Golden Mountain

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Name: Catherine
Abilities: Transformation, Catherine is able to change her body to adapt to different situations; allowing her body to change into any sort of substance. Allowing Catherine to be versatile.
Light or Dark: Neutral, but because of her power - stays in the 'Light' Dorm.
God/Goddess of what: Goddess of Change - The Daughter of Rhea and Cronus
Personality: Catherine is very gentle in nature, she is also nurturing, hard working, cool, aloof, intelligent and a quick learner. Like her power she adapts quickly to situations and is very calm. She is also very fond of nature and loves cute things. With an exterior of being friendly and loving, Catherine usually finds a lot of people boring and thus avoids giving them too much of her time. Although her friendly features do apply, Catherine can also be incredibly cunning and enjoys 'Playing games.' Catherine enjoys sewing, shopping, dancing, learning, playing tactical games and singing. She does not appreciate it when people waste her time.
Can get irritable when she feels her clothes are going to get dirty or her hair messed up.
Age: 18
Small History: As a child, Catherine grew up with Rhea and Cronus. Catherine lived a happy life with her parents, naturally she never saw any of her brothers or sisters because they were far older than she was and always to busy. However they were aware of her. At the age of twelve, Rhea and Cronus sent Catherine to a human school and told her that she was told to become an honor student and the leader of that school. Catherine managed to do this quickly due to her popularity. Although she found it difficult to make friends. Her parents said it was to teach her how humans live, how they treat the earth and how the creatures of the earth and the earth itself change with time. After taking years to understand the children of the earth. Catherine became very empathetic and can usually read a person by their actions, dealing with situations calmly. As Rhea and Cronus thought this was more important. The two left her their in the first two years she should have been in Golden mountain. So that Catherine could realize the change from child to adolescent. Thus exorcised her power by being privately tutored with her parents. Both Rhea and Cronus now believe that she needs to learn how to make friends and be among gods and with this, Catherine starts her life in Golden Mountain.
Physical Features: Thin, Muscular, Curved and Beautiful with full ocean blue eyes and long silky black
hair. She is 5'9 in height and weighs 115.3 lbs. Appearance is very important to Catherine and always likes to make sure that she is well dressed.
First of all I want to thank all of you for being a part of my story! I was so relieved to see that other people actually liked my idea. You're all doing a fabulous job and I love where you're all taking the story to. Rayce; I love how you challenge Hera it's awesome. Catherine, I just like your character in general, she seems like she'll be an amazing attribute to the story! Troy; he's pretty cool I like him and I was so happy to see that there's finally a son of Ares in the story! Everyone else I understand is MIA due to the Holiday season and such and hopefully they'll be back once the Holidays are over with.

Here's a short summary for anyone new that is interested in joining.

So far everyone has arrived at the mountain and is getting to know each other. Rayce and Lilieth had a bit of a falling out in the dining hall but it's okay now because it looks like she'll be attempting to be his friend, let's see where that goes! Amaya's daddy has popped up and done some weird hocus pocus stuff on her and no one knows what's going on, not even her but Rayce and Hera do. Everyone's went to meditation but what classes do they have next and what kind of fun things will happen in there? Catherine and Troy have arrived but no one really knows them too well, are they good or bad? Is Catherine a Goddess or simply a Pegasus at all times? Is Troy going to attack anyone that looks at him wrong? Let's keep the story going and find out!

I know it's short but not much as really happened. I hope that everyone is enjoying themselves and continues to do so!
Lol *hugs Spider Monkey* Thanks hun, I'm glad you like the character. You're character is quite good herself, interesting back story with Amaya and Hades.

For Catherine I personally am looking forward to her meeting with Hera. For the first time she'll get to meet her sister...I want to see how they react to each other.
I will be posting this evening! So anyone else that wants to post please go ahead and do so today!
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Okay. :] Glad to have you back! Since Troy hasn't posted yet I believe I'm just going to post anyways today so things can go along.
Hmmm well Troy somehow understands Catherine which given the context and the fact she's a pegasus is odd but that's okay. He can keep his post the same - Catherine can just now use telepathy like her sister o.o and probbably all of her other siblings.

Although saying that her parents Cronus and Rhea - Why would I be surprised if she did? maybe I should give my character a little more credit - her power is flexible after all >.>. Ah well, let the games begin.
Sorry for my delayed reply and such. Family visited me and it was pretty hectic around my house. I'll be able to get some stuff online done today though. Thank you for being so patient with me over this past week or so!
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Aye, very fun holiday... hang on *peers at character sheets* uhhhh... *faceplam* I just realised that catherine is most of all of your character's aunt. I didn't think about that - awkward.
Hello Auntie Cathy! Nice to see you again!
Hehehe, lol.
Lol amen to that xD she barely knows her sister - your character is ava right? ^^ out of curiousity does the kiss of death work on light?
Still, perfect for family drama! >:D
Yeah, I'm Ava. Kiss of Death doesn't work on immortals, because they are, well, immortal. She's pretty useless against Gods so far, since Death can only touch Mortals. See?