Golden Mountain

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Lol Family drama? yeah guess so "Hello Hera, nice game - who else is involved? our brother hades by chance" *hades poofs in* "Mauhaha I kill you all...and some" *Blink* "Hello you too." *Hellfire, Lots of shiny Lights, Grunts and Sweat* draw. *Grabs three pints of ale* "That was fun, we should do it again sometime." the end.

Lol drama in a sentence =D
While Ava just runs and hides from her daddy. lol
Family drama, ever so amusing! Ain't that right Auntie? lol
*Smiles and waves like the peinguins from madagascar with a nervous smile* uhhh...yeah
Great! *Grabs everyone in a big hug*
We are family, just my brothers, sisters, (aunties) and me!
I will be posting as some point during today/tonight! I have alot of posts to do on the different sites I RP on.
*Slaps Chruchy with a salmon* win =) *Catherine brings retribution upon Ava*
Darn it. Nothing can beat the salmon slap... Auntie I don't want your retribution! Take it back, right now!
*Turns around innocently* Retribution Ava? *Smiles sweetly* What on earth are you talking about? *Watches as Hades poof in with a demonic smile toward Ava* Oh? you're blaming me for that? *Shrugs it off* it's not my fault that my brother wanted to show haven't been a naughty girl. Have you? *Teases her niece*
*Pales* no, no, of course not.... I've been very good Daddy, Auntie! Doing just as I've been told and everything!
Sorry but I'm having to shut down the Golden Mountain RP. I just don't have the time for it anymore. I'm really sorry you guys!