple of minutes she had made it to the stables and was helping set up the new Wyvern's pen as other people set up the large doorway so that the Wyvern could actually be brought into the stables. She brushed a strand of her brunette hair out of her face as she filled up the food and water troff. After that she begin to help lay soft vegetation on the ground in a nest like shape so the Wyvern would have somewhere comfty to sleep.

    Or it could just destroy it like certain JumpingQuill Dragon she knew.
  12. The trailer came up on the stables, stopping with the tail end in front of the stable doors. The young man hopped off and pulled the doors open, to allow the driver to back the trailer up to the open doorway, as to make sure its payload couldn't escape in a panic. That sometimes occurred when creatures were transported to a new location. Chartreuse probably wasn't like that, but he'd never seen her transported, so best be careful.

    The moment he opened the doors and stepped inside, his gaze fell upon the girl from before. He looked slightly bewildered for a moment, then smiled. "Oh! Hey! It's you! Did they task you with setting up Chartreuse's pen? Thank you very much, I was afraid she'd come home to a barren enclosure. She's a real diva, she'd flip!"
  13. Alexa was slight surprised to see the male who had asked her about the food in the mess hall, she blinked a few times before relaxing and chuckling, leaning against the gate leading into the new Wyvern's stable, "Nice to see you again as well, and to answer your question, yes they did. I'm, apparently, one of the best sudents here when it comes to dragons and Wyverns, I often get asked to help set up the stables because, and I quote, 'When you do it, they act less hostile and get settled in quicker'." She paused for a moment before shrugging, "or something like that. I take it your in charge of the new Wyvern then?" She asked as she stepped out of the pen, but left the gate open.

    Alexa brushed off any leftover hay and vegetation from her pants and walked over to a small set of shelves they had set up, picking up to small bags of treats before walking back over to the male, "If you plan on training her I would recommend using these treats as a reward system, from what I've heard the other Wyvern and Dragon trainers recommend these to anybody and everybody. They're cheaper then what most people use as well."
  14. He gladly took the treats off her hands and pocketed them. "Thanks. I'm used to using meat for her rewards, but I'll consider switching over if she enjoys these. I take you ride a draconid, too, seeing as you're so good with them?" He looked over his shoulder to see if the trailer was about backed up yet. The driver took a while. Couldn't blame him, the trailer fit inside by maybe an inch or two. "Oh! Right! Where's my manners?" Steven said with a bright smile, holding out his hand. "Name's Steven. Steven Coroner. I transferred last week. I'll be joining class D3 starting tomorrow."
  15. Alexa nodded, "Yup, well I ride sveral but the main one I do ride is a black scaled Sky Hopper named Chase." She relaxed her posture a little and shoved her hands in her pockets, letting a small smile rest across her lips.

    "Steven." She tested the name on her tongue before introducing herself, "well it's nice to meetcha, name's Alexa Multa, though some people like to call me Lex or Lexi for short, you can too if you so wish." She let her eyes briefly scan the room for a moment before turning her attention back to Steven, "class D3 eh? Well, looks like I should be seeing you around more often then." She gave a smirk before turning her attention away from him when somebody else called for her help, giving a slight wave before making her way towards the hatchery door.
  16. "Thanks for the helping hand, Alexa." He said, pulling a hand through his hair. "I wouldn't say you're a lifesaver, but you spared me a lot of trouble. I'll see you around." With that, he too turned to focus on his business at hand: Unloading a two ton winged beast and guiding her safely to her holding pen. With some help of the meat strips, and the treats Alexa had given him, it went relatively smoothly. Within half an hour, the emerald Wyvern lay in her nest, comfortably snoozing. Her rider stayed with her for another half hour, before turning to the door to head out.
  17. Alexa left the hatchery not too long after Steven had finished with Chartreuse. She had also taken off her protective flying gear at some point, Lexi began to make her way towards the exit, glancing over at the new Wyvern before pulling her hood up and stuffing one of her hands into her pocket and pushing open the door, walking out into the hallway and letting the door close itself behind her with a 'thump'.

    The hallways were empty at this point in time, since it was late and most students were either sleeping or in their dorm rooms.
  18. Steven ended up in his bed without incident. The halls were barren of any movement, though he could still hear voices from within the dorm rooms. He'd been assigned a room to himself. Apparently there were now an uneven amount of males attending the school. It couldn't be helped, but his room felt slightly... empty? Still, his bed lay as comfortable as any other, and he was more than used to sleeping alone.
  19. Alexa made it to her dorm and got ready for bed, her old dorm mate had been kicked out after some... Questionable... Decisions and she had asked to not receive a new one. Although she had to admit, her room did feel rather empty without her old roommate buzzing around or sneaking back in, but she had learnt to deal with it. Lexi let her eyes drift shut and fell asleep.
  20. For Steven it was a silent, dreamless night. He didn't dream often. When the morning came, he found himself magically turned around from head to toe, lying with his feet on the pillow. "The fuck." He muttered, getting out and stretching his arms. "Did I drink, last night? No, don't think so."
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