Gossip Girl: Lips Never Stay Sealed [OOC]

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    G O S S I P ♔ G I R L
    Lips Never Stay Sealed


    Hey there , Upper East Siders.. Look who's back and in full swing. You know what they say? Can't keep a legend down forever.. New year is here and out with the old. Ready to spill all the truth and gossip all over again? I know I can't wait.. Let the games begin and all the juicy drama unravel..

    You know you love me
    XOXO , Gossip Girl

    Most of New York City knows all to well of the great Gossip Girl. Some loved her whilst others well.. Let's just say weren't overly fond of GG. She had her days of being notorious when Blair , Serena, and that entire golden group ruled the Hall's of Constance and then ruled all of Upper Manhattan. Now , their reign is over and a fresh batch has been served up to all of New York City. The New generations have now entered their prime in age and have begun their new reign in court. The glamour , wealth , power , seduction and the want to be seen as being superior runs rapid in the city. Yet , all these people have one thing in common that is the sole truth. They all have their secrets and are willing to do whatever it takes to bury them away.

    But , we all know that nothing can remain buried forever in life.. In this new year , we will see where the lives of those of Constance and those tied into the world will lead to. You thought I was dead and gone.. You can never be rid of me. Because there will always be someone on the outside dying to get on the inside as I told you once.

    Who am I now? Well, that's a secret I will never tell..

    ♥♦ R U L E S ♣♠

    ☛ No Drama OOC.
    ☞ No Godmodding.
    ☛ No Mary/Gary-Sue.
    ☞ There is a maximum of two main characters per player and an infinite amount of NPCs
    ☛ ABSOLUTELY NO ONE LINERS. Therefore, a minimum of two paragraphs is required per character.
    ☞ If you disappear and we can't communicate with you after 2 weeks, your characters will become NPCs and their faith will be in our hands.

    Concerning Risky Themes [Copy Pasted from Iwaku's Rules]
    Use Spoiler Codes to hide risque content.
    Iwaku allows roleplays and stories to develop naturally, and that will occasionally include sexual or violent content. When you are posting a scene, story, or image that has questionable content, please use the (spoiler) code to hide it with a content warning. That way people will be prepared.

    For explicit sex scenes, bring it to private messages.

    Lastly, Do NOT roleplay sex scenes with players from another age category.
    P O S T I N G ღ E X P E C T A T I O N S
    We expect everyone to...
    1) Post Once a Week for Each Character
    2) Your post must be at the advanced-Intermediate level.
    [This means you added as many details as you could and checked your grammar before posting.]

    C H A R A C T E R ☆ S H E E T S
    Character Sheet Posting Thread (Link)

    + Please try and keep the Ratio even.
    + Personalize it as much as you want. Make it pretty <3
    + Put as much detail as possible and efforts

    Basic Template :

    You Can Choose to Follow this Template or Add More to it


    Full Name:
    Age: (16 to 22)
    Sexual Orientation::
    Education Level:
    Current Job:

    Physical Attribute
    [give details from height to blood type, weight, insecurities, etc.]

    Mental Attributes:
    [ give me details from personality to mental illnesses, to phobias, and level of stress coping for example, etc.]

    [give me details. TONS of details if possible.]


    Writing Sample:
    [just a simple post to give us a feel of your character in her most natural state. ;D ]


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  2. Reserved for GMs​
  3. Reserved for GMs
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  4. So where do we post the character sheets?
  5. waiting for Shayla to do the thread since she said she would... but I think she is still busy :) By tonight there should be a thread.
    if you cant wait, message me in a private conversation and i will look over the character sheet :)
  6. Oh I need to get Internet for my laptop which won't be for at least six hours so it's okay
  7. why your laptop aint got no internet O_
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  8. Because the people I'm staying with are barbarians and don't have wifi
  9. Are there specific archetypes we're meant to follow?
  10. Feel free to do whatever you want and get your creative on!
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  11. absolutely not lmfao xD THIS IS NEW GENS, MEANS NEW PEOPLE, NEW IDEAS XD
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  12. Okay so I am stuck between Lucy Hale or Selena Gomez for the female face claim
  13. lucy hale pls. i cant stand selena's face xD
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  14. Thanks to my wifey @Shayla she gave another idea for a face--- Shay Mitchell or Lucy Hale
  15. Shay Mitchell
  16. Shay all the way xD
  17. Okay okay.. majority wins :D
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