Great Demon Hunter Daiki

"Take a right. Got it." Perseus said, "Daiki? Never heard of him."

Daiki decided that it was a good idea to trail behind Perseus and Manami. Odds were high if the Greek pretty boy and Irene came face to face, they were more likely to bring on the destruction of Tokyo. While this meant that the Organization's HQ in Japan would be ruined, Daiki wasn't in the mood to see the downfall of Japan either.

Of course, the main reason why Manami couldn't find Daiki was because...Well, because of the fact Daiki wasn't acting as Daiki at this moment in time.


He taken over the shade of a young woman in the shopping mall. Since the body had been made as a temporary replacement while the Earth repateched itself from the presence of the negative space, he had no issue in using this soon to be forgotten soul.

"This is wrong on so many levels..." Daiki thought to himself as walked just a few feet behind Perseus carrying Manami.

Daiki just kept looking forward, making sure that he didn't make any direct eye contact with either Perseus or his new girlfriend.

"Anglova, I don't care if she's Satan, himself. She's a rude little mortal that needs to be taught a lesson in offending a goddess!"

The young goddess then continued to stomp her foot.

"Yes...Mistress..." Anglova then stepped forward and prepared to strike when out of the corner of his eye he saw Perseus.
Hm. That was a problem. Though Manami would love to run off in to the sunset with her newest smokin' hot friend, not being able to get back home after their date was bad. After all, she couldn't spend the night at her date's house. That was so inappropriate!

"Daiki is the one I was with, remember? I guess you should probably set me down so we can find him. I need his address before we can go anywhere!"
"Oh, him!" Perseus then placed Manami down, totally oblivious to the fact Anglova and his goddess master were just a few feet away, "Okay! Here's what I'll do. I shall ask this young lady," Perseus then pointed at the disguised Daiki, "to stay with you until I come back looking for your friend. Since I am a demi-god I can find him in a matter of minutes because I'm just that awesome!"

Without even asking the young lady, actually Daiki, if she actually wanted to baby sit Manami, Perseus picked her up.

"Hey!!!What's the big idea?!!?" Daiki yelled.

"It's okay, Miss. I am not going to hurt you. I just need you to keep my young lover company while I search for her friend to find out where they live."

"Oh, joyous."

"That's the spirit. I shall repay you, young misses, when I return!" Perseus then dropped Daiki next to Manami. He then bolted off in search of Daiki.

"So....You are?" Daiki asked Manami, pretending he had never met her before...
Perseus was gone for a few minutes and then returned--without Daiki but carrying his mask. "My apologies, my sweet," he said, with a deep bow and a wave of his musuclar arm. "I was unable to locate your friend--which, I must say, is a first. But I was able to retrieve this." He offered the mask to Manami.

Before she could reach out and grab it, someone else snatched it from Perseus. "There you are! Do you realize how hard it is to find you! And here you are, flirting with some tiny mortal you just met!" the goddess growled. She examined the mask. "And this ... this is quite a find ..." She raised one hand and summoned her spear.

Irene rolled her eyes. "Check you losers out later." She turned around to walk away until a glint of steel caught the corner of her eye. The spoiled brat had a spear! But it wasn't just any spear ... And the blonde pretty boy beside her ...
"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit." Daiki said as he saw the goddess grab a hold of the mask.

While the mask did not maintain all of his powers, Daiki did use it as a mean of the dramatic transformation of one person into another identity.

"Please miss!" Daiki spoke through the shade's voice, "It would be a total waste of a wondrous historical artifact, if you should destroy it."

The goddess then raised an eyebrow.

Daiki had to make up an excuse as to why.

"Whatever the purpose of this mask may have been, it undoubtedly impress me as a mature piece of art and I cannot but admire the perfection of its execution. The elliptical eyes repeat the ellipse of the mask's outline in a rhythmical and harmonious reiteration. The way they are set into the concave areas, suggesting eyelids, renders this unique artifact lively in expression; I can hardly resist feeling that its very creator is looking at us through the unmoving eye holes."

"While, I'd normally agree with you, mortal, this item belongs to a demon and therefore it must be destroyed before said demon comes back to claim it has his again."

The goddess then slammed the spearpoint into the mask, shattering it into thousands of pieces. A purple aura filtered into the sky.

Daiki had no time to stop the goddess from striking the mask. As he saw the purple aura, his heart shank. That talisman was his only means of balancing his powers and with destroyed, he was now going to be trapped in this form for the next few days... In normal circumstances, he could have just altered his presence then and there but with a goddess controlling the surrounding greyspace, not even this demon hunter could alter her powers.

Daiki then fell his knees, and sounding half crazed, started singing "It's a Hard Knock Life."
Irene was ready to kick some ass! And then the girl next to Manami began to sing! She was a bit confused at first ... until she recognized something about her... Daiki?! Damnit, she'd have to worry about these three idiots later. She flicked her hair over her shoulder and turned around to walk away.

Irene didn't leave the mall, however. She headed for the hobby shop. It was one of--if not the--largest in Tokyo and she remembered that if Daiki ever came here, this would be the shop she could find him at. Now all she had to do was wait for him.
"...What? I'm clearly upset that she destoryed a rare piece of history!" Daiki said while everyone but Irene stared back at the quiet sounding girl, "Oh...My bad. I'm a member of the local drama club...So yeah, support the arts!"

Daiki then forced on a smile and then ran away from everyone else.

"Manami, are all people this odd in Japan?" Perseus asked.

"Shit and a pile of it. Without that mask I can't leave this form until the void decides this girl needs to fade out. Dammit....I knew there was a reason why I didn't attempt controlling shades before..."

Daiki continued to mutter under his breath. Everyone else just stared at the girl with black hair as she stomped by. Just then two young girls came up running behind Daiki. "Hey Chiba-chan! We didn't expect you to be out in public so soon!"

"Uh..." Daiki then blinked, "I had some of those wonderful teacakes over at the parlor. It made me feel so much better! Like, I was so gonna call you guys earlier but something came up. My mom was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lame."

Both of the girls gave blank stares. "A swing and a miss...." Daiki thought.

"Dude, Chiba-chan you aren't alright. You never talk like a prep..." The taller friend said.

"I know, I know! If you two derps hadn't come out of nowhere to ambush me, I could have come up with a better excuse!" Daiki groaned.

"Ha! There's the Chiba-chan we know!" The second girl said.

Then both of the girls locked arms with each other and their friend.

"So how about we all go see that new movie coming out?"

"Sure! That sounds like fun."

"Uh...Whatever you two derps wanna do I'm game."

Daiki looked left and right, this wasn't something he wanted to do. He had to get the paperwork back to the HQs soon! Daiki tried his best to remain calm but that didn't last long when he saw Irene standing near the hobby store he liked hanging out at.

"Oh, god..." Daiki thought to himself, as he saw Irene walk towards him and the other two girls...
Irene smiled. Heh heh. Daiki was stuck in the girl's body! This was the perfect excuse to stay away from HQ and avoid doing that blasted paperwork! She hated it! Minutes of reading through long, complicated instructions, having to fill out form after form, answering the same stupid questions. And pencils! She hated using pencils!

But first ... She pulled out her camera and took a picture (the flash was off, of course!) of Daiki while the girls were talking to him/her. Then she started walking toward them. "Excuse me, girls, you wouldn't have happened to see this guy around, have you?" She pulled out Daiki's picture (the one she had in her book of men) and showed it to them. He was leaning against a wall, arms crossed, and attempting to look "bad ass" as usual.

Both of the girls on either side of Daiki leaned forward. "He's cute," said the taller one.

"Nope. Not me," replied the other.

Irene was looking right at Daiki while the two and smiled. "What a shame. Well, if you do please let him know to return home soon ... before someone gets killed." She waved and walked away. Yes, because if he didn't get home soon, the person who'd get killed was Manami's new boyfriend ...
Daiki's face turned nearly as pale as a ghost when Irene snapped that photo. He damned well she had her secret little "Book of Men" with photos of hundreds of poor derps in all sorts of embarrassing situations with shocked looks. If he was going to be stuck in this form, he might as well take Irene down with him...

"Al-chan, Hana-chan. This is my friend Irene-senpi. She's a pen pal from Greece. She was able to come for a short visit. I didn't know of a good way to introduce her...So she came up with this silly way to meet up with us.' Daiki said. He/she managed to break free of the linked chain and stood next to Irene. For the first time in his life, Daiki's form was exactly the same height as Irene. This made him a bit disappointed because he always liked calling her shortie when he was displeased with her.

Daiki then stepped on Irene's right foot and forced his focus directly on her eyes. This time around, he wasn't about to pull any bullshit.

"Okay you. I'm sure you're finding this funny as all hell but, this is serious. Without that mask, I can't turn into my other forms without causing shitloads of humans realizing you and are demons. Also, if I'm stuck in the form of this human for more than twenty four hours, I'm stuck this way. No more magic tricks, no more demon hunting, no more you being assigned with me. And I know you well enough that you'd soon rather destroy Athens all over again than be placed with some new dumb ass after two hundred years of putting up with me! So you are going to help me out." Daiki said, while speaking in fluent Greek.

Daiki then turned around and waved at his two new friends, "She says she'll come along!"

Daiki then slapped a forced smile on his face.
While Daiki turned back to his friends, Irene struggled inside. She really, really wanted to ditch Daiki and yet ... She clenched her teeth and muttered something in Greek. A few curse words, followed by little notes to herself. Like remembering to throw bleach into the next load of Daiki's laundry. She knew how much he loved wearing black! The man drinking coffee as he walked past Irene watched his drink explode for no reason at all, coating him in coffee that was suddenly icy cold.

Irene finally took a deep breath and regained her composure. She turned around to find the three of them watching her. She forced a smile. She was going to make Daiki pay for this ... "It's nice to meet both of you."
The two young women then bowed and said their perspective hellos. Both Al and Hanna looked at each other confused, Chiba-chan sure was acting weirder than normal!

"Okay, I don't wanna offend you guys but I'm gonna stick by Irene-senpi for a while. First time to Japan, afterall." Daiki said. He then forced Chiba's body to stand next to Irene. Once again, he spoke in Greek, "You can kick my ass once I get my body back to normal. Now is not the time for trying to trash the mall. Anyways, this is my plan so far. We ditch these two over at the movie they want to see. Somehow, we'll have to bait Manami back to the apartment or at least back to her old home. I'm sure with our normal luck that Genno will be waiting for her anyways. If that doesn't work out right, then I guess Pretty Boy is doing a good job baby sitting her anyways. From there we'll have to find my arch-nemesis..."

Irene knew who he was talking about....
Anglova. But speaking of pretty boys, Irene's eyes narrowed slightly. "That woman he's with ... The spear she used to destroy your mask," she said, still speaking Greek. Her voice trailed off. What rotten timing that he'd wind up in this situation when she had two personal vendettas to deal with just yards away! She'd been waiting so long ...! But Daiki only had 24 hours--23 hours?--before he was trapped like this!

"This is karma, it has to be," she muttered. What were the chances that two conflicting issues would happen at the same time! She took a deep, calming breath. Calm. Zen. Serenity. Calm. Zen. Serenity. She realized they were staring again and threw them a sheepish grin. "So ... which movie did you girls want to watch?" she asked in Japanese.
"Well we were going to see Dancing in the Moonlight." Al said.

Hanna then grinned, "Because it is clearly the best movie of the year according to all those creepy otaku in home room. As our most glorious leader, Chiba-chan says, if the nerds like it, it's bound to be good!"

"Oh! I have heard that's an epic movie." Daiki said, "Has all sorts of blood, guts, vampires and shit of that nature!" Of course, since this Daiki talking and not Chiba-chan, both Al and Hanna looked at her weird again.

"Chiba-chan...Are you alright? You've been acting rather weird... I mean, since when do you know a foreign language other than English?" Al said. She then walked over towards Chiba and placed her hand on Daiki's head. "You are rather warm...You probably have a fever! Did you walk through the rain last night?"

Hanna then did the same thing, "FFFFFF, she really is sick! Let's cancel the film today! She needs to be taken to the hospital!!!"

"Dammit, dammit, dammit... The perfect two chicks to hit on and I'm stuck in this body. WHY GOD, WHY?!!?!" Daiki thought.

Just then a black cat appeared out of no where and tackled both Hanna and Al. It kept circling around the two until it finally slashed both of the girls; sending them running off screaming in terror.


"Hahah! That's what you get for touching my head, you two dorkfishes. No one is allowed to touch the most glorious body of mine!" The cat then shouted.

It then turned around and narrowed it's eyes at Daiki and Irene.

"You dumb asses!" The cat then snarled, "You hijacked my body and displaced my soul into a cat!!!! I'm a goddam member of the Organization...They said this type of shit would stop happening to me if I pretent to be a Shade but noooooooooooo, I keep losing my body to demons, creeps, pedos, and now you!!!!!!"

The cat then slashed Daiki in the face, "I don't like doing that to my perfect face but dammmmmmmmn."

To everyone else, but Irene, Daiki, as Chiba, just seemed to have a rather grouchy black cat on her shoulder.

Daiki then narrowed his eyes, "So you must be Chiba-chan...And might I add, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU ASSUME THE FORM OF A SHADE IN A WORLD FULL OF DEMONS?!?!?!"
Irene folded her arms and looked down at the cat. She smirked. "You must be a new blood then. Even the most dense of the Organization know better than to pretend to be a Shade around demons." She examined her nails. "Oh well. Sucks to be you, doesn't it?"

She glanced around, then crouched down, knees together. She placed a palm against the floor, then lifted it up. As she did, something appeared from the floor. A cat carrier. A small dark blue carrier of plastic with a steel opening at the front to latch and some holes around the sides and tops for seeing through and breathing. The carrier door opened. Irene pointed a finger at the small cat and a dark blue collar with a silver bell appeared around the cat's neck.

With a speed that easily rivalled that of any snake, she struck and grabbed the cat by the scruff of the neck. Then she threw the cat into the carrier and locked the door. Irene stood and tilted her head at Daiki. "Well, can't have a stray running around the mall without a collar, unrestrained, now can we?"

She spotted something lying on the ground next to Daiki. It had fallen out of the girl's pocket when the cat appeared. It suddenly appeared in Irene's hand and she studied the card. It was a Student I.D. but she wasn't concerned about what school the girl went to. "Well, well, well ... I thought something was familiar about you." She smirked and turned the card around to show Daiki. A picture of Chiba and next to it her full name: Asuka, Chiba.

"I am so screwed," Daiki muttered. Asuka. As in the daughter of Kyosuke Asuka, head of the Organization here in Tokyo.
Daiki rubbed his forehead. This day just wasn't going his way at all. However, as Irene continued to flash the ID in front of him , all the suddenly a large grin formed on his face.

"...Actually, this is my lucky day."

With that, he sped back towards Anglova and his Mistress.

"....He's going to fight some demons with my hawt body, isn't he?" Chiba gasped.

"Well, today was certainly entertaining. Defeated Daiki with relative ease. He's probably stuck as a fox now. How simply splendid. Now, you can go eat your precious humans. I'm going to Greece to get my ice cream." The goddess said. With that she disappeared into a swirl of purple light leaving Anglova behind with Perseus and Manami.

Just then the black haired girl that cried about the broken mask, showed up again. Though this time around, she appeared more confident. Daiki placed his foot up against the wall and allowed Chiba's long hair to cover up his face. His hands were placed in Chiba's skirt pockets. It didn't give off the same aura as his Cowboy look but it'd do. At least the uniform was a solid black.

"Hey, Old and Fugly!" Daiki taunted Anglova, "I have two gifts I wanna give you." Daiki then raised both of his middle fingers.

"Young woman that is uncalled for!" Anglova sneered, "What is your problem?"

Daiki then stuck his tongue out the demon, "Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft."

"Oh, come on Glovie. Are you that senile?"


"Close but no cigar." Daiki said, "Anyways, eat magical diamonds!"

Daiki then grabbed a pouch from Chiba's pockets and tossed several pink colored crystals that blew up in Anglova's face. This caused Anglova's arms to turn into black masses of chaotic energies that looked something along the lines of tentacles.

"You'll pay for that, bitch!" Anglova sneered, no longer trying to sound like a gentleman as he aimed his arms at Daiki. Daiki then rolled towards Perseus. "Sorry pretty boy but she's coming with me." Daiki then round house kicked Perseus, which caught the hero off guard. "Sorry Manami, I don't have a better way to lug you around." Daiki then picked her up, and ended up carrying Manami around like a bad ass hero does in the movies!

"Distance Control!" Daiki shouted. He then jumped up in the air and landed on top of a canopy over looking a vendor cart, bringing a flailing Manami with him! Anglova continued to attempt to crush Daiki with his limbs but Chiba's magical power allowed for him to dodge with ease. Though he had to make a conscious format not to flash people with Chiba's choice of teddy bear panties when ever he jumped (though this was largely not to give Perseus any kinky ideas).

"You're moving slow Old Man!" Daiki taunted. He pulled out several more of the pink crystals and once again blinded Anglova, whom was now trashing the landscape around him.

"Embossed Arrow!" Daiki slammed his foot on a piece of metal that then changed shape into an arrow head. "Come on bad boy. Do your stuff." Flying at lightening fast speed, the metal struck Anglova in the heart causing him to fade away into a blob of black chaos. He wasn't dead but it'd take him a few days to reform. That would buy Daiki enough time to change back to his normal self and hopefully find a new babysitter for Manami.
Manami Shinobu

Manami was confused, she couldn't even find the words to reply to that hottie-god Perseus! Daiki's mask was smashed, that creepy old guy had came back, there was a scary girl wanting ice cream and a Japanese student that was a girl but sounded so much like Daiki!

Wait, it WAS Daiki! At least THAT much clued her in when she was viciously thrown over the shoulder of a girl barely bigger than she was! Manami proceeded to kick, scream and pitch a tantrum.

This was just nuts!

"No, no, NO! This is just going too far! First you're a student, then you're a super hero and now you're a girl?! Take me back to the hot guy! At least he's not CONFUSING!!!"
Daiki quickly landed on the second floor of the mall. While there was indeed a battle that occurred, humans had a tendency to make up excuses for why such things occur. It was decided that on this day, there was a big budget being filmed. At least that was going to be the Organization's stance and having big whigs in the Japanese government tended to help.

"No can do, Manami. Perseus works for the Greek gods, which apparently seem to have a growing vendetta against me or at least Irene bringing me into a 3000+ year feud."

Daiki allowed for the flailing Manami to slide off to the ground. He then brushed the long hair covering his eyes.

"And as much as I'd love to find a place for you in this supernatural world, I cannot let a mortal get eaten by Anglova or any murderous gods. Trust me on this, I'm just as confused about events as you are." Daiki said, "I'll make a promise to you. Once I get all this crap fixed up and figured out, I'll give you some of my vast sums of gold... Enough to survive on your own somewhere and get you away from the world of the supernatural. I'm obviously not in the place to do such right now but please do believe me...I didn't ask for all this to happen, neither did Irene..."

Daiki then looked down at the kitty watch Chiba wore, it was now 2:30 PM. He only had 22 hours before he would remain stuck in Chiba's body for the rest of time. Daiki then looked down at the ground and kicked his foot back and forth. "I guess, all I can say is sorry."
Manami Shinobu

"I don't want gold I want my life back!" This was weird! Here he was saying he was sorry, but it was so hard to take him seriously after the entire mess he got her in to! Not to mention he wasn't even himself, he was some cute girl, and obviously more interested in what time it was than her very serious predicament.

"And I don't care if you're sorry, and I don't think I want your help either! I'll take care of it myself!" Granted, Manami was probably being a little unfair and she knew it! But she was so frustrated, angry and confused. And she had enough.

"Tell Irene I said thank you!" With that, Manami was turning around and stomping off! She was going to go back home to her parents and try to pretend the whole mess hadn't happened at all.
"Yeah... I still have no idea how the hell modern girls think..." Daiki thought to himself.

Normally, he would have let the girl go but now there were more pressing matters. Anglova knew that Manami was saved by Daiki just a few days ago and now that he kicked the old alchemist's ass, the demon would go out of his way to defeat and destroy anything important to the so called King of Foxes.

"Fine Manami, go. Just be warned, now that you've seen the way this world really works... Things are going to be hard. Hell just look at me, I somehow managed to get myself trapped in the body of the daughter of the Head of the Japanese Division of the Organization. I'd much rather see you delivered to a group that could defend you better than I ever could..."
Manami Shinobu

Manami promptly covered her ears with her hands. ...and started singing!

"Lalalala!" That wasn't loud enough! "LALALALA! UNBREAK MY HEART! SAY YOU'LL LOVE ME AGAIN! UN DO THIS HURT YOU CAUSE WHEN YOU WALKED OUT OF DOOR AND WALKED OUT OF MY LIIIIFE!" Maybe if she weren't singing at the top of her lungs with a shrill annoyed tone, it might have sounded at least passably decent! Otherwise, her display was current turning many curious and slightly horrified heads as she stomped on down the street and kept on singing! Manami was fiercely determined to...well... be the one to walk out!