Great Demon Hunter Daiki

Irene crossed her arms. "Gee, I'm glowing with excitement," she said dryly at Hanna's remark. She looked at Daiki. "I just don't want you suddenly going 'Humanity's Savior' on me in the middle of the fun. Like if a cat's stuck in a tree and you decide you better go save it." It was unlikely he'd do that ... "On second thought, if a cute schoolgirl gets stuck up in a tree and you decide you better go save it."

She waited for Daiki before she teleported them both to the front of the Asuka house. She huffed. "And anyways, you know damn well, I loathe the Asuka name, and that includes whatever place they desecrate with their flea bitten bodies and backwater attitudes."
"I'd say get over yourself at this point, but we have something more important going on here at the moment. " Daiki said.

They soon arrived at the Asuka home, only to find something they didn't want to see. Grey Space. The entire mansion looked as if it had been deformed by an unskilled artisan's hands. A fire was still currently burning and ash was fulling the air in this enclosed space of reality. The strange was that there was no sign of struggle by any of the members of the Japanese branch of the Organization, at all.

It was highly unlikely that Mr. Asuka would have left this spot without a fight...

And Daiki was right. A tall figure wearing a tench coat covered in ash stepped forward. He seemed lost and dazed. He had a long face and messy black hair that now looked like he had gotten slapped around by hail-force winds.

"Chiba? Hana?" Mr. Asuka said. His voice sounded fearful. Not once in all of Daiki's time working for the Organization, did he ever see this man show emotion. He then embraced Daiki, whom was still stuck in Chiba's form. "You...You have to get out of here, honey...There's a second regional branch in Osaka. You'll be safe there..." Mr. Asuka then turned to look at Irene, whom was currently appearing as a very stern looking Hana-chan. "You go with her Hana. I trust my Chibi with you since you've never let me down before...Now go!"

Then came a pair of paper fans flying towards them like a guided missile.

"What the hell?!!?!" Daiki then gritted his teeth, "How the hell did a demon lord ransack this place?!?!"

Daiki then drew out several small explosive potions that Chiba kept in her breast pocket. The missile fans were then blown apart. Daiki then grabbed Mr. Asuka and tossed him into Irene's arms.

"Get him out of here. I have to find out what's going on here and if someone has to be left behind, I'd rather it be me than you. Now go!"

Daiki then ran towards the twisted mansion...As soon as he apporached the home, he saw a silhouette. "I don't care who you are. Show yourself, you damned demon!"

"Now, now...Is that anyway to speak to your elders?" A sweet sounding voice came from behind one of the twisted pillars. "It's been ages since I last saw you. I must apologize for the sudden change in scenery but when that dreaded Asuka figure said that you were such an incompetent fighter, well you know...." The voice then pushed.

"A mother, always knows best."

"Huh? I don't know who or what you are but I know you are not my mother. She passed away when the Killing Stone was cleansed by Genno!"

"Or so the legend goes. You should know of all beings, that tricksters never die that easily. Of course, convincing Genno to find you out in the temple was by no means an easy feat. Plus having to trick that stupid Mistress Demon and her pet into helping me track you down in the first place, dear Daiki."


Then she appeared, dressed in an elegant red Japanese kimono, pitch black hair, and powerful aura to her. This was Tammo No Mae, daughter of Abe no Semi, the Jade Maiden. She was arguably one of the most famous of all the kitsunes ever to walk the face of the Earth.

"No way! You're not my mother. End this trickery now before I have to slay you!"

"Oh my...You are certainly stubborn, just like how your father was...."